praise of lord

psychedemigod  asked:

The only the thing I can imagine is that one meme where its like "hey you know where those hands would look good around-" and Alex whispers it to Thomas and Peggy comes out of nowhere and says "BIBLE. PRAISE THE LORD AMEN."


she would be so done w their bs like “pls stop”

God is my witness.

Be humble about your talents. Be thankful for your gifts. Be giving in your blessings. And through everything, remember that the world does not need to know about your good works. Your Father sees it all. As Christians, we live to hear the praise from an audience of One. When the world puts the spotlight on you, point to Him. When the world praises you, praise Him. Your good works are seen, but be quiet and stay busy about Your Father’s business. He notices you at work, and that’s all that matters.

God is Good! God’s Promises are never wavering. No matter how bad it looks, or impossible or unlikely it seems to come. It will. God is way too powerful to just back out on His Promises. Stop giving into fear of failure. Start leaning on God’s Strength and not your own. It is by God’s Grace and Strength you are saved and helped, not yours. Fear God, Love God more, put everything inside and outside in His Hands and invite Him into your everyday life.