praise be to dolly

I finally had an excuse nice enough to wear this pretty Gunne Sax dress I found in Beyond Retro a million years ago. It needed a lot of work, and it’s quite fragile/well loved from it’s previous owner, but it was nice to finally get to wear it out! My lover’s eye clip from Grimoire is one of my favourite accessories. 

…Also I’m amazed I didn’t spill any dinner down this. That alone deserves praise..!

Stories from Melbourne Meet and Greets

A question was asked about stunts and how was driving the Impala in the finale scene into the hole so it bogged?

Jensen responded with a note of pride in his voice that that was all him, he did all the driving in that scene and that it was one of the few occasions that things went wrong, to the point where a crew member had to walk away as he was just so angry. Jensen went on to describe how the hole he had to back the car into was literally only as round as his arms out and circled. He showed us with his arms out forming a circle. In other words not very big. To get the aerial shot they use this special telescopic camera crane which as both he and Mark went through – is nearly a million dollars worth of equipment. So this thing is treated with near worshipful care. The 500 thousand dollar camera with the 40 thousand dollar lens starts off on the ground located right behind the hole where the tyre gets bogged but is supposed to pull upwards as his tyre goes into the hole to give the above shot. Due to a miscommunication between the dolly grip Dave (who both Mark and Jensen sang the praises of, Dave is literally recognized as the best dolly grip in the business and they both talked about his amazing skill at being able to move the dolly the exact same speed three times in a row to get the shot) and their camera guy Brad and for some reason the camera didn’t pull up. Now Jensen has just floored it into this hole and that in itself was quite a feat – going at full speed and nailing it into that rather small space. He then opened the door (as per the scene) and in a split second about 5 thoughts go through his head – Registers the 40 thousand dollar lens is right there, wonders if he should keep going because as soon as he guns it that wheel is going to toss up a whole bunch of crap, mud and water, knows this is their second take, thinks how much time to set up another take then ultimately thinks “Screw it, that’s what insurance is for” and floors it! And that was the shot they went with. But Dave the most professional dolly grip in the business had to walk away as he doesn’t make mistakes!

A question was asked: It’s 10 years into this show, we know being away from family and friends is the toughest aspect but what would you say is the greatest challenge or difficulty you face in your day to day experiences at work?

Jensen paused a little to think about his answer on this one and after some thought he came up with his ability to compartmentalise. He finds the compartmentalizing of his life his biggest challenge that he has to work at every day. The ability to balance how much he gives of himself to his work, his character, his performances, his crew, then how much he gives to his family and friends, just a couple days ago he rang his Mum in the morning to check in as he knows she gets a little tense when he’s travelling around the world a lot, also how much he gives of himself to his fans and then after all that hoping there’s a little bit left for him.  He then went on to talk about how he tends to have a much more analytical approach to finding this balance which he believes does help unlike his missing brother and best friend Jared who tends to be much more emotional and wears it all out there and just is an all or nothing kind of guy who just gives and gives and gives and then what happens is what happened and how Jared had to tap out.  So whilst he knows that this is Jared’s gift and one of his biggest qualities he also knows his more analytical approach does allow him to let the big guy know when to pull back a bit.

A question about the Tough Mudder:

Jensen said he really enjoyed it and found it challenging enough. Although he was a bit taken aback when Rich arrived with the Kings of Cons shirts – thinking they were going to try for a little bit of anonymity but the moment they put them on – which had all their ages on there as their big numbers – he realized they had their surnames in big letter on the back. So the rest of the day whenever they ran past people they had blokes yelling out “Hey SUPERNATURAL!!!” Yeah so much for the low profile there. But he was pretty pleased with how well they did…and said they’d run 75% of the 12 miles…he and Jared would have run 100% but a couple of the team couldn’t keep up not mentioning any names, Rich, Rob and Os. He and Jared took it in turns to piggyback Os at the 9 mile mark cos Os’s knees are not the best. He was surprised about how easy some obstacles were that he was concerned for but then there were other ones he thought would be no problem that were a bit horrible. But he was pleased they did it.

A question about have there been any stunts you are reticent about?

Jensen said he’s pretty confident doing stunts by this point but that he has found that some guest stars can be pretty nervous when it comes to doing stunts with the main leads. He and Jared spend quite a bit of time assuring the guest stars that they’re not assholes about stunts. But the scene with one of the Stynes where the guest star has to place a plastic bag over Jensen’s head – it took several rehearsals there for Jensen to convince the guest star to yank it down hard and pull back properly enough. Every time the guy would do it he would be way too tentative and Jensen demonstrated to us with his shaking hands this guy being too scared in case he accidentally suffocated the main lead on this very popular and established tv show. Eventually they got the shot but he did reflect that this happens quite a bit with guest stars who have to do stunts with them. He went onto elaborate about the types of knives they use – there’s 3 types the rubber ones that bend, then the brittle plastic ones and then the metal ones. And that in the fight scene with the demon at Cain’s house – the main demon he has to fight in the kitchen is actually Todd his usual stunt double. So that entire fight scene is Jensen himself with his stunt double and Jensen’s constantly amazed by how much this guy would put himself through and that Todd is one stunt guy that just keeps taking the hits and throws over and over and comes back for more. He’d nearly broken himself in the part where he crashed through a door and collected his head on the top of the door frame which Todd had assumed was the light balsa but it wasn’t. It was solid wood, Todd’s head connected and Todd flipped straight onto his back (with no back pad) full speed. Momentarily out of breath for a little while but then straight back up. Jensen was worried but Todd wasn’t having it. Then the final scene where he has to stab the demon on the table Jensen was using the plastic blade but hadn’t realized the very tip had been bent at the end and because he slams the knife down so close to Todd’s face as per the scene requirements – the tip totally sliced Todd’s cheek open. Instantaneous blood! Jensen freaked but Todd jumped up and swiped at his cheek and carried on.

Question about which Padalecki JJ liked the most?

Jensen smiled at this and said it depended on the day but JJ pretty much always loves hanging out with Thomas. But Thomas doesn’t always wanna play with JJ so then Shep is trying to hang out with JJ and that’s kind of funny. Jensen loves Shep, he’s a really funny little kid and he finds Shep really amusing.

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