praise be to bryke

I don’t have an issue with Korrasami. Not at all. As a bisexual woman, I’m happy to see my sexuality represented. I love Korra and Asami individually, and I love them together. 

What upsets me, is these two men retconning the entire world of ATLA, these two men parading around LGBT+ culture like it’s something to be used for personal gain, and these two men acting they didn’t slander and insult everyone who opposed their canon ships, in both ATLA and LoK. 

What upsets me, is knowing these two men who made fun of shippers, made fun of teenage girls and boys, made fun of everyone who didn’t like certain things about their shows, are now using sexuality as a defense mechanism to distract from their poor behavior in the past and gain more blind support. 

What upsets me, is that those of us who see through the thin veil of their progressivism and call them out, will be called homophobic, despite many of us identifying as LGBT+. 

What upsets me, is that my LGBT+ culture is being used by two men who are deplorable examples of what it means to be creators and supporters of one’s fans.

What upsets me, is the hive mindset to worship them and grovel at their feet. 

They are not worthy of worship. They do not deserve endless praise for pandering.

Final Thoughts on all of this Bullshit so I can be done

Apparently, the excuse for the lack of development for Korrasami that everyone, including Bryke, are grasping at is that “Nickelodeon held the reigns too tight and isn’t a network that supports homosexuality so Korrasami has an ambiguous plot line and ending that doesn’t feature a kiss." 

Oh really? Nickelodeon doesn’t like homosexuality? Is that why Nick had a Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Coming Out that featured openly gay kids sharing their stories about their lives? Is that why they had a show about same-sex parenting? Would a network that doesn’t support homosexuality have a show like this? -___- 

Is that why Nick aired the show, 6teen (a PG Western Animated series), which shows throughout 5 seasons TWO CANONICALLY STRAIGHT MALE CHARACTERS having a ton of homosexual moments together that they enjoyed…… including hand holding, spooning, ass smacking, and kissing. The show also features a gay side character and a lesbian character. The show is filled with so many damn sexual innuendos, some weird scenes, and talks about one’s sexual identity all the time. There are literally several episodes that the writers have dedicated to the LGBT community.

There are also a ton of other shows on Nick that touch on homosexuality…. Drake & Josh has a gay kiss, iCarly has a gay kiss, Degrassi has a multitude of lesbian/gay couples, Sam & Cat has some moments, Spongebob has its fair share of moments too, 6teen sure as hell had its moments, and now that includes LoK as well. 

So please tell me again that Nickelodeon is against homosexuality and that two "highly acclaimed” writers could not develop a bisexual couple further, giving them more scenes together, including some more personal moments. Nick has already shown multiple gay kisses on their network. They couldn’t do that for Korrasami? Also, how is Nick “holding the reigns tightly” with Bryke when Nick was done with them and their writing by the end of Book 2? That’s why the show had budget cuts and was moved to online. That means they didn’t give a shit about it….. so why would they be holding any reigns on what they’re doing, subject-wise? 

-___- They were glad to be getting rid of the show. And Nickelodeon is a business, first and foremost, so they would only be concerned with Bryke if they were going over budget or if their writing featured something that they thought the public would not enjoy/something that is bad to show. Seeing that Nickelodeon supports homosexuality, and they had to be on board with the idea that Bryke presented to them, how is Nick holding the reigns tightly here?

I guess I’m failing to see how Bryke “pushed the envelope” with this couple, when the representation for Korrasami is miniscule. And if you look at these glowing reviews for LoK (only because of Korrasami being confirmed canon), Nickelodeon is being praised for them as well…… so wouldn’t they want to push the envelope further considering that they have a past of featuring shows with representation? I guess I just hate seeing these ridiculous excuses for why Korrasami wasn’t developed further or people saying that their “development” that they had was enough. 

I wouldn’t blame the network considering Nick is totally pro-homosexuality…’s called poorly executed writing……. that’s all there is to it. Korrasami, unfortunately, was tacked on the end, almost like an afterthought (WHICH IS RIDICULOUS), and people who ship the couple or people that want representation are praising this show for doing so with this minuscule amount. This isn’t the representation that this couple SHOULD HAVE HAD, or better yet, DESERVED. They deserved BETTER build up and BETTER representation.

I guess what’s pissing me off is this: 

Korrasami lacked development. They were portrayed as friends in Book 3 after no buildup in their relationship from the previous two books. And it is sad too that in this Book, we are told that they are best friends because they got past all of their Mako drama, but all we see is Asami being a doting friend. There are rarely any moments in which Korra cares about Asami or Asami’s well being. Then in Book 4, we’re given maybe four scenes that one could infer that they may have feelings for each other, but they are so minuscule and insignificant that it is ridiculous:

  • We see Korra blush at a compliment from Asami.
  • Korra writes one letter to Asami over a span of three years.
  • After three years apart and barely any conversation, Korra hugs Asami, but she also hugs Mako.
  • Korra puts her head on Asami’s shoulder during a GROUP hug that includes Mako.

It’s sad that these two ladies couldn’t be given more moments together, especially when they are the endgame couple. 

Their relationship becomes very one sided here too, in which we see Asami as the doting handmaiden/servant who praises Korra for all that she does. Not once does Korra ever concern herself with Asami’s life. The scene where they are in the restaurant features Asami sharing important news about her father with Korra and Mako…… Korra asks if her father is manipulating her again, to which Asami snaps back that she knows what her father is capable of. From this point on, Asami doesn’t bring up anything personal about herself until the last thirty seconds of the series. And after this point, Asami becomes irrelevant to the plot and is in the background. Asami only returns for some brief lines in Remembrances where she talks about Korra being the greatest human being there is over tea in a gazebo. *insert eye roll*

Korra and Mako go on an adventure together for an episode, and Remembrances features Mako’s feelings about Korra and how she “inspires” him. *insert eye roll* 

The end features Hiroshi sacrificing himself for Asami……there is little concern coming from Korra during the fight. Only after a set period of time, we have a wedding, and Asami is the one to approach Korra and then Korra hugs a sad Asami and then they go on a vacation holding hands and looking at each other. 

The problem for me is that:

1. How did we get from “we’re just friends” to “omfg be with me for eternity in the spirit world?” I don’t know about all of you, but relationships and friendships require work….. one can’t just be gone for three years with just one letter written back saying what they are doing and not asking about the other person. And when one returns from their three year absence, wouldn’t one’s so called friendship be a bit off? But apparently in one episode, we are told they are still back to best friends and then they’ll be lovers after four more episodes because that’s how relationships work in LoK. 

2. Speaking of rushed relationships, remember how rushed and forced and toxic Makorra was? This is a repeat of that. However, Makorra at least had moments of constant interaction and they both were concerned about the other. Also, they both kept confessing how much they loved each other…..*insert eye roll*  Where was that during this book? If Korra and Asami really “fell in love,” like Bryke keeps telling us……. where is their confession of love? And where is their portrayal of love? 

3. Why did Korra and Mako have so many scenes together if they were not going to be the end ship? Bryke, you ship teasing bastards.  Seriously….. couldn’t Asami have gone with Korra to go visit Zaheer? Did we really need to see Mako go with her and be by her side? And then go to her when she awoke on the ground? Where was Asami during all of this? Working on saving Korra’s ass in the finale probably. 

My point to all of this: You want representation? Cool, you should have it. You want some badass bisexual women being a powerhouse couple? Cool, you should have it. 

It’s sad that the representation given here was good, but it could have been SO MUCH BETTER, had this couple been really developed. Their relationship should have had more interaction and more couple-esqe moments, and they should have grown together. Instead, we got a forced and rushed couple that was tacked on at the end, like an afterthought, and we’re praising Bryke for, at best, writing a mediocre couple that had the potential to be fantastic. It’s truly sad that fanfiction tells a better love story between Korra and Asami……. and those writers aren’t getting the same praise, nor half the paycheck that Bryke’s shoddy writing is receiving. 

my commentary on some of bryke’s book 4 commentary


- Bryan: “My Kainora was strong” after confusing Opal with Jinora in Kai and Opal’s intro scene.

bryan i think you need to get your eyes checked you’re looking through a pretty thick hetero lens there


- Josh says an idea was to have Mako be romantically involved with Izumi’s daughter, but there were too many characters and Bryan says they wanted to focus more on friendships. They encourage us to write fanfiction about Mako and Izumi’s daughter. Mike says it’s canon that she exists. Bryan: “That photo that Nickelodeon tweeted of Izumi without glasses. She probably looked like that.” (Background info from me: that picture was a fan edit that Nick tweeted by mistake.)

forced unnecessary heteo lens shipping with a nonexistent female character

- Bryan: “Now that we’re talking about shipping.. all 4 of us in this room, we’re too old for that. Not that we’re better than it, it just doesn’t relate to us. People have to explain it to us. When I watch TV shows, that’s not how I interact with them. I’m not saying it’s wrong; I don’t think about these characters getting together if the story’s not going that way. But, I found myself shipping Mako with the operator woman that he’s sitting next to during the evacuation. He’s like totally bombing, but I kinda think she’s like ‘that’s kinda cute.’ He’s like oblivious. He probably went back and he just called the operator.” Mike: “He’s always pretending he needs to be patched through. Man now we’re writing our own fanfiction.” … Bryan: “After 12 years of being exposed to this it finally wore onto me.. so it’s time to get out.”

hetero lens with ANOTHER nonexistent female character


- Bryan says they toned down Meelo from how the episode was originally. “There’s a fine line between being funny jerk and being jerky” and he was being just jerky.

they TONED HIM DOWN? im screaming.

- Bryan was surprised by avatarparallel posts showing Toph’s poses being so similar to her ones from ATLA. Colin says he had nothing to do with it. They say (storyboard artist) Natasha is a huge fan and she might have done it.



- Bryan says at the end of the Mako segment, Mako has matured and doesn’t see Korra as a love interest anymore, but as a person.

what does this mean who kidnapped the people who wrote book ½ and replaced them with these imbeciles


- Josh pitched a Bolin and Zhu Li romance a lot during Book 2.

hetero lens

- Bryan: “That’s my, the fans call it headcanon, but since Mike and I are the keepers of cannon, it’s just canon: Mako met Iroh and said ‘who’s this jerk’ and then he’s like man he has nice hair.” (Mako copied Iroh’s hair)

no baby no..

- Mike says he thinks Kuvira really does love Baatar and that this was a tough decision for her.

hetero lens


- Bryan pitched the Wu getting the badgermole plotline and then later in a meeting said “this is so stupid” to which Mike said “it was your idea!” He seems to still be not a fan of it.

i really want to know what was going through his fucking head when original pitching it. how does such a thing go past the brainstorm phase, much less to writing, recording, animation, and being included in the finale of an epic fantasy action show….


- Mike says he did storyboard revisions on the wedding, which is rare for him. He had a specific vision for it.

hetero lens

-  Bryan on the Mako and Korra scene: “This is kinda the wrap-up of Mako and Korra’s relationship and I think it ties back to the clips episode where at the end of the day Mako is just really inspired by Korra and I think he really respects her and its not like oh that’s my ex-girlfriend or that’s my friend, he really admires Korra for who she is and it doesn’t need to be in the dynamic of a relationship. I think for me he still loves her and he’s always going to carry a torch for her, but he’s gonna move on and be a better person for knowing her and probably have a much better relationship next time.”

“[mako] still loves [korra]” ……….w………………y…………………………d…………………………

- Bryan says they based Korra’s statements in her talk with Tenzin (after already going in this direction) on a war journalist who was shot and he had the same message of going through all this pain and he decided for himself to give meaning to it, so he could understand what all the people in war-torn countries were going through.


and then as we all know they didn’t mention korra once in the commentary for the final scene of the show the end

anonymous asked:

You have to at least admit that they tried to create a gay relationship. We shouldn't be at 2015 where there is this stench of homophobia in the air. At they are trying to move in a equal way.

Well, sure, but saying “by the way these two characters are totally bi as of two minutes ago” without any proper setup is extremely shitty writing. Representation is extremely important, but you still gotta have a critical eye. You need to praise the good and point out the bad so everything will improve. What Bryke has been doing is fumbling and throwing stuff at the audience in hopes that the (extremely justified) criticism of the writing in Legend of Korra will be replaced with praise. I’m not so forgetful that I don’t remember how dedicated they were to Makorra until the backlash hit them in the face.

Its not even what bryke themselves think about makorra at this point bc we all know everything that comes out of their mouth is literal cow shit and they’re the biggest hypocrites on the face of this planet

It’s more not wanting to see ks assholes feeling like their pairing is that much more validated, falling into that false sense of ~look how korrasami is better than makorra + good writing ~ which they KNOW is bullshit, but they need some sort of comfort after having their pairing be butchered like that

And that leads to mk hate posts flooding the tag and those bitchass popular ks blogs deciding to call makorra shippers, erm, ~sad~ even more (despite the fact that UH HONEY, WHO’S KISSING BRYKE’S ASS HERE)-

That’s what I’m not looking forward to. Because then I gotta drag some more people and deal with bryke praising and the fandom’s overlooking korra’s miserable storyline and how terrible book 4 was. All because korrasami happened and i’m just a sad mk shipper who only cares because my pairing didn’t happen, right? God forbid i’m ACTUALLY upset about Korra’s shallow shell of herself at the end of book 4, about the lacking storyline, about the finale that didn’t even feel like a finale but rather just another episode. God FORBID i don’t like korrasami, a TERRIBLY written romance, and don’t agree with everything the #keepersofcanon say, even when they let one of my favorite shows go to absolute shit.

Fuck that, imma be mad as hell.

anonymous asked:

i'm disturbed that ppl are still whiny about the Korrasami ending. Their relationship is beautiful. Plus they are happy with each other. I find it sad that ppl place more value on the gender thing than love and happyness regardless of sexual orientation. You fall in love with the person, not their gender or physical anatomy.

Exactly. And Korrasami started developing since Book 3 and people want to make it less valid than a ship that became canon in less than 5 episodes. Everything is valid, everything but a queer ship. If MK was canon in the last second of Book 4 everyone would be praising Bryke and crying tears of joy, but since it’s the queer ship, let’s bash everyone and drag people simply just because! They claim that people who didn’t watch Book 2 suck (for the people who didn’t watch it — you should, it’s the best season despite the Masami thing lol), but yet they’re the ones who want to pretend Book 4 never existed. Why? Because Korra is in a relationship with a woman now? Because until Beyond The Wilds aired, everything was perfect! Look at Mako putting his hand on Korra’s shoulder! Must be romantic! Meant to be! Then Korrasami happened and everything suddenly sucks. 

Oh my, Bryan and Mike are just the best people. I’m glad they made these statements, because even though WE KNEW what that ending was, this will at least silence the idiotic denial we’ve been hearing. The debate about “is it canon?” was silly and distracting from the significance of that moment, which is a moment Bryke should be praised for to no end. But Joanna Robinson stated it better than I ever could.

I also love that Bryan talked about the characters speaking to them. Going back over and writing these analyses has made me realize just how organically Korrasami bloomed into a very deep, supportive, love. And that they’re kind of perfect for each other. There’s nothing forced or contrived about it, because their character journeys only made sense to take them to this moment. THAT is what amazing writing is. THAT is why this story is going to have a lasting effect.

And by the way, that thoughtful, brilliant writing was not unique to Korra and Asami’s romantic relationship. Look at Mako’s character growth and his moment in the finale, which pretty much made us all cry. Look at Korra up and facing Kuvira, who represents a kind of Dark!Korra, with nothing more than words and empathy. Look at Varrick, going from horrible war-profiteer to lovable scoundrel. Bolin, who is so gullible and trusting, yet has an unwavering moral compass and proved himself time and time again. There’s Suyin, Lin, and Toph and those complicated family dynamics. Hell, even Zaheer was slightly redeemed!

Every facet of this series was expertly woven into the last 2 seasons, and this thought and planning paid off in every way possible. Not to mention it was done in a way that was in line with characterization, and done in a way that tackled heavy issues and was thematically deep and nuanced.

Thank you, Bryke.

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just about your post about how korra and asami only got "those 20 pixels of screen time outside of their final scene" or whatever. this is not aimed at you specifically but all the transparent makorra shippers who have reblogged it. here we go: korra and asami may have gotten just those tiny pixels but did mako and korra interact (on on one) at all in the finale before their final scene? i'll have to watch again but im fairly sure they didn't. and like, yes I agree the ending (1/2)

was rushed and sloppy (even tho it was also cute af) but the buildup was there. if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have had people screaming all throughout book three and four about how korrasami “ARE JUST FREINDZ STOP READING SO MUCH INTO THINGS GOSH” knowing full and damn well had asami been replaced with mako, people would’ve gone into cardiac arrest. heteronormativity is a hell of a drug. (2/2)

omg first let me say i agree with you so much about the makorra shippers reblogging my stuff it’s soooo fucking annoying like they’ve all gone back to only caring about mako/makorra so quickly don’t take my legitimate criticism and apply it to you being unhappy about your ship. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be the ones defending the finale if makorra was endgame.

like my overall point is that neither korrasami nor makorra was in any state to become canon last-minute in the finale. i said this before it was released and i’m saying it now: bryke barely gave the krew any screentime in all of book 4 and that’s why so many people didn’t want a forced romantic ending at all.

the additional argument i’m providing (and this is where i disagree with your 2/2) is that in book 3 when the majority of korrasami development allegedly occurred, bryke consistently one-upped any subtle korrasami moment with an obvious makorra moment. in book 4 they consistently one-upped any hint at korrasami with a sledgehammer of makorra. and even if you argue that makorra was platonic, why have an episode of platonic makorra, which isn’t going to be endgame or the last scene of the show, instead of an episode of “platonic”-aka-everything-but-explicit-romance-because-of-nick korrasami, which desperately required development for the rapidly-approaching finale in which they were going to get together. like the entire Beyond the Wilds episode could have been korra and asami instead of Korra and Mako but as usual bryke pretended asami didn’t exist. five minutes before the korrasami ending they showed mako looking for korra sadly and asami was nowhere to be seen. why couldn’t they have made that be Asami instead? that’s why all these blindly ecstatic korrasami shippers should be furious at bryke like i am, not praising them.

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Yeah sometimes my hope gets low as hell but then I go back to the hand hold, tea scene and so much other moments that make my heart fly. I'm more stuck on the hand hold still because even if people don't ship it I was truly impacted on the relationship. Before book 3 I was just hoping for a friendship at least. Then the car scene happened that we had a head canon for so long. Now I'm just like if it's not implied relationship then why the moments?

totally. it was the handhold that did it. that was the scene that really started pushing things past the friendship direction. and i mean…even after that i was afraid that things wouldn’t continue into book 4 that way. i was completely prepared for m/akorra to resurface in book 4.

but not only did that not happen, but we got an implied romantic relationship spanning the entire book - the letter, the blush, the tea scene - lines like ‘you’re so sweet’ and ‘what’s going on with you two?’

of course it’s more subtle than any of the het couples on the show have been for the most part, and that sucks. but compared to the m/akorra moments for the last two books, it’s easily the most romantic of relationships that korra is in right now. people can deny it all they want but the narrative keeps favoring korrasami over m/akorra, again and again.

and it’s not just us ‘crazy shippers’ who see it, as countless critics and review writers, people completely impartial on the whole shipping front, keep bringing up korrasami. bryke calls korrasami ‘valid.’ janet sings its praises.

we all deserve to be hopeful about this if we want to be. because this is one of the greatest relationships in the show, it matters to us for reasons far more important than ‘shipping,’ and we DESERVE THIS.