praise be praise

actual pic of me accepting praise from my peers

“As for me, I will always have hope. I will praise You more and more. My mouth will tell of Your righteousness, of Your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure” (Psalm 71:14-15).
It is easy to praise God when the sun is shining.  What do you do when life becomes so dark that it seems impossible to praise God? No matter how deep our sorrow or how grave our circumstances may seem, we can learn to praise God while acknowledging His sovereignty over our lives. A.B. Simpson wrote, “Lift up the hands that hang down. March straight through the flood, and lo, the waters will divide, the Red Sea will open, the Jordan will part, and the Lord will lead you through to victory.”
You begin by realizing that praise is a sacrifice — an offering to the Lord. It does not lesson our sorrow or, in many cases, change our immediate circumstances. It will, however, bring light to our darkness — a light that satan cannot extinguish

Why is everyone so pissed at “girl armor”?

I want some more feminine stuff, too. All the armor we have is ugly. Give me something LOTR elves would wear. Give me armor fae would take into battle. Venomscale and the non-filigree especially is horrendous. The filigree sets are a little better, but the helmets are uggo and it’s all still so… meh.

Give me an armor version of the seraph jewelry, please. My battle princess needs to look beautiful.

An abandoned lair I stumbled across recently has only the unbred progens in it, and they’re Midnight Blood Carmine (custom) and Coal Midnight Crimson (random) 7-digits. I know I couldn’t have them even if the user were active, but I have suuuuuuch a mighty need for gen 1’s with those colors now, jesus christ.

Some people have all the luck.

An Unlikely Knight

At no point had Vaelyn ever imagined this day would come. Originally it had been a whimsical proposal on behalf of his daughter, Marceline, who while well learned and possessed of keen manners, was still a child of merely five years. She had wanted a Knight to be made of Ulfarr, and her mind was set.

Delay, after delay followed. Gentle rebukes to the dear child trying to discourage her from believing it was a path set in stone had come as well, and yet, after the campaign to liberate Ala Mhigo, and Ulfarr’s service on behalf of Ishgard, Vaelyn had to reconsider it as an actual possibility.

If anything, in his mind, it would assure a greater chance of keeping Ulfarr on a righteous path than not, and with that in mind he had decided to go through with it.

The gathering was small(and with an unexpected guest who left before the sermon ended), only close friends, and family invited to the affair.

The sermon was lengthy, and while the verses chosen were up to the priest, he chose one that he felt not only spoke personally to Ulfarr, but that would espouse a certain creed.

Vaelyn Rillek took a minute to look over the assembled, his gaze pausing as it met with the unfamiliar guest seated further back. No matter - he was resolved to begin, and as could be expected from the priest and the ceremony at hand, Vaelyn launched straight into his sermon, his normally soft-spoken voice raising enough that it would echo grandly through the chapel, “It is said that, all that walk along the right path, are to to arrive at the place of their destination; whilst, on the contrary, they who wander from it will never arrive at their journey’s end. ” There was a gracious and practiced pause there, to let his words sink in.

“Perhaps, someone may mention as an objection, the example of the good thief, who lived ill and yet died well.” Vaelyn continued, his gaze held steady over the gathered. There could be seen no sheafs to remind him of the words he needed to speak. He knew them as if they’d been etched into his very heart.

“Even supposing that he had spent the greater part of his days in wickedness, yet the other part of his life was spent so well, that he easily repented of his former sins, and gained the greatest graces. For, burning with the love of Halone, he openly defended our Fury from the calumnies of Her enemies; and filled with the same charity towards his neighbour, rebuked and admonished his sinful companions.”

Vaelyn Rillek was not animated in his deliverance, yet there was a hard sense of conviction to his words.

“Thus writes Saint Reymanaud: “The prince of this world cometh, and in me he hath not anything.” Here the temptation of sin is meant by ‘the prince of this world’, which is the yoke of the wicked; and by the 'world’ is understood the company of all sinners who love this wickedness.”

Vaelyn Rillek took another pause here, in part to regard with brief softness Marceline and Nanette, and in part for a spare second of his own inner contemplation.

Vaelyn Rillek: “Further, Saint Reymanaud writes: “I pray not for the world, but for them whom thou hast given me.” In this he bids us all to guide those whose lives are rooted in sin with a firm, yet caring hand, for while the Fury shall see that righteous justice is done, She too would guide those whose hearts have strayed to a righteous path.”

Vaelyn Rillek seemed almost apologetic as he glanced towards Mountain and Grave, though that would not stop him in his duty. He continued, “To live in the world, and to reject the temptations of sin, is very difficult; to see beautiful things, and not suffer of avarice; to taste sweet things, and not suffer gluttony; to see those whom have wronged you, and not suffer wrath – our minds, our hearts, and our spirits weigh daily with these burdens.”

“To be righteous, and to be pious is not to be free of these burdens, but it is to recognize them and to atone for them."Vaelyn Rillek swept another gaze across all those gathered, though he lingered on no one before he continued, "This we do with good deeds and charity, done not from a sense of obligation, but from a place of joy and giving.”

 "Saint Endalim saith: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. The love of our neighbour worketh no evil. Love, therefore, is the fulfilling of righteousness. Charity, from a pure heart, a good conscience, and in unfeigned faith.”"

Vaelyn Rillek seemed to be drawing to a close, so thankfully for the children at the very least, there wouldn’t be too much more to suffer, “It is Saint Finnea who further commented: “They profess that they know Halone; but in their works they deny Her.””

Vaelyn Rillek surely would be open to further discussion upon his religious tenets - Mountain knew that. Amity’s departure gave him no pause, as he drew to his conclusion, “It is thus that we are told that we must be genuine in our efforts to uphold Her faith, and Her doctrine. To do so falsely shall surely bring Her Fury.” With that he stepped away from the lectern, and stood aligned to the center of the aisle with a gesture for Ulfarr to come to him.

With an exchange of oaths, and barring any extraneous circumstances, or abject betrayal, it was such that Ulfarr Reddwing had become a part of the Rillek Household, and beholden to Ishgard for the rest of his life.

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