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I love TSOYV, your stories are awesome, please post more!

I just picked one of the MANY asks begging asking for an update to this story. I love you all :)

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Gail watched Holly interact with Bailey, a smile permanently plastered on her lips as she sat on the blanket they’d spread on the ground. Holly tossed the ball that Gail had picked up on her way to the park for Bailey, and the dog ran after it again. Gail kept an eye out for park goers wandering into Holly’s ‘throw zone,’ glad that the large grassy area was relatively empty.

“Runner coming up on your right,” Gail said as Holly praised Bailey for returning the toy.

“Thanks,” Holly said. She held tight to Bailey’s harness. “Bailey, blanket.” The dog immediately led her to the blanket. “I’m done for now anyway,” Holly said as she settled next to Gail.

Gail grinned and scratched the dog behind his ear. “Does he ever get tired?” Gail asked. Bailey barked.

Holly chuckled. “Yes, and when he sleeps, he snores and kicks.”

Gail let out an amused huff. “Typical male.”

Holly laughed. “Hey, a lot of women snore, as well.”

“Speaking from experience?” Gail asked, annoyed at herself by the hint of jealousy she felt at the thought of Holly sleeping in the same bed with another woman. Where the hell did that come from?

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