praise and worship night

Work the Middle

pairing: oak x reader

request:  not technically a request but kind of a request? @imagineham was one of the winners of my 3k fic giveaway (over a month ago, because i am TRASH GARBAGE) and she requested an oak one-night-stand fic. so this is that.

summary: some unfortunate dude is hitting on reader, oak steps in and pretends to be reader’s boyfriend to make him go away. he is rewarded for his good behavior.

warnings: swearing (probably), bondage, D/s, praise kink, dirty talk, body worship, one night stand with someone who’s name you don’t know

word count: 1,743 (gasp can u even believe i know how to shut up)

a/n: i haven’t posted in over a month (because i’m trash garbage) and i haven’t posted either of my contest winner fics yet (BECAUSE I’M, REPEAT AFTER ME KIDS, TRASH GARBAGE). this is one of those!!! ok hope u like it byeeeee

“Come on, baby, don’t be like that,” the man slurs, moving closer to you. Waves of his scotch-laced breath crash into your face as you shift away.

“I fucking said no, jackass,” you huff. Your chest suddenly feels very exposed in your lace-up top, so you cross your arms to cover it as inconspicuously as possible.

The man’s face contorts in anger, redness starting at his receding hairline and creeping down his neck. He points a finger, shoving it incredibly close to your face. “Listen, bitch-”

“Something happening, babe?” Another man sidles up to you, arm looping delicately over your shoulder.

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it’s the first week of tyler being bald, josh takes full advantage of it. he worships tyler and celebrates with him after the award show  

sorry they’re kinda giving me a lot of material to work with


they perform for the fans, but josh likes being entertained while he’s playing drums too. tyler always gets to see josh perform half naked, that’s why he asks tyler to perform topless. he wants the whole world to see what he gets to go to bed with every night. 

tyler is apprehensive about it at first, but eventually gives in. josh promises a night of endless body worship and praise. tyler tingles all over with nervousness and anticipation as they prepare for the show. he decides it’s good to feel those feelings, and it wouldn’t be worth performing if he didn’t.

josh drums his hardest, getting a nice view of tyler’s backside. he’s so exposed and vulnerable, josh cannot wait to get tyler alone after the award ceremony and give him a rim job he wont forget. he wants to take it slow with his baby boy, not let him cum right away and make him feel every last lick, suck, stroke, and thrust. he pounds his drums harder, hitting all the right notes the way he wants to with tyler’s body. his sweat glides down his naked chest and abs and his nipples are hard enough to cut glass. he’s flushed with more than adrenaline and endorphins from performing. 

josh spends some time at the after party, and tyler hangs out with jenna for a bit. at the end of the night, they meet at a hotel room as planned to celebrate privately. they don’t usually live extravagantly even though they have the money to, but they splurge every once in a while. so he got the 5 star hotel, and wanted to surprise tyler with some things.

“what’s in the bag” tyler asks, smiling at josh when he comes in. josh smiles back, setting the bag down.

“that’s for me to know and you to find out.” josh responds, grinning.

“oooh, christmas came early. did daddy buy me presents?” tyler jokes as josh pulls the robe out.

“strip. i want you wearing nothing but this.” josh says, tone soft and deep. he holds the robe out to tyler, who takes it, gingerly rubbing it on his face before setting it on the bed. he pulls his shirt up over his head first, then strips from his pants and boxers slowly until he’s standing there naked. josh watches hungrily, drinking him in as tyler wraps the robe around his lanky frame, slipping his arms through the holes. he sighs, feeling the fabric glide over his skin causing a stir of arousal. he resists the urge to run the silk over his dick and instead takes his ring off to set it on the bedside table.

josh watches with a knowing little smirk and steps forward, sliding his hands around tyler’s waist under the robe. tyler’s heart picks up as he starts kissing him deeply right away, like he’s been desperately waiting for it all night. josh presses his crotch against tyler’s hardening dick and tyler moans lustfully into his mouth, wrapping his arms around josh’s neck. josh snakes his hands around to grip tylers ass and then slides up his smooth, firm back, unable to keep his hands off him. he hoists tyler up bridal style and carries him over to the bed, laying him down on it.

“don’t touch yourself yet, baby. i got a long night planned for you.” josh coos as he gets up to get the bag.

“you’re so cute, josh. you didn’t have to do all this.” tyler says sweetly.

“i wanted to, been waiting to do this for a while, babe.” josh assures him. he brings over the bag and sets it down, getting out the blindfold.

“would you put this on? i wanted to try something fun.” josh asks, showing tyler the blindfold. tyler is a bit nervous because they haven’t done that, but he trusts josh with his life.

“okay” tyler agrees shyly.  

“you’re the best” josh says, and kisses him again on the lips before sliding the blindfold over his head and covering his eyes. tyler fake pouts.

“i like seeing you though” tyler whines.

“i know baby, just trust me.” josh says, and tyler nods. tyler feels something solid pressing against his lips and he sticks his tongue out a little to touch it.

“mmm” tyler moans, licking more at the object. josh rubs it against his lips and tongue until the chocolate melts, so he laps at josh’s fingers. josh’s dick twitches in his pants watching and feeling tyler’s tongue. tyler sensually sucks at his fingers, getting them wet. josh is rock hard in seconds. 

“fuck, baby. more?” josh groans, pressing his palm against his bulge.

“mm sure” tyler moans back. this time, josh puts the chocolate between his teeth and moves close to tyler’s face. when tyler tastes the chocolate he keeps licking and sucking until josh’s lips are millimeters away.

“mmm ohhhh” tyler moans, surprised when josh’s mouth joins with the chocolate, swirling it around and massaging his tongue. tyler swallows and kisses him back.

“better than chocolate.” tyler says, smiling against josh’s lips. josh laughs a little, pleased with himself and blushing from the excitement of trying something new. he moves his kissing to tyler’s neck, and then to his shoulder where he bites. tyler runs a hand down josh’s chest and stomach, then tugs on his shirt a little. josh gets the hint and pulls it off so tyler’s wandering fingers can feel their way over his smooth chest and abs. they linger too long on josh’s hard nipples and josh grabs tyler’s wrist, kissing it before pinning it to the bed. josh unzips his jeans and tyler’s ears perk up at the sound. josh shimmies out of them.

there’s some shifting and suddenly tyler feels something else rubbing against his lips, it’s spongy yet solid and moist. he pokes his tongue out, tasting precum and licking his now wet lips. josh moans as tyler laps at his leaking tip.

“hmm i wonder what that is. too salty to be chocolate.” tyler adds, smacking his lips like he’s a professional taste tester.

“oh my god tyler, more” josh begs, and tyler opens his mouth. josh rubs the head of his cock on tyler’s tongue and tyler swirls it around in circles, making josh tremble.

“fuck my mouth, josh” tyler says sternly, and josh grunts in response, staring in awe as he slides the first few inches in. tyler latches on, sucking in his cheeks and making lewd noises. josh slides the rest in slowly as tyler takes every inch in stride, humming around him. he works his tongue under the shaft, driving josh absolutely crazy. he pulls out slowly and lets his teeth gently scrape the sensitive skin.

“baby boy, you’re such a good little slut for my cock aren’t you” josh praises, and tyler’s eyelashes flutter in response, throat muscles working to take more of josh. josh won’t be able to last if he keeps it up. he pulls out with a whimper and notices tyler’s cock laying against his belly, twitching and leaking pre-cum. he wraps his hand around the base and strokes him a few times to relieve some of the tension. tyler moans and squirms against the sheets, legs spreading as his hips thrusts up into his hand. josh wants to taste him, but kisses everywhere else instead. he kneels between tyler’s legs and goes to work licking and sucking his thighs, hips, and lower stomach. josh keeps a firm grip without stroking, sliding his thumb over the tip to spread precum, but tyler suddenly quits thrusting into his hand. josh looks up to check on him and realizes he’s trembling.

“gonna cum joshie” tyler whimpers. 

“oh no we can’t have that, just getting started” josh replies and removes his hand from tyler’s swollen, wet cock. he crawls up to remove tyler’s blindfold and starts kissing him sloppily. he moves to where he’s straddling tyler, but hovering over him so that his hard dick lays on his stomach. tyler reaches down to touch him, but josh stops him despite wanting it so much. 

“this is about your pleasure now, ty” josh explains, and tyler whines helplessly. he moves off of him and rolls tyler over on his stomach, placing a pillow under his hips to lift his ass slightly. tyler spreads his legs and ruts into the pillow without permission. he thinks it’s slight enough josh doesn’t notice, but he does.

“don’t think i don’t see that, you dirty little slut” josh growls deeply. tyler whimpers at his tone and fucks harder, wanting to be punished. josh lands a loud smack right on that perky little ass. tyler grabs the sheets and cries out, wanting so bad to cum. josh kneels between his legs again, running his hands over tyler’s lower back and hips.

“moan for me, tyler. let me know how bad you want this.” josh speaks while tapping his hard cock on tyler’s ass. the sight before him is almost too much to handle. so when tyler obeys him and actually moans this long, filthy moan and begs for his cock, he’s almost cums. he tortures him more, pressing the head of his cock between tyler’s cheeks and moves his hips like he’s just fucking his crack. tyler arches his back, spreading his ass and presses back against him, giving him a show. josh lands another hard slap to tyler’s ass and grabs both cheeks, massaging roughly and causing tyler to groan, eyes rolling back with pleasure. 

josh bends down, pulls tyler’s cheeks apart and buries his face between them, licking fast circles around tyler’s tight hole. 

“oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck, josh” tyler begs, voice wrecked. he stutters as josh goes harder, spitting on his hole and tongue fucking him. tyler’s sensitive cock rubs against the pillow where it created a wet spot. josh just continues this for about 20 minutes and although it’s pleasurable, it’s also agonizing for tyler. his balls are drawn up so tight towards his cock that when josh touches them, he shies away. his anus pulses around josh’s finger as he starts working two in. josh prods around until he strokes the bundle of nerves that send shock waves through tyler’s body. 

“mmmoooree josh, please, need your thick cock in me so bad.” tyler begs uninhibited. josh unceremoniously yanks his fingers out and lines himself up with tyler’s hole, thrusting in all in one go while pulling his hips back. he moans as tyler’s walls constricts around his cock, swallowing him whole. he holds that position for a moment, feeling tyler pulse around him and running his hands up and down tyler’s back. only when tyler starts fucking himself back against him he holds tyler’s hips down and fucks, his ass and thigh muscles contracting with his effort. his breathing quickly becomes labored as he gets close, and tyler’s moaning becomes more frantic. 

“j-josh, can i cum?” tyler asks desperately, josh’s hips forcing his cock against the pillow. it’s creating just enough friction that in accordance with deep anal penetration, a mindblowing inevitable orgasm has been building. he’s about to bust at any moment. josh has been ready to cum the moment he entered tyler and was actually struggling to hold his load. 

“yes tyler, let go for me. want you to paint that pillowcase for me baby boy.” josh murmured. the dirty talk, combined with the thick cock buried deep in his ass was just enough to send him over the edge. he swears his soul left his body for a moment as he came so hard he became lightheaded. josh stopped his rhythmic thrusting to allow for tyler’s comedown, but he was close enough that with a few fast, hard thrusts he was shooting so much cum up tyler’s ass he was sure it’d come out his mouth. 

tyler laid there, breathless and spent. he hummed, satisfied with their little session. josh wrapped his arm around him and pulled him to lay on his side so they’re facing each other. 

“you always give it to me so good” tyler said with a dreamy, dazed look in his eyes. josh smiled and kissed him. 

“that’s what lovers do” josh said. 


lol the end was inspired by that interview where the girl asked if tyler had a lover and he said “i do have a lover, it’s nice having a lover, you know what i mean?” it’s josh. then she asks josh if he’s single and he hesitates before just saying yes. obviously it’s tyler

I can only imagine how much “senpai bonding time” (cough cough sex cough cough) Yamaguchi is getting whilst he’s the only first year at practice.

Expect Him

David rose early to seek God, to place his life before Him. Early in the morning, when hope is at its loudest, when newness is represented across the universe, David prayed.
Jonah waited until he was in the belly of the whale to finally cry out to God for salvation. Don’t wait until the middle or the end of a harsh season to inquire of God. Pray as David prayed: My soul thirsts, my flesh longs for you … even though all I see are dead branches and dry places, where everything in and around me feels like it’s taking its last breath. There is no water, but I’m looking at you, God, for your love is better than life!
For David, everything in nature looked bleak, but a great statement of faith came from within him as his spiritual hunger and thirst were satisfied, as he worshiped God: “So here I am in the place of worship, eyes open, drinking in your strength and glory” (Psalm 63:2 The Message). He worshiped, expecting God’s presence. He lifted his hands as an expression of adoration, reverence, and surrender. He lifted his hands as an outward sign of his faith: “Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise You! I will praise You as long as I live, lifting up my hands to You in prayer” (vs. 3-4). Lifting up hands is the oldest gesture of prayer. We surrender ourselves. We step out in faith and stir up our souls (mind, will, and emotions).
When life’s harshness invades your soul, it can feel very difficult to pull yourself out of the darkness. But this is where God’s Spirit, already alive within us, is activated by our faith. Our spirits are rekindled by being bold in our declarations of faith, by being obedient to Scriptures. Lift up your head, lift up your hands, and worship Him. This is why David could say, “Your love is better than life,” even when the world around him looked dim. Worship changes everything - even a desert wilderness becomes a place of sweet fellowship with God.
David’s confession stirred his faith as he meditated on God’s faithfulness rather than his situation. He said, “I will rejoice in the shadow of your wing, and my soul follows close behind You.”
What do you do when your soul aches and you can’t sleep or you have wakeful moments of anxiety in the night? David said that he worshiped and praised God. “I remember You upon my bed and meditate on You in the night watches” (Psalm 63:6 Amplified). As he poured out his heart in worship day and night to God, David discovered strength. His faith rose.
In the wilderness, go to the Word, meditate on the Word, and speak the Word in worship. Your hunger and thirst, your expectation that God will draw near, will be satisfied.
Psalm 63: 1-4
Psalm 63: 6

anonymous asked:

Can you do some fluffy headcanons for Kanato please? I absolutely love your blog and your writing is so amazing!

Aww thanks so much! Hope you enjoy this! <33 I ended up writing another request I couldn’t help it ahhh


-Kanato likes to dress you up in cute, Victorian-era styled clothing. He’s a big fan of frilly, lace patterned dresses as well. You were astonished when you found out, but Kanato is surprisingly very skilled with makeup. Dressing you up like a doll is now one of his favorite pastimes.

-Kanato is an insomniac, so he little to never sleeps. To make him more relaxed, you usually offer to go on slow, pleasant walks with him, or bake him some sweets.

-Although it’s rare, if Kanato is in an exceptionally good mood he will offer to sing to you on some nights. Kanato practically worships the attention and praise you give him, and constantly yearns for more. Whenever you compliment his singing, a comfortable warmth begins to form in his chest. The feeling is so foreign, but it just feels so inherently good that he can’t stop himself from desiring more of your affection.


“I praise God, I worship him. And I pray to Him every night. Nothing’s came, but that ain’t gonna stop me. This is what goes through my mind. God has to be busy with everyone else. Eventually He will come into my life. I hope it happens. It’s gonna break me heart if it don’t.”

Rich Hill, 2014

I would like to first point out that I am part of the Frozen fandom and am not “blindly hating” on her.

The way I see it, people are blindly worshipping and praising Idina Menzel and her performance last night just because “Let It Go” won an Oscar for Best Original Song. Even with her voice cracking near the end of the song, Idina Menzel sounded flat and she could not hold one note to save her life. It seemed like she didn’t even warm up or rehearse the song at all before her performance. Overall, it was a very sloppy performance, and I think she could have done a lot better.


So tomorrow’s the big day.

The “It’s Passion” Praise and Worship night @meekuhehla and I have been planning our whole summer for. There’s a lot to do today. Reviewing over things and making sure everyone’s on track with what they need to be doing. I woke up today, stressed out to the max. But I’m dealing with it. :) Trying to remain calm. At least a little. Hahah. And if I can’t stay calm, I take pictures. :D Bwahahah. Anyway, yeah. gonna be pretty busy the rest of today and tomorrow. Praying all goes well! :D

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Tbh you're not the president of the Richonne fan club & I won't kiss your ass like the rest of the Richonners & agreed with you that we didn't need to see him woo her. It would've been better to see him woo & worship her.

1. He did woo her in his own way; if you understood the characters and listened to what DG and AL said about their motivations, you would see that. It may not have been what you are used to seeing on TV, but it fits the human experience in a ZA, especially as it pertains to Richonne.

2. No one kisses my arse and I’m sorry you see it that way. I post my thoughts and if someone agrees with them, fine; if they don’t, then I get Anon Asks like this.

3. No one said I was President of said Fan Club, but like, does one exist because I’d love to join?

4. Rick did worship Michonne. He kneeled at the delta of her most sacred place, sang her praises as he exalted her name and worshipped her all night long.

yesterday was for sitting on my best friend’s floor and sharing our heart’s contents. coffee and tea, the new rend collective album, and a candle that smells like a handsome man (seriously). a car ride with good people and the new gungor album. mass and adoration, followed by a night of praise and worship. tears and feeling the Holy Spirit move in my life. beer and talk of tattoos. laughter, Light, and love.