me: wow 2016 was a shitty fucking year I hope 2017 is bette–



The future fuhrer and his wife

If any of these gifts of mine are to be used for anything other than the glory of my Father in heaven, let them be taken from me; for these hands are but flesh and blood not worthy of their purpose. They cannot write, touch, or be lifted without the whisper of Life. Without God, I am nothing.
So, let my words be worship and let my tongue speak nothing but praise and thanksgiving. I am a vessel directed by the Ultimate Captain. I am directed by Love Himself.
—  a.k.

INFP when praised:

person: Wow thanks for saving the world!!!

INFP: oh…thanks that was nothing rly..kbye….


INFP when blamed:

person: Hey I think you took my pen.

INFP: OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry about that! YES it’s my fault! What can I do to be forgiven? I will understand if you hate me I don’t deserve even talking to you I will go disappear forever…..

God is my witness.

Be humble about your talents. Be thankful for your gifts. Be giving in your blessings. And through everything, remember that the world does not need to know about your good works. Your Father sees it all. As Christians, we live to hear the praise from an audience of One. When the world puts the spotlight on you, point to Him. When the world praises you, praise Him. Your good works are seen, but be quiet and stay busy about Your Father’s business. He notices you at work, and that’s all that matters.