prairie dress

I said, “Do you know where the wild roses grow So sweet and scarlet and free?” On the second day he came with a single red rose Said: “Will you give me your loss and your sorrow” I nodded my head, as I lay on the bed He said, “If I show you the roses, will you follow?”

Dress is vintage. Bag is from Bloodmilk Exquisite Corpse

All I ever wanted was to know
That you were dreaming

Bella Pinque Cottage’s “So Do~Able” #2: Lace Window Screen.
With nothing more than a tape measure (for your frame, and lace sizes), heavy duty stapler, and trip to your local hardware and fabric stores, you’re all set. This also presents an opportunity to re~use/ re~purpose some of your existing lace pieces, or curtain panels that are no longer in pristine condition. 😊💜

Vintage Hippie Country Western Long Dress with Floral Print

♥ Details ♥
- Condition: Excellent
- Brand: Denise L
- Color: Navy, brown, cream, burnt orange, blue, grey
- Size: 9/10
- 50% Ayril Rayon 50% Cotton
- Floral western print
- Stretchy chest, back, shoulders, and cuff
- Empire Waist
- XL bell
- Long Dress
- Long Sleeve
- Back Zipper
- Looks best on small chested women

✂ Measurements ✂
- Shoulders: 11" (Stretches)
- Sleeves: 26"
- Chest: 13" (Stretches)
- Empire Waist: 12-17" (it stretches)
- Skirt Length: 43"
- Total Length: 55"

External image

I just bought this ridiculous dress, and even though it screams “I live in a little house on the prairie and never, ever want to get laid,” I’m going to damned well wear it tomorrow. Because I like it, goddammit, and because I know that anyone can rock just about any outfit with the proper amount of confidence, and if I force myself to wear this, then the confidence will come. Because THAT IS TOTALLY LOGICAL.

Ah well, at least it’ll be an interesting social experiment; seeing how people react, out and about.

Of course, I’ll be in Hollywood, so probably no one will notice.