prague night

Josef Sudek - Prague at Night ,1954-1974 .

© San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

sorry for the long absence- I spent my summer moving to London!! To make up for it here are the two last illustrations for @erinmorgenstern ‘s amazing The Night Circus. This one is probably familiar to everyone who had read the book: Celia realises she took the wrong umbrella! Also, this is one of the more problematic ones in terms of lighting… If it displays too dark, please adjust the brightness/contrast of the screen! I am very sorry about this!

La prophétesse Libuse / The prophetess Libuse.c.1893.
Oil on Canvas.
193 x 193 cm. (75.98 x 75.98 in.)
Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.

Art by Karel Vitezslav Masek.(1865-1927).