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Our second weekend is also nearly done. I could say that it was so much fun once again! On saturday we went to the zoo of Prague, one of the best in the world so they say. We had the chance to see a variety of different animals such as elephants, wolfs, apes, etc. During the evening we all went to a cosy restaurant where I probably had one of the best pizza’s ever. But what is a night in Prague if you don’t go to one of the many night clubs? After the restaurant we all went to our appartements and once everyone was ready we took a taxi to the largest night club in Central Europe, the Karlovy lazne! With 5 floors and on every floor a different music style it was incredible.

The next day, me, Thomas and Arno went for a long walk in the city. We had a nice lunch in a small restaurant so we had enough energy to make a walk for a couple of hours. Along the walk we also discovered a small shop that sels Belgian chocolats, wich was pleasant discovery. I had the chance to take some beautiful photos but the main purpose of doing these trips through the city is just to enjoy our time and clear our minds.

Tomorrow is the start of our third and last week. I’m planning of giving it a final 100% and enjoy as much from the city as I can.

Josef Sudek - Prague at Night ,1954-1974 .

© San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


There we go again, Christmas Market - only in Prague this time. Because Prague has a nice one, or rather said, many nice ones. Not only in the Old Town square but in every side alley, square and passage, booths presenting like everywhere else sausages and handicrafts, magnets and honey wine, woven iron and candies and and and… except mulled beer. Rest assured though, because the first alley you’ll take, or the second if you’re incredibly unlucky, will offer you a can of Cannabis beer. Yes, you heard it right, candies beer. The strong herbal scent of the brew will alienate some, the lack of THC will alienate some more, but let me tell you something: prejudices aside, the Euphoria brewery marketing gag actually works. Light and refreshing because of the inspired supplement of freshly cut grass scent, I enjoyed it fully - to my total surprise.

  • My grandmother: What happened to you going to uni this morning?
  • Me: It didn't happen.

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He Tian's song -> Mommae by Jay Park.

okay this song is filthy and he tian af (nsfw warning for this video and the lyrics????)