pragmatic solidarity

Why Xena is an amazing superhero:  She dignifies what patriarchy belittles

People have pointed out before that Xena does not shame other women or shame men for being feminine.  Zero percent fem-shaming.  She values feminine characters and traits instead and actually learns from them.  

There’s more…

You know how much slut-shaming Xena did?  None.  Not even her past and highly evil self got shamed for having sex. 

You know how many emo feelings Xena had despite her capacity for extremely instrumental, strategic military action?  All of them.  All of the feelings.  

You know how much having a woman as a life partner damaged Xena’s self-identity?  None.  It actually just made it more awesome.

You know how many seconds it took Xena to deal with her cisgender privilege and act in pragmatic solidarity with a trans woman?  Less than ten seconds.  

Xena had more respect for her horse than most action heroes have for their own lives.  

She offered more and more dignity to herself and other people throughout the show.  It was part of her character’s development, part of her heroism. 

And that is another way of articulating why Xena is so awesome.