WELL, HECK. somehow this happened !! who would’ve thought that you guys would have dealt with this shitty wakame son for so long !! regardless, i’m honored that you’re all here !! i’m going to get a bit sappy good lord haha so give me a few moments for that, aka the special shoutouts section. 

shinji’s blog was made after long discussions with @martyrssiah back in 2015 or 2016 who knows anymore ; i decided to give it a shot ; did i expect this to happen ? n o tbqh. shinji is such a controversial character for the fandom, i’m amazed that you’re all ok with this redemption arc portrayal at all haha. so, honestly, matt, you made this all possible for me, thank you so much !! i took an unexpected hiatus after some shit went down in the fandom, but i think a lot of us took time for that. upon returning, i started up a very fantastic ship with @jewelcrest, i’ve never had such a great ship with shinji ok ; ley this is amazing & thank you so much for this, i love you so much !! ASTER, my best friend, light of my life !! i made kayneth & you made waver @eusebas & birdy @aliferos is such a joy & one of my favorite ocs in the entire universe. you put up with me thru all of my blogs, i’d follow you into hell. vivi @vesselize​, oki @cu–chulainn & your others, thank you both for letting me ramble about my trash son to you !! you both are so great with character building & have such passion & i love it !! bard @fakechis, @highlowgambler, @praetorial !! we go back a long way my dear & i’m so glad you’re still around. you are near & dear to my heart & will be always. kei @ofstorytellers & your other blogs, we also go back to like 2013 yikes ; i adore you & you know this. you’re the aragorn to my legolas or some shit ily. mimi !! @gxxdgiirl, mina is another one of my favorite ocs listen i love angels of all sorts. we always have great threads despite how slow i am lol, i love you & your choice to write mina as she is, is daring & i think you are very brave for it. i am glad to have you as my friend !! 

& the rest of you, thank you so much for taking this journey with me !! 

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jason and reyna were so so so close, and they shared secrets and made promises, and i can’t even imagine the inside jokes they must have had over months holed up in the principia with no company except each other and the paperwork that came with their praetorial duties, and i cannot believe that rick broke a friendship that close apart to create a sob story for reyna and a love subplot for jason; i mean, think about reyna for all the months she was alone because she’d literally be alone - she’s very distant with the people jason was friends with during her interactions with them in boo, meaning she likely drifted from that friendship group while he was missing - and whatever her romantic feelings for him may have been, they were best friends, and i honestly do not understand the complete lack of interaction or closure for jeyna in hoo

This is Halloween

I’m goofy and the ask I got about what Emma would wear for Halloween got me thinking. x’D Enjoy this fluffy trash. Halloween Dragon Age AU featuring Emma, Varric, the Iron Bull, Dorian, Sera, Fenris, Solas, and, briefly, Josephine. 

“Really? That’s your costume?” Varric says, eyeing you up and down.

“You don’t like it?” you ask with a frown, spinning around to show it off. “But it’s so authentic!”

“I know it’s authentic! I think you probably just stole it, actually. But you don’t think it’s in… poor taste?”

“You’re just worried about what’ll happen when Fenris sees it,” Dorian says from behind you. “Which, admittedly, I’m looking forward to. Don’t listen to him, dear, you look fantastic. You were born to wear that robe.”

“A poor choice of words, maybe,” Varric says dryly.

“I like it,” Iron Bull comments. “Actually, you and Dorian standing next to each other like that is giving me ideas.”

“Shut up, Bull,” you say, at the exact same time Dorian says, “Be quiet, Bull.” Predictably, the Iron Bull just grins.

“Where’d you get it, anyway?” Sera asks curiously. “Looks weird on you.”

“I beat up Servis and took his clothing,” you say dryly.

“Did you really?”

“Absolutely,” you lie straight-facedly. Actually, you’d simply asked him for it, then tolerated the five minutes of solid laughter.

“Is that his staff, too, then?” Varric asks, pointing at the Tevinter-styled staff on your back.

“One of mine, actually,” Dorian says cheerfully. “She looks quite natural with it, doesn’t she?”

“No!” Sera exclaims. “It’s weird!”

“I think it’s a good costume,” you protest. “The whole part of Halloween is to dress as something scary… something you’re not.” You wiggle your fingers at Sera. “Or are you scared I’ll put a speeelll on yooouuu?” you ask in your spookiest voice.

“Oh, har har.”

“What’s all this, then?” You stiffen at the sound of Solas’ voice, but quickly force your posture relaxed again.

“You’re not in a costume, Solas?” you ask, pouting. You’d hoped you might see him in something other than knit and furs, for once.

“No. But I see you are,” he says dryly. “Really? A Tevinter mage?”

“A magister,” you say loftily. “I didn’t spend eight years at the Circle in Minrathous to be called a mage.”

“Oooh, you’re so believable!” Dorian coos, as if you’re a child or a particularly precocious dog. “You’ve got the attitude down pat.”

“Yes, almost as if she learned it first hand,” says Varric, sounding strained.

“I have to admit, it’s sort of funny to see those robes on an elf,” says Iron Bull. “Come to think of it, all the Vint mages I’ve fought, and I don’t think a single one’s been an elf.”

“That’s because all the elf mages in Tevinter are praetori,” you say with a snort.

“Not all of them!” protests Dorian.

“I have to wonder why, of all costumes, you chose this one,” Solas comments. You can’t tell if he’s amused or not.

“It’s called dramatic irony, Solas.”

“The real drama will be when Fenris sees you,” Varric interjects.

“Nah, it’ll be good for him!” Bull insists. “Therapeutic role-play! He ties her to a bed, dominates her, and it’s like he’s dominating every Vint mage that ever fucked with him.”

You can feel your cheeks beginning to turn crimson. “Bull!”

“If he asks, do it,” says Dorian with a cheeky grin. “I’d consider it a favor if it got him to calm down.”

“You shut up,” you hiss. “If you want him to fuck his problems away, you bend over and take one for the team.”

“Do I even want to know?” comes a familiar, dry voice. You freeze. “Alright, why is everyone just standi–”

You turn and grin sheepishly at Fenris from behind the hood of your Tevinter mage robe. “Happy Halloween.”

“Oh, for the… Really?” he says, clearly exasperated. He rolls his eyes to the heavens, and you can’t help laughing.

“It’s a good costume!” you protest between giggles.

“You look ridiculous,” he replies sourly.

“That’s because it’s about four sizes too big. Wh… Wait, are you dressed as a wolf?” you ask, grinning.

“It was Hawke’s idea,” he says darkly.

“And you had the audacity to say my costume was silly. You could have at least put on some extra eyes and gone as Fen'harel, or something.”

“Am I to take this as confirmation you’ll be missing our lesson this evening, Emma?” Solas interjects. You blink, and then realization dawns on your face.

“Ah, shit! I… just assumed you’d be joining the festivities as well, Solas,” you admit.

“I had no such intentions.”

“You should, Chuckles! I’m sure we could put together a costume for you,” says Varric.

“No, thank you.”

“Are you sure, Solas?” you ask, grabbing at his sleeve and pouting. “It will be so much more fun with you there.”

“I… Well, I…”


“I… Do not use that look on me!” he says warily.

“I have no idea what you mean,” you reply, tilting your head down and gazing up at him with wide eyes.

Harel'asha,” he says darkly.

“So it’s settled, then!” says Bull cheerfully. “Let’s find him a costume!”

“I did not say–”

“Thank you, Solas!” you say cheerfully. “I think I’ve got something you can wear, actually–”


“This is in terrible taste,” Solas says sourly, pulling at the robe you’ve stuffed him into.

“I agree,” says Fenris darkly.

“I think it’s cute! They match!” protests Lady Montilyet, who you seriously hadn’t been expecting to see, let alone dressed as a rabbit.

“Why did you even have TWO sets of Tevinter robes?”

unculturedroman-is-moving-blog  asked:

"That's all you're going to say? I said I love you and that's it?"

Reyna looked at him coldly and forced an icy glare at him. She wanted to say it back terribly but felt too scared to admit it to even herself. Love was what always made the mighty fall. She had feelings for him, yes, but she didn’t have time for her feelings to be messed around with when she had her own praetorial duties to carry on “You’re an idiot, Grace, and I highly suggest you step down from this prank of yours. I don’t find it funny at all. Who dared you this time? Dakota?”