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Fortification Hill (12-4pm)

The Fort is a vast and heavily fortified base of Caesar’s Legion on the east bank of the Colorado River. Here, the Legion prepares for its second assault on the NCR at Hoover Dam. This is also the location where the platinum chip is used to install the upgrades to the securitrons, as the Fort is built above Mr. House’s secret bunker. Caesar himself is stationed here, along with his Praetorian guards and the bulk of the Legion’s Mojave forces in preparation for the upcoming battle.


An Empire for Sale

The Roman Emperor Commodus was not a good emperor, being known for a legacy of megalomania, lunacy, and tyranny. Commodus’ reign came to an end in 192 AD when he was strangled to death as part of a conspiracy by his maid and the Praetorian Guard, the personal bodyguard of the Emperor. As part of the conspiracy, the Praetorian’s installed a Roman Senator named Pertinax as Emperor under an agreement that he would pay the Praetorians a large sum of money. Under Roman law, the Emperor had to the confirmed by the Senate, so the Praetorians merely forced the Senate to confirm Pertinax with the threat of violence.

The Praetorians thought that being the power behind the throne would be just ace. Soon the Praetorian Guards fell into sloth and drunkeness, it’s members wanting to not only wield the power of an emperor but live like emperors as well. The only problem was that Pertinax reneged on his deal, only paying a portion of the agreed upon sum. In addition Pertinax tried to enforce military discipline upon the Praetorians, trying to reign them in and transform them from being overprivileged pampered slobs back into elite soldiers. The Praetorians didn’t take too kindly to this and thus murdered him on March 28th, 193 AD, a mere three months after installing him as emperor.

After the murder of Pertinax, the Praetorians announced that they would host an auction for the throne. Learning from the mistakes of the past, the Praetorians hoped to milk the empire for all it was worth and demand cash up front. Rome’s wealthiest and most powerful citizens gathered to participate in the auction in hopes of buying the empire.  After several rounds a bidding war developed between Titus Flavius Claudius Sulpicianus, the Prefect of Rome, and Didius Julianus, the Proconsul of Africa.  Sulpicianus bid 20,000 sesterces (silver coins) to every Praetorian Guard. Julianus however won the bid by offering 25,000 sesterces, an enormous sum that Sulpicianus could not match.  The guards saluted him and declared him emperor. They then forced the Roman Senate to confirm him as emperor at sword point.

Unfortunately for Didius Julianus, his time as emperor would be very short.  The people of Rome were resentful of having an emperor ascend to power through pure greed.  Whenever he made a public appearance people would greet him with insults, jeers, and obscenities while pelting him with stones and rotten vegetables. Worse yet, his provincial governors refused to recognize him as a legitimate Emperor of Rome and refused to carry out his orders. This was especially bad because the Roman governors not only controlled the legions and auxiliaries, an army which numbered in the hundreds of thousands, but controlled the infrastructure and day to day governing aparatus of the empire. Julianus, at best, commanded the Praetorians, numbering around 5,000 men at most, by then a force of drunken and unruly men, and the city cohorts or Rome, a police force numbering around 5,000. The people of Rome didn’t take him seriously, the governors didn’t take him seriously, the Senate was resentful of his rule, and his power didn’t stretch far beyond his palace. Poor Didius Julianus was emperor of not much of anything.

Immediately Roman Governors began to march on Rome to oust Julianus. The closest and also the most powerful was the Governor Pannonia Septimus Severus. Julianus sent an envoy to Severus in hopes of negotiating a power sharing deal, but Severus refused and the senators sent to negotiate defected to his side. Julianus then sent a small force of Praetorians to slow down or halt the advance, but Severus’ army easily swept away the small force. Upon reaching Rome, Severus called for the heads of the Praetorian leaders responsible for the murder of Pertinax, and promised to spare everyone else, recognizing that they were mere innocent bystanders or pawns of the Praetorians who acted under the threat of harm.  The Praetorians quickly produced the responsible men, who were immediately executed, and Rome was surrendered to Severus without a fight.

Didius Julianus was declared an enemy of the state by the Senate. He was executed by one of his palace guards, his reign lasting 66 days. Septimus Severus was recognized as Emperor of Rome by the Senate. A civil war would erupt between Severus and some provincial governors for control of the empire. Severus would remain on top, thus founding the Severan Dynasty.

Legion Structure Inspiration for Character Creation:

The Roles and Ranks of a Space Marine Legion: (Keep in mind we’re playing the most important roles, and the most influential figures in our legion.) 

The structure of a Legion- 

1. Legion Command- Primarch, or Legion Master if Primarch has not been discovered. 

2. Praetorate, also known as Ancients. (Senior Staff.) 
. Consular Representatives. (Senior Representatives of the Armourium, Astropathic Chamber, Navigator Houses, Librarus, Apothecarion, Master of Recruits, Masters of the Fleet, Castrum of Ordnance, Castellans of Domain, Human Auxiliary Commanders,) 
. Vexillarius (Legion Standard Bearers and Equerries) 
. Honour Guard (Praetorian Bodyguard) 

3. Chapters. (1000 Legionaries, part of a legion)
.Lord Commander, or Chapter Master, Khan, Warsmith, etc.
.Chapter Consuls (Senior Specialists, and Advisors to the Lord Commander) 
.Chapter Vexillarius. 
.Chapter Command Bodyguard. 

4. Battalions. (500 Legionaries, part of a chapter)
.Lieutenant Commander, or First Captain, Shadow Captain, Marshal, etc. 
.Battalion Consuls. 
.Battalion Command Bodyguard. 

5. Companies. (100 Legionaries, part of a Battalion)
.Company Captain, or Centurion, Prime, Blooded, etc. 
.Company Standard Bearer. 
.Company Command Bodyguard. 
.Lieutenant. (Most Junior officers of the Legion)

Legion Assets: 
.Planetary Domains. 
.Capital Class Warship. 
.Secondary Escort Squadrons. 
.Legion Armourium. 
.Legion Apothecarion. 
.Legion Librarus. 
.Auxiliary Forces. (Non-Space Marines.) 
.Legion Support Corps. (Commissary, Legion Serfs, Servitors, etc.) 

Chapter Assets: 
.Chapter Flagship. 
.Planetary Assault Craft and Drop Ships. 
.Escort Squadrons. 
.Gunship Squadrons. 
.Chapter Armourium. 
.Legion Armoured Divisions. 

Battalion Assets: 
.Strike Cruisers. 
.Navigators Ordinary. 
.Drop Pods and Rams. 
.Light Gunship Squadrons. 
.Super-Heavy Detachments. 
.Skimmer Strike Detachments. 
.Support Artillery Detachments. 
.Techmarines Covenants. 
.Apothecarion Sections. 
.Dreadnought Talons. 
.Reconnaissance Sections. 

Company Assets
.Heavy Support Squads. 
.Assigned Veteran or Specialist Squads. 
.Rhino Transports. 
.Tank Detachments. 
.Support Weapons Batteries. 

(Now, This is Podcasting!)




- Luke is going to have an emotional reunion with Chewbacca and R2-D2. They also mention in passing that there’s not going to be a reunion scene between Luke and Leia now that we’ve lost Carrie. 

- Luke doesn’t appear to have a lightsaber in the movie, or not for most of it, if he does.

- Rey is going to be trained by Luke in the movie. It’s going to be like Yoda but it’s going to have a unique spin on it because of Luke’s emotional state.

- Ahch-To is much more mystical place than Dagobah.

- The Convorees are not Convorees. They are little tiny birds called Porgs, or at least that’s what they were referred to as during production. They are soft, white and grey and they have a little bit of orange by the eyes. Solid black eyes, short tail. They’re adorable and creepy at the same time. A sequence filmed in Ireland on the cliff shows a nest with babies. Baby Porgs are disgusting and gross.

- Chewbacca goes back to nature and there’s stuff with him and the birds.

- Luke has a scene where he explains Rey’s connection to the Force and why it’s important. Her relation to main characters of the Saga may not be as important as her relation to the Force and who she is. They still don’t think she’s a Skywalker by blood. She’s a Skywalker in a sense that she’s our Anakin and Luke of this trilogy.

- Laura Dern’s character is probably called Admiral Holdo although she doesn’t look like an admiral. She has a fancy dress with a built-in cape. She has purple flapper hair and a little silver blaster pistol. She looks like a senator from the Prequels. She’s probably from the Republic and doesn’t seem deserving of her position.

- The sets are tremendous.

- There’s no evidense of Leia being injured or hold up in a hospital bed. She has a black costume that is very angular. It looks like a funeral dress but could as well be a mourning dress. It’s very goth, very medieval but also modern. It would fit in the Coruscant opera. She also wears a brown military dress and she has her classic pistol from ANH.

- Poe leads the fleet while they’re being chased by the First Order. Admiral Holdo brings new ships with her.

- There’s more BB-8s in the Resistance. They look like giant brass balls, really dirty and rusty.

- BB-8 goes with Finn and “Rose/Rosie” (KMT’s character) to the casino planet.

- Poe has a new x-wing.

- The First Order versions of BB units are like Satan versions of BB-8s. They’re black and have vents on their sides, inside is like red fire, hexagon heads.

- This movie feels like a new SW movie, everything looks so good, fresh and new.

- Snoke is kind of like an evil Hugh Hefner. He looks really cool. He has a gold, ornate, almost like a Persian pattern kimono outfit and genie slippers . He’s about opulence and money. He cares about wealth and power.  He wears a ring with a black stone which is a black kyber crystal. He looks like a space pimp. His throne room is probably inside the super star destroyer. He’s more like a dictator in the classic sense than Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine were.

- Snoke’s guards are referred to as Praetorian Guards. They are the new version of the Red Royal Guards that Palpatine had. Glossy red armor, shell plating, and matte red cloth elements. 6-8 different helmets. They have melee weapons based on martial arts.

- The Knights of Ren don’t look like elite compared to Snoke’s guards. They are  probably a bunch of mercenaries serving under Kylo Ren. According to several reports the guys in black on Ahch-To are not KoR.

- Snoke’s Mega Destroyer is like a Death Star if it was a Star Destroyer. A city in the sky, it’s colossal. It’s hunting the Resistance and Poe is evading it.

- Kylo Ren has a hospital bed on it with a FX7 style droid. He is being worked on. He comes back like Finn. Kylo is on a quest where he needs to proof himself. He doesn’t actually wear the helmet in the movie much at all. As Kylo perhaps becomes what he was pretending to be, he may not need a helmet anymore. He doesn’t need it as a symbol anymore.

- Kylo Ren has a customized TIE Fighter evocative of the Falcon.

- They speculate that if Kylo would go back to the good side the First Order would probably still have enough fire power and infantry to take on the Resistance even without Kylo.

- The Praetorian Guards and Captain Phasma actually do something this time.

- There’s a casino on Canto Bight. Finn, “Rosie” and BB-8 are on an adventure there that intertwines with a character called DJ. It could be a code name. He’s Benicio Del Toro’s character. He appears to be a dirty, scuzzy underworld guy and he has a really fancy ship. They speculate that maybe he stole the ship or maybe he’s hiding his real identity by dressing like an underworld guy.

- The salt flat planet is called Crait. The Gorilla walkers or AT4Xs attack on this planet because there’s a Rebel mine there. It was funding the Rebellion during the Galactic civil war against the Empire and now it’s been turned on again. It could be funding the Resistance or it could be the location of the Resistance Base.

- They take gems from the mine and drop them on walkers and it’s enough to take a walker down.

- They speculate if it’s possible that they filmed a confrontation scene between Leia and Kylo Ren and are now moving it to episode IX. Or that maybe Leia sent some sort of “come home” transmission message to Ben, something like “you can still come back”, and maybe now we won’t see it in TLJ because it’s been moved to episode IX. This is all speculation, they don’t know what happens to Leia’s scenes.

- Kylo’s mask design doesn’t allow showing emotions because you can’t see his eyes. So they may take off his helmet to show that he’s not comfortable, he’s not Kylo Ren, he’s still Ben. Now he’s just owning it. But he goes from TFA into TLJ eager to proof himself to Snoke. He’s still on that path.

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praetorian-guard  asked:

Hi, just a little more info on LSU's Mike. There is no current Mike at the moment - Mike VI was euthanized in October 2016 because he had cancer which had spread. The school is currently looking to replace him, hopefully by August 2017. The habitat was scheduled to undergo renovations in April - I don't know if the renovations have happened. Mike VII would not be going into Tiger Stadium. They're also looking to become an accredited tiger sanctuary - I'm unaware if this is through GFAS.

Interesting, thanks. I guess they haven’t updated the website yet. Do you know where the next tiger would be living, if not the renovated habitat next to the stadium?

Yes, if they went to be accredited as a sanctuary they’d have to go through GFAS - because GFAS is the only accrediting body for sanctuaries in the US. (That’s a whole other problematic kettle of fish we should discuss, because the phrase ‘accredited sanctuary’ has started showing up in other pieces of legislation and it’s really shady that the only sanctuary accrediting group is literally run by multiple animal rights organizations). However, GFAS accreditation would have to change a lot of how they operate - guest presence isn’t allowed to impinge on the animal’s life too much, and they must have an area to go to be off-view. Not to mention they’d be totally prohibited from ever moving the tiger out of the habitat - no more taking him to away games.

I hate how Skyrim and Fallout 4 do that bullshit scaling enemy difficulty shit that results in every late game enemy being a ridiculous meatslab that can shrug off 6 grenades to the face.

Half the fun of RPGs is leveling up and becoming a fucking monster and liquidating enemies you used to be scared of. That’s the point of building a character and making them stronger over the course of the game.

Remember when you were sneaking to Novac because you knew a legion assassin party would fucking murder you after you just couldnt resist blowing off Vulpes Inculta’s smug grin? Now you’re kicking down the gates of the fort with Boone and a trail carbine and blowing away Praetorian Guards with a mouth full of chewing tobacco and a head full of empty.

Compare that to Skyrim where every enemy is a Draugr Deathlord and every fight takes ten minutes because you leveled up your smithing and didn’t pick all the combat perks. I had to stop playing Fallout 4 because I was sick of drugged out half starved Raiders taking mini nukes to the face and losing as much health as stubbing a toe.

TL;DR there’s a big difference between “This is too easy” and “I’ve earned the right for this to be easy”

Mega Destroyer (The Last Jedi spoilers)

There’s been enough new stuff on this crazy First Order Mega Destroyer, it deserves its own post.

100 Acre Wood

The Mega Destroyer was codenamed “100 Acre Wood” during production, and for good reason. It is huge. Here’s the old Star Destroyer:

Three engines. This new one has ten or more stacked on top of each other. The ship itself has been called “just a gigantic huge wedge, solid, and dark,” and “shaped like a flying wing.”

Throne Room

Much like Snoke’s costume from ‘Returning Characters’ (gold robe and fancy ring), his throne room is equally lavish. Apparently the room is based on a “marble aesthetic,” and it’s made primarily of white marble and gold trim. This is where Snoke hangs out, and he’s accompanied by six or eight ‘Praetorian Guards’ (probably not what they’re really called).

They’re all red much like Palpatine’s Imperial Guards, but the masks are “solid red face shields,” with no way to see out of them, really. Each of them wields a different weapon, much like the Knights of Ren. The weapons include a sword, nunchucks, a staff with blades, and more. They are Snoke’s personal guard, and they’ll have sequence in the film where they actually fight.


As we talked about in ‘Finn’s Journey,’ Finn is sent on a mission by the Resistance to go undercover at this Mega Destroyer. It’s him and Kelly Marie Tran’s character disguised as First Order officers, and at one point they help a group of 5 Resistance fighters bomb a hangar.

BB Units

Both the First Order and the Resistance get their own versions of a BB unit, but these aren’t quite as one-of-a-kind as BB-8. The First Order’s droids have hexagonal heads and black bodies, lined with red-glowing vents.

Complete His Training

Snoke is disappointed in Ren as of the beginning of the movie because he couldn’t stop the “girl” (Rey). Now it’s up to Kylo to prove himself to his master. Another quick note about Kylo Ren is that he doesn’t wear his mask as much as he did in The Force Awakens.

Alright it is officially the week of Star Wars Celebration! With an impending ‘huge announcement’ on Good Morning America tomorrow and the The Last Jedi panel coming later this week, it won’t be long before we have a real Episode VIII trailer. Color me stoked! I’m gonna post a pre-teaser outline of the movie as we know it very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Outfit Designs are done! Also, I’m sticking with the name “Meredith”. :)

These have pretty rough colouring and texturing, I just wanted to get the basic ideas down.

Headcanon(s) time!

  • I noticed how both Kaden and Alister have this sort of circular coloured badge(?) on their chest. I like to think that the colours indicate their line of work. Alister’s being orange would indicate him being in the military faction, and Kaden’s blue shows his involvement with the engineering/innovation faction. 
  • The original idea I had for Ratchet’s mother was that she was a ship designer and engineer, leader of a small team of lombaxes that would create starships for the praetorian guard. She designed and built Aphelion, which was supposed to be the prototype for the next line of these kind of ships. The higher you were in your line of work, the higher you became in the social hierarchy. And her line of work was very well respected.
  • In high class formal events, it was custom to kind of put on a show. The type of clothes (especially) females would wear were very elaborate and extravagant. It’s purpose was to silently show off your status and demand respect. Some of them would be pretty ridiculous, kind of like “haute couture” fashion. They would also still wear their faction badge to display their line of work.
  • Shoes are considered a luxury in lombax society. If one doesn’t have a pair for work, the companies provide them with one as part of their uniform (if it is required). Their feet are built to resist the ground’s heat, and injury from rocks/relief/etc. Casual footwear are mostly only worn by high-class lombaxes, and most don’t wear them outside of work or formal events.
  • Because of Fastoon’s heat, headscarves/hats/etc. were very popular because it would protect them from heat strokes, so they also became very fashionable.

That’s all I’ve got for now. And again, tell me what you think!

On the topic of Tachyon

This is something I’ve wanted to write out for a while. Everybody seems to see Tachyon as this just annoying, childish, screechy manchild and I just don’t agree with that interpretation personally. I feel that’s just the part of his personality that Ratchet sees, and as a result that’s what we see because we play the game from his perspective. I don’t believe that is his full personality. 

It’s been hinted at in ACIT and TOD that Tachyon was a good speaker and could be charming. This is the cragmite who in front of the council for advanced lombax research and spoke about great things. This is the cragmite who managed to convince General Alister Azimuth, who fought in The Great War, to give him access to their technology and secrets. That requires more than just brain to do. His words charmed Alister, a hardened war hero, to give him access to their technology and secrets. That’s an incredible feat considering Tachyon was a cragmite, and nobody in their right mind would’ve given the member of a race they fought against for years that kind of access. And yes, I realize Tachyon was raised by the lombaxes, but even then I feel Alister wouldn’t have been easily persuaded by just that. It most likely took time and a lot of emotional manipulation for Tachyon to finally gain access to what he was after. 

Now let’s move on: let’s be real here, Tachyon is incredibly intelligent. He managed to turn the lombaxes’ own technology against them after convincing (and bribing) the drophyds to join him. He planned an attack that the lombax praetorian guard themselves could not counter and it led to nearly the entire species being wiped out if it hadn’t been for the dimensionator. He ran an entire species out of a fucking dimension all in one attack after wiping lord knew how many of them out and then went on to start establishing power in the galaxy. 

As for his view on other races outside of the lombax species? I don’t believe he hates them, in fact I think he views them as lesser beings. But lesser beings who need the leadership and guidance of the cragmite empire to truly survive and thrive in the galaxy and that he is the one to lead them into this “glorious” era. He might truly believe he’s doing a good thing for everybody and not just his species. I think this because of how he speaks to the people of the galaxy ((4:02-4:07)) He warns them to stay indoors during the transition of power to avoid being hurt or killed. It isn’t just in this instance that we see him interacting with his “subjects” either. He tells people in Kortog to avoid the kerchu workers because they’re smelly and most people are allergic to them. ((If I recall correctly.)) It hints that, in a way, Tachyon does sorta care about his subjects to an extent. But it doesn’t excuse what he’s done, he knows what he’s doing is wrong and he obviously doesn’t care. He wants to restore his species’ empire and is willing to do whatever it takes to do that. 

This is all just my interpretation of Tachyon’s character. I wanted to write it out because I don’t really see him portrayed as much outside of what Ratchet has seen of him and I believe IG gave him more to his personality than that. 

Antonine relief depicting the Praetorian Guard. This troop of imperial bodyguards was founded by Augustus and stationed in the castra praetoria on the Viminal Hill. During the imperial era this unit was often actively involved in the issue of succession, and received large payments to force through the election of a particular candidate. Increasingly a political force in the Roman Empire in its own right, the Guard was abandoned by Constantine at the beginning of the fourth century. Louvre, Paris.

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Hey, I don't know if you are really interested in him, but if possible can you give me some interesting facts or information on Caligula, I know he's done some pretty insane things and I just want some more info/stories if possible...

  • Caligula wasn’t his real name. In Roman times, parents liked to proudly dress their progeny in tiny versions of grownup gear. Either affectionately or mockingly, Germanicus troops called the boy “Caligula,” meaning “Little Boots” or “Booties.” His real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus.
  • Rumors suggest he had incest with his three sisters, though lately this has been proven to be a possible rumor. He later impregnated one of his sisters. 
  • It is rumored that Caligula killed predecessor Tiberius by smothering him.
  • The citizens of Rome were over joyed when he became emperor. They were glad to be rid of Tiberius, who was a tyrant; Caligula’s father was a famous Roman general loved by the Roman people. 
  • The young emperor fell ill a few months into his reign and although he survived this near fatal unknown illness, he emerged a different person, a devil that would terrorize Rome for nearly four years. Some of the causes cited as possibly causing his insanity are epilepsy, meningitis, and encephalitis (a brain inflammation brought on by an allergic reaction or an infection).
  • Sensitive about his baldness, he declared it a crime for anyone to look down at him from a high place as he passed by. Sometimes he ordered those with a nice hair to be shaved.
  • He declared that he was a living God, Jupiter.
  • He killed anyone who he even suspected of being a threat to his power. He killed on a whim.
  • An example is when he had several spectators at the Roman Colosseum thrown into the arena to be killed by wild animals simply because he was bored. He spent a fortune having a bridge constructed between his palace and the Temple of Jupiter with no concern for many of the Roman citizens who were starving.
  • He loved clothes. 
  • According to my 7th grade history teacher, Caligula once had the Roman army march to the sea just to collect seashells. 
  • He opened a brothel in his palace and frequently practiced orgies. 
  • His assassination was planned by officers of the Praetorian Guard who were the Emperor’s bodyguards. Their leader was Cassius Chaerea; his personal motivation was that Caligula constantly insulted him for being, in his eyes, weak.
  • The assassination took place in an underground corridor under the imperial palace on Palatine Hill. Cassius Chaerea stabbed the emperor first which was followed by several other Praetorian Guards stabbing the emperor.
  • Caligula’s wife and daughter were also later killed by the assassins but Caligula’s uncle Claudius escaped them and became the next emperor of Rome.
  • The Roman Imperial German Bodyguard, who were loyal to the emperor hunted down those involved in the assassination; killing many of them.