A Prayer for a Friend’s Safe Journey

Horace, Odes 1.3, ll. 1-8

Thus may the goddess who rules over Cyprus
Guide you; thus may Helen’s brothers,
The shining stars, guide you; and thus may
The father of winds guide you, binding
All the breezes save for the Iapyx-
You, o ship, who have had Vergil entrusted
To you, and owe him to me; and I pray
That you deliver him safe to Attica’s shores
And preserve the man who is half of my soul.

   Sic te diva potens Cypri,
sic fratres Helenae, lucida sidera,
  ventorumque regat pater
obstrictis aliis praeter Iapyga,
  navis, quae tibi creditum
debes Vergilium; finibus Atticis
  reddas incolumem precor
et serves animae dimidium meae.

The Ship ‘Portpatrick’, Thomas G. Purvis, late 19th or early 20th century