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Right, so guys I was thinking about Percy Jackson (wow shocker) and I just had this thought, this realization, that both annoys me and makes sense. So you know how most demigod abilities take up energy, or hurt in some way? Percy feels this weird pull in his stomach, Will gets tired when he uses Apollo’s hymns while healing, Nico nearly died, I’m willing to bet this happens for all of them, like Leo getting insanely tired if he over exerts his fire powers, Jason getting sore muscles when controlling the winds, Piper loses her voice if she charm-speaks too often, things like that.

But I was thinking about it and I thought of something. Octavian convinced Apollo to give him the powers of prophecy because Apollo is a conceited fuck wit (but he’s still pretty) and he’s like YES I LIKE THIS IDEA OF BEING MORE POPULAR! SO he gives Octavian the powers of prophecy.

In the book Octavian is super pale and sickly looking, Will calls him anemic, and I was thinking, what if he looks like that because of the powers he’d been given? What if when he was younger he looked similar to Jason with dark hair, maybe tan, bright eyes and happy go smiley? What if at one point he’s a nice guy?

But then something happens. Maybe he feels useless, he can’t really do much, all his “friends” are strong and skilled, he’s just a legacy and who cares about those (no offense to legacies I’m just trying to make a point). So he comes up with an idea because hey, maybe if I can be useful they’ll make me praeter and they’ll like me!

But something goes wrong, the powers of prophecy are far to extensive and mentally exhausting for him to handle. What happened to May Castellan happens to him, but less drastic. Instead of becoming completely incoherent and innocent, he loses his sanity while keeping the emotion of rage. He uses the powers of prophecy and what he sees is so traumatizing he loses his mind.

It makes him sick, he loses weight, his hair loses its color and his eyes aren’t as bright and happy, his skin grows pale and at first his friends are so worried, then they realize he’s an asshole and maybe he’s always been that way he was just waiting and using them.

Maybe in the best Octavian was a nice guy, but the powers of prophecy ruined everything that made him Octavian, leaving a simple shell in his place.

Maybe Octavian was dead long before he actually died.

Andrea Alciati, Omnia D. And. Alciati emblemata : ad quae singula, praeter concinnas acutásque inscriptiones, lepidas & expressas imagines, ac caetera omnia, quae prioribus nostris editionibus cúm ad eorum distinctionem, tum ad ornatum & correctionem adhibita continebantur, : nunc primùm perelegantia persubtiliáq[ue] adiecta sunt epimuthia, quibus emblematum amplitudo quaecunq[ue] in iis dubia sunt aut obscura, tanquam perspicuis illustrantur (1566)

A Prayer for a Friend’s Safe Journey

Horace, Odes 1.3, ll. 1-8

Thus may the goddess who rules over Cyprus
Guide you; thus may Helen’s brothers,
The shining stars, guide you; and thus may
The father of winds guide you, binding
All the breezes save for the Iapyx-
You, o ship, who have had Vergil entrusted
To you, and owe him to me; and I pray
That you deliver him safe to Attica’s shores
And preserve the man who is half of my soul.

   Sic te diva potens Cypri,
sic fratres Helenae, lucida sidera,
  ventorumque regat pater
obstrictis aliis praeter Iapyga,
  navis, quae tibi creditum
debes Vergilium; finibus Atticis
  reddas incolumem precor
et serves animae dimidium meae.

The Ship ‘Portpatrick’, Thomas G. Purvis, late 19th or early 20th century

Conditum Paradoxum - Marvellous Spiced Wine


Put honey, 75mL of wine, and the date in a saucepan, and bring to the boil.

If you’re feeling authentic, when it boils, add a dash of cold wine and remove it from the heat. Wait until it cools. Boil and cool two more times, and then leave overnight. If you want your wine as soon as possible, skip this step.

If you managed to find an unpitted date, scoop it out of the wine, remove the pit, crush it somehow (probably with a mortar and pestle, but I didn’t have an unpitted date, so I can’t be sure this works) and put the resulting crushed date pit back into the wine. Eat the date, I guess?

Add around 10 grinds of pepper, and all the other ingredients except the remaining wine. Leave to simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Strain the mixture into a jug through the finest strainer you can find. Add the rest of the wine, stir it a bit, and drink cold or at room temperature. The Roman’s drank their wine diluted about half-and-half with water, so add as much water as you like to balance the sweetness of the honey.

(I spent a long time researching the Roman word for ‘Cheers!’ so I could put it at the end of this post. Salutaria seems to be the best bet, but I can’t find anything super definitive. I recommend toasting your favourite ancient Roman with this beverage.)

EDIT: This tastes most delicious after about a week of chilling in your fridge.

Look under the cut for the original recipe and more pictures.

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Big spoilers about CoHF deaths
Hi Cassie!!! First of all, I’m a huge fan of your books. They are some of my favorite series ever. I am unrealistically excited for TDA. My question is: what made you make the decision to kill Jordan in CoHF? He was, while not a MAJOR character, a huge component in the series and a major minor character (does that make sense?). Not only that, but how did you decide on his way of death? He was one of the only characters in the entire series that had a death that we were not immediate bystanders to. Maia just arrived at the Praeter Lupis and he was… Dead. You also left quite a few unanswered questions with Maia. Who does she end up with? (I can’t be the only fan asking this!) I hope you find the time to answer my questions. Your Fan, Roni Wagner — ronithereader Jordan was killed because war is horrible and has consequences, and fairness has nothing to do with it — in fact nothing has less to do with fairness than war. Sebastian was evil, and that certainly made for a horrific war. But even when there aren’t demonic enemies, war always has a human cost, often to innocent people. While his level of innocence is open to debate, Jordan was one of those people.

“Not only that, but how did you decide on his way of death? He was one of the only characters in the entire series that had a death that we were not immediate bystanders to.”

I’m puzzled by this question because Jordan did die in scene. When Maia and Jordan arrived at the Praetor Lupus, everyone there besides Sebastian was already dead, including Praetor Scott. Jordan is very alive, until Sebastian follows them. Maia witnesses Jordan’s death in Chapter 5, and the reader does too.

“You also left quite a few unanswered questions with Maia. Who does she end up with?”

You’ll have to wait and see. ; )