prada spring collection


I am posting my all-time favourite collections over the next lil while, see here for previous posts

Prada Spring 2010

As far as Prada collections go, Spring 2010 was very straight-to-the-point and easy to digest. No hidden political or social messages for which Miuccia is so famous for. It was like the Prada girl had decided to just f it all and take a month long vacation.. while still looking really chic of course. Some might say it made this collection a little boring but nearly seven years later I still adore it, which I reckon is saying something. I don’t really talk much about the beauty looks in shows because beauty is not my forte in the slightest, but I really digged the look on display here. Messy hair kept somewhat tidy in pigtails, bright red lip, barely any makeup anywhere else and clear nails. The clothes themselves had a similar vibe, starting out with quite basic styling but then the embellishments and the prints rolled out (the lil touristy beach scenes are still so great). I do have to make mention of the dope crystal chandelier dresses and the equally as dope crystal chandelier shoes (and then I have to direct you to the campaign video starring Rasa Zukauskaite), because I STILL, nearly seven years later, dream of wearing the shoes and dancing around like Rasa in the video. Apparently Vanessa Traina bought three pairs because of course, why wouldn’t you?