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EXO Reaction to YOU Going into Labor {Requested}

“Can you do a reaction of EXO that ur in labor…… End of pregnancy? lol thx”

Here you go anon! :)

Xiumin: “Oh my gosh it’s happening! Stay calm Jagi! You just get in the car and I’ll grab the bags! We’re going to be parents!”

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Luhan: “It’s 3am you better be in labor or dying to be waking me up screaming like that…..oh wait…YOU’RE REALLY IN LABOR????? FORGET  TRYING TO FIND ME CLOTHES I’LL DRIVE IN MY UNDERWEAR LET’S GO!

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Kris: “The father has arrived! This is going to be the best day of my life! Why are you screaming in pain during my speech?? Oh yeah I guess you may be experiencing discomfort….fine i’ll shut up and take you to the hospital jeez!”

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Suho: “I’ll hold your hand babe don’t be scared you’re doing amazing! Nevermind me smiling so much I’m just thinking about how later I can tell the guys I’m not a mom after all! Suho Daddy…Daddy Suho. It sunds like music to my ears.”

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Lay: “Shh stay calm Jagi, The midwife is on her way. Don’t give up! You wanted to have a home birth so let’s do it! You look stunning and you are so strong. I’ll be with you the whole time.”

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Baekhyun: “I think that if you start walking now you’ll get to the hospital In 4 days…..OUCH THAT PHONE HURT! I’m joking of course I’m driving you! No child of mine is being born on the sidewalk now hurry up and waddle into the car and buckle up!”

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Chen: “Let’s just take a moment to sing real quick kay? No? Can i sing by myself? No?? Gosh you’re no fun! Well FINE i’ll just dance in the cab and ignore your death stares for losing the keys to the car. Cheer up baby we’re going to be mommy and daddy soon!”

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Chanyeol: “I’ll karate chop that doctor for you if he takes to long to come see you Jagi! Don’t roll your eyes, I’m so serious My babies need the best care they can get! Hit him with that 1-2 porkchop combo HEEEYYYYAAHHH”

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D.O.: “Just keep your eyes on me. We waited so long for this day and now it’s finally here. By the time the day is over we’ll be carrying our little bundle home. Don’t be scared.  Give me a smile….I love you.”

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Tao: “Really???? Woohhoooo baby time, baby time!! Hurry up and do your makeup I’m snapchatting this delivery…Yo where’s the Gucci diaper bag? I put the Prada baby blankets in it! Oh wait i found it…wait for me  I gotta change outfits, I’ve had this on for 20 minutes already. As soon as I’m done we can go to the hospital. Kisses!”

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Kai: “Ohmaiyah! Let’s go! We’ll call the family when we get there.  I have the camera and your fuzzy slippers. We’re good to go! We’re about to meet our child, baby after all this time. I’m so happy!”

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Sehun: “You’re what??? In labor?? Now? Okay we can go but first let me finish taping Miranda Kerr’s live wedding. I swear this baby picked the “perfect” moment  to come…. Just kidding! just kidding! you know I don’t care about her anymore, now let’s go have this little diva!”

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