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holy SHIT you just popped up on my dash from someone random and I J U ST realised you joined my local tattoo studio I KNEW I RECOGNISED THAT MCCREE BIRB I LOVE YOUR ART OH MY GOD if you EVER need someone to practise tattoos on I am SO DOWN

omfg WHAT A SMALL WORLD…!!! I’m so excited to start my apprenticeship, I’d be honored for you to come in and lend some skin :9

on that note… I guess I’ll announce in here??? I’m gonna be starting a tattoo artist apprenticeship in October n I’m Very Hyped for it!!! I was busy slamming a portfolio together earlier this year so I have a lot of traditional stuff that I’ll post here sooooon ^O^ /”

in which laurmani goes hiking

Jaehyo is such a good-hearted boy… He’s so caring, and patient, and funny, and honest. I mean, he teases the boys as much as he’s teased by them, and he’s always saying how handsome he is (which is true c’mon) but hey, he’s more than that… Jaehyo sings well. Very well, actually. He says touching and sweet words to bbcs when he’s on stage, or whenever he’s got the chance. He really knows how to interact with fans. He talks and retweets fans on Twitter, and post cute selcas for us. And he’s such a gentleman towards women… He really respects them. He’s family-oriented. Oh, he loves kids, he just loves them. He also deals with situations well. He doesn’t lose his mind easily. He’s silly, he makes silly jokes, funny faces and say stupid things on Twitter. It’s impossible not to laugh at his tweets, tbh. Oh, he has an obsession with rubber ducks. Just how cute is this. He loves that giant rubber duck and he took a “selca” with it back when it came to Seoul. lol He makes fun of himself (but not in a pejorative way). He posts pictures of his bare and handsome face for us, as well as he posts pictures wearing those facial masks and creams on his face lol he doesn’t care at all. He’s not a typical visual, I guess. What else. He’s good at sports, and he’s lucky when playing games – he always wins somehow lol. Everytime there’s a game involving sports or luck, they fight to pick Jaehyo first. That’s really unusual LOL. He loves photography, he always takes his camera everywhere. And.. well, yeah, he’s handsome, and tall, and hot, and he’s got large shoulders and huge hands omfg. And he has abs. And cute chubby cheeks at the same time. He’s just a cutie. Can you believe that he was happy when he gained a little bit of weight? (despite ppl mentioning his weight in a negative way, and now he lost a little weight again ):). He’s adorable. He sends positive messages and good vibes to other idols when they’re facing a hard time. Actually, he’s the type to try everything to cheer you up, and to make you feel good. I mean it. Umm, did you know that he let his friend practise tattooing on his arm? /sigh/ cute idiot, now he has his ex gf’s initials on his arm forever. lol He watches porn (but who doesn’t anyway). He’s friends with a few really popular idols/actors, but he doesn’t “use them” as stairs in order to be more famous. He’s a polite guy. He even complains in a polite way lol. Jaehyo is a nice actor too, did you know?~ There are just so many cute things about Jaehyo, idk what to say anymore. i just know that he must be protected at all costs.