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Headcanon 34

Viktor’s scent is one of the things Yuuri finds most comforting in life. It’s a beautiful mix of vanilla, ginger and cinnamon; to Yuuri, Viktor smells like home- the one place and person he will never leave.

Yuuri’s scent is addictive, in Viktor’s opinion. There’s a faint smell of katsudon, possibly from how much his mate loves it, and it’s combined with the sweet fragrance of newly bloomed cherry blossoms and coconut.

What both of them love more than the other’s smell is when their own is noticeable amidst it. Yuuri regularly nuzzles into Viktor’s scent glands, especially when the two are embracing. Viktor, on the other hand, marks him more discreetly- for example, in practise where he can run his nose and lips over Yuuri’s neck and play it off as simple coaching.

anonymous asked:

How can I get more confident when speaking to my other classmates? I have a hard time and sometimes it ends up with me mumbling and getting worried about saying something wrong.

It just takes practice. Firstly, it’s okay to mumble, or to say something wrong. Most people aren’t going to freak out or hate you if you mess your words up a little!

You could start by saying something small to an individual classmate - ask them how their day is going, for example. Practise small conversations with just one person, and then branch out to longer conversations, with more people involved. You don’t need to be talking non-stop. If you’re a good listener, use that! Imagine that the other person is feeling nervous about talking to you (which, honestly, could easily be true, even if they don’t show it), and focus on helping them to feel comfortable, by asking them questions, and listening to them, and smiling.

The more you try, the easier it will get.