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Bullshit Part II -Steve Harringtion

Summary: Part two of Bullshit (Read part one HERE) Joining Steve over at Dustin’s house to supervise the kids leads to Steve admitting some feelings.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warning: Fuff!!

Word Count: 2075


The golden sunlight filtered through the curtains that hung over Steve’s window, his room now illuminated. Your eyes were still heavy, blinking a few times to really wake yourself up. Steve’s heavy arm was draped over your hip, his body only a few inches behind yours. You could feel the warmth that Steve’s body was radiating against you, and by the soft snores he was letting out, he was still sleeping. Carefully you moved under his arm, now laying on your back instead of your side. Your eyes flickered up at the drowsy boy, his hair had flopped down over his eyes slightly, peacefully sleeping beside you. It was nice to see him look so relaxed, after his night last night he sure could use some peace. Your mind thinks back to last night, the happenings at the party, how torn up Steve was, the way his voice sounded so pleading when he asked if you would stay, and the last thing he said before bed, a thank you that was meant for you but Nancy’s name slipped from his lips instead of yours.

A slight frown formed on your face, your once happy and sweet feelings of being cuddled next to Steve in bed now depleted; remembering that you were simply there just for support, nothing more. You sat up in bed, Steve’s arm slipping down from your hips while you sat, leaned up against the headboard your eyes wandered around the room. This wasn’t your first time in Steve’s room, but it was the first time in a long time. Not much had changed in the way of his messiness, clothes scattered on the floor, textbooks and papers messily spread across his desk, and a can of Farrah Fawcett hair spray on top of his dresser, making you half smile to yourself. The sleepy boy beside you began to stir awake, his body rolling over to lay on his back, eyes blinking open before his hand comes up to rub the sleep from his eyes. “Morning Y/N.” He spoke, his voice raspy and laced with slumber. “Morning Steve.” You replied back, moving in your spot on the bed, allowing him to have room to sit up beside you. It was evident in the dull look on Steve’s face that he was remembering some of the events of last night, the fight with Nancy, and him asking you to stay the night but it was still a bit fuzzy.

“Did you drive us home last night?” He asked with a raised brow, he didn’t have that much to drink but the emotional toll from last night had rendered him forgetful. Nodding your head you moved to sit on the edge of his bed, tugging on your shoes that sat on the floor. You didn’t want to overstay your welcome, especially since your formerly buried feelings for the boy beside you were advancing and that’s not what you were here for. “Yeah, you were pretty tied up in your emotions last night, didn’t want you to drive like that.” You told him, standing up to look down at him, his body now sitting up further in bed. Silence fell between you two, Steve taking in the information as he recalled his actions, “Y-you also called me Nancy…”  You said quietly, scratching the back of your neck awkwardly, your already bummed demeanor staying the same. Steve’s head snapped up quickly, his gaze catching yours, he could see the disappointment in your eyes and that itself was enough to break his heart all over again. “Shit, I didn’t mean to Y/N, I was just so out of it…” He paused shaking his head at himself, how stupid he must’ve sounded. “I’m sorry.” He muttered to you, his facial expression matching yours. He was already feeling like shit but knowing that he had said something so idiotic to the one person who was taking care of him only made him feel worse.

“It’s okay Steve, I know that you were exhausted both physically and emotionally.” You shook it off, trying to not let it show how far it had gotten to you. Steve stood up from the bed, coming around to stand in front of you, his hands taking a hold of yours tightly. “But that’s no excuse, you were the one who was here for me. Not Nancy, so thank you Y/N.” Squeezing his hands back you smiled softly in response to his genuine gratefulness. “You’re more than welcome Steve.”

-One month later-

It was a Saturday evening just past 7 o’clock, the sun was gone and the moon was glowing up in the sky. You walked the long winding path down to Dustin’s house, you had agreed to help Steve watch the kids during their weekly game night since Ms. Henderson was out of town. The fact that Steve had taken the kids under his wing, especially Dustin made you laugh, who would’ve thought that King Steve of Hawkins High would practically adopt a group of tweens. But nonetheless you were happy to see him spending his time with the kids rather than moping around and feeling down. Over the past month since his break-up with Nancy the both of you had spent a decent amount of time together, studying after school, going to the movies on the weekends, hanging out between classes, the two of you had become quite the pair. Your feelings for him had began to develop again, only continuing to grow since the night you stayed with him. As much as you tried to supress the way you felt for Steve it was easier said than done when it was just the two of you all the time as of lately.

As you approached the front door of Dustin’s house you could hear the loud voices of the tweens and a noticeably deeper one that must belong to Steve. You knocked at the door, the voices quieting down behind it before it swung open, Dustin standing there with his toothless grin. “Hey Y/N, just in time! We were about to all beat up Steve for trying to tell us we have a bedtime.” You couldn’t help but let out a laugh as you stepped inside the house. The rest of the gang sitting down on the floor around a table that held the classic D&D board, Steve sitting on the couch with a audacious look on his face. “Look you little shits, I’m just trying to take care of you like your parents expect me to, okay?” He said with a matter of fact tone in his voice, a smile on his face as he looked over to you. You sat down beside the fatherly boy, shaking your head with a grin, “You do know that you’re not actually their parent right, Steve?” Steve gazed at you with a look of offense, like you had just crushed his dream. “I’ll have you know that I am a great part-time dad.” He whispered back to you while the kids got started on their gaming. The two of you sat on the couch together, spectating the board game while chatting, go back and forth about movies, making each other laugh until your faces hurt.

Hours flashed by quickly, the gaming dying down and before you knew it, it was 1am. The kids were spread out across Dustin’s living room, all asleep while Jaws played silently in the background. You and Steve hadn’t moved from your spot on the couch, but the both of you got closer and more relaxed over time, a blanket shared over your laps and using Steve’s shoulder as a pillow. The suspenseful music and jump scares of the movie were bad enough to make you squeeze on to Steve’s arm, nestling closer to him without even noticing it. And while you may have not noticed or thought much of it, Steve certainly did. Steve wasn’t going to lie to himself, he really did enjoy all the time that you two had spent together since he and Nancy had broken up, the way his heart would beat just a tad bit faster whenever you walked into the room, or how you never failed to better his mood almost instantly when he was feeling down (Which was pretty often the first week of his break-up). While he was busy caring for the kids, you were always there caring for him and that was something that not only the both of you had noticed; but everyone else around you as well. The kids, your parents, friends at school, anyone who had eyes could see the mutual admiration. It was almost as if there was an agreed silence on the subject, not only between the both of you but amongst everyone as well. Though Steve didn’t know how much longer he could keep up with the said silence, the way he was practically holding you in his arms was really pushing the limits tonight.

Steve’s eyes flickered down to look at you, watching as your eyes followed along with the movie. His stare roamed across your face, taking in the beautiful sight that was right in front of him. The gentle arch of your brows, your smooth cheekbones, the hair that framed your face, your soft and perfectly pink lips. On multiple occasions over the past week he had admitted to himself and Dustin too that his feelings for you were growing exponentially. He often found himself thinking of you when you were apart, his thoughts somehow managing to always lead back to you, the excitement he felt when he knew he was going to be seeing you soon. All of his feelings were hitting Steve like a ton of bricks while he continued to stare at you. You could feel the hard stare you were being given, Steve’s eyes practically burning into you before you turned your head up to look at him. The beat of your heart was racing only slightly while you gazed back at the handsome boy, his eyes softening when yours met with his. “Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s not polite to stare Mr. Harrington.” You teasingly whispered to him with a smirk, a slight redness creeping upon his cheeks at your remark. Panic coursed through Steve’s veins, he had been caught red handed, his mind filled with nothing but you and his desire to confess. Your eyebrows slowly knitted together in confusion, Steve’s lack of response leading you to believe that something was up. Even though his mind was brimming with a million different things to say to you, Steve couldn’t manage to say a single sentence. “Steve, what’s wrong? You’re worrying me.” You sat up from your slouched position against him, a look of concern plastered on your face. Nervously Steve ran hand through his hair before the words spewed out like vomit. “I care about you Y/N.” Was the first thing to be said, a sigh of relief coming from you before you nodded in agreement. “And I care about you too Steve.” You reassured him with a small grin, still wondering why he was acting so strange.

“I know but I really care about you Y/N.” He spoke again, your confusion trickling back to you. “Yeah Steve, me too. That’s what friends do.” Steve sat up with you, turning so he was facing you, his hands grabbing ahold of yours while he looked you in the eyes. “But…It’s more than that.” He started again, you opening your mouth to say something but he was quick to beat you to it. “You’ve been my rock over the past few weeks and it’s made me realize just how…h-how great you are Y/N.” His words took you by surprise, a bright pink blush now present on your cheeks. “And I can’t thank you enough for that.” He paused, his eyes flickering down at your hands that were held by his and back up at your beautiful orbs. “I can think of something.” You spoke boldly, capturing his attention quickly. Still holding his hands you leaned in to press your lips against Steve’s. He returned the kiss back to you, a half smile pressing into your lips before he pulled you in closer by your waist. A gentle hand coming up to cup your cheek as you both pulled away, sweet smiles on your faces.

Thanks Y/N.”

Author’s Note: Hi guys!! I hope you enjoyed the second half of this imagine. Let me know what you think!! I burned the midnight oil to finish this for y’all! Send in requests if you like and hopefully I’ll have another imagine up in the near future! xx Lexie.

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what are you doing right now?

Being on Tumblr and working on an animation for the song My Ordinary Life by TLT, it’s just a tweening practice though lol. I’ve had the idea for the past 3 weeks but I couldn’t be bothered until now

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AaaaaaaaaAaAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I THINK IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! but do be careful about tweening. It makes the animation look stiff and unnatural.

thank you! well, it depends on which one do i practice though. i think both tweening and hand drawn are both cool :)


i accidentally pressed the goddamn anime button again while practicing blocking/tweening