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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

Was technically done with this page a week ago, but really wanted to get it scanned hahah! Single page comic/fanart from @zaltia Lapidot superhero AU hahaha will there be more I wonder?

Anyway once I’ve felt like I’ve properly gotten used to traditional art again I’ll go back to working on the requests and Growing Up which will probably be a month or two from now.

Witchy Tidbits: Candles

If you’re struggling to find candles that correspond with your intent or spellwork, substitute a white candle in its place. For centuries, white or off-white candles were all that were available to us, and colored candles are a fairly recent feature that has been incorporated into witchcraft.

So take white candles (many dollar stores sell packages of white candles, white 7-day candles, and emergency candlesticks) and dress them with your oil of choice, or carve them with sigils and symbols of your intent before using them as you would a different colored candle in your spellwork!

Blessed Be! )O(

Drabble #11 - Distraction

It took me wayyyy too long to be inspired by this pic, then it finally hit me.  I think it was for @supernovacoffee, sorry for the delay!  Here goes.

She has been telling me about this anomaly for the better part of fifteen minutes.  I think, maybe, I’ve registered ten of her words.  I can’t focus - not on wormholes or shield modulations or whether we will get our probe back or…. well, anything.  Unless you’re counting the shape of her lips.  The fire in her eyes.  The flippant way she puts two fingers together and points at the ceiling.  I bow my head to regard the screen.  And now I can’t not focus on the sound of her voice.  

If only those things were only for me. 

“Dinner,” I say suddenly, interrupting her sentence.

She stops.  “Excuse me?”

“Have dinner with me, tonight.”

She smiles.  “Okay.  We can discuss modifications to the deflector.”

I nod and she continues her dissertation.  Modifications to the deflector.  That’s good enough.  I can finish memorizing the way her hair lies against the side of her cheek.


The Journey a spread by @thiscrookedcrown

1: The start of your journey; your starting point ~The hanged Man~when before my thoughts gained clarity~when instinct was young

2 & 3: Your companions; what will help you along the way ~ II of Coins/Pentacles & The Magician~Working the balance~Balancing the learning of MyPath and the run of the mundane parts of life

4, 5 & 6: Advice or things to keep in mind~The Page of Wands*Stealth,Ace of Cups*Frivoloty,The Queen of Cups*Don’t give up

7 & 8: Things to watch out for or complications~The Emperor*Verbose Officials, The Page of Wands*Messages lurking in the shadows

9: Something you must overcome or defeat. Something in your way~IX of Coins/Pentacles~Seeming so close yet so far, The feeling that I’m not learning or connecting from and with others 

10: The end of your journey; the goal or solution~II of Wands*When I see the route from the bindings I enforce upon myself

Thank you 

anonymous asked:

is mello canonically left-handed? :o idk just a thought

In this panel he has the gun in his left hand (and a gun is typically held in the dominant hand if not both, at least in my experience) but in the next panel that shows him, the gun is in the right. Maybe he’s ambidextrous? 

Now back to the left.. wtf Mello, make up your mind?

It seems like in most manga panels (not those ones obvs but I think the gun was in his left hand for the sake of the composition, imho having the gun in that hand just makes the images flow better)….. the majority of the time, IF he’s not occupied with another object, he consistently uses his right hand to hold his chocolate bar… but if he’s doing something else (holding the notebook, detonator, etc) it switches the chocolate over to his left hand… so I’m leaning toward right handed, because it seems like he prefers to use it for whatever is of most importance. He drives with it too.

Having just spent ten minutes reffing all sorts of images to debate the most irrelevant point ever… I really just don’t know anymore… curse you for doing this to me, anon. He’s ambidextrous, because why not?