practicing making comic panels

im mostly trying to get used to making comics

(based on this post by @incorrectmphfpcquotes !)

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them


Hello everyone! Thank you again for all of your generous donations<3<3<3 your support means the world to me!!! 

However;;; I’ve decided to remove the whole “ let’s reach this goal and i’ll make another page!”. it’s been eating at my conscience that i’m charging you guys for pages;;;;; So i’ll just be continuing miraculous moves on my own as I see fit<3

I still want to do the comic format as practice. It’s actually a benefit for me as well to practice comic making ( such as playing with panels and such) since I don’t have any full original stories of my own;; But this way i’ll have some knowledge for when I do! 

So anyways, ko-fi is back to being just a little tip jar ;v; I am so so sorry if you feel like I jipped you with the whole secret blog and previews thing ;_; If you feel this way, feel free to message me privately and I will gladly draw you something as an apology.

Thanks for listening everyone! I hope you are all having a good summer so far!