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for the 200 writing prompts you reblogged! how about otayuri #16? :)

Well fuck me up, anon!  Such a sad prompt lead me to write the most depressing angst thus far of my Fanfic career.  I promise this tore me up as much to write and you’re all probably going to scream at me about for reading.

Please forgive all mistakes, this is unbeta’d and I’m about to run out the door to catch a flight, so I’ll try to go back and fix any mistakes at a later date.

WARNING: Angst, Sadness, Cheating, and overall pain below the cut.  Read at your own risk!

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BUT OF COURSE I HAD TO DRAW BUNGA AS AN ADULT AND NOT GIVIN’ A HOOT! I also needed a guinea pig to practice flat color stuff! This show honestly is something pretty special. It isn’t perfect by any means, but dang the colors and music is wonderful. Also this little honey-badger child is my true spirit animal. Besides, I have NO issues with kids getting exposed to this gem of a property.  I hope it inspires kids as much as the first Lion King movie did me 20+ years ago.  

>>>FYI: I did NOT do the background art!  

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So, I have a general drawing question and it feels like a dumb question to ask. Did you just sort of automatically know how to draw this well or was it practice? Do you have any general drawing tips? I've been trying to practice but I feel like a lot of my stuff comes out looking like garbage and I'm not sure how to get better .-.

No one starts drawing well. Drawing takes time, effort, and lots of practice. And I personally don’t think my drawings are something special, to be honest.

I still have a long way to go, and I don’t feel confident enough to give any tips myself. I will just say this: DRAW.

Draw in a notebook, in a paper, in a handkerchief, in your hand, I don’t care when, but just DRAW. If you want to improve, and of course, if you feel like it [drawing has no meaning if you don’t feel like it], then just draw. Look for tutorials and draw. Copy other styles if you’re not confident enough [if you upload those drawings please state source], but draw. 

You’ll eventually get better if you just draw.

You’ll get there.

Today was Lance’s birthday. Oh what a joyous celebration! The team was having a big surprise party for him and they were excited to celebrate their first birthday in space. 

Matt was new here but already he had taken over the castle. He helped Hunk with engineering stuff. Once again became Shiro’s meme bro. Helped Lance teach Keith about memes. Hung out with Lance. Did beauty stuff with Lance. Trained with Lance. Practically did everything with Lance.

And so Matt was determined to do something special Lance! Which was baking a cake!

…Also Hunk was out helping Allura keep Lance busy at the space mall.

So Matt had volunteered!

Only to come to the horrifying realization. He didn’t know how to bake a cake. Matt never claimed to be smart of think before he acted. Actually he did but let’s ignore that.

So other than trying to learn how to bake a cake from the unintelligible altean cook book, he decided to call upon the forces of Shiro.

Once again, not smart or thinking before acting.

“Dude I tried to microwave pizza and nearly burned the Garrison down. How could I ever bake a cake??”

“Well two wrongs make a right, right so let’s just try!”

“I don’t think that is how the expression goes.”

“Well it’s how it goes now.”

Pudge poked her head through the doorway. She snickered. She had wanted to tell everyone that Matt should not be in the kitchen because he had never cooked in his life but then had thought against it. It would be absolutely hilarious! And now he was asking Shiro for help?!?! This was pure gold! This was almost to much. Matt and Shiro were trying to read the recipe and the ideas were radical. Two cubes of sugar and a single drop of honey? Preposterous. But still true comedy.

So much so that Pidge was now on the floor laughing and Matt and Shiro were now aware of her presence. 

“Pidge you helped mom bake a cake that one time for Mrs. Morson’s bachelorette party! Tell us your secrets! Tell us how! We are lost without your knowledge!”

“Please Pidge!”

“I know your lost without my superior intelligence but I was five when I helped mom bake that cake. And I had help! You are on your own.”

“Nooooooo Pidge I love you and you are my favorite sister heeeeeelp please!!”

Matt did not know how to bake cake. He had tasted the batter, and it was worse than the food they got as Galra Prisoners. He needed help and Pidge was their last hope!

“Hey what’s with all the yelling? I’ve been trying to pretend that I met Mothman and Bigfoot and we are in a gay, poly relationship and everyone is yelling.”

“Nessie is way hotter than those two!”

“I’m gay Pidge.”

“I don’t have a cake for Lance. And I’m sad. Also what the hell Keith?!”

“No one understand my love for my two favs.”

“Keith no.”

“You can’t stop me Shiro. Also Hunk baked a cake yesterday.”


“He did?”

“Nessie is the hottest.”

“Here you go l made it all by myself Lance.”

Hunk grumbled behind Lance. That was his cake that he made for his best friend and now it was just stolen from him. Whatever Lance had a copy grin on his face anyway so it didn’t really matter. Today.

Lance took a bite and squealed. Then looked at Matt. “You lied. Hunk clearly made this.”

Matt gulped. Whoops this was bad and awkward.

“It’s okay. We’re still friends.” 


Matt stared at Lance. God he was adorable.

( @hello-pastel-dreams oh my god this is horrible I am SO sorry!)

Christmas with Jihoon
  • not very into Christmas, but will try for your sake!!
  • he’ll buy you a very thoughtful present, yes, but decorating? not for him
  • “Jihoon, are you sure you don’t want something up here?”
  • at which he takes a look around and innocently shakes his head
  • “Not really?”
  • you pout 
  • “But will you stop me if I decorate a little?”
  • a grin spreads to your lips when he shakes his head with a smile
  • “I won’t.”
  • and that’s how the apartment becomes a lot more festive, with a small Christmas tree (obviously a fake one) on the coffee table with small decorations on its branches, a couple of window ornaments and lanterns and Christmas lights
  • the first time Jihoon sees the new look of your place, he gawks in awe, because wow, it actually looks good
  • “You’ve made it so pretty, Y/N.”
  • you’d be holding onto his arm excitedly, and that’s when you peck his cheek quickly
  • “I know pretty isn’t very manly, but it looks nice~”
  • Jihoon can’t help but agree, and honestly he really likes how it looks
  • Christmas songs are practically banned with some artists’ songs/versions as exceptions
  • like Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber? Jihoon will approve
  • would probably be working on a song on a tablet when you surprise him by putting a Christmas hat on him
  • his shocked face and the shriek he lets out make your day, week, month and the whole year
  • “What’s this about?”
  • you’d be giggling while poking at the soft, fluffy cotton ball at the tip of the hat
  • “I thought you could use some festiveness, too.”
  • you show him his reflection and he makes a face, which only further amuses you
  • at the end, though, Jihoon just sighs and says that it’s fine
  • you snap a few photos for the future and make sure to send it to the group chat you have with him and the other members of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol and Junhui don’t let him live after that, but Jihoon almost enjoys it
  • ok so while he might not be a Christmas person in the very obvious way, he does agree with the part where you spend time with people you care about and take it a bit easier, both of which are things he enjoys
  • he’s taken the Christmas days as well as a few days around them off, and has planned to spend them with you and your families, one way or another
  • when Christmas morning comes and you’re up and lively at 9am, Jihoon’s sleeping heavily
  • it’s nearing 11am and he’s still asleep, so you’d go poke his cheek gently, trying to wake him up, but when he grumbles something incoherent, you’d get on the bed and hug him from behind
  • your lips tickle his neck when you whisper
  • “Wake up Jihoon, it’s Christmas~ We have many things to do~”
  • when he still merely grumbles and tries to shake you off himself, you squint your eyes
  • “If you don’t start waking up soon, I’ll go to Busan without you.”
  • now that gets him awake because there is no way he’d miss going home
  • you’re exhilarated about the fact that he’s finally up, and while he has breakfast, you pack a bag for the night that you’ll be spending at his parents’ place
  • you exchange your presents before leaving, though - much to the relief of you both, you’d gone down a similar route: nothing too special, but definitely something necessary and practical, which you both appreciate a lot
  • you give him a kiss when you’ve opened yours, and he squeezes your hand with a wide smile when he’s opened his 
  • it’s noon and with the coat of snow on the ground, it’s rather bright outside, but you’ve still got your few Christmas lights on, which makes you both feel cozy
  • add to that that you’re both in comfortable clothes and fuzzy socks, and you’ve got what you’d easily name one of the nicest moments of the year
  • “So, are you ready for Busan?”
  • you nod at Jihoon, and once he’s thrown an outfit and his parents’ presents into a bag and you’ve made sure you had your train tickets, you take off
  • the train trip is surprisingly relaxing, and the two of you lean your heads against each other’s and your hands are loosely linked on his lap
  • once you’ve arrived at his parents’ place, the rest of the day is on the busier side, with lots of time spent in the kitchen and living room
  • while you don’t know his parents all that well, there’s a mutual feeling of like between you, and there’s quite likely nothing that makes your heart feel warmer than seeing how happy Jihoon is to be with his parents, and you
  • although, him giving you a long, soft kiss in the living room when only the two of you are up, drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, comes close to making your heart feel even warmer

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I want to show you something very special. Today I’ve been practicing my drawing skills on Wacom. I haven’t a lot experience and this is one of my firsts sketches. I need practice so I started to working on them. I’ll introduce you to Kharont and Ethelstan. They’re old original characters based on a long story created by my dearest friend @vozdelanoche and I. From The Old Republic context (SWTOR).

I’m really excited for draw them. Thank you very much @vozdelanoche I appreciate every word that you write! 

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Hope, when I went on TV, it said that the BBMAS would start at 8 for me and I'm already at EST

that makes sense since it starts at 5pm over here on the west coast. the pre show is on rn :) i have to work til 12.30am tonight so i’ll be missing pretty much the entire show T-T other than watching bits during my break time. i have it recording at home tho :)

i hope we get to see them perform !!! bc bbma said something about a special stage ??? and they mentioned practice ??? WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK TONIGHT

[ insert crying gif later bc i need to leave for work now ;; ]


Lil Dicky - “$ave Dat Money” Feat. Fetty Wap x Rich Homie Quan

Lil Dicky takes penny pinching to new heights in his latest video. Featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie, Dicky solicits the rich and famous to use their property and likeness free. The song appears on his debut Professional Rapper, which, ironically, is going to cost you here on iTunes. Says Dicky:

This was easily my most ambitious attempt at a music video – and when we began shooting it, I honestly didn’t think we we’re going to be able to pull it off. Perhaps I didn’t have enough faith in humanity.

But I just thought it would be so fitting to make something special while practicing what’s being preached in the song. And the more we filmed, the more things started to go our way – and what began as the ultimate social experiment turned into the ultimate music video. I’ve never felt prouder of an individual project/achievement. It’s much more than a music video to me. We’re even gonna put out a full 20 minute documentary pretty soon that shows the whole story.

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Can you do Harry and Ginny and ♖:Having their hair washed by your muse? one of them washing each other's hair :)

I know that the haircut scene is movie-verse only but BEAR WITH.

Harry had never really given much thought to washing his hair. When he’d been very young, Aunt Petunia had washed it for him, which had mostly involved yanking and tugging and very cold water and stinging chemicals in his eyes. As soon as he was old enough to open the shampoo bottles by himself, she’d made him wash his own hair and, like brushing his teeth or putting on clothes every morning, it just because a practical task, something that was just done, nothing special.

At least until two weeks after the war’s end, when Ginny had fixed his hair with a Look over the breakfast table and told him that today she was going to sort it out, once and for all. His time on the run had left it tangled, knotted and dirty, and even living back in a proper house with actual sanitation (a luxury he still wasn’t over) it hadn’t recovered yet. Physically, the rest of his wounds were well on their way to healing: he’d been lucky, in the end, to escape with mostly superficial injuries to his body. His mind was a different story, however, and his hair seemed to want to reflect that. It looked as terrible as his nightmares felt. No matter how much he washed it, it would not get clean. It was as though his hair was trying to be a metaphor for his whole mind, he tried to explain to Ginny.

“Alright, Lady Macbeth,” she said, filling a bowl with warm water.

She led him out onto the yard, sitting him in a garden chair and wrapping a towel around his neck. Then, she got to work. She rinsed and shampooed his hair over and over, working her fingers through the knots and tangles with such ease and gentleness that it was almost like having a massage, so far removed was it from the rough scrubbings Aunt Petunia used to give him. She was tender and patient but thorough, and as she rinsed, again and again and again, Harry felt as though it was more than just his hair she was fixing.

The water stayed at just the right temperature, warm but not too hot, and she was using her own shampoo, the smell comfortingly familiar to him. The sun warmed his face, and the only sounds he could hear were the chickens clucking around them in the garden, the occasional bumblebee humming lazily past them. They were the only two people in this world, and if he closed his eyes, he could pretend, just for a moment, that everything that had happened, hadn’t.

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Grillbz, just out of curiosity, how do you not burn anything?? I'm sure you get asked this a lot but are you a different type of fire, or does not burning anything take a bunch of control and practice? Speaking of fire, uh, Papyrus is sort of on the verge of setting that oven ablaze

(*It is alright. I am glad you asked. Humans are often confused by this.)

*(You are right: I am “a different type of fire”.)

*(Like all monsters, I am made of magic. This gives monsters properties that are different from the things you recognize us as, like fires and skeletons and lizards.)

*(My temperature does rise in certain situations, and I can will it to do this if I want. But it doesn’t take any practice to control.)

*(Fire magic is special! It is something almost every monster can use, but fire monsters have a certain—)


Marital Bliss (Alan/MC)

Alan and MC are married but he’s hidden his perverted desires from her for fear she’ll leave him if she finds out that he meant all the things he said before they were a couple. When she finds out she decides her husband needs to be punished for keeping secrets from her. WARNINGS: KINK, SMUT, S&M, HUMILIATION, PET PLAY, YAIO REFERENCES, REFERENCES TO DUBCON, ETC.  You’ve been warned.

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Friday Highlights: Full Moon, Earth Day and Meteor Showers

Originally posted by leradr

Today has a lot going on! So I thought i’d make a little Friday highlights post and talk about it.

First of all, we have the full moon! Full moons are always great times to work on big spells and rituals, intuition and developing magical ability. Emotions are always strong around this time though, so be mindful of other people today. 

 It’s also Earth Day! If it’s relevant to your practice, you might want to do something special in your full moon spells and rituals tonight to honour the earth. Or even in your general day. Grow some new plants, be more efficient with your recycling, bike to work instead of taking a car.  Just show the world some love! <3

In other news, the livestream for the Lyrids 2016 meteor shower is rapidly approaching. Check out this post if you want to know more. :) 

And finally, the weekly VioletWitchcraft Tinychat happens tonight at 11pm GMT. We’ve been running for 12ish weeks strong now! The Tinychat is a great way to meet new people and make new friends in the community. Anyone in the witchcraft, pagan and occult community is welcomed. Even curious onlookers :) You can find the details here.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend to follow it.


I wanna draw something special featuring these two, so practicing recently (which explains my strange excess of doodles here) by drawing them lots since I went a while not drawing at all. At first I had them bumping heads here, but Itachi’s head angle made them look like they were awkwardly about to kiss (and though I am all for SasuItaaaaaaaaaayezzloveit), I couldn’t get it JUST right so I switched their positions around mid-drawing haha. 

What the Haikyuu!! Boys are doing...

…in their free time. Sometimes [in secret]. And they mostly fail.

Oikawa: He puts himself back in the trash bin.

!Sorry. Now it gets serious! …haha. N0PE

Iwaizumi&Oikawa: Roller skate. Iwa-chan isn’t the best at it.

Tsukishima: Puts a dinosaur costume on and jumps on a trampoline…yup. He does that on a daily basis. 

>>Tsuki: “It isn’t weird. Tch.” 

Look how much fun he has! RaaAAaWRrrr ୧⍢⃝୨

Noya, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Bokuto, Kuroo, Hinata, Lev, Terushima (the fox in the second gif)&Oikawa (the…thing?? in the second gif): They’re a band. With weird animal masks. Their name…they don’t have one, yet.

Asahi: Practicing a special bow. (Just in case, if he fucks something up)

I don’t know why he just wears some speedos…i won’t aks him. N0.

Hinata&Kageyama: Playing with a giant red ball. And sometimes they have to catch it before it destroys whole Japan (not Ushijima, I mean the country. Just to make this clear). 

>> Hinata&Kageyama:  ⊂=⊂=⊂( ┛ °0°)┛

Where did they even get that?? And from who?  (゚Д゚?)

Terushima: Holy fUck! Stop it! 

Yes. He hurted himself often enough. He still does it to show off.

Noya: He can’t sit still. He continues, as long he doesn’t get caught.

Saeko: If she is too lazy to drive home…

I didn’t know that this was possible. Hm (?)

Yamaguchi: Skateboarding!

HE TRIES!!! (But imagine Yams on a skateboard…*faints*)

Kenma: He tried it after he saw it in a advertising in a game he played.

Ouch. Poor little baby cat ♥

Bokuto: In company with Kuroo and Lev, who convienced him to try it.

>> Kuroo: “Great, bro!”

>> Bokuto: “Do I looook cooooowl???

>> Kuroo&Lev: “…yup.” (ФエФ)

Daichi (top) &Sugawara (bottom): They are both not the best at riding bikes…


Akiteru& Child!Tsuki:

>> Akiteru: “And how do you like your new hockey stick?”

>> Tsuki: *smashes the iPad on the ground with it* “I liiiiike it!” *laughs*

>> Akiteru: *runs away with Tsuki on his shoulders* “Shiiiit!”

That was exactly what I would have done.  but pshhhh!

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