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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 7 (NSFW)

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“This is nice.” Bill commented, pushing his face further into the back of my neck.

Goosebumps erupted all over my body and I nestled back further into his form, gripping his fingers tighter as I mindlessly fiddled with them.

“I never thought we’d actually be doing this.” I replied, thinking back to that first day we ever met.

“I did.”

“Shut up, no you didn’t.” I laughed, turning my head back to look at him briefly.

“I so did, well, up until you completely friend zoned me.”

“I did not friend zone you!” I laughed louder, Bill did too.

“You totally did! You didn’t even give me a chance to ask you out before you’d shoved me into the friend zone and locked me in there.” He joked, tickling at my sides so I squirmed harder.

“Bill! Please, stop!” I shouted, trying to move away in a fit of laughter.

“Okay, okay.” He chuckled, allowing me to catch my breath.

I blew some stray hairs out of my face and tried to calm my heaving chest, coughing slightly but returning back to my previous position of laying against Bill and playing with his hands.

It was silent for a moment before Bill spoke again.

“I was serious about what I said to you earlier, you know.”

I frowned in confusion as to what he was referring to and my silence caused Bill to laugh into my skin, wrapping his arm around my waist and letting his free hand drape over my hip.

I want you to be my wife.” He continued and I stopped messing with his fingers almost immediately, as soon as the words left his lips.

It took me a moment before I turned over on the narrow couch and faced him, causing him to have to move too and wrap his arm more securely around me to stop me from falling.

“Wanna repeat that?” I hesitantly asked, not quite sure how to take his comment.

As I’ve mentioned before, Bill had a weird sense of humour and sometimes you had to take a brief second just to think your response over.

I want you to be my wife.” He imitated and this time I just about managed to process what he said through the shock.

“You’re fucking crazy.” I said slowly, making sure to pronounce my words very clearly.

Bill just grinned and kissed me quickly as soon as I finished speaking.

“Crazy about you.” He smartly replied, his lips curving upwards into a satisfied smile.

I rolled my eyes at him but returned his kiss, which he deepened.

We engaged in a full blown make out session that ended up with Bill on top of me on the couch, his hand shoved up my top and his mouth making good work on my neck.

“Not here, in the bedroom.” I begged, suddenly very self conscious of the large window that overlooked the city.

Bill paused and pulled back, nodding in agreement and pushing his now partly dishevelled fringe out of his face.

He gave me a hand up off the couch but barely gave me a second to gather myself before I was thrown over his shoulder, the sudden change in gravity making me let out a squeal that merely made Bill slap my backside playfully.

I was giggling all the way to the bedroom, where Bill promptly threw me onto my bed and leered over me.

Our mouths connected once more and I hurried to untuck his shirt from his trousers, yanking open his belt, fighting with the buttons on the trousers as Bill did the same with my jeans, making quick work of pulling the skin tight material down my legs and throwing them somewhere in my room.

His shirt was soon on the floor and the t-shirt I’d borrowed from Bill soon followed suit, leaving me kneeling on the bed in just my plain bra and silky underwear.

Bill was stood infant of me, in only his suit trousers that were hanging open and revealing a slither of his boxer briefs, I licked my lips before moving up his body and placing small kisses down his throat to his chest, before licking a trail from his navel to the top of his underwear.

He completely melted into my touch, lust obviously overpowering him because he’d soon grabbed my hand and given me a look that meant he’d be taking control if I didn’t hurry up and do something.

I smiled innocently and Bill let out a breath, but it was soon hitched in his throat when I’d dragged his trousers to the floor with his underwear.

He was completely revealed to me and I had to take a second to admire him, because nothing quite compared to gazing over his perfect form.

I admired the way he was slim yet muscular, the way his arms flexed whenever he moved or the way in which the muscles in his back tensed whenever I dragged my nails down his skin whenever I was overwhelmed with pleasure.

But my god, one of the things that turned me on the most was the way in which his hips dipped and formed a perfect ‘v’ shape that lead to something so special.

“Mya, please.” He begged, practically trembling under my touch.

I complied with his pleads and took his erection in my hand and using the tip of my tongue, I licked from bottom to top which evoked a breathless moan from him and he grabbed a fistful of my hair but was careful as not to hurt me.

I loved the way Bill become putty in my hands and I really loved that I could make him feel so much enjoyment, it bought me great satisfaction.

It wasn’t long before Bill was using his grip on my hair to move my mouth at his pace and I could only assume it was because he didn’t want to get too close to finishing, I scratched my fresh, oxblood coloured nails down his stomach and he grunted, pulling my hair to get me to stop moving.

I pulled back and wiped the corners of my mouth, looking at him through my lashes.

He said nothing to me at that second, only reached behind me to unclasp my bra and rip it from my body.

“Hold your hands out.” He ordered, his tone strict and firm.

I raised my eyebrows but didn’t dare question him, only held my hands out with my wrists touching.

Bill was quick to grab my wrists and hold them as he felt for his belt on the floor, tying it tightly around my wrists before I could intervene.

“Is this a joke?” I asked uncertainly, sitting stiffly as I watched him stand naked before me, running his fingers through his hair which he knew made me soaking wet.

Although I must admit, the anticipation of what was about to happen made my underwear really damp.

Bill didn’t reply, he didn’t even let out a murmur.

He yanked my legs towards him and I fell onto my back, with my tied hands above my head and the feel of the soft sheets were somewhat comforting against my skin.

Bill crouched down and glanced at me devilishly just before I felt him begin leaving kisses that started at my ankle, lead to my knee and began to descend down the inside of my thighs.

I squirmed beneath his touch, nothing but a slave to his contact.

“Stay still.” He spoke against my skin, gripping onto the ankle of my other leg.

It was hard to resist the urge to pounce even though I knew it would have consequences and Bill would tease me and deprive me further.

I could feel his hot breath against the silk of my underwear and I couldn’t help but buck my hips, Bill made a sound of disapproval.

“I’ve just told you to stay still.”

I let out a whimper and clenched my thighs together, only for Bill to harshly yank them apart.

He placed a kiss on the outside of my underwear, exactly where my clit was.

I let out a sigh of relief when I felt him push the fabric of my underwear to the side and lick deeply, his lips finding the right spot almost immediately.

I let out a yelp when I felt him bite gently, and my hips bucked once more which caused Bill to pull away and shake his head disapprovingly.

“Are you kidding? Keep going!” I cried out and Bill shook his head, yanking my underwear down my legs.

“I told you not to move and you did, so no, I won’t keep going.” He pronounced, pushing his way between my legs and I mentally cheered in satisfaction, because all I wanted was to feel him and for the need between my legs to disappear for a short while.

My head tipped back against the sheets once Bill entered me and I clenched around him, my eyes fluttering shut.

I couldn’t help the small moans that escaped my lips, I was in paradise.

Bill thrust hard, hitching one leg high on his hip as he moved deeper within me.

My tied hands were clutching at the sheets above my head, but all they wanted was to be free and clawing at his back as he filled me.

“Marry me.” Bill grunted from above me, causing my eyes to snap open.

“You really need to stop saying shit like that.” I replied and all he did was stay quiet but continue thrusting.

“Marry me.” was all he repeated and this caused me to dig my knee into his side.

He ceased all movement but stayed above me, flicking the hair from his face and reaching down to remove the belt from my wrists, throwing it to the side and leaning over me with a hand either side of my head.

He stared into my eyes, making no attempt to continue moving.

“You’re giving off weird vibes.” I muttered, leaning up to kiss him to which he responded and kissed me back.

“I’m not giving off weird vibes, I’m just asking you a question that simply requires a one word answer.” He smartly shot back, leaning down to lick a line down my chest, right between my breasts.

“You’re asking questions that make you sound fucking crazy.”

Bill moved his mouth to my pierced nipples, tugging at the metal bar,

“And like I told you earlier, I’m crazy about you.” He retorted with a grin and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“What’s your deal?” I questioned and he shrugged easily.

“I just want you to marry me.”

“So let me get this right, you’re just casually asking me to marry you… despite the fact you only asked me to be your girlfriend a couple of hours ago?” I said slowly, and he nodded like it was the most simple thing ever.

“Basically and I’m deadly serious, sweetheart.” He swore, his eyes scanning my face.

I nodded and licked my lips before flipping us over so I was on top, bracing myself against his strong chest.

“You can’t just ask me like that.”

“And why not?” He wondered to which I let out a short laugh.

“You’re insane, Bill.” I laughed, rotating my hips gently against his.

“I’ll ask you once more… will you marry me?” He asked again.

“Keep asking, maybe one day you’ll get the answer you’re looking for… or not.” I teased and he chuckled beneath me, rubbing his thumbs over my hip bones and encouraging more movement from me.

“I’ll never stop asking until you say yes.”


- so I finally got this short one up, woooo! 

My current favorite quotations, day 2 of the September challenge by @journaling-junkie I haven’t done lettering in a while, and I’m very out of practice, but this was really fun. A vintage flex nib is something special. 

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (regular cursive) and Eversharp Doric, #2 Signature flex (lettering)
  • Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku chiku-rin (regular cursive) and De’Atramentis Pine Green (lettering)
  • Writing Music: Music from Agatha Christie’s Poirot Television Series, Christopher Gunning

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you fail by default.” - J.K. Rowling, from Very Good Lives

“Happiness is not something that you have to achieve, you can still feel happy during the process of achieving something.” - Kim Namjoon, BTS

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Percival Graves being ambushed on a lonely road at night. Don’t imagine him sensing that something is wrong, whirling around and barely repelling an approaching curse with his left hand, drawing the wand with his right. Don’t imagine the look of shock on his face when Gellert Grindelwald emerges from the shadows. Don’t imagine the determination rising inside of him when Grindelwald says his name with a mocking smirk and raises the Elder Wand for another attack. Don’t imagine the concentration edged on his face while he battles the dark wizard. Don’t imagine his breathlessness when he is forced into an entirely defensive stance. Don’t imagine the growing despair as the realisation settles in that he can’t hope to beat the blond. Don’t imagine the stinging pain drawing a grunt from Graves when the first curse slips past his defense. Don’t imagine Graves keep on fighting bravely, even when the fight is long decided, refusing to give up and bow down to the dark lord. Don’t imagine Graves’ bleeding, hurt body hitting the pavement when he falls, conciousness taken by the dark spells that hit him in the end. Don’t imagine him waken up, shackled and bound, in darkness. Don’t imagine a drop of blood trickling down his face. Don’t imagine the shallow gasps when he tugs at his restraints. Don’t imagine the pained grunt when Grindelwald tears a handful of hair from his scalp and the feeling of helplesness when suddenly his own face looks back at him, an evil smirk marring its features and promising a darkness the real Percival Graves never could nor would display.

Just…don’t imagine it.

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So here is my sentence prompt: It's so sparkly!

Thanks @hope-for-olicity! Have some Olicity, with a side of Queen siblings. 

A sister’s gotta do what a sister’s gotta do

Thea internally squealed when she heard Felicity’s excited voice upon entering the lair. 

“It’s so sparkly! It’s so shiny! I love it so much. I’ve never felt so loved in my whole life!”

Her big brother had finally done it. Thea felt so guilty that she and Laurel had interrupted their proposal before Oliver could get to popping the question. And now it sounded like he already did. 

“Congratulations!” She stepped into the room and stopped short to see no ring on her finger. “Where is it?”

“Where’s what?” Felicity gave her a confused look, while Oliver’s eyes widened in panic. 

“Uh, nothing, I just…what are you all excited about?” She changed the subject quickly, but from the narrowing of Felicity’s eyes, Thea knew that her future sister-in-law was suspicious. She spied a new tablet in Felicity’s hands. “What’s that?” 

Felicity clutched the tablet to her chest. 

“It’s this beautiful sparkly shiny new iPad that Oliver got me. It’s not even on the shelves yet! He loves me so much.” 

Thea smirked at her brother’s dopey grin at the love of his life. He had it so bad. So why hadn’t he popped the question yet? She asked him that very thing when Felicity went to the bathroom. 

“Dude, I’ve almost spoiled it twice now. Will you get on with it because the suspense is killing me!” 

“It just hasn’t been the right time, with everything going on with the ghosts and Damian Dahrk in town,” Oliver hedged. 

“Big brother, if you wait for a time when things are always great in Star City, it’s never going to happen. Wait - is tat what you want? Have you changed your mind about marrying Felicity?” 

Oliver threw up his hands in frustration. “Of course I do! It’s just…you guys ruined my moment. I had worked up to it all day, made those souffles, practiced my speech. I need time to plan something that special again. It took me a month to work that whole thing out.” 

Thea stared at her brother in shock. “Is my brother, the same man who puts fear in the heart of criminals, nervous?” 

Oliver’s shoulder’s slumped and he nodded. 

“Ollie, you have nothing to worry about, she’s going to say yes.” 

“I just want it to be perfect for her. She deserves perfect,” Oliver said, pulling the ring out of his pocket. 

“Wait, you’ve been carrying that ring around this whole time?” 

He nodded again. 

“Felicity!” Thea yelled. “Felicity Smoak, get your cute butt out here right now!” 

“Thea, what are you doing?” 

“Pulling off the band-aid, brother of mine.” 

Felicity came running into the room. “What’s the emergency?” 

Thea grinned, never taking her eyes off her brother. A challenge in her expression. Oliver steeled his jaw. 

“My brother has something to ask you.” 


Felicity looked back and forth between the two of them, clearly trying to figure out what was going on, but neither Queen sibling backed down. 

“You got this,” Thea whispered to him, reaching out and squeezing his arm. Her encouragement seemed to finally work this time, because he turned toward Felicity and reached into his pocket. 

Thea backed out of the bunker as her brother started dropping to one knee. Her work here was done. 

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How can someone know if they are a witch?

you’ll know you’re a witch when you start practicing witchcraft.

it’s not necessarily something you’re born as, or some special quality about you that will determine whether or not you are or could become a witch.

it’s only whether or not you choose this path to follow, and work on your own presence and abilities with the language and methods that witchcraft employs.

i hope this helps you, friend! good luck to you!

Welcome Back To TV (Min Kyunghoon)

Type: Fluff

Request: could you make min kyunghoon knowing brothers, when you’re his wife, you and yiur son/daughter are guest star for knowing brothers, fluff

Byungho whined as he laid his head against you his fingers were playing with the straps of the bag you were wearing. It actually was one of his baby bags so it was more than a decoration, the one year old wasn’t happy that his nap time was being interrupted for a TV program. You simply ran your fingers through his hair as he was wanting to fall asleep. “We’re gonna see daddy” you coo “you miss daddy right?” you asked him as he lifted his head up and then smacked it off of your lips making you hiss. “That wasn’t nice Min Byungho” you tell him as you pulled him away from you. He whined as he was stood up on his own. He bounced in his spot as you simply took his hand and you guys slowly walked to where you needed to wait. He had a pair of sneakers that had the squeaker in it as you two walked.

While you stood there he found himself interested in your shoe laces to the point he decided to untie them, you groaned as you bent down to tie them and he took the opportunity to walk as fast as he could down the hall. By the time you looked up he was by the door. His hands tried to open the door but ended up squeaking on the door instead. You rushed over taking Byungho’s hand, you slid the door open lightly. He took his first steps into the room as his shoes made him known and the room let out a loud sound as you followed after him. “This is the first time we’ve had someone so young on the show” Heechul says as you soon picked up Byungho. The elephant in the room was of course your husband Kyunghoon who had a large smile on his face. 

“Hello I am Y/N L/N and I’m from I used to be a big deal high school, thank you for having me” you say with a bow as you held Byungho tightly. You were once the biggest deal in South Korea in the early 2000′s. A true entertainer, you were a young idol who soon became an actress, and in the end you were a comedian. At the top of your game you decided to calm down on the fame thing and the media had soon learned why once you did. “This is Min Byungho and he’s never been in a right high school before” you comment as Byungho found himself playing with your tie as he nearly choked you. Byungho let out a scream as he tugged on your tie more cutting off Hodong before he could speak. You sat him down on the podium as you took off your tie and gave it to him. “Welcome Y/N. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you" he then says as you smiled largely. “When was the last time you were on a TV program?” Soogeun asks “the last time I was on a program like this in general. I have been on Return of Superman more than once with Hwijae and like two of other episodes but since I was on a comedy level show it was Running Man and Song Joongki was still a host” you say as you hadn’t been on any big since 2010. 

“Getting married to Kyunghoon must have lost you lots of TV deals” Heechul joked as you let out a laugh. “I mean you might not be far off” you tell him. “So what brings you here?” Sangmin asked “oh I have a few actually” you say simply. “I’ve been wanting to get back on TV again. But I don’t know how long it will last because of being a mother” you explained as you shrugged “oh well” you hummed. 

“Is Byungho your first child?” Janghoon asked as Kyunghoon scoffed “he’s mine and Kyunghoon’s third child” you tell him as they all seemed shocked by that. “I got off of TV because I was pregnant” you began “we have twin daughters Hyejin and Yujin they’re 6 years old, they just started elementary school” you continued. Your conversation was interrupted by your tie going into your mouth. “I guess we should move on” Kyunghoon says. 


You took off your bag as you opened it and began setting things onto Kyunghoon’s desk. “Does he need all of this?” Heechul asked as he picked up Byungho’s baby cereal. Byungho let out a call as he reached over for them. Instead you pulled out a bottle and handed it to Kyunghoon who quickly and easily slid the bottle into his son’s mouth as his mic was filled with the fierce sounds of his little son chugging at his drink.

You headed back to the front of the room as you were getting ready to start the ‘Guess about me’ segment. “So after having children I got less exciting so most of my questions are about my family life” you tell them as you look at the card in your hand. “How long did Kyunghoon and I date before we got married?” your first question came through. “You were married when your daughters were born?” Soogeun asked as you nodded. “How old are you?” Heechul asked “31″ you comment. “I got it” Sungmin calls as he stands up “you guys dated for 6 years and got engaged because you got pregnant” he says as you were amazed by the guess right away “you’re very close like very very close” you say as you leaned on the podium. “You guys were never engaged. I remember your marriage was a big deal” Hodong says as you smiled “correct” you tell them. 

“I said we should just get married and we got married the following day at a courthouse” Kyunghoon explained as you moved onto your next question. “When I was pregnant what did I crave?” you asked “is it gross?” Jonghoon asked you “no it was probably the most basic craving I ever had” you tell them. “You’ve never had a normal craving” Kyunghoon comments as you instantly smiled “it must be a craving for this time around then” you say as Heechul made a sound almost instantly to the comment. “What?” Kyunghoon asked as you sighed. “You came on the show for that reason?” Heechul asked as you nodded. 

“Kyunghoon, you’ve been having to get banana yogurt and granola because I’ve been craving it” you tell him. “Wait you aren’t?” he asked as his voice faded. Byungho chuckled as his looked at his shocked father. “Congratulations” he was told by the others. As his brain was still processing his large family was going to get larger. 


“Can you take him for a moment?” Kyunghoon asks Heechul who nodded taking Byungho who was already on bottle two as he was passed off and soon he was surrounded by the other cast members as each wanted pictures with little Byungho to post. He was in the school uniform and all so he was perfect for the set. “Don’t be too mad” Heechul called as Kyunghoon turned slightly as he ventured towards you. You gave a short smile as he took your hand and pulled you out of the “classroom”. “I know this wasn’t practical but I wanted to do something special you know? You’ve always been right there when I found out and this one was different-” Kyunghoon cut you off with a sweet kiss.

“It’s just a lot to process is all. We moved into the apartment last year so that the kids didn’t feel cramped as Byungho got older. But I know we can move again if we have to, the room for Byungho is a bit small for another bed but I think two will fit and they’ll be okay” he explained as he kissed your cheek. “I’m happy okay?” he says as you nodded. “Maybe we’ll have another boy to even things out” “I mean you plan only works if its a boy, we’ll have to move if its a girl. We can find out in about a month if its a boy or girl-” “I’ll give up the office if its a girl, hell I’ll change my plan and give it to him if I had to” the office was his safe spot he got to rarely use at home because of Byungho but if it came down to it he would give it up for his child.

“Look at you” you teased as he smirked wrapping his hands around your waist and bringing you in for a kiss. “Guys” Heechul quietly calls from the fake windows, he gestured for the two of you to come close which you did a bit concerned. You peered through the window and nearly squealed as you saw Sanghoon had managed to but Byungho to sleep. “He makes your son look so tiny” Heechul comments as you nodded. “But it’s so cute” you say. “You two going to be okay with another baby?” Heechul asked now knowing how large your family actually was “of course” Kyunghoon says as he nods. “You make cute kids also” he told as you smiled proudly “thank you” you tell him as he chuckled.

[#찬] 301일에 choreography by Chan..
앨리스!! 벌써 우리의 300일이 지나간 301일인데..앨리스에게 특별한걸 보여주고싶어서 오랜만에  안무연습 영상 올릴께요.표현은 잘 못하지만 항상 너무 고마워요…예쁘게 봐주세요 @-@

[#chan] 301 days choreography by Chan..
Alices!! 300 days already passed, now it’s our 301st day. I wanted to show our alices something special, so I will upload this choreography practice. I can’t express my feelings well, but I’m always very thankful. Please watch it~ @-@

BUT OF COURSE I HAD TO DRAW BUNGA AS AN ADULT AND NOT GIVIN’ A HOOT! I also needed a guinea pig to practice flat color stuff! This show honestly is something pretty special. It isn’t perfect by any means, but dang the colors and music is wonderful. Also this little honey-badger child is my true spirit animal. Besides, I have NO issues with kids getting exposed to this gem of a property.  I hope it inspires kids as much as the first Lion King movie did me 20+ years ago.  

>>>FYI: I did NOT do the background art!  

Christmas with Jihoon
  • not very into Christmas, but will try for your sake!!
  • he’ll buy you a very thoughtful present, yes, but decorating? not for him
  • “Jihoon, are you sure you don’t want something up here?”
  • at which he takes a look around and innocently shakes his head
  • “Not really?”
  • you pout 
  • “But will you stop me if I decorate a little?”
  • a grin spreads to your lips when he shakes his head with a smile
  • “I won’t.”
  • and that’s how the apartment becomes a lot more festive, with a small Christmas tree (obviously a fake one) on the coffee table with small decorations on its branches, a couple of window ornaments and lanterns and Christmas lights
  • the first time Jihoon sees the new look of your place, he gawks in awe, because wow, it actually looks good
  • “You’ve made it so pretty, Y/N.”
  • you’d be holding onto his arm excitedly, and that’s when you peck his cheek quickly
  • “I know pretty isn’t very manly, but it looks nice~”
  • Jihoon can’t help but agree, and honestly he really likes how it looks
  • Christmas songs are practically banned with some artists’ songs/versions as exceptions
  • like Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber? Jihoon will approve
  • would probably be working on a song on a tablet when you surprise him by putting a Christmas hat on him
  • his shocked face and the shriek he lets out make your day, week, month and the whole year
  • “What’s this about?”
  • you’d be giggling while poking at the soft, fluffy cotton ball at the tip of the hat
  • “I thought you could use some festiveness, too.”
  • you show him his reflection and he makes a face, which only further amuses you
  • at the end, though, Jihoon just sighs and says that it’s fine
  • you snap a few photos for the future and make sure to send it to the group chat you have with him and the other members of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol and Junhui don’t let him live after that, but Jihoon almost enjoys it
  • ok so while he might not be a Christmas person in the very obvious way, he does agree with the part where you spend time with people you care about and take it a bit easier, both of which are things he enjoys
  • he’s taken the Christmas days as well as a few days around them off, and has planned to spend them with you and your families, one way or another
  • when Christmas morning comes and you’re up and lively at 9am, Jihoon’s sleeping heavily
  • it’s nearing 11am and he’s still asleep, so you’d go poke his cheek gently, trying to wake him up, but when he grumbles something incoherent, you’d get on the bed and hug him from behind
  • your lips tickle his neck when you whisper
  • “Wake up Jihoon, it’s Christmas~ We have many things to do~”
  • when he still merely grumbles and tries to shake you off himself, you squint your eyes
  • “If you don’t start waking up soon, I’ll go to Busan without you.”
  • now that gets him awake because there is no way he’d miss going home
  • you’re exhilarated about the fact that he’s finally up, and while he has breakfast, you pack a bag for the night that you’ll be spending at his parents’ place
  • you exchange your presents before leaving, though - much to the relief of you both, you’d gone down a similar route: nothing too special, but definitely something necessary and practical, which you both appreciate a lot
  • you give him a kiss when you’ve opened yours, and he squeezes your hand with a wide smile when he’s opened his 
  • it’s noon and with the coat of snow on the ground, it’s rather bright outside, but you’ve still got your few Christmas lights on, which makes you both feel cozy
  • add to that that you’re both in comfortable clothes and fuzzy socks, and you’ve got what you’d easily name one of the nicest moments of the year
  • “So, are you ready for Busan?”
  • you nod at Jihoon, and once he’s thrown an outfit and his parents’ presents into a bag and you’ve made sure you had your train tickets, you take off
  • the train trip is surprisingly relaxing, and the two of you lean your heads against each other’s and your hands are loosely linked on his lap
  • once you’ve arrived at his parents’ place, the rest of the day is on the busier side, with lots of time spent in the kitchen and living room
  • while you don’t know his parents all that well, there’s a mutual feeling of like between you, and there’s quite likely nothing that makes your heart feel warmer than seeing how happy Jihoon is to be with his parents, and you
  • although, him giving you a long, soft kiss in the living room when only the two of you are up, drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, comes close to making your heart feel even warmer

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So, I have a general drawing question and it feels like a dumb question to ask. Did you just sort of automatically know how to draw this well or was it practice? Do you have any general drawing tips? I've been trying to practice but I feel like a lot of my stuff comes out looking like garbage and I'm not sure how to get better .-.

No one starts drawing well. Drawing takes time, effort, and lots of practice. And I personally don’t think my drawings are something special, to be honest.

I still have a long way to go, and I don’t feel confident enough to give any tips myself. I will just say this: DRAW.

Draw in a notebook, in a paper, in a handkerchief, in your hand, I don’t care when, but just DRAW. If you want to improve, and of course, if you feel like it [drawing has no meaning if you don’t feel like it], then just draw. Look for tutorials and draw. Copy other styles if you’re not confident enough [if you upload those drawings please state source], but draw. 

You’ll eventually get better if you just draw.

You’ll get there.

Marital Bliss (Alan/MC)

Alan and MC are married but he’s hidden his perverted desires from her for fear she’ll leave him if she finds out that he meant all the things he said before they were a couple. When she finds out she decides her husband needs to be punished for keeping secrets from her. WARNINGS: KINK, SMUT, S&M, HUMILIATION, PET PLAY, YAIO REFERENCES, REFERENCES TO DUBCON, ETC.  You’ve been warned.

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awkwardcritter  asked:

Let me think... How about Keyleth catching Percy amid dozens of sketches in his workshop feverishly trying to figure out something for Vex but nothing strikes him as good enough ;)

Keyleth had been trying to give Percy his space since his death, figuring that he probably didn’t want to be pestered with questions about his wellbeing.  The man valued his alone time. 

There was also the rather awkward matter of Vex, who they all knew had rather dramatically declared her love to him, all except Percy himself. Keyleth didn’t want to pressure anyone, but at the same time, they weren’t getting any younger and death always seemed right around the corner.  There were few things she wanted more than to see her best friend find a little happiness for once, which Vex likewise deserved.

All of that being said, Keyleth felt it was time to look in on the man.  He had spent the last few days in his workshop, only coming out for urgent matters, which often meant that he was having emotions that he didn’t want people to see.  Because he was a broody nobleman.

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Can you do Harry and Ginny and ♖:Having their hair washed by your muse? one of them washing each other's hair :)

I know that the haircut scene is movie-verse only but BEAR WITH.

Harry had never really given much thought to washing his hair. When he’d been very young, Aunt Petunia had washed it for him, which had mostly involved yanking and tugging and very cold water and stinging chemicals in his eyes. As soon as he was old enough to open the shampoo bottles by himself, she’d made him wash his own hair and, like brushing his teeth or putting on clothes every morning, it just because a practical task, something that was just done, nothing special.

At least until two weeks after the war’s end, when Ginny had fixed his hair with a Look over the breakfast table and told him that today she was going to sort it out, once and for all. His time on the run had left it tangled, knotted and dirty, and even living back in a proper house with actual sanitation (a luxury he still wasn’t over) it hadn’t recovered yet. Physically, the rest of his wounds were well on their way to healing: he’d been lucky, in the end, to escape with mostly superficial injuries to his body. His mind was a different story, however, and his hair seemed to want to reflect that. It looked as terrible as his nightmares felt. No matter how much he washed it, it would not get clean. It was as though his hair was trying to be a metaphor for his whole mind, he tried to explain to Ginny.

“Alright, Lady Macbeth,” she said, filling a bowl with warm water.

She led him out onto the yard, sitting him in a garden chair and wrapping a towel around his neck. Then, she got to work. She rinsed and shampooed his hair over and over, working her fingers through the knots and tangles with such ease and gentleness that it was almost like having a massage, so far removed was it from the rough scrubbings Aunt Petunia used to give him. She was tender and patient but thorough, and as she rinsed, again and again and again, Harry felt as though it was more than just his hair she was fixing.

The water stayed at just the right temperature, warm but not too hot, and she was using her own shampoo, the smell comfortingly familiar to him. The sun warmed his face, and the only sounds he could hear were the chickens clucking around them in the garden, the occasional bumblebee humming lazily past them. They were the only two people in this world, and if he closed his eyes, he could pretend, just for a moment, that everything that had happened, hadn’t.

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Lil Dicky - “$ave Dat Money” Feat. Fetty Wap x Rich Homie Quan

Lil Dicky takes penny pinching to new heights in his latest video. Featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie, Dicky solicits the rich and famous to use their property and likeness free. The song appears on his debut Professional Rapper, which, ironically, is going to cost you here on iTunes. Says Dicky:

This was easily my most ambitious attempt at a music video – and when we began shooting it, I honestly didn’t think we we’re going to be able to pull it off. Perhaps I didn’t have enough faith in humanity.

But I just thought it would be so fitting to make something special while practicing what’s being preached in the song. And the more we filmed, the more things started to go our way – and what began as the ultimate social experiment turned into the ultimate music video. I’ve never felt prouder of an individual project/achievement. It’s much more than a music video to me. We’re even gonna put out a full 20 minute documentary pretty soon that shows the whole story.

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Grillbz, just out of curiosity, how do you not burn anything?? I'm sure you get asked this a lot but are you a different type of fire, or does not burning anything take a bunch of control and practice? Speaking of fire, uh, Papyrus is sort of on the verge of setting that oven ablaze

(*It is alright. I am glad you asked. Humans are often confused by this.)

*(You are right: I am “a different type of fire”.)

*(Like all monsters, I am made of magic. This gives monsters properties that are different from the things you recognize us as, like fires and skeletons and lizards.)

*(My temperature does rise in certain situations, and I can will it to do this if I want. But it doesn’t take any practice to control.)

*(Fire magic is special! It is something almost every monster can use, but fire monsters have a certain—)



You were already in your dress when you saw him walking out of the bedroom with just a hoodie and sweat pants on. You looked up and raised your eyebrow at him. He paused for a moment, sensing that you were looking at him.

“I smell perfume,” He said softly.

“Yes I do put on perfume when I go out,” You said wondering if he forgot about tonight.

“There’s no guy trying to take you away from me is there?” He asked. He had a teasing smile on his face which made you roll your eyes.

“Nope just one man in my life. One man that forgot about our date,” You tried to play it off, but it was hard for you too. With him being Daredevil, it’s hard to ever get any alone time with him, but you expected to at least get one date. You two have talked about this many times and you both settled on one date a month. Not that the both of you don’t see each other daily since he practically begged you to move in with him, but a date was something special.

You heard his footsteps stopping while you looking in the mirror and started to put on eyeliner. Once you were done you felt someone wrap their arms around you from behind. You tilted your head while he kissed you softly against you neck. “I’m sorry,” He whispered.

You honestly felt bad because he sounded so heartbroken about it. “Its fine,” You said trying to force a smile. He could at least see well enough that he can tell if you’re smiling or not.

“It’s not fine baby,” He said seriously. “Where did you want to go tonight? I can get dressed very quickly.”

“Are you sure, you look pretty beat up from last night,” You reached up to undo his hoodie to look at the bandage there.

“I’m fine, and I’ve been put through worse. Now where would you like to go?” He asked.

“I was hoping we could go out to eat and meet up with Foggy and Karen at the bar,” You stood up and wrapped your arms around his waist. “We can eat at the bar though. I think that’s what they’re doing.”

“You sure you want to hang out with someone? I thought date night was supposed to be the two of us,” He asked softly.

“Date night is supposed to be us acting like a normal couple for once, and a normal couple hang out with other couples. It’ll be like a double date. I promise I really want to go,” You said bit your lower lip and waited for him to answer.

“Your wish is my command,” He leaned over and kissed your forehead before leaving to get ready. Even though he managed to forget, but at least he didn’t forget while you were waiting for him in a restaurant. You quickly finished your hair and makeup and smile when he walked out of the bedroom in a suit.

“You don’t have to dress up that much,” You teased.

“Says the women in the blue dress,” He said before grabbing his wallet and keys.

“How do you know it’s my blue dress?” You asked.

“Your blue dress, has lace up top, and I felt it earlier,” He helped you put on your jacket before putting on his own.

“But I have another dress the same color,” You said.

“Except you hate that dress because when we wore it to the opera, you saw your coworker wearing the same one. The reason I know the color is because you made sure I wore a matching tie,” He simply said while he put on his own coat. He grabbed his walking cane and took your hand into his. “Let’s go beautiful.”

It didn’t take long to arrive at the bar and once you did Foggy and Karen were already tipsy.

“You need to catch up ma’am!” She said while handing over two shots.

“And for you Matt,” Foggy handed him two shots too.

“Cheers,” Matt said while holding up one of his class. You tapped your glass against and downed both of shots. You made a funny face before accept the beer Karen bought you.

“What took you guys so long?” Karen yelled over the music.

“Technical difficulties,” Matt said before taking a sip of his own beer. He took your hand underneath the table and rubbed her hand gently. He leaned one to whisper into your ear, “Sorry again about earlier. I promise I’ll make up for it tonight.”

The comment made you shiver but you definitely couldn’t hide the huge smile on your face.