practicing drawing different things i guess

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Can u draw frank and gerard practicing witchcraft idk I'm very tired rn.....

theyd have completely different styles and (((vibe)))s,,, like i know nothing of witchcraft but i do have a tumblr so ive seen more than one or ten moodboards and stuff

gerard would have that… kinda standard goth aesthetic…… edgy

but consider this: frank actually learning magic from his family and treating it like a Normal Thing that doesnt need a specific aesthetic

My warm-ups from the last few days have had a common theme. I love the different styles used in the Legend of Zelda games. Can you guess who’s my favorite? You’re right! It’s Link! Pfft It’s totally the Twilight Princess design.

My beloved oc Bird Bones in a slightly different style I guess XD; lol I really want to start a fucking manga with her and eric ><;;;;;;; ugh at least a webcomic…fuck…I really want to ;;;;;; but i can’t draw what i want and how i want and ugh its just bad lol i need more practice with paneling, drawing backgrounds, creating environments and good pacing and shit like that. PERSPECTIVE TOO, UGH ><; My main thing is im just lazy as fuck OTL I hope that having art classes in college will better prepare me for this ;v;’ 

Anyway. I like this picture. it turned out ok :’D 

Low-key considered not posting this because the old ones are so bad, but I figured it would make someone’s day. XD

WOw It’s a draw it again thing! The humans are the old drawings and the anthro cats are the new ones. I couldn’t think of a goofy pun/rhyme for Macintosh’s name, so I just left it as is. 

Improvements? probably everything. I can actually draw eyes and facial expressions now, which is nice.  

I drew the old ones in 8th(?) grade. So this is a four year difference. 

I guess practice really does make you better. Huh, imagine that. 

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omg i saw your 8month before and after art images and i just-- h O W omfg tell us your secrets how did you manage to improve SO MUCH in just eight months what resources did you use what tutoritals, what books i'm so interested bc i want to improve this much too oh gosh-- you're like one of those artist on dA doing the 'draw this again' meme, truly inspiring

im really flattered thank you! i don’t really have any secrets. I just draw a lot I guess, thats really it. I don’t have any books, I don’t look and read tutorials often. Though there are some things that I did help a ton.

sketchbooks! yes, my friends!

seriously, sketch books are so useful and damn important to me. I don’t only keep one, but several that are different sizes. I take the smallest one when I go out of the house. As you can see, these sketchbooks are filled with anatomy, its something that I like to practice so I do it quite often. Next thing I want to talk about is gesture drawing.

gesture drawing is very important. the point of gesture drawing is to understand the body movement, how the body works in general, and also where to place things if you know what I mean by that.

heres a few gesture drawings. In my opinion, my gesture drawings show too much detail and needs to be more flowy, but thats just how I draw. These drawings took about 30 seconds each. You will start to get athe hang of it once you do it more and more. Looking at references is very very important because you understand things better from looking at real refs.  These are two websites I use for references (x) (x). 

observe a lot and closely, everything around you is a useful reference. When drawing isn’t available for you at some point, look and pay attention to the people sitting in front of you in a bus, how are they sitting, what are their hands doing, how does the persons jacket crease differently compared to the scarf around their necks. look at your own room, see how the sunlight seeping through the windows makes the colors pop, are the colors more saturated? study ones emotions while they talk to you, how do you see that in their face. - i do this and it helps me so much, I can draw clothes much better now because I paid close attention to wrinkles/creases.

keep a folder of saved art, yes i have a folder and it is FULL. dont worry, I dont show this folder to anyone and I don’t claim any of it as my own work. Its simply for myself. looking at other peoples art is very cool, its also a good way of getting inspiration! + its good for understanding how people draw things and how different/similar every artist is!

okay, i think thats a lot of information to take in already. dont forget to create a playlist while you draw! its very relaxing :) I rarely draw without music playing, its useful for inspiration. 8 months may seem like a very short amount of time (i suppose it is i guess) but if you lay out ALL my artwork in one place, I think you’d be surprised how much I drew during that period of time. also note that its very important to take breaks, dont overload it.

good luck!