practicing clothing yeah!

do i have an excuse?? 


Do i need one?

No, not really

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Three Blind Idiots (AAA girls) - Dottie

Courtney and Willam are fighting, Alaska wants them to stop. A cold brings them all together.

Okay so this is complete shit, I wrote this in a little over an hour after reading all of the asks about it. I know someone is going to come along and write a way better version of those asks and I’m so okay with that and so ready. I high key need all of the Alaska sick fics. And witney fics.

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Jeyne likes older boys. And Theon is the best friend of her best friend’s eldest brother, that’s why she knows him. But Theon is a dick to her at first, just because she’s a young girl and he’s a grown man.
It takes him some time to notice Jeyne as a possible love interest.


Some of Greg Bear’s ancient humans, for a little change of pace.

48G RH2016 Mayuki MC (Day 3)

Now I do this cuz it’s so funny xDDD

Reports by  ゆう⊿ヲタクデトックス san and some by れおっきー san, がっちゃん san on Twitter.


Yuki: I have something to say to my kouhai!! Most of my practice clothes are all black

Mayu: Yeah you wear black all the time

Yuki: They all look fine for me, but Kojima-san told me “Yukirin looks just like a staff member  (бвб)”. I’m all fine with my practice clothes! Kojima-san always wears flashy practice clothes, so that’s why.


Yuki: During the rehearsal for NMB’s tour, when we left the stage and went to the wings, there was a member went to me and gave me her mic and said “Thank you very much”! I’m not one of the staff!! Not to mention that it happened twice!!

Mayu: That is because Yukirin wears black all the time. From now on please wear something a bit neater.

Yuki: It’s not like I wore something dirty.


Mayu: When we each went on our own family trip on New Year’s Day, Yukirin said “Let’s do a souvenir exchange” but she didn’t buy me anything despite being the one to have suggested that. Yesterday she told me “I’ll buy it today” so now I’d like to do a souvenir unveiling here.


Yuki: This wasn’t part of our MC at this time yesterday, so why?

Mayu: I really wanted to do this by any means so I knelt before the staff!


Yuki: I did buy your souvenir! It’s something Mayu’s dreamed to have! I’ll bring it out.

Mayu: What? Was my dream a dream that can be granted with 500 yen? Was it such a cheap dream?

Yuki: It’s thi~s (A Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon set [a jankenpon game where if you win the janken you will use a hammer to hit the loser’s head, and the loser has to wear a helmet to prevent being hit by the hammer]

Mayu: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (pretend to cry)

Yuki: You’re looking like doing a fake cry.

And they decided to use the set to play against each other.


Yuki: Since it’s a battle, should we bet on something?

Mayu: Prize money? 10 million


Yuki: If I won, please update your blog which hasn’t been updated for 2 years.

Mayu: I don’t wanna!

Yuki: Why?

Mayu: I’ll never write any posts!

Yuki: Close your blog then (laugh)

Mayu: I don’t wanna! There are people who would write comments for about 5 times a day on my blog!

Yuki: So you do read your blog, still.

Mayu: Sometimes.

柏木「何それw まゆに見せたらいいの?」

Mayu: If I won…please show me your underwear

Yuki: What’s that! Your taste is so wrong

Mayu: Doesn’t blog and underwear go well together (for a bet)

Yuki: What’s that (laugh) So I’ll just have to show it to Mayu?

Mayu: Me and…Ah! If I won I’ll put a picture of Yukirin’s underwear on my blog! Both me and everyone will be pleased.

Yuki: No!

In the end, Yukirin won, so let’s expect an update on Mayu’s blog soon XD