My skull study got a bit out of hand. I’m so in love with the Zig Millenium pen I got in my last #artsnacks package. Thanks to the #aquabrush and #Pentalic yellow #aqua pencil I was able to get color exactly where I wanted it. #artsnacks #art #artists #artistsoftumblr #artistsoninstagram #skull #sugarskull #Mandala #skullstudy #yellow #sketch #practice

Letting labels define us

So, people say this about people who are stigmatized in some way or another:

  • “She has a disability, but she doesn’t let her label define her!”
  • “He happens to be gay, but he doesn’t let that label define him!”

And… it tends to be in the context of an article or video that’s literally about how their difference and the way it’s labelled has a profound impact on their life.

It rings false, because if labels didn’t matter, the article or video wouldn’t be about them. It matters that some people are disabled or gay or whatever other thing people are afraid to name in a straightforward way.

It’s important to send the message that we’re all more than one thing, and that no label or category completely defines who we are. It’s also important to acknowledge that differences don’t stop mattering when they are stigmatized. We need to be able to refer to important aspects of who we are without evasion or euphemism.


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Another poll for the viewers, ‘which situation do women long the most for’

Kaito has to demonstrate a few things to Ayumu…

To clarify, asunaro-daki is getting hugged from behind, ago-kui is someone lifting your chin, and kabe-don is when someone traps you against a wall with their arms

If you think Kaito has no room for fanservice, might I direct you to
this video…

(the viewers picked #3)

[first time I actually manage to subtitle a video and youtube effs up the quality???? if anyone would like, I can upload the original file for download]