A night for a knight(in training) II

I was in training to become part of King Henry VIII’s closest guard. The King was no stranger to scandal. Several generations of my family and the royal family have been intertwined.

I stood watching Wilhelm Richard’s face fill with rage and blood. The vein on the side of his forehead looked as if were going to shoot blood. My armour rattled with my trembling body. I would reflect badly on my family and in the King’s choices if I were caught.

“Young man,” He paused to break from the toothy growl, “why are you in my courtyard? And why have you come from my daughter’s room?”

“Um…I…Uh,” I stammered awkwardly, “She sent for me.”

I have no idea why Sir Richard intimidated me so. He stood nearly a foot shorter than I.

He groaned angrily, “young man, what is your name?”

I straightened myself and mumbled shyly, “Sir Richard, the name is Anthony Sherwin.”

Strangely, the rage dissipated only slightly.

“Anthony, my boy, you are free to go without incident as soon as you present this letter,” Sir Richard chuckled to himself.

Panicked, I searched for the letter. I found the letter in the pocket of my shirt. I shoved the crumpled paper into his outreached hand. His facial expression changed from an angry smile to a scowl that showed the shock and embarrassment he felt from the contents of the salacious letter. Before this moment, Sir Richard had naively thought his beloved daughter was husband hunting. In a way, that idea was true.

Sir Richard’s voice dropped once again into a low whisper, “Anthony, did you touch my daughter?”

I may not have been shaking anymore. However, my anxiety made me feel as if I may vomit. In response, I simply shook my head, for fear that I might get vomit on his fine leather boots.

“Anthony, get back to the castle,” He paused again with a heavy breath, “do not speak of this to anyone.”

He slapped the back of my head harshly as I headed for the gate.

I made quick work of the walk back to the castle barracks. I managed to make it into my bed without waking anyone but my brother, James, noticing.

“How was your rendezvous with Lady Loraine Richard,” James voice was chipper and curious.

I looked toward his bunk with a bitter face.

James laughed at my grimaced face, “What did a woman scare you, little brother?”

I was irritated by my brother’s remarks. “well, James, she did intimidate me. However that is not my reason for refusing her aggressive advances,”  I forced my voice so that it was sharp, “I have plans to win the affections of another young woman.”

James again chuckled at my expense. My sentimental feelings were  much different than that of the men that surrounded me.

“Do you remember Lady Emily Rene Belcourt?” I asked James.

She was the newest lady in waiting to the queen. She was more beautiful than any other woman I had ever met. Emily’s skin was the color of cream and honey. She had the most beautiful spring green eyes. Her hair was particularly striking, her hair was as black as the feather on a raven.

“You better befriend her father,” James prodded me, “She will not be a maiden long in this court.”


Spending my morning at #Starbucks while writing out James 5 as a means of spending more time in The Word and practicing my handwriting. I hope to one day have the whole Bible handwritten. Over ambitious? Maybe, but I like to dream big. ✒️📕

Pen in use: Pilot Juice .38mm 😁✌🏼️

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The feelings that I’ve had when reading my favorite book…

As the path of the protagonist grows dimmer, and it would feel a sudden rush of fear, so does my chest rose;with a gasp escaping from my lips. The scrambled feeling of fright and what might happen next sinks inside of me, as my eyes slowly digest the words written on the page, where the hero lives its life, like a movie in my mind. The invisible reels keep rolling, one cycle to another, keeping the sense of destruction under the air as a stench that I can smell…even when everything is make-believe.

I immersed myself in him, in the book. I let his life run through me, making his story my story, making his wounds my wounds in my flesh, letting his worries drown in me, as I face ,for a few moments, the things he is about to go over for him to have answers, to prove something…something that his character needs to do in order to move with his life.

I felt my fist clenched hard, flexing the muscles in my hand till my knuckles turned white. I can feel the tension as it shook, as I brace myself with what will I be reading next. Slowly, my breathing starts to be heavy, and then I involuntarily held it as I read through the page.

It’s as if my heart sank. I feel like my throat was blocked with air and I couldn’t swallow. A few seconds later I suddenly felt a tear, falling down my cheek from my watery eye, and then another, like daggers of pain eager to be released from within me.

I mourn for the lost of a hero, who so corageously overcame his weakness, his fear of death, and died bravely with pride and love in his heart. It is such a release, that everything that I’ve held for the times that I’ve been him with his journey were translated into tears. Tears and gasps and sorrow that it is done. It is finished.

Practice Writing

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.

The biggest difference between people who succeed at any difficult undertaking and those who do not is not ability but persistence. Many extremely talented people give up when obstacles arise. After all, who wants to face failure? It is often said about highly successful people that they are just ordinary individuals who kept on trying, who did not give up.

Adapted from Tom Morris, True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence

Is persistence more important than ability in determining a person’s success? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.


Is persistence more important than ability in determining a person’s success?  Success is seldom recognized as persistence, although people who have attained it know that persistence is what success is all about. Of course, having natural ability can boost your confidence and indicate that you are outstanding in a particular field. Although, nothing newly manufactured and early discovered is going to be perfect. If a person is not persistent and gives up immediately when situations get tough, they will undoubtedly be unsuccessful.  We can use the renown historic figure, Queen Elizabeth as a prime example. She was undoubtedly a natural leader - she came from a dynasty of influential kings and queens. Although, when she faced the thrown and her beloved people, she encountered an abundance of climaxes:
The people of England were dying because of starvation and famine. Farmers were not doing the economy justice and a handful of citizens simply refused to work.  In addition, Elizabeth was pressured to get engaged to Prince Philip II but she acknowledged that if that were to happen, he would instantaneously seize her ultimate power.  Amidst the confusion, religion related problems were rising - England was a Catholic country before Elizabeth, and the Protestants demanded revenge after being treated harshly by the previous ruler. Fascinatingly, Elizabeth was also a Protestant. She was constantly questioning whether she should convert in order to keep the peace. And to top it all off, her cousin Mary - Queen Of Scots - was in repeated attempt to conquer the thrown. Moreover, Mary was a Catholic so many people supported her and were advantageous in terms of sabotaging Elizabeth’s rule. Despite the constant arrival of shocking problems, Elizabeth I stayed persistent and continued her rule. She gracefully and nonchalantly tackled her climaxes and came up with quick, determined and politically advantageous solutions!
Undoubtedly, natural leadership skill was embedded in her. Although, if she was to abdicate every single time a problem arose, England would not stand as the country it is today.  By the previous example, we can perceive that success is nought but a recipe. Natural ability and talent are identified as side ingredients because you can do without them. Although, persistence and perseverance definitely count as the prime ingredients - if you do not utilize them, your dish would resort to absolute failure. 
Practice Writing

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.
Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and
societies, but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation
profoundly affecting the roots of the human spirit.
Adapted from Ansel Adams
Assignment: Are originality and creativity necessary for success? Plan and write an essay in which
you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples
taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

Are originality and creativity necessary for success?  We contemplate the aforementioned question every time we begin a project. There are an abundance of ideas that we can extract from others, although many of us perceive being original and creative vital for success - I perceive so too.
Every new and innovative idea that has been introduced to us seems to have its own speciality; breaking imaginary boundaries! On the other hand, ideas that are unoriginal are thought to be uninteresting because it is merely  repetition.  We can use a business related analogy to explain this. Apple Inc. is renown for their impeccable creativity and originality. Apple is relentlessly producing technology that has never been seen before. It has been identified as unique because of its ability to produce a perfect cellphone - with astounding software and classy design.  Apple’s creativity and originality resorted to a loud boom in the markets. Ever since this boom, every other company has attempted to replicate itself with Apple. Samsung is one of those companies. Fascinatingly, every time Apple releases a new device, so does Samsung. This is not the only characteristic the two companies have in common. Samsung slyly copies Apple’s softwares and designs but somehow, they can never outdo Apple! Apple’s incomes have doubled over the years, whilst Samsung’s incomes are drastically decreasing! Although Samsung’s phones may attain an exceptional status, they are not identified as a successful mobile company. Its simply because Samsung mobile phones lack originality and creativity. They fail to incorporate these characteristics into their new releases. On the other hand, Apple constantly surprises users with original, creative and brilliant software and design.  We understand by the aforementioned analogy that companies that lack originality and creativity are seldom successful. Society craves modernity. People are eagerly searching for innovation. Copying people’s previously announced ideas undoubtedly resorts to unsuccessfulness.