Musicians PSA!!!

Everybody please pay attention to your body!! Here are some articles on how to recognize/prevent/treat carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis! And please remember NO ONE is immune. Especially with school coming up, I know things are about to get a lot more busy and stressful and we may practice more rigorously than usual. Be careful! 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Every morning I get up and practice yoga for about 30-60 mins. Every morning is a struggle to get up and go, but every morning as soon as I open my eyes I put one foot out of bed. Its a start. I don’t let me mind wander or try to convince me otherwise, I just have to get up. There are goals in life that seem too big to achieve, maybe even seems impossible to achieve. You have push yourself to stay focused on what you’re doing, push yourself to put 100% of your energy into whatever it is you are striving for. You can do it, try to stay in the present moment and start one step at a time. Keep growing ✌️