practice what you preach

Neo-Nazi argument of the day: The (((media))) is responsible for the low white birth rates. Jews are the only “”“whites”“” who still have above-replacement fertility. Clearly, we’re disingenuously plotting to destroy white gentiles while not practicing what we preach.

But, like, this falls apart when you look at the fact that the only set of Jews who might be over-represented in American media are liberal Jews living in the West.

I mean, when is the last time you saw an accurate and sympathetic portrayal of Orthodoxy in a mainstream programme? Or a news anchor with a kippah and peyot? If you’re going to accuse Jews of controlling the media, you need to be a little more specific.

And, if you are, you’ll notice that liberal Western Jews are the subset with below replacement fertility! The same thing they’re* being accused of not having!

I mean, you could argue that there’s some sort of labour-sharing arrangement here. Orthodox Jews stay home and raise the kids while liberal Jews go out to work and bring home the bacon bagel.

And I could maybe see that argument, given that Ashkenazim are, on average, as genetically close as fifth cousins.

But, let’s be real: When is the last time you changed your entire life trajectory to benefit your fifth cousin’s kids? I wouldn’t do it for my first!

So, yeah, no. Even if there were Jews promoting low birth rates for some strange reason[dubious – discus], it’s not a conspiracy. They are actually no different from anyone else.

*Not sure if I count here? I’m liberal and Jewish, but Sephardim usually aren’t counted in the set known as “liberal Jews”, since this tends to refer to a religious grouping.

I’m getting really tired of all the hate in the snowbarry tag. This needs to end now. Most of us ship Caitlin and Barry simply because we like how they are around each other and how they support and treat each other. It’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with race, hating on women or supporting rape-culture. This is YOUR words, not ours. Don’t judge us all because of what ONE bad apple says. Talk to the person who wrote it, not the rest of us. We are not responsible for ONE persons thoughts and actions. Racism is not tolerated among snowbarry shippers.

If someone tags their hate in the snowbarry tag, ask them kindly to use the anti-tag or stay in the westallen tag, If someone writes post that are considered racist flag them, and tumblr will deal with it. Not liking Iris’ character is not racist, just like not liking caitlin’s character isn’t racist either. There’s no need for it to be in our tag. Be kind. Don’t go into their tag and to the same, it’s pathetic, you cheapen our ship. Kill it with kindness, it’s the only thing that truly works. Stay out of their tags, and ask them KINDLY to leave ours. 

You can’t force people to change but you can change yourself.

it’s interesting how dark-skinned fake deep ankh ass black men are pissed that Jesse Williams is getting so much positive attention for his speech last night at the BET Awards and assume it’s “because he’s light skinned/mixed”….meanwhile, these are the same black men that call (dark) black women “bitter” and “jealous” because of our concern that light-skinned/mixed women are put on a pedestal in the black community 🤔🤔🤔