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Sora x Riku is fucking overrated. I get it, these two Bishonen boys look good together, but is it so hard to accept the fact that people wanna ship Sora and Riku with, I dunno, other people??

I like it, because they do have a pretty solid relationship, platonic or otherwise. The ships practically everywhere though so I can’t blame you with how more than some of the shippers get super rude and pushy with non-shippers along with most kh content being over-saturated with the ship in general

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Did you see this? Billboard: What was the last concert you saw? David Duchovny: I want to see Fleetwood Mac tonight, but I think I’m going to be working too late. I’ve never seen Fleetwood Mac and I’d like to see them. I’ve always thought [Lindsey Buckingham] is a really interesting, good guitarist. He’s better now than ever just from years of practice, even though there is this idea that as a musician you wash up at a certain age.

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Okay. I’m going to TRY to start writing something every day. Even if it’s only 100 words and it’s crap, I’m going to attempt to do it.

Would y'all mind sending me one word prompts to do this? Because while I really, really love when yall send me thought out head canons, I’m just not that good of a writer to pull them all off yet. Hopefully with practice I can, though, so if you feel like it/want to, please send me one word prompts for me to work with. It can be anything, location, time, article of clothing, whatever.

Thank y'all! (If this gets no response it never happened ❤)

For the person that sent me that anonymous ask. Unfortunately, I can’t answer all the asks I receive, because I may not be the best person to answer it or I may not have a good answer to give. I cannot always answer questions about personal charts because I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write about anything else. I’m sorry this disappoints you, but there may be others on here that can help you better than me. Remember, I post on here in my own time, and I love doing it don’t get me wrong, but asking me answer every ask that goes into my inbox seems a little unfair. I read each message I receive, so although people may think I am ignoring them at times, I do read each one and try to take into account repeated asks for future posts. I have to pick and choose the ones I answer sometimes to be practical though. It isn’t because I am purposefully trying to annoy or disappoint people.

I hope you understand. And I wish you the best.


A continuation of my last post.

I have a lot of feelings about the Russian Fairy and the Hero of Kazakztan. 

private teacher warning signs. If your private teacher is doing many of these things at once, do not be afraid to find someone new. It does not matter how good they are at their instrument if they are not a good teacher committed to helping you grow. These primarily apply to people who are not in college for music yet, but in some extreme circumstances a professor could be just as guilty and it might be time to transfer.

-Saying things “I wish I had never gone into music,” and intently discouraging you from pursuing music. You want someone who actively loves their instrument. 

- Telling you things like, “Oh, you’ll never make it,” or, “no, you can’t do that.” without any advice on how to improve or work towards said goal. Honesty is one thing, but complete rejection is another.  While telling you things like “the road will be hard” is honesty, telling you you aren’t good enough is not constructive if they see that you are set on it.

-Never letting you move on or work on something else or be “done” with a piece until it is their incredibly specific idea of “perfect” while simultaneously giving you only vague ideas of how to fix something. (ex: I don’t like the way you played this measure here. fix it for next week. next week rolls around, they have something else incredibly minor and specific. and so on) 

-stopping you every five seconds while you play something for them. A good teacher should allow you to play large chunks to get an accurate picture of your musicality and musical intent, rather than stopping you at every single mistake (ie, you played that one eighth note too short, wrong, do it again.) The exception would be if there is an outright mistake that consistently happens every time you play.

-never saying anything positive, EVER. This is the biggest warning sign. If a teacher has nothing but criticism to offer (especially non-constructive criticism), they are taking something out on you. Yes, constructive criticism is expected and necessary to improve your playing. However a teacher should also tell you what you’re doing right, or you might feel like you’re never improving.