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Anonymous said: i wasn’t going to send anything in and you absolutely don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but what about steven and lapis and ocean / beach? (but not too far out in the ocean bc steven is smol)

safety precautions are a thing Lapis doesn’t care about, but at least they’re having fun~

also I most certainly did not steal Lapis’ outfit from @halloforigin

season of growth :)

learning that it doesn’t make me a bad person to be selfish and prioritize my goals above all else. i finally feel like im in a place where there is nothing/no one holding me back and it’s really up to me to grow and make moves.

tumblr, keep me accountable.


go to the studio 3x week
master crows and sirsasana poses
practice at home

surf at least 2x month
buy a used longboard
go even if it means going alone

review k’s portfolio
read articles/books
create a wireframe and get feedback
research research research!
study study study!

journal MORE
spend more time alone
write a thoughtful tumblr entry?? lolol, we’ll see…
always be thankful and remember that i am extremely privileged and blessed!

feeling motivated. i can do this!!!

Kid!Sterek AU where Talia introduces Derek to his first surf board and Claudia takes Stiles out in open waters for the first time. They meet unexpectedly when Derek almost drowns and Claudia saves him and an alliance between Claudia’s pod and Talia’s pack is struck. 

Over the years, Derek and Stiles become best friends, spending time in each other’s worlds. 

During the day, Stiles shows Derek the wonders of the ocean, teaching him the names of the fish and showing off his tail, enjoying splashing Derek and keeping him company as he practices on his surf board, bringing him shells from the sea bed and pretty flowers for him to take home. 

Just before the sun sets, when everyone is gone, Derek waits for Stiles every day, for only then can Stiles shed his tail for a pair of legs, getting to spend time with Derek on the land. For a brief few hours each day, Derek gets to show Stiles his world, introducing him to comics and curly fries and, as they grow older, shy, innocent kisses as they watch the sun go down together. 

Mermaid | lrh au

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Request: Do you do AUs? If yes, can you do a preference (or just a luke imagine) where you are a mermaid and they aren’t? And if you feel like it, also do one where they are a merman and you’re not? 

He was there again. The boy with the ocean eyes. He was there with his friends again surfing just like he does every Wednesday. You’ve been watching him behind the nearby rock for almost a year now and you were still smitten by him. It was always like this, waiting every time it was Wednesday and wait for him to come so you could watch him. He doesn’t know you though. After all, you were just a mermaid.

It was another sunny day in Sydney but there were less people considering most people were at school today. You watched him as he and his friends unload their truck with their surfboards and bags containing their suits. He was laughing at a joke one of his friends made and walked over at the waters. You watched him as he went to the waves with his board and surfed greatly with ease. His friends did the same but your eyes were still on him. 

After a while, he took a break and went to a nearby cocktail bar at the beach. He ordered a drink when a girl approached him and talked to him. You sighed as you turned away from the sight. It hurts you every time you see him walking around with another girl. You leaned against the rock and looked at your tail. 

You were completely in love with him but you couldn’t do anything about it. You both live in two completely different worlds and it isn’t possible for the both of you to be together. You were just someone who would always be watching him secretly. You huffed as you swam away from the beach and back to your home again.

You came home and you were greeted by your best friend Calum. “Please don’t tell me you watched him again” you pouted. “I can’t help it Cal. Is it so wrong to find happiness with someone who wouldn’t ever see me? Someone who doesn’t even exist the same world as me? I love him so much Cal.” he sighed as he hugged you. “This is hurting you. It’s been almost a year now. I worry about you. You and I both know nothing can change that you are a mermaid and he is a human.” You nodded and hugged him goodbye. 

It was another Wednesday when you went to watch him again. He was earlier than usual and he is alone. The waves were stronger than usual and he took the opportunity to practice surfing again. You watched do his moves and his usual routines. You noticed that after a while he was trying to do some new moves.

He was doing some flip when he slipped on his board and fell with his head bumping on his board. You waited for a few seconds if he would return but he didn’t so you swam as fast as you can and you saw him underwater with blood coming from his head. You grabbed him and swam all the way to the hidden shore. 

You struggled to carry his body while crawling because of your tail but you managed to do so. His lungs were filled with water and you tried to gave him air. After a couple of minutes, you can feel him stirring and choked out some water. He sat up, rolled to the side and continued coughing.

You didn’t notice that you were staring at him. He was so much handsome up close. After he recovered, he turned around to meet your eyes but when he did his eyes went wide and crawled away from you. “W-what are you??” you sighed. “I’m nothing. You’re probably just dreaming or something.” you crawled back to the water when he called you.

Wait! Please come back! I- I didn’t mean to hurt you…” you turned around with the same shock in his face but he didn’t look scared anymore. “Thanks for saving me…” you nodded “I’m Luke. What’s your name?” he stood up and walked near you and sat down to meet your eye level. “I’m Y/N.” he held out his hand and you looked at it confused. When you didn’t shook it he looked at his hand and then you. “Oh, you were meant to shake it but I guess you don’t do it then…”

You smiled at him. “I need to go.” he grabbed your arm “Wait! Will I see you again?” you sighed. “You’re not supposed to.” he shook his head. “But I want to.” you looked at the love of your life. He was right in front of you, wanting to see you again. He knew you already. He knew you by your name, by your face. But you knew it wasn’t meant to be.

You kissed his lips and you can feel him kissing back. You pulled away and his eyes were still closed. As he opened his eyes, you crawled back to the water and swam away leaving him alone wondering how the hell he managed to get interested with someone like you.

a/n: hi guys!!! Sorry that I took a while and I was inactive with writing requests. I got busy with finals but it’s over now so send in your requests!!! 



While working on a Louisiana crawfish boat in 1999, Britney Spears invented surfing. On her way back from fishing for crawfish, Spears would race other fishing boats back to shore by catching the biggest tides and waves that they could. This competition became a sport to them and they began to go out into the Gulf of Mexico just to ride the waves back. Spears came up with the idea to use a small buoyant board instead of a boat to make the sport more practical, fun, and cool. Surfing is now enjoyed all over the world.

MAGCON IMAGINE: High School Affair Part 12

Part One               Part Seven

Part Two               Part Eight

Part Three            Part Nine

Part Four              Part Ten

Part Five              Part Eleven

Part Six

“I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”

The rest of the morning went by fairly quickly after everybody left to go surfing. 

“Wanna head down to the beach?” Nash asked, clocking the both of us out. 

“Sure.” I looked up, smiling at him. 

“God you’re so cute.” He said smiling back before making his way over to where I stood. “You ready?” He looked down at me. 

“Yeah, let’s go.” I replied, taking his hand in mine as we exited the shop. 

We walked down the pier, swinging our connected arms. 

“So I saw you and Taylor talking earlier this morning..” He said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah.” I shrugged. 

“And?” He questioned. 

“And nothing.” I spoke. “I told him that we were done.” I squeezed his hand, smiling up at him. 

“How are you so perfect?” He placed his hand on the back of my neck, pulling my lips to his. 

As we both pulled away from the kiss we looked deeply into each others eyes, smiling. 

Arriving at the beach we located Tessa who was laying on a beach towel in the sand. 

“Hey Tess!” I shouted, waving as Nash and I neared where she was. 

“Oh hey guys!” Tessa said squinting up at the both of us. 

“Where’s everyone else?” Nash asked as we both laid down in the sand next to her. 

“They’ve all been surfing practically all morning.” She replied, motioning her hand toward the ocean while flipping through a magazine. 

“Lucky them.” Nash laughed nudging my arm. 

“Why don’t you go join them?” I asked.

“Nah, I’d rather stay here with you.” He smiled again, kissing my forehead. 

“You two are too cute.” Tessa giggled looking over at me laying against Nash’s abdomen. 

This caused us each to turn a slight shade of pink. 

We laid in the sand for a while longer before Cameron, Taylor and Matt emerged from the water. 

Matt found it necessary to flick the extra droplets of water onto my bare skin. 

“MATTHEW!” I yelped, jumping to my feet. 

“Awww is the witch going to melt?” JJ snickered, as she approached us. 

“I don’t know JJ. You would be the one to know.” Nash said, wrapping his arms around my waist and placing his chin on my shoulder. 

“Are you just going to let him talk to me like that?” She gasped, looking at Taylor. 

“Maybe you shouldn’t be such a bitch all the time.” Taylor said shaking his head, before placing his surfboard deep into the sand. The others following suit. 

“Can’t argue with that one!” Cameron said laughing as he and Matt gave each other a high five. 

“Fuck you Taylor.” JJ hissed. 

“You already did that.” Taylor smirked. “But you know what? I think that we’re done here.” He smiled as he looked up at her. 

She erupted in anger before stomping away off of the beach. 

“Finally you came to your senses.” Matt said, slapping Taylor on the back. 

“Honestly. I don’t really know what I was thinking.” Taylor said, shaking his head he smiled. 

“None of us knew what we were thinking when we hooked up with her.” Nash said laughing. 

They all nodded in agreement as they laughed. 

They continued to talk, but I was lost in my own thoughts. 

I was debating whether or not I should ask Nash if  he wanted to make things official. 

Was he really ready to be with me?

He Gets Guardianship/Custody of You Part 19

Was formally mixingnialler, now clifford-n-nialler :)
Parts 1-18

Niall: (Age 5) You were more than confused as to why Kenzie had left. For your age, it seemed as if everything was okay, you didn’t get what could possibly have gone wrong. “Your birthday is in a week, (YN), what do you want?” Niall asked one day as you guys were heading over to Zayn’s house for the day for a party that him and Perrie were hosting. Luke snored softly in his carseat next to you and you looked up to Niall. “You to be happy.” Niall nearly swerved off the road when you spoke those words. “I am happy baby girl, what do you really want for your birthday, for you?” Sighing, you put a hand on Luke’s car seat. “I want to be happy. I’m still all confused.” That was enough for Niall to pull over to the side of the road. Once the car was parked, he turned around in the drivers seat and noticed that you were crying. “Baby girl, why are you crying?” “Since Kenzie left, it’s been different. Why’d Kenzie leave, Ni? Why? What’d i do?” “You did nothing!” he said sternly and immediately. “It, it was a big decision and she decided.” “Why’d she leave Luke and me without saying goodbye?” Niall unbuckled you and pulled you up to his lap. “Baby girl, (YN), Kenzie got sick. Very sick, she’s not doing good baby girl. She didn’t want to say goodbye yet, she’s not ready to say her final goodbyes yet.”

Zayn: (Age 7) “Thanks for taking her, Harry. She hasn’t had a proper nights sleep ever since we brought Zara home from the hospital, she needs her sleep.” Harry held you in his arms, as you had already dozed off in the nice and quiet morning of the outside world. “It’s no problems, Zayn, you just tell me when to bring her back, and she’ll be here. No worries.” Zayn walked Harry to his car and watched as he carefully put you into the car, buckled you in and then closed the door. “She’ll be okay with me, Zayn! See you in a few days or so!” Zayn nodded and then waved as Harry drove off with you in the backseat. “Zayn? Zara just got sick all over me, can you wash her up while i get washed up?” Zayn grinned and headed back into the house to help out with Zara. *back to you* Your eyes cracked open to sunshine and the smell of food. Carefully, you walked down the stairs and saw Harry at the grill cooking. “Harry?” He didn’t even turn around. “Hey there, finally get some sleep?” You giggle. “Nice to have no baby crying at night.” He chuckled and you managed to crawl up onto one of the high seats at the island he had set up. “What are we going to do while you’re here, huh? Any ideas?” You smile. “Can we go to the zoo? Zayn hasn’t had time to take me to the zoo lately.” Harry turned around and placed a burger on the plate in front of you. “Eat your lunch then we’ll go. We better hurry however, i hear there’s a new episode of Spongebob on tonight!”

Harry: (Age 17) The end credits of yet another movie popped up and you groaned looking at the clock. “Harry! The movies over and i’m still not even tired yet!” Harry chuckled as he brought in some pizza for the both of you. “Neither am i, another movie, or what?” You sit up from laying down the rest of the last movie and reach out for a slice of pizza. “This is going to sound like completely strange, Harry, but, can we just talk? We haven’t exactly had the best conversations as of late.” Harry nodded and took a bite of his pizza, never taking his eyes off of you. “You’re my brother, Harry, and i haven’t treated you like one lately! I’ve treated you like a stranger, cause that’s all you feel like lately. Ever since Gia came and went, you’ve been different. I know you just want to find a girl and fall in love, but, Harry, it may not happen anytime soon. It may take a few more years, just be patient. I don’t want to see you get hurt again and something coming in between you and me again.” “Something already has come between us.” He said calmly and you shook your head, attempting to clear the confusion from it. “What could have possibly come between us Harry?” He scoffed. “You’re joking right? What is coming between us, is you and Liam. You’re dating my band mate and putting me in a place where if i say one thing wrong, one or both of you are going to be my enemy, the other will be a total stranger that i’ll never talk to. We can work this out, but, i just don’t think it’s going to be as easy as what you think it will be. You just said it before, it may take years, we just need to be patient. Don’t want one of us getting hurt now do we?”

Louis: (Age 8) “Thank you so much Maura!” Eleanor says, walking into Niall’s mom’s house while you and Louis trail behind her. “No problems, dear, it’s been forever since i’ve seen you guys. Such a perfect little family you guys have.” You smile. “We try! I want them to have a baby, but they say not yet, i don’t get it.” you then run off when you see that Niall was home and playing guitar. “Hey there sprout, how are ya?” You smile. “Louis and El are here! Thanks for letting us come to Ireland!” Niall chuckles just as Louis walked in. “You guys are always welcome to come to Ireland, whenever you want.” Louis puts a hand on your shoulder. “Well, (YN), here already loves it so much and we’ve only been here for a few hours so i think we’ll just have to take you up on that offer.” “What’d i hear about you and El and a baby?” he asked and Louis let out a short laugh. “Yeah, (YN) wants us to have a baby, but we’re just not sure yet.” Niall nodded. “(YN), you’ve already got three other sisters, don’t you think you have enough friends now?” You shake your head. “Nope! I have sisters, i don’t have nieces or nephews and that’s what i want. Wait, if you have a baby Niall, will that be my niece or nephew? Or cousin?” Niall and Louis both chuckled. “Whatever works for you, (YN). You can call the babies that myself and the other guys have whatever you want. But, maybe you should just be patient with Louis and El and a baby. Things with Louis happen to sneak up on him when he leasts expects them.”

Liam: (Age 2) Liam put you on the surfboard and got on behind you. “Ready, kiddo?” You nod as he wraps an arm around you, keeping you close to him. He started to paddle out and you started to giggle. “Faster!” Liam did the best he could with keeping you steady on the board. You saw a wave then pointed at it. “Wave?” Liam shook his head. “Not right now, kiddo. We’ll wait for you to have more practice, then we’ll go surfing on the waves later on, it’s just not time for me to risk you doing that.” Without another word, Liam turned the board around and began to paddle back to the shore where Sophia waited for the two of you to get back, there was also a few people surrounding her. “Who that?” you ask and Liam’s face contorted in anger and he raced towards the shore, and once he reached the shore, he picked you up and charged at the crowd around Sophia. It turned out that a bunch of fans had found her and started to harass her. “Get out of here.” Liam roared and the fans scattered. You were placed on your feet and you ran for Sophia who was now crying. You put your arms around her the best you could. “No cry, Soph, smile!” Liam came up behind you. “Sorry, Sophia, i didn’t notice.” She shook off his apology. “It’s okay, they weren’t the worst fans that have come up to me.” You kiss her cheek. “Don’t listen to mean people, only nice people!” Liam chuckled and kissed the top of your head while smiling at Sophia. “I taught her that.”

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How to not die as a Medic? :(

  1. This:

    If you have Kritz, pop it as soon as possible on somebody doing some decent damage and you’ll probably survive there too even if it’s riskier. If you have Quickfix, pop it as soon as possible and heal as many people as you can.

  2. Use your pocket/heal targets as a bodyshield to protect yourself from projectile and bullet damage. So as long as your gun is firmly planted on your target and they’re not in the red zone, they’ll live (unless they get headshot, an overhealed Heavy is the only exception for that). Heavies are obviously the best pockets, but they are slow so watch their backs and their flanks. Soldiers and Demos are pretty good so as long as they don’t jump away because of how much presence they have on the battlefield. Pyros are good for a while if they’re sitting on your butt, but expect most pub Pyros will go flank rather than watch you.

  3. Know the map and have map awareness. This helps for a lot of things - Medic is one of the most aware classes of the game. You will see a lot of things other classes might not see because they’re at the frontlines or they’re focused on shutting down the frontlines and the flanks. You can call or tell your team about that too. If you know what likes to come in from behind, or what comes from above, and your teammates die and you’ve got no protection - you should know where your exits are or where you should run. This falls under these: 

  4. Know where health packs are. When you exit, chances are you’ll be taking damage as people chase you, so knowing where a health pack is is good. Grab as many healthpacks whenever you can, especially if there’s no other Medic or a Heavy who is willing to give you his sammich. If you’re trying to dodge a close range near a health pack, grab it before your enemy can and buy some seconds - it might not be that many but if you can get out once you grab it (or if you’re aggressive, get an Ubersaw or just hurt/kill your opponent) then you’ve survived a little longer.  

  5. Know where sightlines and hiding spots are; don’t peek sightlines, but peek hiding spots. Sightlines refer to visibility and spots where Snipers can stand and do some work. Don’t get aggressive if there’s a Sniper up. If you know there’s a Sniper up, don’t peek out of chokes or peek into open areas as well or you will get your head shot off. For hiding spots, that refers more to classes such as Spies or flanks hiding above you or on top of props. Again, it comes down to awareness, and being aware of these things eventually means you catch onto the patterns and meta other classes do, flanks or paths they’ll take on the map. 
  6. You don’t have to be close to your pocket/team to heal them. Your Medigun beam has a lot of range and so you don’t have to be right behind your pocket or your healing target. People might be tired of Medic’s being a delicate flower in fanfiction, but don’t ever forget that Medic is a delicate flower that is easy to get stomped on in-game, especially if there’s no other Medic to buff him. It might be worrying when you don’t have any sight or when your teammates are all up front and dying, but you shouldn’t get too aggressive unless you trust your teammates to be as aggressive as you are.

  7. Likewise, don’t get TOO aggressive and overextend. There’s a difference between an aggressive team and a hyperaggressive team; the latter tends to result in more bad than good and then people dying in a rush. If you know somebody’s dead, leave them be and don’t run into the frontlines just to heal them. You can only buff and heal people for so long before they try to rush in by themselves and potentially die. If people one-by-one are throwing themselves onto a point or a cart, stay back and build your Uber. Crossbow is good for long distance; practice your aim with it.

  8. Learn how to airstrafe and surf off of damage. While this is something that usually comes with practice on jump/surfing servers or learning Soldier and Demoman, it comes in handy for if you’re trying to avoid eating rockets. You utilize the knockback from opposing enemies blasts to try and lessen the damage, crouch jump, and “surf” that damage to somewhere safe. Likewise, if you get shot into the air, knowing how to steer while in the air and control yourself to land where you want to can screw up an airshot prediction and get you closer to a friendly or a health pack.

All these things come with practice and playtime to add to your gamesense. You might not learn all of them perfectly in the time you want to learn them (I’m still learning a lot of this and trying to utilize it), but this should help whether you plan on going into competitive or casual, or just improving your survival rate and your Medic jukes. 

Twankers Frustration...

Awww poor babies…

The twankers are on a rampage.  Things just aren’t going the way they planned. Rob and Kristen are not living their life based on the narrative that they set out for them.

First Rob came back to LA after his last babysitting stent wrapped up.  

He was supposed to be moving permanently to London according to them, but Rob doesn’t seem to have gotten that message.

When he showed back up without a good reason to be in LA they tried to give him one.  He’s back in LA to practice his surfing.  When we made fun of them for this one and pointed out their stupidity they then said he was there to finalize his role in The Trap.  But again, logic won out and showed them to be fools once more.  You don’t have to finalize things in person.  That’s why actors have agents and managers.  They do all the negotiating and they can send anything that Rob would need to sign anywhere in the world that Rob chose to be.  Hell, Rob has an agent in London, so it doesn’t even have be done in the US.  (imbeciles)

And then…then we got this:

First an intrepid fan found Kristen in the back ground of Rob’s Dior Shoot…

Then we noticed that Kristen was wearing the same pants that Rob was wearing in the same photoshoot to Richard Glatzer’s Memorial Service.

This has just about sent the twankers over the  edge cause at this time, they have not managed to place Rob somewhere other than LA.  So with Kristen confirmed to once again be in LA and Rob there as well, they just can’t take it…

Add to that Kristen’s continued habit of taking Rob’s clothes and making them her’s….

poor, poor babies just don’t know how to deal with their latest story unraveling in front of them.

And…just to make it interesting there is an ongoing debate.

Currently some ppl in the fandom think that Rob was pic’d at Kristen’s Chanel Photoshoot.  It was brought to my attention.  I looked at the pictures and I really don’t think it’s him others, are certain it is.

Here is the picture and the guy in question.  I say Bob…others say Rob.  On the picture is my analysis..take it for what it is.  My opinion.  If someone can come up with a better picture, I’ll give it a whirl.  But so far, I’ve not seen one shot that would make me believe that this is Rob.

Personally, I get frustrated cause it seems to me often times when we get such a wealth of great stuff that some are not satisfied and they want more.  Not only do they want more there’s a constant need to for a quid-pro-quo.  

Everything between Rob and Kristen must be equal.  If We got a picture putting Kristen at Rob’s photoshoot than we must have a picture placing Rob at Kristen’s.  Well, I don’t think we got one placing him at her’s directly but we are well aware that Rob was in the vicinity at the time…

The other thing I’ve noticed is that if something good happens with Rob and his career than we have to say something good about Kristen or vs. versa.  Well life isn’t always equal…so no, we really don’t.

Added to that the insistence on constantly reiterating that both Rob and Kristen have haters and insisting on giving them separate names just so we can be assured to give them equal hated status.  FYI…this is a twitter thing.  

Well, to me sessed is a good term for the haters whether Rob or Kristen haters cause is highlights that they are obsessed with their hate! But because that’s not good enough for some, I’ve adopted the term twanker.  Cause that is a generic term for either a Rob or a Kristen hater.  I still maintain that at least in my run ins with the haters, Kristen’s haters far out number Rob haters, though he’s been gaining on her in the last several months. 

But I don’t get the need to make it a competition and that’s what this seems to me to be…tit for tat even within the fandom that’s supposed to be here for both.

I love both Rob and Kristen.  But I’m not going to constantly feel the need to make sure my coverage of both is equal.  I admit frequently that I have difficulty posting good edits of Rob because too many of his fans are assholes and I don’t want to promote their work. 

There are less than a handful of Rob primary blogs that aren’t jerks for me to reblog from, added to the fact that Rob doesn’t do a as many photoshoots as Kristen does, so right there the numbers are always going to be disproportionate.

Anyway….this is just…

two cents brought to you by MamaNails…

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Next Door Neighbor AU

Mika pulled her body off the soft white sheets and turned her head towards the window. It was early… To early for someone to be playing music and singing along to it but yet her neighbor was doing just that. Mika knew her, Amaterasu Hyuga, a princess type of girl that walked with a grace Mika lacked and confidence that the redhead admired. Not at this time of the morning but mostly throughout the day.

The woman walked almost zombie like towards her window and pulled it open, listening to the cracks of the old slides and her own soar muscles. It was the morning after surf practice and she was everything but energetic at this time of day. “Ama!” Mika called out, watching the pearl eyed woman dance arund in her room still sporting a pair of lilac pajamas. Not that Mika was much better sticking her head out of the window only wearing a sportsbra and some old basketball shorts.

The call didn’t work so Mika took to her type of drastic measures which was throwing pebbles at the window. She usually grabbed them from the bottom of her fishtank which scared the living out of her goldfish. With the third rock she got her attention and Amaterasu looked straight at Mika causing the redhead to blush in embarrasment. With a scratch of her neck Mika laughed gingerly and motioned to her ear. “Lower the music honey I’m trying to sleep some ah?” Mika called only to be laughed at and to follow up with a higher music volume.

Mika shook her head as she sat on the window seat and ran a hand through her hair. Sometimes she questioned her crush on that woman.