practice surf

Anonymous said: i wasn’t going to send anything in and you absolutely don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but what about steven and lapis and ocean / beach? (but not too far out in the ocean bc steven is smol)

safety precautions are a thing Lapis doesn’t care about, but at least they’re having fun~

also I most certainly did not steal Lapis’ outfit from @halloforigin

Kid!Sterek AU where Talia introduces Derek to his first surf board and Claudia takes Stiles out in open waters for the first time. They meet unexpectedly when Derek almost drowns and Claudia saves him and an alliance between Claudia’s pod and Talia’s pack is struck. 

Over the years, Derek and Stiles become best friends, spending time in each other’s worlds. 

During the day, Stiles shows Derek the wonders of the ocean, teaching him the names of the fish and showing off his tail, enjoying splashing Derek and keeping him company as he practices on his surf board, bringing him shells from the sea bed and pretty flowers for him to take home. 

Just before the sun sets, when everyone is gone, Derek waits for Stiles every day, for only then can Stiles shed his tail for a pair of legs, getting to spend time with Derek on the land. For a brief few hours each day, Derek gets to show Stiles his world, introducing him to comics and curly fries and, as they grow older, shy, innocent kisses as they watch the sun go down together. 

Twankers Frustration...

Awww poor babies…

The twankers are on a rampage.  Things just aren’t going the way they planned. Rob and Kristen are not living their life based on the narrative that they set out for them.

First Rob came back to LA after his last babysitting stent wrapped up.  

He was supposed to be moving permanently to London according to them, but Rob doesn’t seem to have gotten that message.

When he showed back up without a good reason to be in LA they tried to give him one.  He’s back in LA to practice his surfing.  When we made fun of them for this one and pointed out their stupidity they then said he was there to finalize his role in The Trap.  But again, logic won out and showed them to be fools once more.  You don’t have to finalize things in person.  That’s why actors have agents and managers.  They do all the negotiating and they can send anything that Rob would need to sign anywhere in the world that Rob chose to be.  Hell, Rob has an agent in London, so it doesn’t even have be done in the US.  (imbeciles)

And then…then we got this:

First an intrepid fan found Kristen in the back ground of Rob’s Dior Shoot…

Then we noticed that Kristen was wearing the same pants that Rob was wearing in the same photoshoot to Richard Glatzer’s Memorial Service.

This has just about sent the twankers over the  edge cause at this time, they have not managed to place Rob somewhere other than LA.  So with Kristen confirmed to once again be in LA and Rob there as well, they just can’t take it…

Add to that Kristen’s continued habit of taking Rob’s clothes and making them her’s….

poor, poor babies just don’t know how to deal with their latest story unraveling in front of them.

And…just to make it interesting there is an ongoing debate.

Currently some ppl in the fandom think that Rob was pic’d at Kristen’s Chanel Photoshoot.  It was brought to my attention.  I looked at the pictures and I really don’t think it’s him others, are certain it is.

Here is the picture and the guy in question.  I say Bob…others say Rob.  On the picture is my analysis..take it for what it is.  My opinion.  If someone can come up with a better picture, I’ll give it a whirl.  But so far, I’ve not seen one shot that would make me believe that this is Rob.

Personally, I get frustrated cause it seems to me often times when we get such a wealth of great stuff that some are not satisfied and they want more.  Not only do they want more there’s a constant need to for a quid-pro-quo.  

Everything between Rob and Kristen must be equal.  If We got a picture putting Kristen at Rob’s photoshoot than we must have a picture placing Rob at Kristen’s.  Well, I don’t think we got one placing him at her’s directly but we are well aware that Rob was in the vicinity at the time…

The other thing I’ve noticed is that if something good happens with Rob and his career than we have to say something good about Kristen or vs. versa.  Well life isn’t always equal…so no, we really don’t.

Added to that the insistence on constantly reiterating that both Rob and Kristen have haters and insisting on giving them separate names just so we can be assured to give them equal hated status.  FYI…this is a twitter thing.  

Well, to me sessed is a good term for the haters whether Rob or Kristen haters cause is highlights that they are obsessed with their hate! But because that’s not good enough for some, I’ve adopted the term twanker.  Cause that is a generic term for either a Rob or a Kristen hater.  I still maintain that at least in my run ins with the haters, Kristen’s haters far out number Rob haters, though he’s been gaining on her in the last several months. 

But I don’t get the need to make it a competition and that’s what this seems to me to be…tit for tat even within the fandom that’s supposed to be here for both.

I love both Rob and Kristen.  But I’m not going to constantly feel the need to make sure my coverage of both is equal.  I admit frequently that I have difficulty posting good edits of Rob because too many of his fans are assholes and I don’t want to promote their work. 

There are less than a handful of Rob primary blogs that aren’t jerks for me to reblog from, added to the fact that Rob doesn’t do a as many photoshoots as Kristen does, so right there the numbers are always going to be disproportionate.

Anyway….this is just…

two cents brought to you by MamaNails…