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Maybe you've been asked this before. How do you feel about the large amount of therapists/psychiatrists who won't see suicidal patients or patients with that in their history. I get that losing a patient is very difficult and they risk being sued, but I think that they have a duty to treat patients anyway. What are your thoughts?

I don’t think I have received this question before! 

I really haven’t experienced therapists who don’t see suicidal clients- I’ve never worked in a setting where we didn’t take suicidal clients, and I can’t think of a therapist I know who doesn’t take them in their private practice. I’m wondering if it’s more common among private practice therapists, because it’s rare among larger agencies or public mental health programs.

In situations I have had in the past where we didn’t see one group of people or another, it was more about whether we had the ability to provide quality treatment for them. For example, one clinic I worked in didn’t take clients with eating disorders, because we didn’t have an MD, nurse, or dietitian on staff to help with the medical aspects of things, which means we wouldn’t be able to effectively provide care. Some providers may decide they need an interdisciplinary team to work with suicidal clients, or that their personal expertise doesn’t include suicidality. I agree it’s important to make sure people have access to mental health care, but that doesn’t mean seeing them yourself. It means deciding whether or not you can effectively help the person, and if not, who to refer them to instead. There are some pieces of the ethics guidelines that indicates that if a therapist is the best option for a person and they are able to see them, then it’s okay to see someone outside of their range of competence. Otherwise, it’s an unethical decision that could seriously harm the client seeking help. 

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I’m calling it “Yurio Catches Puberty” as a working title. (PG for swearing and puberty.) (Warning for body image stuff, very minor.) 



The scream of anguish from the rink’s locker room shower made Yuuri look up sharply. He’d only arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday, but this couldn’t be normal, even if nobody else seemed to be paying the slightest attention.


It was definitely Yurio.

“Yurio?” he started to ask, but Georgi clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Don’t engage,” he hissed.

Yuuri looked at him, wide-eyed.

“What’s going on?” he whispered, as Yurio began a steady, at least quieter stream of cursing in Russian, then English, then Japanese that Yuuri definitely hadn’t taught him.

“Puberty,” Georgi said.

Yuuri blinked. “Puberty?” he asked.

Georgi gave him a disgusted look. “Of course,” he mumbled to himself. “The golden boy didn’t suffer puberty…”

He wandered off, now also cursing, and Yuuri had ten seconds of silence before Yurio kicked the shower door open and strode out, towel around his waist.

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Top ten times someone hit on an oblivious Yuuri Katsuki?

Top Ten Times Someone Hit On An Oblivious Yuuri Katsuki

10) Yuuri is really smart and took wonderful detailed notes at college which meant he kind of accidentally ended up running a study group for people who were struggling. Unbeknownst to him however the ‘study group’ was mainly made up of people who were low key in love with him but the constant requests for ‘private lessons’ always went straight over his head and he usually apologised for not having enough time to teach someone one-on-one while Phichit facepalmed in the background

9) The girl who did his skate music had a huge crush on him which is the reason she spent countless hours writing songs for him but somehow Yuuri completely failed to make this connection and thought that she was just being nice and all the offers to come to her room to listen to some music together was just to get ideas

8) When Yuuri and Phichit moved out of the skate club and into their own apartment one of their neighbours was a cute lawyer who found every excuse to come round and chat to them. After Yuuri’s exclaimed that it was so nice he was still bringing them welcome cookies a month after they moved in Phichit considered just slapping him over the back of his head for not realising that the guy was literally just making up any excuse he could to come and flirt with Yuuri.

7) In a previous top ten I mentioned Yuuri filling in for one of the ice dancer’s partners when they got injured and the girl he was helping out kept making comments about how she wished Yuuri could be her partner all the time, heavy emphasis on ‘partner’. Yuuri just felt a bit sorry for the guy he was filling in for that his ice partner seemed to not want to skate with him anymore.

6) At a party at college when Yuuri got drunk for the first time a guy told him that he really wanted to see Yuuri ‘out of those clothes’ but Yuuri was completely off his face and took it at face value and just started stripping on the dance floor much to everyone’s delight (Phichit made sure he kept his boxers on at least)

5) There was a skater at the skate club who used to come and watch Yuuri’s practices every day and smile at him all the time until the practices became private. Yuuri once commented to Phichit that he understood that people liked watching other skaters to try and improve their technique by observation but that it made him uncomfortable. Phichit did the equivalent of looking into the camera like he was on the office.

4) Once a guy at a competition pre chapter 8 tried to creepily hit on Yuuri by saying ‘you might not be top of the podium but I have a feeling that on top isn’t your favourite position anyway’ to which Yuuri replied ‘You’re wrong, I only want to win gold.’ He didn’t get the creepily suggestive element but Phichit did and made sure to trip the guy up as he walked past in revenge

3) Yuuri once went on like six dates with a guy without realising they were dates. He just thought the guy on his course liked grabbing a coffee with him after lectures to discuss what they had learned that day. Phichit had to point out that ‘no Yuuri, he’s trying to date you.’ Yuuri got really embarrassed and apologetic to the guy that he hadn’t realised what was going on and that he was so sorry but he wasn’t interested in dating (he was already sleeping with Viktor at this point) and the guy just laughed and said that it was ok and Yuuri was out of his league anyway

2) From a previous top ten I mentioned that the first time Yuuri got drunk at college he gave a random guy on his course a lap dance and the guy was literally struck speechless and so into it. At the end he just blurted out ‘marry me’ and probably would have gone through with the offer if Yuuri had accepted but he was too drunk to register it

1) Viktor. That’s all I’m saying about that

The Signs as Witches
  • Aries: Sanguine Witch
  • - Works with blood magick. Blood can be obtained peacefully, though the self or through others (consensually.)
  • Taurus: Grey Witch
  • - Works with neutral magick. Magick that neither benefits nor harms.
  • Gemini: Fae Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves communicating with/offerings to fae.
  • Cancer: Lunar Witch
  • - Works with magick revolving around the moon/lunar cycles.
  • Leo: Urban Witch
  • - A witch who uses magick in urban/city settings. Much less traditional witchcraft.
  • Virgo: Green Witch
  • - Works with magick that is herbal, earth, and botanical-related.
  • Libra: Crystal Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves crystals. Healing, Charging, Pendulums, Etc.
  • Scorpio: Storm Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves combining ones energy/strong emotions with the weather.
  • Sagittarius: Eclectic Witch
  • - Works with different types of magick pulled from several paths.
  • Capricorn: Solitary Witch
  • - A type of witch who practices alone, often in private.
  • Aquarius: Tech Witch
  • - Works with magick that is centered around technology. Uses apps and the internet for their craft.
  • Pisces: Hedge Witch
  • - Works with spiritual magick involving astral travel, spirit work and healing.