practice positivity

🎶 Practice positivity 🎶

• You are improving, even if it doesn’t seem like that.

• As much as music can be stressful, think about why you started and how you love music.

• No matter where your musical ability is right now, you’re doing great, and you’ll do great.

• Remember, no one sounds perfect when they’re practicing.

• Music takes time- you are constantly learning and improving. Where you are right now is not an accurate indication of where you will be in a few years time.

• Sometimes you will have bad days, bad weeks, even bad months, but you just have to work through them as best as you can and things will get easier.

• There is always time to get better. Whether you’re at the beginning of your musical journey, or the middle, there will always be time to improve.

• There is no level to reach that defines you as a good musician. Even the greatest musicians are constantly learning and improving. And the fact that you’re working hard at your music is part of what makes you a good musician.

• Music is not a race- you are only competing against yourself- and you’re winning! You don’t need to compare yourself to others.

• Sometimes things will happen- things that are out of your control and interfere with your playing. This are things you can’t stop from happening, the only thing you can do is accept them and work through them as best as you can. And that’s all anyone can ask of you.

• You have improved by so much since last year. You will have improved by so much next year.

• We all go through difficulties with music. You’re not alone. You will get through it.

• Although there will always be someone better than you, the thing that matters is that you’re improving.

• You have strengths in your playing, not just weaknesses.

• You are allowed to take care of yourself. Your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is more important than your music.

• Improvement in anything (but especially in music) takes time. When you want immediate results, it can be discouraging when you don’t get them instantaneously, but if you keep pushing on you will get there eventually.

• No matter where you are on your musical journey, your love of music is valid. You don’t have to be amazingly talented at something to have a passion for it.

• Where you are right now is fine.

And finally…

• You can do it!! Now go practice.

Okay so this ended up more like advice then positivity, but thinking this way about practice and music in general (especially when you’re stressed or feeling bad about your abilities) can be really helpful. Music is as much of a mental game as it is anything else, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.



If you prepare yourself for the day with intent and belief, you can literally dress yourself in magick! What you intend, what you believe, is so! 🌙

That body lotion – don’t just ‘apply’ it – infuse it with intent “This lotion is full of joy and positivity – I am absorbing the joy, I feel positive” 🌿😊

When you’re putting on your boots in the morning, do it with intent and 100% belief “These boots will carry me with confidence everywhere I need to go today” (or whatever you’d like them to do for you) 💜

You can carry this through to your make-up “This mascara will allow people to see the wisdom in my eyes”, or, “This mascara will give my eyes an irresistible beauty” – anything you want, make it so! 🌹🌟

That favourite pentacle necklace of yours? Don’t simply ‘put it on’ – as you fasten the clasp, “I carry with me the power of the elements – nothing can harm me today” 💫

It’s THAT easy to dress yourself in magick – so long as you believe it, you give the magick power.
As you will it, so mote it be! 🔮📜✨

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Witch tip

I found this little quote in a book I was reading and I really really love adding it to the end of my mantras and spells ~ “This, or something better, now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned.” Isn’t it lovely the way it sums up benefiting everyone and causing no harm? 🙊✨


happy belated valentine’s!

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Enbies who play sports and have to deal with the clear divide between “guy” and “girl” teams are strong and awesome. No matter what team you end up on, you are still valid. Sports are sports, whatever your gender; girl football, guy basketball, girl volleyball, it’s all sports. If you want to join a team, don’t let the “gender” of it invalidate you.