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How do you feel about the headcannon that eventually Winry takes on a few apprentices and kind of takes them under her wing to teach them to help people or opens something like a engineering school so students can learn how to build automail?


And she lets her students tinker endlessly with Ed’s leg because “What? Not like I’m going to let them practice on my actual customers’ legs! Do you know how much of a risk that would be to the Rockbell reputation?!”

Meanwhile her students go home in an absolute daze. Like one 16 year old girl with an interest in automail engineering walks in the door and her mom looks over from the couch just “Hey Lily, how was your session with your teacher?”

And Lily pauses. And nods. Pauses again. “Good. She let me practice securing the shin plate on her husband’s leg.”

Mom, reading the tension, gets worried. “…And, how’d that go?”

“Oh. Wonderful. Good. I did it. His name is Edward.”

Mom thinks about this, lets out a little laugh. “Hang on, isn’t your teacher Mrs. Elric?”


“So his name’s Edward Elric! What a funny coincidence. I wonder if he ever gets mistaken for the Fullmetal Alchemist. Not a very common name so I’m guessing.”

“Oh. No. No mistake. It’s Edward Elric. Ms. Winry is married to Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. That’s his leg. That gave him his name. It’s metal. I screwed a shin plate onto the leg of the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric while he and Ms. Winry talked about making garlic bread.” Lily looks down at her hands, which are shaking now. “Mom I met the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric and I could hAVE DESTROYED HIS LEG OH MY GOD OH PLEASE TELL ME I DID IT RIGHT.”

(In response to this, Winry still uses Ed as her teaching dummy, but just tries her damnedest to not name drop around the students. Ed hates it, because seeing the dawning realization on the faces of “I learned about you in history class you literally saved my life when I was a little kid” teens is the most fun thing about his teaching dummy job.)

Xefros Tritoh is a Page of Time. also, class roleplay is real.

I’m still too sick to record for the Joey video, so while I don’t have the time to make a full-scale analysis post on everything about Xefros right now (theres a lot) I figured I’d make two crucial things about reading his character clear:

A) Xefros’ unhealthy relationship with Dammek is the latest example yet of unhealthy Class Roleplay dynamics. If anyone remembers, I speculated weeks ago, before the game dropped, that Xefros’ relationship to the role of Butlering might well turn out to be both unhealthy for him and reflective of Classpect behavior.

As it turns out, I seem to have been correct. Specifically, Xefros is roleplaying a Knight through his unwilling assignment of the role of the Butler.

B) Xefros is a Page of Time.

Let’s explore them in order, considerably more briskly than with the Joey post. There’s more to say about Xefros, obviously, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the….

Time.  Something I have in common with Xefros, fittingly enough.

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Perfect (Bill Skarsgård x Reader)

Requested: Hi love! If you’re taking requests rn could you write a bill skarsgård or tom holland imagine where the reader kind of gets obsessed with looking a certain way for a movie or a show and she starts over exercising and taking the not so healthy route and he realises it’s a lot worse when he goes to visit her than the pictures he had seen on ig and Twitter and stuff (doesn’t that make any sense? I rambled a lot I’m sorry) also if you’re not ok with it you dont have to write it

Warnings: Self-hate, bad eating habits.

AN: I hope you enjoy:)

Originally posted by mrbeniciodeltoro

It was finally the day you get to come back to visit your boyfriend, Bill. And you couldn’t be more happy. You were away filming for a show. It was so tough being away from Bill for so long but you loved these moments where you ran into his arms finally having him be with you after a while.

Bill was also very happy. The hour long face time sessions weren’t enough for him, he needed to see, hug and kiss you in person. And now he finally got to.

While you were away from Bill you did something that really surprised him and was that you posted of a photo of yourself in a bikini. Bill knew how self conscious you were about your body and he couldn’t be anymore proud of you. He loved your body and it killed him inside knowing you never loved yourself, but he was hoping some of that hate went away.

So there you were about to get off the plane and you were so exited. You then quickly exited the plane. You rushed to the gates to see Bill standing there in your direction. You both looked at each other for a second taking in each other’s appearance. You then quickly ran over to him and wrapped your arms around him as he did the same.

“I missed you.” You whispered.

“I missed you too.” Bill whispered back. But he couldn’t help but feel like there was something off about you, but he just decided to dismiss the thought. You pulled back from the hug and smiled up at him.

“Should we head home?” You asked and he nodded leading you to the car.

After a long ride home from the airport you both were safely at home. You walked through the door and you immediately jumped onto one of the couches. You watched as Bill went into the kitchen and came back into the living room with a plate full of your favorite cookies.

“I made them for you, they’re your favorite.” He smiled as he pushed the plate of cookies in front of you. You smiled up at him.

“Thanks sweetheart but I ate on the plane so I’m not really hungry.” You lied. He nodded as he sat next to you.

“Well I hope your hungry tonight, I got us reservations at your favorite restaurant.” He smiled at you and you smiled back.

You got ready to go out to dinner putting on some simple makeup and a simple but pretty dress. You and Bill left for the restaurant after you both got ready.

After about a half hour of driving you finally reached the restaurant. The dinner was going pretty great until your food arrived. You ate a couple of bites before you just started to play with it with your fork. Bill immediately noticed this and spoke up.

“Y/n is the food not good? You can order something else if you want.”

“Oh no it’s fine it’s just I’m not really that hungry, I umm ate some of your cookies while getting ready.” You lied again and he raised his eyebrows at you but you just smiled. After they took your plates you practically begged Bill not to get dessert, claiming you were too full to eat any. So Bill paid the check and you both left heading for home.

When you arrived home you stepped out of the car and waited for Bill at the door.

“Hey can I talk to you for a second?” Bill asked.

“Umm sure what about?”

“You have been acting weird lately. What’s up?”

“I haven’t been acting weird.” You immediately responded. Bill raised his eyebrows at you.

“Are you sure cause you didn’t eat anything when we got home. Or at the restaurant.”

“I swear everything is fine.” He looked at you and he knew you were lying. Tears started to cloud your vision. “Fine do you know why I don’t eat it’s cause I’m so ugly!”


“I don’t look like those girl who try out for the roles I go for. They are all so perfect and pretty. I’m so ugly, so I just decided-d to not eat anymore.” You choked out a sod and Bill pulled you into his arms.

“You can’t do that to yourself love. You don’t even need to do that you’re perfect.” You scuffed. “It’s true.”

“How am I so perfect when I look like this?”

“You looked perfect to me. And don’t worry what the other girls look like cause they aren’t you.”

“But all the roles I want to do-”

“It’s not going to affect I mean the directors should be lucky enough to get someone as perfect as you.” He wiped away the tears that were coming out of your eyes. “Now come on let’s go inside and watch movies and eat as much junk food as we can.” You nodded and laughed, heading into the house with Bill. God were you lucky to have. But he was even more lucky to have you.

Make You Close Your Eyes

SPN FanFic

~Sam can sometimes be a mean tease, but it’s always worth it in the end.~

Sam x Reader, smidgen of Dean

2,438 Words

Warnings: Smuttiness of the Sam variety

A/N: This is my entry for @wheresthekillswitch and @emilywritesaboutdean Do It Like Team Free Will Challenge! My gif prompt is in the fic. This is also for @because-imma-lady-assface who wrote up this prompt and let me fly with it. Hope I did what you had in mind (recognize the title?) Big ups to my Sis @idreamofhazel for the beta and love. Feedback is ALWAYS loved. Please enjoy responsibly…

It started at dinner.

It was nothing fancy, just spaghetti and meatballs, something you’d been craving for a while and finally had the time to make. You sat next to Sam, watching with a smile as across the table, Dean practically licked his plate clean. As you watched Dean, you felt Sam watching you. He rested his head in his hand, leaning against the tabletop; a loving grin playing on his lips and making his dimples pop.

You were not oblivious to the look in his eyes, but you ignored him and finished your food, laughing as Dean slurped a long, sauce-covered string of pasta into his mouth like a child. That’s when Sam stepped up his game. His left hand dropped below the table and brushed lightly against your knee. Again, you ignored him, pretending not to notice the touch. His fingers danced up your leg and curled around your upper thigh, settling there with a light but suggestive pressure.

You peered at him quickly, but kept up your facade of not being affected by his actions. His eyes were lidded and his grin had faded into a teasing smirk that gave you a sneak peek into his thoughts. His hand shifted again, his long fingers sliding down to press firmly between your legs. You gasped and swallowed hard, clearing your throat to calm yourself and not let Dean see the blush that had surely crept over your cheeks. Sam’s fingers pressed down again and you knew for sure, tonight… it was on.

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Okay so everyone always has Jack proposing with this super elaborate gesture and I totally agree with that, but what if Bitty beats him to it? 

Like, Jack has this whole thing planned out. During a family skate, where Bitty is hanging out with everyone as Jack’s long-term bf, Single Ladies starts playing over the loud speakers and Bitty starts dancing with one of the kids on the ice and the lights dim and suddenly like a disco ball or something pops out and SMH all comes out on the ice and start dancing around Bitty and he’s laughing and when “all the single ladies put your hands up” plays Bitty throws his hand up and the music stops and Jack drops down on one knee in the circle formed by his friends and teammates and says “Bittle, if you’ll have me, this is the last time you’ll be a single lady. Will you marry me?” And Bitty is crying and Jack is grinning his stupid Jack grin and Shitty is bawling and Ransom and Holster are sniffing and holding hands and Bitty says yes and they kiss and the song starts again at “if he liked it he should have put a ring on it” and everything is perfect. 

At least, this is what Jack has planned. He told George and she had tears in her eyes and said that “of course she could make it happen” and the Falcs all think it’s great and all of their SMH friends set the date and plan on being in Providence come hell or high water. And it’s the night before and the thought of the ring in his hockey bag is making Jack want to puke and he and Bitty are curled up on the couch watching Cut Throat Kitchen and eating dinner.

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The Burning

Yikes hello, I’m E and here are my tears. Just kidding (not really). Here is my first ever Langst drabble! I have worked very hard on this, and I hope you like it as much as I do! Big thanks to gxxfy-gxxber for helping editing it!

f you like this, send me prompts and I will write them! Requests are open! I’ll be writing another langst drab soon!! Prompt from Promptsforvoltron:   Lance getting thanked by a random alien and he just breaks into happy tears and the team is like, “????” plus a little bit of my own.

WARNINGS: anxiety, skipping meals, self hate



The burning began the day Lance made his way down the corridor of the castle with his jacket hanging loosely off of his shoulders, something his mom would have scolded him for. He had been a little on edge lately, so he was looking for Hunk. He was right where Lance thought he was, in the kitchen preparing a new dish to serve at dinner that night, practically bouncing from plate to pan.

“Hey Hunk, my man,” Lance started. “Where’s the fire?” His attempt at a joke fell flat as Hunk let out an aggravated groan.

“Lance, whatever you have to say I don’t care. I’m not interested. Dinner is in an hour and I still have to simmer the goo sauce and finish the meal!” He snapped in a voice Lance has never heard him use once. Lance mumbled an apology, slowly backed out of the kitchen, and went to his room. He didn’t go to dinner that night.

The next day, he saw Pidge. They were working on something in the control room, Altean tools scattered around them. With his hands in his pockets, Lance made his way over.

“What’re you doin’?” he queried. Pidge didn’t respond, mumbling things as they did them. “Um.. Pidge?”

“What!?” they shouted, Lance took a step back at this.

“I was just wondering what you were doing…”

“I’m building a tracker that may be able to lead us to the work camps where my dad and brother are being held.”

“Need any help?” he took a step forward, beginning to roll his sleeves up.

“You’d only mess it up,” Pidge stated. “Just like everything else you do.” They grumbled under their breath, thinking Lance couldn’t hear. He could.

“I know a few things, I’m sure I can-”

“No Lance! Just leave.” Pidge finally snapped, even harsher than last time. Once again Lance left, his face and chest burning incessantly.

The burning returned two days later, during training. Lance had slipped up a few times, still out of it from his encounters with Hunk and Pidge. They were practicing defensive tactics, assembled into Voltron. Shiro had ordered Lance to kick a piece of discarded metal up to the arms to deflect the lasers sent their way by Allura. In his fog, Lance had overcompensated his power and kicked the metal up too high, hitting the black lion and sending Voltron down all together.

It had happened again when Lance’s connection with Blue became an issue. Blue had felt Lance’s sorrows, adapting them into hers. Their connection had caused Blue to waver slightly as Voltron took a step and sent them tumbling, landing directly onto Keith’s lion. That started the burning in his chest, once again.

“What the hell was that!?” Keith started the second they were in the hangar. “What was that!” He shoved Lance back, and Lance took it. Shiro had come up behind Keith in his rage.

“What happened out there?” Lance didn’t reply, Pidge’s words swimming around in his mind, You’d only mess it up. Just like everything else you do. Shiro let out a frustrated sigh as Keith began to mumble obscenities about how Lance can’t do anything right. “I gave you direct orders to-”

“Paladins! What was that? You were sloppy, how do you expect to defeat Zarkon like that?!” Allura stormed in, roaring. Keith’s fiery glare shot to Lance, causing his chest to twinge in pain.

“Ask the fuck up you have as the Blue Paladin.” And with that, Keith left. Allura looked at Lance, disappointment filled her eyes as she shook her head and followed in Keith’s footsteps. Lance moved his gaze back to the metal floor, listening as to sets of footsteps disappeared out of the hangar. One person was left, and Lance looked up. Shiro stared at him in a way that made him feel as if he were a child.

“You disappointed me today, Lance.” Lance’s chest erupted into inescapable flames, swallowing him whole.

This went on for weeks, with Lance often hidden in his room from his teammates. He fell into a routine: wake up, eat, train alone, sleep. His friends seemed to brush it off, not paying attention to the fact Lance had dropped weight and had begun to fold in on himself. Some days he tried to speak to them, making conversation, giving compliments on tactics. But they’d brush him off, scoffing and telling him to stop messing around. One day, he didn’t even leave his room, and no one noticed.

‘Or no one cares.’ Lance thought to himself. He felt as if he were in a glass box watching their lives move on without him. They all had each other, Hunk and Pidge, Keith and Shiro, and Allura and Coran. Lance was drowning and no one noticed.


Lance was tired. Tired of being the 7th wheel, tired of space, tired of not being good enough for Voltron. He was tired of it all.

Voltron had just defeated a Galran fleet that had set up camp on a strange planet in the middle of the galaxy, and the team was in desperate need of some rest. As he landed Blue, Lance let out a groan, his body yearning for his bed. Blue slowly lowered her jaw, and Lance made his way down the ramp with his helmet pressed against his hips. His usually sassy swagger now diminished from not only the battle, but the weeks prior.

His teammates were in a half circle in front of the inhabitants of the village they had saved. Completely cut off, Lance stayed in the back behind Keith and Pidge, witnessing the rest of his team’s praise. They deserved it, they were amazing and Lance couldn’t be happier for them. He himself on the other hand, couldn’t seem to do one thing right. He couldn’t get clear shots, and could only use himself as a shield to deflect the ones coming at his team and the village, most likely damaging Blue but he didn’t care.

As he thought of all of the things he did wrong, he didn’t realize one of the villagers pushed their way through the other Paladins to get to him. He was confused when suddenly an alien came up to him, encasing him in their arms.

“Thank you, Blue Paladin! Thank you, for you have saved my home and my family.” They pulled away looking at Lance from arms length. “If you had not stopped the falling debris, my home, my family and I would have been killed.” They motioned behind them, where a family stood, with two smaller aliens holding hands with presumably their parent. Lance was stunned as the smallest alien child walked up to him, carrying a small trinket that resembled a stuffed animal. They offered it to him, and in the smallest voice Lance has ever heard, they spoke.

“Thank you, Sir Paladin.” And that’s when Lance broke. His lip quivered as he accepted the gift, encasing the child in his arms. He let out a sob and he hugged them, feeling the rest of the family come forth. He hugged each and every one of the members of the family as tears raced down his cheeks and sobs racked his body.

Behind him the rest of his team stood shocked and confused at their friends behavior. They didn’t understand why Lance was reacting like this. Hunk was the first to realize, then Pidge, and slowly the rest of the team remembered that Lance hadn’t been present lately. He’s skinnier, he’s quieter, he’s sadder. They’re hearts broke as they watched him interacting with the aliens, finally figuring out that they are the reason behind his pain.

Pairing: Musician!Bucky x Bartender!Reader x Kindergarten teacher!Steve
Summary: After a long day, Steve comes home less than impressed with the state of your apartment. So you and Bucky help distract him.
                        A/N: smut, smut, smutty smut!                                                                     
Word count: 1163
Author: @writemarvelousthings

Originally posted by couplenotes

You tapped your foot gently as the soft melody crooned through the record player. Bucky had his head in your lap as you ran your fingers through his long soft hair. You both had a late night shift at the Jazz Club and had gotten back just as Steve was leaving to get to the kindergarten just ten minutes away from your small homely apartment. You had noticed that your apartment was getting more and more cluttered. But since the three of you never had time for each other let alone cleaning it had fallen to the bottom of your list. Glancing at the clock you wondered when Steve would be getting home, but the keys jangling in the front door answered your question.

Cranking your neck to look back over the couch, you frowned at the sight of your other boyfriend. His normally neat blonde hair was sticking out in all directions. You could see flecks of paint on the side of his jaw as he pushes his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

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so in the monster teaser we see that exo are not alone. in parts of the teaser, you can see them with these mysterious masked men who dont seem to be hurting them, but helping them fight off the police instead. 

and at times you can even see them protecting them by holding them back, like they did to suho

Now, in many theories, exo are the only ones who have been “tested” on or made into these super humans/aliens , but where did the rest of these men come from? and why are they helping exo? 

If the monster mv follows lucky one, then we can assume that exo was able to get out of there. Now, from certain parts in the lucky one teaser, we see that blood? is being extracted from someone or all of them. It is possible that after exo escaped that lab, the ppl who had them locked up could have made clones out of exos blood. Its also good to keep in mind that the members who we saw running in the lucky one teaser arent necessarily the first ones to escape, but they could have been the last ones to leave the lab. The weird red eyes that were watching the members leave could have been clones of the members. 

Someone made this post on twitter which kinda goes along with what i was saying about the the infusing exos blood into other ppl. The masked man is probably one of chanyeols clone. i noticed some of the men in the teaser are wearing masks like the one above. those are the ones that probably look the most alike to exo, thus they cover their faces as to not confuse themselves as to who is who. The other men could have been clones, as well, that manage to escape, but are probably failed versions of the experiments. they were probably tortured as well and want to help exo against the police/government since the shit they are doing is messed up, so they want to stop it.  its a very wild guess but thats what came to my mind lmao

Going along in the monster mv, we see all of exo sitting down for dinner

I think this is an obvious reference to the last supper. The members gather to eat and talk, but if it follows the story of the last supper, someone will end up betraying all of them, just like judas did to jesus. Many have also pointed out the “knowing/intense” look baekhyun and yixing give each other as kyungsoo approaches them. If you look closely, only one chair remains open in between baekhyun and yixing. Kyungsoo is heading for that exact chair. Now this is where things get a bit interesting. 

Going along with the knowing look bbh and yixing give each other, its safe to assume that both of them know whats going on with ksoo and how he might be the rat leaking info and shit OR the monster. 

This tweet also goes with what i was just saying. during pathcode era, I think yixing was warned about who was going to become the “monster” later on. As to why he told baekhyun and possibly only baekhyun, im not sure yet. 

Now going back to the whole judas and jesus stuff

In this scene we see yixing now at the head of the table, instead of baek. I believe this scene happened after the supper. According to the story my mom told me; after jesus was betrayed by judas, peter was the one who sort of took over after everything happened, which explains yixing sitting as the head. so basically: 

Jesus- Baekhyun (im putting bbh as jesus bc light was one of the first things god created apparently, so it makes sense hes in charge) 

Judas- Kyungsoo

Peter- Yixing

As most of us know, jesus was crucified at the end because of judas betrayal, leaving peter to later take charge. The scene above is also one of the few scenes that are in black and white. Generally, the color white means love or pure while black means death and darkness, which we can guess that the members died or were captured and did it sacrificing themselves to protect something or someone? 

going with the topic of death, around the scene from above, we see plates being smashed. 

Someone correct me if im wrong, but from what i read, plate smashing during medieval greece means this: “ The custom probably derives from an ancient practice of ritually “killing” plates on mourning occasions, as a means of dealing with loss” So we can assume someone will end up dying or it might be more than one. 

also, as to why i say ksoo is the “monster” is bc of the small hints sm has been dropping. everyone has said that ksoo seems to be the odd one in this story and i think so too. 

so i noticed that throughout the vid ksoo has the color yellow around him. I know in some cultures yellow signifies betrayal or dishonesty. “ In the Christian tradition Judas wore a Yellow coat when he betrayed Jesus.” Besides ksoo having the color yellow on him, the top image shows him on top of a camera pole. This can mean many things, but i think it signifies him as the “eye” hes watching everyone, seeing their every move and possibly telling someone. hence, why bbh and yixing may be wary of him. He may also be the person that gave away their locations to the government, but it backfired him as he is also beaten up or snitches get stitches basically. 

as to what happened to other members, i believe Kai, sehun and xiumin survived, but got locked up. In the begging of the teaser, you see sehun an xm faintly in the back handcuffed and in a car? (it looked like as if we were looking into a car window bc of the edges surrounding them) the same goes with kai. I think chanyeol managed to get away but ended up burning himself in the car, or ran away and erased the trace of him there. Yixing is still probably alive but is hiding.  As for the other members, im not sure what may have happened to them in the end but im pretty sure they were killed. My theory hits many topics but it still leaves many questions unanswered rip

Not a Lady: Part 4 (Loki x Reader)

Note: I’m honestly amazed at how well this is going down! Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you want to be tagged in future things :)

Words: 3386 (I’m sorry they keep getting longer I just get carried away!!)

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

Both you and Loki followed the rules the other hand set down surprisingly well. You had been shopping to buy more green clothes and thrown out the rich tea biscuits - you’d never really liked them that much anyway so had no idea why you’d kept them for so long. You’d been practising combat skills practically every day and when you’d had pizza to celebrate a hard day’s work you’d always gotten the last slice as per the agreement. You and Loki went for a walk around the fields most days and had visited the stream too, although you didn’t put your feet in anymore.

About three weeks after you’d initially set out your terms, you woke up one morning in a strange mood. Loki was still asleep on the camper bed beside yours - you’d shuffled around the furniture so he could move off of the sofa after his good behaviour - and as you looked at his sleeping form you made a decision you were sure you’d regret. Still, you were deadly curious about how this would play out and curiosity had always been a weakness of yours.

You put on a knee length black and white dress and headed to the kitchen to start on breakfast. It felt like a waffle kind of day so you set about making the batter and ended up cooking enough waffles to feed a small army. Thankfully, it had turned out that Loki had a huge appetite when it came to sweet foods. Putting a pile on a plate, you returned to your room to find him awake and dressed.

               "Breakfast in bed. I feel honoured,“ he said, practically snatching the plate from your hands. By the time you came back with your own portion, he’d already finished his. Loki’s mischievous gaze flickered between you and your breakfast, questioning whether you were going to share any of your food with him. "How did you know I wanted more?” he asked.

               "There’s more in the kitchen,“ you yawned. You sat cross legged on your bed and couldn’t help but laugh at the pile of waffles that Loki had on his return. "There is no way that you will finish all of those.”

               "Challenge accepted.“

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Frost (Chapter Five)

This Chapter is so sweet. Those of you that read Storms will recognize this sort of scene, with one person using food as a comfort for the other. Such a cute dynamic and Loki just doesn’t know what to do with stubborn Tony.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

If you would like to be added to the tag list hit up my ASK BOX


Enjoy :)

“What is this?” Loki looked down at the plate in front of him. “What are you doing?”

“It’s roast beef.” Tony answered with a frown, poking at the sandwich. “Even though, I haven’t seen any cows here, so I will admit to worrying that it isn’t roast beef at all and just looks like roast beef which is frankly terrifying.”

Loki stared at him blankly and Tony coughed nervously. “It’s my favorite sandwich. So I made one for you too.”


“Because you haven’t been down to eat in the hall for three days.” Tony said quietly. “And that worries me. So I made you something to eat. Please just eat.” He pushed the plate a little bit closer and Loki raised an eyebrow.

“Anthony, I am the Prince of Asgard, and beyond that I am a god. Do you honestly believe I have let myself go hungry for three days? I can simply snap my fingers and summon food before me in an instant.”

“Well that’s a neat trick–” Tony said around a mouthful of whatever type of meat was on his sandwich. “–but all it sounds like is an excuse. So why don’t you take a bite or I’m never going to stop bothering you.”

“Yes, you do talk an awful lot.” Loki narrowed his eyes and Tony sent him a look right back.

“And you tend to be–”

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Inktober - October 23-25 - Character Sketches

Rita, Axel and Jackyl from War of Zernexn D&D streams. 

I skipped/skimmed the first couple of streams, but from what I understand Rita is some kind of magic important person with a private bodyguard (not pictured), Axel is a 2000 year old vampire gunslinger who was asleep for a long time, and Jackyl is there to generally cause mayhem and get K.O.’ed.

anonymous asked:

sick shiro? hell yes. maybe hunk made some space food that actually tastes like something that Shiro really liked at earth so he stuffs his face with it and he realizes too late that this stuffs makes him really nauseous...end off the story Shiro is just really stuffed and nauseous because it really doesn't agree with him and hunk feeling bad tries to comfort and take care of him?

A/N: @bosstoaster for the Shiro hunger headcanons. Plus, I love this pairing, okay?

As the team’s unofficial chef, Hunk is very aware of everyone’s individual eating habits; likes, dislikes, specific allergies, and so forth.

For instance, he knows that Lance won’t touch anything that even remotely resembles a brussels sprout with a twelve-foot pole. He knows Pidge has a quirk about different foods interacting on the same plate; everything has to have its separate, designated space. Keith has to be coaxed, (sometimes forced), into eating even a little breakfast and he blatantly refuses food when he’s anxious before missions.

It took Hunk a little longer with Shiro. The night they had rescued him from the compound he hadn’t realized the extent of the damage; he’d assumed the poor guy was still suffering nasty side effects as a result of being drugged, not to mention starved for over a year.

Hunk had whipped up an impromptu dinner for everyone in Keith’s little shack, taking solace in the comforting sense of control the process of stirring, chopping, and searing had allotted, if only for a fleeting couple of hours.

Long after everyone else had cleaned their plates, Shiro had continued to eat. He’d mechanically shoveled food into his mouth like a ravenous robot, oblivious to his companion’s bafflement. At the time, Hunk hadn’t understood; hadn’t really thought anything of it. He’d seemed hungry, so Hunk had continued to feed him. And Shiro had kept eating. It was the grim concentration that had really freaked Hunk out. Shiro hadn’t enjoyed the food, either. In hindsight, Hunk realized his objective had been to inhale every scrap of nourishment as quickly as possible. He’d quite literally eaten himself sick.

Halfway through his fourth bowl of stew, Shiro had abruptly spun away from the table and vomited it all back up onto the floor, nearly giving Keith a heart attack.

Shiro never talked about his year in captivity. But Hunk was willing to bet his ass that food - if you could call it that - had been scarce and Shiro had been forced to fight for every morsel. He also guessed that prisoners were never fed regularly or sufficiently. Hunk had no idea if humans were even meant to ingest whatever the Galra considered food. It couldn’t have been especially pleasant. He couldn’t imagine forcing yourself to eat for the sole purpose of fighting to stay alive, not knowing when or if you’d ever be fed again. It made his chest ache when he thought about Shiro trapped in such a monstrous hell.

Shiro’s brain had undoubtedly been conditioned to consume every bite of whatever he was given, solely fueled by the most basic human instinct: survival.

Since they’d all been tossed together, Hunk’s taken it upon himself to meticulously monitor Shiro’s meals. The man has absolutely no concept of hunger or the parameters those triggers entail. Essentially, it boils down to making Shiro eat and then ensuring Shiro stops if he’s distracted. Hunk isn’t positive Shiro is ever going to be able to enjoy food like a normal person ever again. That realization makes him incredibly sad.

One of Hunk’s favorite pastimes is cooking for the team, (when Coran hasn’t beaten him to it). He’s grown exceptionally skilled at experimenting with the various foreign ingredients and creating dishes that taste nearly identical to some of his favorite foods back on Earth.

Still, he’s never seen Shiro actually enjoy a meal. Sure, their leader enjoys the company, the camaraderie and routine of sitting down to do something so mundane and familiar in the midst of their crazy lives. But from what Hunk can deduce, Shiro eats because he knows his body requires the nutrients and energy in order to function properly, not because he relishes the flavors or textures of whatever’s placed in front of him.

So the night he makes something vaguely similar to chicken spaghetti, (it’d been a rough mission; Hunk needed comfort food), and presents it to the group, he isn’t surprised when everyone digs in. What does surprise him is Shiro’s reaction after his first bite.

Oh,” Shiro pulls back for a moment, chewing slowly and giving a curious tilt of his head. He swallows, a strange smile playing at the corners of his lips. “This is…”

“Oh,” Hunk echoes, disappointment weighing heavily as his shoulders droop. “You don’t like it.”

Shiro shakes his head, “No, I…this is really good. It tastes like…I don’t know. Something my mom used to make, I think.”

Shiro’s never bothered mentioning his family. The comment sends Hunk sputtering while the other paladins gape at Shiro, noisy sounds of chewing abruptly halting as forks poise listlessly in the air.

“I, uh,” Hunk stammers, still taken aback by Shiro’s compliment. “I was going for chicken spaghetti?”

“Yeah,” Shiro hums after a thoughtful moment before digging into his meal with renewed enthusiasm. “That’s it. That’s what she used to make.”

Shiro moans around another mouthful, closing his eyes as he swallows. “Hunk, this is incredible. I don’t know how you do it.”

Hunk beams with the praise, smiling from ear-to-ear as he watches Shiro reach for the serving bowl to ladle out another helping. He’s eating with gusto, relishing every bite.

“Well, it’s not exactly spaghetti, but I guess it had the general shape,” Hunk chuckles, swirling a bite around his own fork. “So I figured I’d give it a try.”

“It’s awesome, Hunk,” Lance agrees, cheeks ballooning as he struggles to speak through an obscene amount of…space spaghetti?

Shiro nods, barely pausing to breathe as he practically inhales his second plate.

Pidge and Keith contribute their own compliments, quickly finishing their portions and heading to the showers to wash off the day’s grime. Lance lets out an unapologetic, thoroughly satisfied belch before announcing he’s wiped.

“You want some help?” Lance offers lazily, slurring around a sleepy yawn.

Hunk rolls his eyes, “No, no. I’ve got it. You’d only screw up my system, anyway. Yes, there is a system, Lance.” He begins gathering up the empty plates, feeling the grueling exhaustion beginning to take its toll. That’s when he notices that Shiro hasn’t moved. Come to think of it, he hasn’t moved for a good five minutes.

The older boy is hunched over the table, head bowed, arms braced against the surface and hands clenched into tight fists. His eyes are squeezed shut, upper body swaying gently as his throat works with convulsive swallows.

“Shiro?” Hunk frowns, crossing over to place a hand on the man’s shoulder. “Are you all right?”

Shiro jerks upright, blinking at Hunk with hazy, unfocused eyes as his throat bobs with another thick swallow. He’s alarmingly pale, skin clammy with sweat and hair matted to his forehead.

“Yeah,” he pants, tongue slowly licking over his upper lip. “‘M fine. Jus’…just tired.” His slurred words end with an audible shudder that visibly ripples down his spine. His hand strays to hover over his abdomen, lips parting to pant softly as he struggles to stand.

“You sure?” Hunk glares skeptically, keeping his hand on Shiro’s shoulder as he rises. “‘Cause you look kind of -“

Hunk is abruptly cut off by an odd gurgling sound. Shiro’s eyes widen as he frantically presses a fist to his mouth. A wet burp rumbles in his throat, causing his chest to jolt.

Hunk takes an involuntary step back as Shiro cringes, suppressing another deep belch. “Um, Shiro?”

“E-excuse me, I -” Shiro blushes furiously, hand rubbing over his stomach as he takes a few steps away from Hunk. “My stomach feels…sorry. I don’t know what’s -“ he cuts himself off with another gurgly burp, cupping a hand firmly over his mouth before stumbling away from the mess-hall, breaking into an awkward jog. “I’ve..gotta go.”

Baffled, Hunk really has no choice but to follow. Something is seriously wrong and he has the sinking suspicion that it’s his fault.

He catches up easily. Shiro’s hunched over in the hallway, one arm gripping abusively around his stomach and the other bracing his weight against the wall. He’s panting, broad frame jerking with sharp hiccups that he’s obviously desperate to stifle.

Hunk can’t help resting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. Shiro flinches, but doesn’t push him off, just curls in harder on himself.

“You’re sick,” Hunk says matter-of-factly, leaving little room for argument. “You should have said something.”

“I’m not -“ a muffled retch interrupts his protest. Shiro presses his fist against his mouth so hard Hunk’s afraid he’s going to crack his jawbone. “I’m just…so full. I can’t remember ever feeling so…oh, my stomach -“ Shiro’s voice catches on another hiccup and Hunk braces his palm against the other man’s chest, attempting to steady him.

“I know,” he says, voice gentle. “Don’t worry. You’re okay. It was just a little too much, I guess.”

Shiro grunts, trying to detangle himself from Hunk’s grip as another violent gag erupts from his throat. He staggers into the shared bathroom, knees bruising against the floor as he drapes himself over the toilet. He clenches the edges of the bowl, legs writhing as he struggles to regain control of his rebelling body.

“What the hell is - ulp - wrong with me?” Shiro demands, shoulders shuddering brutally as saliva drips over his bottom lip.

Despite his own mounting nausea, Hunk squats down behind the older boy, placing a warm hand against the center of his back. He begins rubbing slow, methodic circles, hoping to help in one way or another. He has no idea what he’s doing, but Shiro isn’t pulling away, so it must be all right.

“Your body isn’t used to so much,” Hunk reasons, wincing sympathetically as Shiro convulses wretchedly at the mention of food. It’s true; he hasn’t seen Shiro eat that much since their first encounter and he feels awful for allowing it to go so far. “I think you may have overdone it a little. I’m sorry. I should have -“

“Don’t be,” Shiro gags, spitting uselessly into the bowl. “Wasn’t your - urp - fault.”

Of course it wasn’t. Nothing is ever anyone’s fault but Shiro’s. Goddammit.

Hunk takes a deep breath through his nose, wrapping his arms in a sturdy embrace around Shiro’s waist as he muffles the shaky words, “Yes it was. Don’t be such a fucking hero.”

It’s angry and stupid and selfish but it gets Shiro’s attention.

Shiro glances up from the bowl, eyes momentarily softening as he regards his friend.

“Hunk,” Shiro barely manages to choke out the name before he’s curling forward with a full-bodied heave, burping up a stream of brown bile. Hunk winces, automatically increasing the pressure of his hand against Shiro’s back. His other unconsciously presses against Shiro’s contracting stomach.

“Don’t worry,” Hunk reassures, tightening his grip as he feels the other boy’s determination waver, muscles bunching and coiling in desperate anticipation. “I’ve got you.”

Hunk feels like his insides are disintegrating when Shiro’s self-control finally gives out, sending him lurching over the bowl with a belching gag that results in a flood of pre-digested liquid spewing from his mouth. Shiro coughs and wheezes, desperate for a breath of air as crippling waves of nausea threaten to suffocate him.

“Take it easy,” Hunk coaches. His nose brushes weakly against Shiro’s right shoulder blade as the older boy hiccups pitifully, grasping onto the supporting arm that Hunk’s encircled around his waist. “Breathe.”

Shiro tries to follow the order and ends up retching, another harsh belch ushering up a watery flood of sick. He slumps over the toilet, panting raggedly as the fit eventually wears off.

Hunk is kind of freaking out. It’s almost as bad as the first time it happened. Except this time, he knows it’s his fault.

Shiro coughs, tainted drool dribbling languidly over his bottom lip as he struggles to regain some semblance of control over his own body. Then his hand strays to Hunk’s, long fingers brushing against his skin.

“Hunk,” he slurs, voice breathless. “Wasn’t you. Stop…stop thinkin’ so hard.”

“W-what?” Hunk stammers, voice catching.

“I can hear you,” Shiro chuckles, a little deliriously as he slumps against Hunk’s chest. “So loud.”

“Well, stop it,” Hunk demands, readjusting Shiro’s weight against him. “It’s weird, okay? Reading people’s thoughts isn’t normal.”

Shiro simply nods, offering a woozy smile as he goes limp against Hunk’s chest, exhaustion sluicing through his body. He slides down onto Hunk’s thigh, nuzzling contentedly as his labored breathing evens out.

“Ah, geez,” Hunk groans. In spite of his initial irritation at being reduced to a human pillow, Hunk continues to drag his fingers over Shiro’s back, humming soothing sounds whenever he stirs.

“You’re all right,” he whispers when Shiro whimpers softly in his sleep. “You’re gonna be all right.”

4.7.17 | page 1 of my spanish self-study notebook! i’ve taken it on/off for years so i’m revisiting just a couple basics in grammar then moving onto the more difficult/less practiced concepts 💃🏼

on the plate is hard boiled eggs with tapatío and some of an orange bell pepper! drinking water 💦 which i’ve been doing well with teaching my daily goal for (at least 6 cups) || instagram

thejojosanctuary  asked:

Hey! Now that requests are open I was wondering how would the SDC crew react to coming home after a long day to find out there S/O has pulled out all of the works (their favorite home cooked meal ready, all of the pillows and blankets have been collected in the room to cuddle with, candles and music perfectly placed around the place)? I just need my daily dose of SDC fluff and I love your stuff! ^-^

Sorry for answerig this so late friend ;-;

Also thank you so much, i love your stuff too aaa <3



When Jotaro comes back home after a long and tedious day, the only thing he wants to do is go straight to the bed. To sleep, of course. His usually bitchy attitude gets 100% bitchier and he only wants to be left alone. This changed, though, when a pleasant smell reached his nose the moment he opened the door. Was that really what he thought it was? 

Curiosity got over him and ,instead of going to the bedroom without even saying hi to his parter, he peeked inside the kitchen, only to see his partner finishing making his favorite meal. “Ah, Jotaro, you’re home already!” He didn’t even bother to return the greeting, but wouldn’t snap to them like he usually does when he is pissed off either. “Come, sit! i have everything prepared for you tonight, you don’t even have to lift a finger.” 

After he is done eating, he takes a shower and gets ready to go to sleep, only to notice the room entirely set up for a cuddle session. (or even something more) He just sighs and lets out the tiniest half smile, “Good grief, you did all this just for me? Don’t blame me if i fall asleep though…. and thank you.”


Unlike Jotaro, one of the first things Kakyoin wants after a long day is just to rest and cuddle with his partner. After he opens the door, he goes with the classic “I’m home!”  and walks dragging his feet in search of his partner. He believes he smells something nice coming from the kitchen, but doesn’t really expect anything, since he knows his partner has been busy too and maybe didn’t have time to even cook.

He is pleasantly surprised though, with the sight of his beautiful partner serving him his favorite dish. “Welcome home, darling.” As they approach him to give him a kiss, he hugs their waist, smiling in the kiss. “Did i ever tell you how much i love you, s/o?” “Hmm, maybe you need to say it more often!” He let out a chuckle as he sat on the table to eat.

After they are done eating and head to the bed, he stares at the room from the doorframe the moment he sees everything so neatly placed, pillows and candles dimly illuminating the room. “You know, i think i must’ve done something really good to deserve all of this.” “Loving me is something good enough, Kakyoin!” God, he really does love them a lot.


“I’m home, my love!” No matter how hard his day was, Avdol would never bring that negative energy to his house, much less near his beautiful partner! What happened happened, what is more importart is that now he finally gets to see his partner. And the biggest smile finds its way to his face when he sees them working on his favorite meal, all while waring a cute apron. “Welcome home, Avdol!”

He offers himself to help them set the table and finish the meal, but goes to sit down when his partner insists him to leave everything to them. It feels kind of awkward for him, to be honest, since he is very used to work like a team with his partner, never letting them do all the work themselves. When the food is done, he enjoys every bite like it’s the last one, and praises his partner a lot! “Mhh, you certainly know how to satisfy me, my love.”

When they are done eating, he will insist on washing the dishes himself. He would ask his partner if they want to take a bath with him and, after the bath, he is surprised to see the bed full of candles and pillows all over the bed. “Ah, and i thought this night couldn’t get better!” he will kiss their forehead and hold their hand. “Now it’s my turn to please you, habibti.”


As angry as he is after the shit day he had, his frown dissapears completely after he enters his house and sees his dear s/o cooking his favorite meal. He approaches them sneakily and hugs them from behind, making them squeal out of surprise “That smells wonderful, mon amour~ can i have a bite?” “Don’t be impatient! Wait ‘til it’s done!” He will pout and sit down, waiting very impatiently for them to finish the dish.

After they serve him the food, he practically devours the whole plate in a second, letting out pleasured groans as he eats. “Good god, this tastes wonderful!” “Polnareff, you sound more pleasured now for eating than when we have sex.” “Shh, it’s a different kind of pleasure.”

When he gets ready to go to bed, his jaw drops when he sees the whole romantic aesthetic his partner worked on the bedroom. As much as they want to cuddle, this whole atmosphere only screams ‘make love’ to Polnareff “Ahh, you did all of this just for me? Hmm, let me repay you, mon chéri ~”


Bad day for this man probably means he will be like a grumpy grandpa, complaining about ‘some damn kids’ probably Jotaro and just grumbling this to himself. And he is ready to unload all of his frustrations with his partner “BAAABE, WHERE ARE YOU?! I NEED TO COMPLAIN!”

“Babe?” He will peek from the doorframe into the kitchen, only to smell and see his favorite meal being prepared by them. “Oh!” He will run like a kid to them, staring at the unfinished plate. “Hi Joseph. What were you saying about complaining?” “Nevermind that! Lemme have a bite!” “Don’t be a kid! Go sit there until the food is done!” “How dare you disrespect your elders like that!” But he will give up and go sit, crossing his arms, drool nearly falling from his mouth. “Is it done yet? Pleaaasee hurry up!”

Like Polnareff, this man will chomp on his food barely even chewing it, and start choking with it. “Please Joseph calm down, at least drink a little bit of water!” He will groan and practically scream with his mouth full “This is the most delicious thing i’ve ever had!!” And s/o may almost regeret their decision of doing this for Joseph. After all of this mess, he gets ready to go to bed not before going to the bathroom and spending an entire hour shitting and looks at his parter with a grin on his face when he sees the room neatly decorated “Hmm, what does this means? Well, i don’t mind having having a romantic sex session now and then, come here!” If they thought they were going to have a peaceful cuddly night, they were wrong. This old man still has a high libido.



Also, this is more long than what i am used to write, so sorry if there are a lot of grammar mistakes here :(


Prompt number nine - “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” for @suzunesays

I watched as Yukimura stumbled out of his room, his eyes squinting against the light of the sun streaming in through the windows. His shirt was buttoned wrong, the hem of one side a button higher than the other side, his collar sitting unevenly against his neck. “Good morning,” I said, glancing over at the clock on the stove. “Or more accurately, good afternoon.”

I watched as his eyes went as round as saucers, a blush creeping up from beneath that crooked collar until every inch of visible skin was a warm pink. “Wh-what are you doing here?” he stammered, flinching back and raising a hand to his hand, visibly pained by the sudden movement.

“Cooking brunch,” I replied, flipping the last of the eggs I had just scrambled onto three plates. Lifting one in each hand and balancing the third on my forearm, I walked around the kitchen island towards the cozy breakfast nook set off to the side of Yukimura’s open concept living area. If you had asked me a moment before, I would have said it wasn’t possible for Yukimura to get any redder, but I would have been wrong.

“Are you – “ he paused and cleared his throat as his voice broke a little. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

I glanced down at my current outfit (to use the word loosely). Yukimura was enough taller than I was to ensure that all the scandalous bits were covered, but not so much taller that it didn’t reveal a long expanse (well, “long” in the relative term) of leg. The sleeves were rolled into a chunky wad of fabric at my elbows – they had dangled too far past my fingers for me to cook with.

“Yes – you said it was okay. In fact, you insisted,” I said, looking back at him quizzically. I set the plates down onto the woven placemats, next to the glasses of orange juice. I gestured towards one of the chairs. “Sit. Eat.”
Yukimura stumbled over to the table and collapsed into the of the seats, his eyes dazed. “I – insisted?” he said, taking in the contents of the plates. I was quite proud of myself – the bacon came out perfect, and the pancakes were light and fluffy. “Wh- why are there three plates?”

“For Saizo, of course,” I said, confused. Saizo chose that exact moment to walk into the room, steam wafting out from the bathroom behind him, wearing only a towel around his neck and a pair of Yukimura’s sweatpants. Yukimura’s blush, which had partly faded for a brief moment, flared back into life again.

“S-s-s-Saizo is here, too?” Yukimura said, his voice sounding strangled.

“Of course, dear; where else would I be after last night?” Saizo drawled, throwing the towel behind him without even looking, which of course hung itself up on the door handle after flying in a perfect arch behind him.

“Honestly, Yukimura, you’re acting like you weren’t even expecting to find us here,” I said, sitting down at the table and lifting a fork.

“W-well, I,” he began to say before Saizo leaned over Yukimura’s shoulder and shoved a piece of bacon into Yukimura’s mouth.

“Hush up and eat, little lord,” Saizo said as he moved to take the last seat. “It’s rude to not eat what you’re served.”

I sent a quick smile towards Saizo. I could always count on him to remind Yukimura of the practical things in life. Yukimura’s face returned to its normal colour as we ate, his eyes darting between me and Saizo nervously the whole time. Predictably, both men ate much quicker than I did. “There’s more in the oven if you’re still hungry,” I offered, as Yukimura practically licked his plate clean.

“Yes, please,” he replied, standing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” I said, waving him back down and moving toward the kitchen. Knowing Yukimura, he’d forget the oven mitt and burn his hand. Yukimura’s eyes shot straight to my legs before he quickly turned his head and plopped back into his chair, a flush rising to his face again.

“So, um,” he began, fidgeting with his fork as I placed the warm food in the centre of the table. “Where… where are your clothes?”

I exchanged a glance with Saizo. I mean, I knew Yukimura had been pretty drunk, but I didn’t think he would have been able to forget something like last night.

“You don’t remember last night at all, do you, little lord?” Saizo said, snagging a piece of bacon from the plate and bringing it to his mouth, raising an eyebrow at Yukimura.

“R-remember what?”

I met Saizo’s eyes again, a quick flash of understanding going unvoiced between us like a laser except not blinding.

I let out a dramatic gasp, causing Yukimura to look over at me in alarm from his current activity of shoveling more food onto his plate. “You forgot a night as unforgettable as last night? I mean, the things you did to me. The things you did to Saizo!”

“You couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough, little lord,” Saizo said, reaching his arms out in a long, languid stretch (which I couldn’t help but admire. He moved like a shadow made of rubber, but like, SEXY rubber, you know?).

“I’ve never had such a hot experience with two men before,” I continued, as Yukimura stood abruptly and staggered back, tripping over his chair and landing with an inelegant thump on the floor, bumoing his head against the wall. His entire chest, neck, and face were a bright crimson, enhancing the bright blue of his wide, shocked eyes.

“I… you… we…” Yukimura choked out, barely managing words. I stood and rushed over to Yukimura’s side, checking the back of his head for any lumps or cuts. Saizo remained in his seat, blithely continuing to eat his breakfast. Yukimura flinched as I found a spot on his head, stroking my fingers through his surprisingly silken tresses.

“Sorry,” I muttered. Okay, it was less funny now that someone got hurt. Taking pity on Yukimura, I said, “We were just teasing you, but you kinda deserved it.”

“Kind of? He very much deserved it,” Saizo declared from the table, leaning over to take a pancake that had been sitting on Yukimura’s plate.

“Okay, you super duper deserved it,” I agreed.

“What did I do?” Yukimura asked, his body stiff and motionless as I held his head and softly stroked the sore spot soothingly, as if he was afraid I’d leave if he moved. As if. His hair was super soft.

“You basically lit us on fire.”

“I did what?” he yelped, finally jerking away from me.

“Yeah, you were telling some story about fighting with someone at your martial arts thing and spilled brandy all over me. Then when you tried to apologize and clean it off, you knocked over a candle onto me. And then when Saizo tried to help put me out, you knocked the other candle onto him. Clearly, we couldn’t wear our own clothes, and I wasn’t going to go home wearing nothing but this.” I gestured towards myself. “And Saizo decided that if I was staying here, he may as well stay here too.”

Hiding his face in his hands, Yukimura said, “I am never drinking again.”

Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 21

Still blown away that ANY of my works have reached 20+ pages. This story is so much fun, though, and such a challenge. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without @diversemediums and her amazing brain. (We seriously had a long brain-vomit text match the other day and it was amazing.) I cannot wait for all the spinning pieces to come into play and get all worked out.

Catch up on chapter 20 HERE

Finally a week had gone by and Claire was ecstatic to see Jamie again. Murtagh left a short, vague note for Raymond informing him that they’d be back within twenty-four hours.

Much as she’d rather be in the cottage with Jamie, locked in their room for a day, Claire agreed they should stop for supplies first. With Jamie on full lock-down, he couldn’t leave to get food or other necessities. So she and Murtagh stopped to shop for a little bit before they made the rest of the drive to the cottage.

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new meat | jongup (m)

Originally posted by jonqups

Pairing: Jongup/Reader
Genre: Smut
AU: Sub!Jongup/Mistress!Reader
Warnings: dom/sub themes, hand job, orgasm denial, mild dirty talk (slut shaming), unbetad’d
Word Count: 853

Request: Can I have a sub! jongup fic with a female reader please? Any admin will do thank you so much !! 💕💕            

Summary: You are a fetish club worker and Moon Jongup is a brand new client.

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Voltron - Lance/Keith - Some Sort of Injury Dealings - Part 2 of ??

Part 1

Reaching the kitchen, Lance peaked around the door of the door frame to check who was inside getting food. Letting a sigh of relief leave his lips when he saw no one was present, Lance shifted his way into the open room to grab himself some “food” before heading down to meet the rest of the crew.

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