practice makes uh... something and all that

Kuroo and Kenma sharing an apartment while they’re in college.

Kenma wearing Kuroo’s shirts around the apartment all the time because they’re “more comfortable because they’re so roomy” and not at all because they smell like Kuroo. And Kuroo doesn’t die from how cute it is.

Kenma being annoyed by his hair getting in his face while he studies so he uses hair clips to keep it back and Kuroo doesn’t die from cute because of this either, not at all.

Kuroo making sure Kenma eats, even grounding him from his games if he needs to.

Kuroo tutoring Kenma when Kenma has issues understanding his study material.

Unconscious yet totally natural cuddling on the couch while watching movies.

Kuroo resting his chin on Kenma’s head and Kenma continues with whatever he was doing like this is something that happens all the time. It is.

One of their teammates comes up to them during practice “We’re all curious, are you guys dating or something?” Kuroo looking at Kenma “Uh…are we?” Kenma not looking up from his game “I thought it was obvious” Kuroo looks back at their teammate “Yes we are” It was news to Kuroo, but it didn’t surprise him. They were so close it seemed only natural.