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One of many gifs from @sgarrett49. Got some fluffy cute shit with my hottie Dean this time. 

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You waddled into the kitchen, Dean sat at the table, stuffing his mouth with some bacon.

“Really? Where the fuck is my food?”

He looked up as though he’d been caught murdering someone, his eyes wide, the bacon hanging out of his mouth.

“Uh-I-”, he stuttered, gulping down all of it in fear.

“Don’t worry, y/n. I’m making your breakfast”.

You looked over, to see a bowl of porridge, Sam washing up some fruits and nuts.

“I-but I wanted bacon today”, you murmured, feeling the tears building already.

Sam sighed, not wanting to have to go through this again.

He understood you were pregnant and hormonal. He understood you had cravings.

But he hated watching you cry.

It broke his heart, even if it was over something practically meaningless.

“I-I’m sorry, y/n. But there’s no more bacon left”.

You sat down, your lip trembling as Dean watched you, feeling guilty for taking it without asking.

“But-that’s what I need”, you whimpered, a few tears slipping out, before you unexpectedly let out a loud fart.

You yelped in surprise, Dean smirking, as Sam shook his head, covering his nose with his arm.

You saw him shake his head from the corner of your eye, and you couldn’t hold back.


He jumped at the sudden loudness of your voice, swallowing thickly.


He held his hand up, trying to calm you down.

“Ok, y/n. Alright!”

“Yea. Better be alright. You come to me when your brother fucks you and puts a fucking giant watermelon inside you. Then you can be disgusted. Until then, you don’t get to say shit!”

Sam shut his mouth, turning back to clean up the fruits, while Dean bent over the table, unable to stop laughing.

“And what the hell are you laughing at? You ate my damn bacon”.

He sighed, shaking his head as his laughter died down, wiping his tears away.

“Sorry. It’s just, the look on Sam’s face”.

He giggled softly, making you forget how angry you were at him, just for a second.

Dean noticed your face softening, sending you a flirty wink.

You smirked, but frowned as best you could.

“I’m still mad. And so is your baby. We wanted bacon”, you pouted.

Dean grabbed your hand, pulling you out of your chair and onto his lap.

“Don’t, Dean. I’m fat and heavy”, you whined.

He chuckled, kissing your neck softly.

“You’re not fat. You’re pregnant. With my kid. And it’s my job to make sure you both get everything you want. Now, open wide”.

He held the piece of bacon in his hand, moving it around and making air plane noises. 

You sniggered, shaking your head at how silly he was, but the grin on his face made you unable to resist. 

“Fine”, you relented, opening your mouth as the air plane landed.

The taste of bacon was heavenly on your tongue, making you moan out loud.

“See. Told you I’d take care of you. You want some more?”

You nodded eagerly, shifting so you were sat comfortably on Dean’s lap, his free arm snaking around your waist and landing on your stomach, feeling your son moving every few minutes, while he continued to feed you. 

Sam simply watched, a smile on his face at the happy family.

He couldn’t wait to be an uncle. 

And he couldn’t wait for Dean to be a dad. 

Becoming a husband had already given Dean so much joy. And Sam couldn’t wait for the child to bring more happiness into your lives.

Because after everything that happened, you all deserved it. 

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BTS Reaction: Not Being Able To Sleep


You jolted awake, Jin fast asleep beside you. He looked peaceful, and you adored how adorable he looked. You had a nightmare, which seemed childish to you, but you had got them constantly and it was always about the same thing. Brushing it off, you laid back down and shut your eyes tightly.

It had seemed like hours and hours of tossing and turning, not being able to drift to sleep. Jin eventually awoke to your movements, and snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest.

“You keep fidgeting.” He muttered tiredly.

“I know, I can’t sleep. Sorry for waking you.”

Jin laughed quietly. “It’s okay. We can watch a movie together until you fall asleep if you’d like.”

You nodded, smiling, agreeing to the idea.

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It was one am. You laid - alone - in yours and Yoongi’s bed. He told you he would be finishing up his work in a couple minutes, and would join you in bed soon. He kissed your cheek before continuing working on his computer. His “couple of minutes” turned into three whole hours and you huffed as you couldn’t sleep without his presence. You gave up, and walked downstairs to find Yoongi still glued to his computer screen.

“(Y/n), what are you doing still up?” He questioned, glancing up at you. You sighed.

“I can’t sleep without you. Please come up to bed. It’s 2 am, Yoongi. Sleep is important.”

“And so is work. Please go to bed.” He pleaded, his fingers typing away on the key pad, and you wondered what he was writing.

“No, Yoongi. I’ll go to bed when you’re finished.”

Yoongi huffed. “Fine.” He said in defeat, shutting his laptop. He rose from his desk then kissed your lips. “Let’s go to bed.” Yoongi smiled at you tiredly.

As you both settled into bed, you curled into his side, soon drifting to sleep.

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Namjoon walked into the kitchen, spotting you making a drink. The time was around 1 am, and Namjoon was confused as to why you was up at this time.

“I was wondering why you wasn’t in bed. Are you okay?”  He questioned. You shrugged, continuing to make your drink. You was tired, and awfully grumpy when feeling this way, but you just couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard you tried. He wrapped his arms around your waist, your back pressed against his chest.

“What’s wrong? I know something’s up.”

“I just can’t sleep, that’s all..” You yawned whilst finishing off your sentence. Namjoon hugged you tighter.

“Let’s do something then.”

You laughed. “Like what? It’s one am, Namjoon.”

“Let’s.. uh, build a fort?”

“Oh my God, you really are a child.. It’s cute.”

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Hoseok got back from dance practice late. You heard him walking carefully up the stairs. He assumed you were sleeping, so he tried being as silent as possible. He was surprised to find you awake once he had walked into your bedroom.

“Did I wake you? I’m so sorry.” He apologized as he threw his shirt off and removed his jeans.

“No, you didn’t wake me. I just couldn’t sleep.”

Hoseok slipped into bed, resting his hand on your hip. “Oh?” He raised his eyebrow. “Well, I’m here now.” He smiled.

You shut your eyes, trying to sleep again when you heard a chuckle come from Hoseok. You opened your eyes immediately. “What’s funny?”

“You’re adorable.” He said before placing a sweet kiss on your lips.

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Taehyung was concerned when he noticed you wasn’t in bed beside him. He got up out of bed, searching around the house for you. He heard the TV coming from the living room, and soon spotted you watching a movie. Your eyes were wide, staring at the TV screen.

“(Y/n), why are you downstairs?” He turned his head and noticed you was watching a horror movie. “And watching something scary too?”

“I couldn’t sleep..” You told him.

“And you thought a horror movie would help you?” He chuckled. “Come to bed. We can snuggle and talk about nonsense until you fall asleep.”

You grinned. “I’d like that.”

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Jimin was on tour. Your bed felt cold without him beside you, and although he was on tour a lot, you had never been able to get used to the feeling without his arms wrapped around you as you fell into a deep sleep. You debated whether to call Jimin up. Whether to tell him you couldn’t sleep without him or to just lay awake all night. You finally decided to face time him, just to see his face, only if it was for a few minutes. He answered almost immediately, and your heart melted as you saw his lips curl into a smile.

“(Y/n)!” He exclaimed, excited to see you. “Isn’t it late? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” He asked, a look of concern quickly casting over his face. You sighed.

“I just.. can’t sleep without you.”

Jimin nodded. “I can’t sleep without you either.”

His words made you feel better, knowing that he loved and missed you just as much as you did.

“What time is it where you are?” You questioned.

“Seven pm.” He responded. There was a short pause between the both of you before he spoke again. “Hey, I have an idea.”

“What is it?“

“Fall asleep on the phone with me. I’ll be right here.”

Agreeing to the idea, you settled your phone so Jimin could get a clear view of you as you laid in bed. “Goodnight, Jimin.”

“Night, Beautiful.”

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“Can I come with you? To the dance studio..” You asked, slightly nervous of what his response would be, knowing he would be confused as to why you had asked. He looked at you quizzically, which was the reaction you expected from him. He laughed.

“It’s late. You need sleep, okay? I’ll be back later, anyway.”

“Why do you need to go so late?” You questioned.

“Taehyung called saying he needed help with this dance. We want to practice as much as possible, and I’m not feeling tired anyway.” He shrugged. This left you pouting, looking to the ground.

“Ah, okay. Have fun.”

Jungkook soon left, and you crawled in between the sheets of your bed. Hours of trying to sleep, you groaned. You hated that you couldn’t sleep without Jungkook by your side.

You called him, worried why he wasn’t back yet from practice. He answered on the last ring, and you felt relief wash over you as he picked up.

“Hey, why aren’t you sleeping? Can’t you fall asleep?”

“I..I don’t know why I can’t.. guess I just need you by my side.”

“I should have never left you alone at home so late. I’m sorry. I’ll come back home now.”

You smiled. “Okay.. See you soon.”

“See you in a bit, (y/n).”

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Overly protective.

Shawn Master List found HERE

Shawn groans as he leans his elbows on the kitchen countertop, purposely attempting to grasp your attention away from the pizza you’re setting out.

“What’s with the sad eyes?” You smirk, finding his pouty face to be absolutely adoring.

He lets out another sigh to be climactic before pursing his lips into a fine line. “You know, it’s not too late to cancel… Kinda wanted a Friday night alone,” he comments, bringing to your attention that he has other plans in mind.

You shake your head, “Your sister is already on her way,” you swat his hand away from trying to steal a piece of pizza. He can be somewhat annoying when is in a pouty mood and doesn’t get his own way, something you have come to somewhat adore about him.

“I love her, but she has crashed with us every weekend since I have been back. I want time alone,” he mumbles with a huff, not seeming too amused.

“She’s just staying for dinner and a movie, are you grumpy this evening?” You challenge his mood, your eyes studying his as he straightens his posture and pushes away from the countertop. “Shawn,” you draw out his name, forcing his attention back to you.

“Just tired,” he shrugs, “so, tomorrow can I actually sleep in with my girlfriend?” Shawn questions, looking at you with a blank expression—a clear indication he’s in a bit of a grumpy mood. He has been on the grouchy side for the last week, you brushed it all off as being tired and somewhat overly worked, so you didn’t take it to heart, but now you’re not quite sure what is problem is tonight.

You grin and give him a nod, “Mhm, we can spend all day in bed,” you inform him just as the doorbell chimes and Shawn instantly makes his way down the hallway, dragging his feet to make it known he doesn’t want to host his sisters movie night.

You hear the shuffling of feet entering and the closing of the front door, but the familiar sound of feet shuffling seem louder than usual, the sudden vibration of an unknown voice rings in your ears. You frown for a moment, watching the hallway entrance from your position in the kitchen, your eyes focus on Shawn’s sister before the flicker towards a male beside her.

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It was actually Tater who showed him the video, though not on purpose. Tater had seen the Aces had uploaded a new video to their youtube. It had caught his eye sing it mentioned the new Ed Sheeran album, clicking on it excitedly as some the falcs gathered around the small screen of Tater’s phone.

           Jack, who had been sitting next to Tater anyway, wasn’t paying much attention until he heard Kent’s name mentioned.

           “Kent’s singing in the stick room!” The hushed laughter of two of the Aces sounded off screen as they cracked the door open slightly to film Kent. “We’ve been trying to get a video of him singing for ages.”

           Jack was trapped by the players leaning on his chair and gathered around them, unable to escape he tried to ignore it. He couldn’t ignore it. Kent’s voice had a way to reaching him, crawling into back of his skull. Kent hadn’t sung much back before the draft, very few people had heard him sing. Even Jack had only heard him sing a few times.

           The last time Jack had seen Kent was at a game. A game that Bitty had attended. Jack had brought Bitty with him when the team went out for drinks, where they had run into a few Aces, including Kent. Jack had Kent recognise Bitty, and Jack didn’t think it was much of a leap for Kent to figure it out.

           On the screen Kent’s voice went into the chorus of ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran, Jack only recognised the song because Bitty had been excited about the new album and it was one of the few albums that both of them enjoyed.

           “Yeah, you look happier, you do. Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but ain’t nobody love you like I love you.” Kent sang. His expressions matched the lyrics as he sung.

           Jack stopped pretending to ignore it, the lyrics seemed so heartfelt, and Kent always managed to get a reaction out of Jack, whether he meant to or not. Jack knew rationally that Kent wasn’t doing thison purpose, he was just singing as he worked, but Jack still felt as though it were directed at him.

           The video stopped as one the Ace GM’s shooed them away. As soon as it ended the falcs started talking about it.

           “Parse got pipes.” Thirdy whistled.

           “Maybe he quit, become singer.” Laughed Tater.

           “Damn, hey Jack did you know Parse could sing?” Snowy nudged Jack’s shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts.

           The look on Jack’s face must have been something because suddenly they were all looking at him, Marty and Thirdy frowing slightly. They had all met Bitty, they knew who he was to Jack, and suddenly the pieces fell into place for them.

           “Oh –”

Jack stumbled a bit as he stood up.

           “Uh yeah, little bit.” But his voice was weak, so he coughed and repeated what he said. Then he had left.

It was well after practice when Kent called him. He was attempting to make a meal Bitty had left the recipe for and was about to give up when his phone started ringing. He paused when he saw the caller ID, then took a breath and answered it.

           “Kent.” He said. On the other end he could hear a deep breath.

           “Hey, Jack.” There was a beat as neither said anything. “It wasn’t about you. I mean, it wasn’t meant to be. I was just like that song, but I guess if the shoe fits.” He gave a humourless laugh.

           Jack tried to say something, but honestly couldn’t think of what to say. I know you didn’t mean it. I know it wasn’t for me. I know you don’t still love me because you never did.

           “You do look happier though, the Falcs are a good team and… and with Bittle too. I saw you guys when we first came into the bar, and you guys looked so happy. And Zimms, I’m happy that you’re happy now.”

           “I – thanks Kent.” After their first game against one another, he though that’s how it would always be. Similar to how their relationship had been, all physical and no communication.

           Kent gave a quiet laugh on the other end of the line. There was long moment of silence as Jack desperately thought of something to say. If this was when they finally talked to each other, then he wanted to get it all out. He didn’t want this to be a one off, he didn’t want them to go back to having that uncomfortable tension around them. Because after everything, Kent had been his friend. His best friend.

           “I want you to be happy too. I was perhaps a little jealous, when you won the Stanley cup, but I was also a little, proud? If that’s the right word. I don’t know. But I just thought, ‘that’s the Parse I know.’”

           “Thanks Jack, but you don’t need to do this.” Kent’s voice dropped to a saddened whisper. “I know I’ve not been great. Especially last that November I – I know I’m a dick alright? I just, ah fuck Jack, there’s so much to say.”

           “Yeah I know.” Beat. “I was a dick too.”

           “Who you? Never.” Kent cursed ast himself and sighed. “Fuck jack, sorry, I know, we’re actually trying for once and I’m already being, ha, well I’m being me. An asshole.”

           “Yeah well, we’re both assholes.” Jack took a moment to work up the courage to say his next words. “I shouldn’t have – I should’ve – ah, Kent –” Jack closed his eyes and tried to arrange his words in a cohesive manner.

           “How about the next time you’re in Vagas, or if I’m ever in Providence, we can get coffee, or dinner, or something. Hash it all out properly.” Kent’s voice sounded tired.

           Jack swallowed thickly, “Yeah Kent, that sounds great.”

           “And hey, maybe you can invite Bittle.”

           Jack smiled to himself, “Sure Kent.”

           “See ya around, Zimms.”

           “Yeah, I’ll see you Kenny.” There was a soft sound on the other end of the line as Jack used Kent’s old nickname, the one only Jack had used.

           As the call disconnected, Jack allowed himself a moment to absorb what had happened that day. After he had seen the video he had tried his hardest not to think about it. To not overanalyse it. And that call, Kent had tried to apologise, and he had attempted to do the same. They were possibly going to have a sit down and actually talk about it.

           Jack tried to gauge how he felt about that. There was a slight nervous feeling, the beginning of what would probably be him overthinking and getting a hell of a lot of anxiety over it. But at the same time, there was a calm wave slowly rolling in, he was going to get over this block that was in his past.

           His phone buzzed again on the countertop. Looking at the caller ID he smiled. Any tension he felt drained from him as he answered before the first ring had finished.

           “Jack! Honey, I just saw the video, are you -” 

           “Hey Bits, guess who just called?”

Jupiter Love | college professor!jennie | M

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Summary: Your crush on your professor is harmless until you ask for help during one of her office hours.

Word Count: 3,150

Okay, your plan wasn’t precisely to bang your english professor against the wall during office hours, but if you and your pants were being honest, you were definitely thinking about it.

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Move To The Rhythm

Word Count: 4383
Genre: Smut
Summary: You need to think creatively when you’re trying to distract Yugyeom from his dancing.
Warnings: Domination, orgasm denial.
Can i request you a smut? Like you’re Yugyeom’s gf and one day you tease him with Mark cause you’re horny af and he doesn’t give you attention. Thank you if you’ll take the request and sorry for my bad English 🙈     

Writers notes: Hey guys! Sorry this one took a little longer to come out, thank you for all the support of my stories I appreciate it so so much! To the person who requested this, thank you so much for the request I hope you like it, feel free to message me! My requests are always open to everyone <3    

You sat plump on the couch, watching Yugyeom as he practiced his dancing, watching how dedicated he was, moving to the beat, really matching the song perfectly. Though you couldn’t help the thoughts that were forming in your head when he was dancing so sexily in the practice room. He didn’t even know how he was making you feel right now, too concentrated in his dancing, the thing that brought him so much joy. He didn’t even know how he was making you feel as you shifted on the couch, tightening your legs together as you could feel your arousal forming. Each time he looked towards you, you just smiled at him as though nothing was wrong, but he would shoot you a smirk, or wink at you, or give you those dark sexy eyes and each time he would do something you would lose a little bit of control. You watched as the clock ticked by, dying for his practice to be over soon, but you saw that he still had about half an hour left so you picked on your nails as a means to distract yourself as he so smoothly body rolled, thrusting his hips outward to the rnb song. As the clocked ticked by very slowly you were convinced he started doing it on purpose, but he was blissfully unaware as he thrusted into the air that that was the last little move it took to get you off the couch. You walked up to him, placing your hand on his bicep and trying to get his attention.

“Yugyeom, can you finish early baby, I really need you…” You looked at him with lustful eyes, hinting as subtly as you could that you really wanted to screw him right now, but he was too into his practice to pay attention. He looked at you and then looked up at the clock.

“I’m almost done y/n, just half an hour left”

“That’s too long” you whined, pouting at him, but it wasn’t working, and he wasn’t caring.

“Half an hour babe” he grabbed your arms, leading you back to the couch and your groaned as he plopped you back down.

“Yugy– please” but he didn’t respond as he walked away, slightly turning up the music as he made his way back to the middle of the room, continuing to dancing and leaving you beyond frustrated as you fiddled with your fingers on the couch.

When the door opened to the practice room you didn’t pay attention to it as you watched Yugyeom continue to dance, it wasn’t until the new person made their presence known that you decided to care, but you were very happy to see one of your close friends sit on the couch beside you.

“Hi Y/n!” Mark was cheerful as he entered the room and you were glad to see him, immediately giving him a hug.

“Mark! Hi!” you pulled away from him, both of you sitting on the couch and for a moment you managed to catch Yugyeom staring at you both, but quickly moving his eyes elsewhere when he saw that you noticed. He has been paying next to no attention to you, but suddenly Mark comes into the room and he’s intently staring…You smiled to yourself as you continued to converse with Mark, an idea popping into your head that you knew you would probably have to pay for later, but a girl will do what she must, and you insisted in your head that making Yugyeom jealous will definitely get his attention.

You shuffled closer to Mark on the couch, leaning close to him as you smooth raked your hand through his hair.

“You slicked you hair back today, it looks so sexy, it really suits you”

“Haha, thanks y/n” he smiled at you, shyly laughing as you put on your best flirty giggle, and when you looked at Yugyeom, he was staring at you through the mirror, you had clearly gotten his attention. You decided to up your game when you knew he was looking, you placed you hand on Marks thigh and gave his leg a small shake.

“Seriously, you look so hot today” you leaned in closer to him as you giggled, clearly pushing your limits as Yugyeom walked over to the laptop turning the music off, and approaching you in a swift and quick movement.

“Hey sorry Mark, Y/N and I have to go, bye” he grabbed your hand off Marks thigh, pulling you off the couch and storming out of the practice room as you waved bye to Mark.

He dragged you along to the elevator, pressing the number of the floor his dorm was on as you stood in the elevator, looking at his face which was clearly filled with annoyance and frustration. You waited for him to say something and when he looked into your eyes, his were dark and angry, it made you intimidated and aroused all at the same time, making you lose your voice when he finally spoke.

“What the hell do you think you were doing, huh?”

“I, uh—-” you couldn’t form the words yet when his gaze was so powerful as he looked down at you, his stance so suddenly dominant as the tall man towered over you.

“Answer me”

“You wouldn’t pay me attention! You made me so sexually fucking frustrated in there and I couldn’t do anything about it! So I made you jealous!”

“You made me jealous alright… you also made me angry” He towered over you, trapping you into the corner of the elevator but you stood your ground.

“Then have some fucking angry sex with me Yugyeom, because watching you in there dancing so sexily made me so damn horny and I need you so much right now”

“Why don’t you just learn a little bit of self control then babe” he said, his voice calming as he leaned down to look right into your eyes.

You could see the look in his eyes turning into lust so you leaned your leg up to his thigh, pushing your thigh up in between his legs, your hands sliding under his shirt to feel his muscles.

“You know I can’t control myself around you baby” you slid your hands smoothly around his lower back, pulling him forward so his body leaned against you.

His face came to the side of yours, his hot breath on your ear as his hand moved down to your thigh, sliding up slowly.

“That’s one of the things I love about you baby…One little movement and I have you wrapped around my finger…” as he said the final words he cupped your core and you gasped as he intensely rubbed you over your clothing, his hand pushed up against your crotch and you were so suddenly aware of how wet you had gotten, your panties damp against your core. You hissed as his hands dug deeper into your jeans, but the feeling was lost as quick as it came when the elevator dinged, you separated from each other and when there was no one in sight Yugyeom dragged you along with him to his conveniently empty dorm room. He led you inside, closing the door behind him. Yugyeom grabbed your arms, turning you around to face him.

“Jump” he said as his hands gripped your waist pulling you up as your legs wrapped around him tightly, a smile plastered across your face as he led you to the kitchen, planting kisses all over your exposed collarbone on the way. Your hands tugged at his hair as he left wet kisses on your chest. When you reached the kitchen he placed you on the bench, tugging at your top in a rush as he pulled the material over your head, throwing it onto the floor. As his hand went for your dream you lifted yourself off of the counter slightly so he could pull them down, as he discarded your jeans you un-clipped your bra, dropping the garment on the floor. Last but not least your panties were somewhere on the floor and you were fully exposed in front of him, annoyed at his lack of nudity so you tugged at the bottom of his t-shirt, pulling him closer into you with your legs around his waist. You pulled his shirt over his head, ogling at the figure that you adorned so much, moaning merely at the sight of him. You went to grab at his jeans, his hands grabbed your wrists, holding them down firmly on the kitchen counter.

“Tsk tsk baby, you don’t get that yet”

“Yugyeom–” you tried to whine, but he kissed you softly, your lips melting in his own before he pulled away.

“That’s what happens when you’re a trouble maker y/n, you’re going to have to have some patience” You knew there was going to be some consequences for your actions, it made you excited and nervous at the same time because dominant Yugyeom was so sexy. So with patience you awaited what he was going to do. He your thighs, a giggle falling from your mouth as he pulled you to the edge of the kitchen counter, his hands gripped your waist tight as his lips came close to yours, his hot breath on your face before he finally kissed you, in a rushed manner. The kiss was hot and heavy, his tongue immediately entering your mouth, dominating the kiss. You hands gripped tightly at his hair as his tongue battled with your own, neither of you wanting to let go from the kiss, except for when you were dying to breathe. Yours and his lips were plump and red when he pulled away, his lips latching onto your neck as he tugged and sucked on your skin, and you hissed as he left hard bites on your skin.

You took this moment of him lavishing at your neck to take a breather as you panted hard, but you could barely take a breath, moans falling from your lips as he ravished at your skin, slowly lowering down your body, leaving marks all the way down. He sucked and nibbled at the sides of your breasts, your hands digging deeper at his roots and he bruised the sensitive skin. He then licked down to your core, stopping right where you wanted him before leaning back up. He pressed his hand on your chest, pushing you down, a shiver going through your body as you laid back onto the cold surface, propping yourself back up on your elbows, watching him as his face disappeared between your legs, his hands spreading your thighs out as he started to gently kiss the inside of you thighs, making his way up to your core, only to keep teasing you, avoiding it and kissing around your heat only. You groaned to yourself, but he heard it, laughing at your complete impatience and misery.

“Yugyeom please–”

“Patience y/n, you’re the one who wanted me so desperately, so you get me when I say so baby” Your core started to throb at his words, completely desperate for him and you didn’t hide that fact, he knew it as soon as you both entered the elevator.

He started once again kissing around you core, your eyebrows scrunched up in frustration but your head thrown back with a loud moan when he finally licked up your core.

“Fuck!” you fell off your elbows, your hands tangling in his hair and your hips arching off the bench as he started to lick you up and down. He licked roughly at you core, a merciless speed which gave you no time to process the pleasure as you moaned repeatedly. He lapped around your entrance, licking around it, poking his tongue in slightly before making his way up to your clit.

“Oh - GOD Yugyeom!” you screamed his name aloud as he sucked harshly on your clit, lewd sounds coming from his ministrations. His every move was harsh and rough and it sent you to heaven, your head rolling back and your mouth agape.

He payed all his attention now on your clit, licking and sucking and nibbling, your bud sensitive and you pleasure on overdrive. His mouth enclosed on your clit, sucking roughly, pulling you with him as his face pulled away, before opening his mouth. He admired the view above him, your chest rising up and down, your skin glistening with beads of sweat, your breasts perked and perfect, your body losing complete control.

He continued to you, licking softly around your entrance, his nose rubbing your clit and soft whimpers of his name left you mouth. His tongue poked inside you, the wet muscle moving further inside of you, starting to lick around you walls and you groaned from above, his tongue lapped from side to side inside you, licking every inch of your walls before starting to thrust in and out of you entrance. He continued doing this for what felt life forever and you turned into a moaning mess, curses falling from your lips at every second. He licked around inside you for one last time before bringing his tongue back to your clit, his mouth enclosing on your clit as his fingers crept up your thighs, you moaned in content as he pushed two fingers inside of you. His tongue worked against your clit, but his fingers… they were doing heavens work inside you, you completely lost yourself as he pumped his fingers in and out of you. They mercilessly thrusted in and out of you. You legs closed on Yugyeom’s head, his other hand coming to hold one of your thighs in place as he devoured you, nibbling on your clit as his fingers pumped inside you, twisting and turning.

“Fuck! Babe–” you groaned in pleasure as he hummed again your core, the vibrations in his voice sending waves of pleasure all throughout your body. You didn’t know which sense of pleasure to focus on until he curled his fingers inside of you and your back immediately arched up, a loud moan of pleasure falling from your lips as he repeated the action.

You felt your orgasm start to approach and you were ready to welcome it. Your heart rate was extremely high as you focused on your orgasm, his expert tongue and fingers getting you there quickly as he continued to suck on your clit and curl his fingers inside you, your walls started to clench around his fingers…you clit starting to throb from the constant pleasure.

“Yugyeom–I’m so close baby, fuck!”

You screamed in anger when he decided to pull his fingers from you, and pull his mouth away, stopping all of his movements, your orgasm ripped away and you groaned in frustration and annoyance.

“What the fuck Yugyeom!?” you propped yourself up on your elbows you looked at him with an expression of complete rage and he just smirked, his hands resting at both sides of you as he laughed, looking down at your face. You groaned in misery, falling back off your elbows and laying on the kitchen bench, ruffling your hands through your hair because you knew he was going to get back at you somehow, and this was definitely cruel.

“I couldn’t just let you get away with what you did babe, I’m sure you can understand…”

Your heart beat dropped back to normal as you relaxed on the bench, but the frustration from being denied your orgasm made you very uncomfortable.

You took a few seconds to recoup yourself before you hopped off the kitchen counter. You looked up at Yugyeom, glaring at him while he cheekily stared into your eyes, an annoying grin on his stupidly gorgeous face.

“Can I at least take these off now?” you asked him.

“Ask nicely”

You sighed deeply but laughed, “Yugyeom baby, would you do me the honor of allowing me to rip off these restricting clothes so I can see you and all your glory, because I’m just so horny and I need you so much baby” you tugged onto the hem of his jeans, biting your lip as you awaited his answer, he took his time like a little shit while he pretended to think about it.

“Hmmm. Sure baby” you rolled your eyes at him as you hastily unzipped his jeans, pulling his boxers down with them, he stepped out of them and he grabbed you arms to bring you back up to his face. You stared down at his crotch, his erection free and you were hungry for him, licking you lips before he pushed your chin up for you to look in his eyes.

“Whats next?” you asked him.

“This” he grabbed your thighs, lifting you from the floor and you wrapped your legs around him as he walked you to the couch. He sat down on the couch and you straddled him, sighing in relief as he messaged your ass.

“Ride me baby, you wanted me so much…you have to work for it”

“With pleasure”

You lifted yourself slightly off his lap, your hand grabbing onto his shaft, pumping it slowly, rubbing it up and down your core, spreading your wetness all over him, moaning lowly. You looked up at Yugyeom’s face to see his eyes close in content as you slowly inserting him into you. Soft grunts falling from his plump lips as he filled you all the way up.

“Fuck” he groaned under his breath as you sat on his lip, his length balls deep inside you.

You straddled him for a moment, catching your breath and when you looked up at him, he was eyeing you, a smug look on his face while his hands rested on your hips. The look in his eyes made you want to hide, you bit your lip to keep from melting under his gaze.

“Move baby” he told you, giving your hips a little squeeze on encouragement. You placed your hands around his neck for support, your fingers tangling in his hair, you leaned your head against his neck, kissing it softly as you started moving your hips forwards and backwards.
You rolled against him, setting a slow pace at the start, small whimpers leaving your mouth as he moved inside you. You continues to just roll back and forth, his grip on your hips providing no aid, letting you do all the work for now.

You sighed contently against his neck, listening to the soft groans leaving his mouth as you bit down onto the skin on his neck, sucking harshly at his skin, making him hiss at the feeling. As you did so you changed your technique, lifting yourself off of him, all the way to the tip before sliding back down, settling for this technique as you got used to a slow pace. You lifted off him again, dropping back down, letting him fill you up again each time, feeling his stretch you out, feeling every part of him as your walls tightened around him.

“F-fuck” you cursed under your breath as you continued to do so, dropping back on him all the way every time, not letting an inch go to spare as you wanted him to fill you to the brim.

“Good job baby…Go faster” He gripped tightly onto your hips, encouraging you to increase your speed, you worked your hips faster, increasing you speed, starting to bounce up and down on him, his dick thrusting intensely up into you.

“Fuck y/n–” His groans and moans of your names encouraged you to push your hips harder, going as fast as you could on his lap. You lifted yourself from his neck, hands resting on his gorgeous chest as you nails dug into his skin and his fingertips dug into your hips, he started to help you, thrusting up into you whenever you dropped your hips onto him, hitting you hard, a scream of pleasure emitting through your mouth as he thrust into you mercilessly, matching so perfectly with the rhythm of your hips, you could barely keeps your eyes open, taking short glances at the pleasure on his face, his features scrunched and his hair stuck so sexily onto his forehead, but you could only ogle for short periods of times as your eyes closed tight from the waves of pleasure being sent to rapidly through your body, your senses electrified as you bounced up and down on his dick.

“Fuck Yugy–” you groaned his name repeatedly, you fingers dragging down his chest as he started to do all the work, mercilessly thrusting up into you, your mouth agape and unable to release a sound as shocks of pleasure surged through you. You took your hands off his chest, leaning backwards and placing them on his thigh, allowing Yugyeom to hit deeper inside of you and you screamed aloud when he hit your g-spot.

“Fuck! There baby – oh god!” You could feel your stomach tightening, and you could feel your orgasm approaching fast, desperate for relief since being denied before.

“Yugyeom Im so close”

“I know, hold on for me baby” You desperately held onto your orgasm for him, the feeling so built up in your stomach and as he thrust up into your so hard and deep you could hold it much longer.

“I can’t - fuck!” You walls started to clench around him, causing him to groan as you tightened on his dick.

“Fuck – let go baby” You didn’t need to be told twice, your orgasm came surging through your so powerfully, you leaned back forward onto him, cradling your face into his neck, biting down onto his shoulder to relieve some tension from the intensity of your orgasm, your nails digging into his chest as he helped you ride out your high. He continued to thrust up into you, slowing down when you started to ease off your high, your fingers on his chest relaxing, your head coming off his shoulder to stare at him as you caught your breath. You collapsed onto his chest, Yugyeom slowly thrusting in and out of you. You leaned down to his ear.

“How about I finish you off?” you whispered, your voice shaky and trembling.

“I think that’s a great idea” He stopped thrusting inside you, you took a moment to relax you legs as you lifted yourself up and off of him, straddling his thighs for a moment as your legs trembled. You got up off the couch, your legs shaking as you dropped to the floor, on your knees for him, your grabbed his thigh, looking up and him and seeing him smirk at your fucked out face. You wasted no time as your hand grabbed his dick, pumping him softly as you licked around his thirsty tip. You licked around him a few times before you took him in your mouth, flat tonguing him up and down his shaft. His hands tangled in your hair as he groaned above you.

“Fuck yes baby” he gripped your hair tight as you bopped up and down on his dick, licking around him when you came back up. You released his length with a pop, a string of saliva coming with you as you pulled a way. The veins on his dick pulsating and hungry as you filled your mouth with him again, taking as much of him to the back of your throat as far as you could, your eyes started to water as you took him all the way into your mouth, slightly gagging onto him making him moan in pleasure, hands tightening on your roots. Your spare hand grabbed onto his thigh for extra support, his muscles constantly tensing  as you licked up and down him, hallowing out your cheeks when you would come back up, sucking him harshly.

He started moving his hips, getting closer to his undoing and you could feel him throbbing into your mouth as he started to thrust into you, causing you to gag even more and your eyes start to cry, you tried to keep up with him as he chased his high, bobbing up and down onto him as you matched hid movement of his hips as best you could, but he was so fast so he was doing most of the work at this point. Both of you hands latched onto his thighs as both his hands gripped onto you hair. You looked up at him, his face a sweaty mess as his head rolled back, his mouth agape, curses and whimpers falling from him.

“Oh god y/n” he moaned your name, a beautiful mantra from your lips. You hallowed your cheeks out as he fucked your mouth, you cheeks tightening on him to encourage him to let go. You hands squeezed his thighs tightly, your nails digging into his muscles as he groaned aloud.

“Fuck!” his seed shot into your mouth, his cock throbbing inside of you. The warm saltiness of him filling you up, but you could barely swallow it as he continued to pound into you, holding out his high as long as he could. His eyes clamped shut, eyebrows furrowed. His gorgeous chest rose up and down over and over again as the ecstasy took over his body, surging through him before he finally started to relax and his thrusts came to a stop, his hips falling still onto the couch, you took your mouth off of him, releasing him with a pop as you swallowed his seed, wiping your mouth of the remnants as you lifted yourself back up onto the couch, straddling his lap as you fell limp on him, both of your catching your shaky breaths. He wrapped his hands around the small of your back, holding you close as you rested on his chest, hands around his neck, playing with his soft, damp hair. You looked up at him, his sexed out face in all its glory and you smiled at him in admiration.

“I should make you jealous more often…” you said to him, he gave you that cute half smile that he always does when he is worn out.

“You’re such a trouble maker”

“Oh but its worth it”

“I guess next time ill just have to punish you harder”

“I dare you baby” you laid there on him, tracing shapes in his chest, already thinking of more ways to get dominant Yugyeom out to play, because you absolutely loved it.

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Other Yugyeom: True Comfort (Smut)

Seventeen Reaction to: Receiving Nudes While At Practice [NSFW]

i’m having so much fun writing these smutty reactions lol

S.Coups: intense lip biting ensues. he appreciates the picture, not only for what he’s seeing but also because it means you’re thinking of him, craving his touch. however, what he doesn’t appreciate is being surrounded by the guys when you send him the nude.

so he can’t help flinching when chan comes running up to him, “hyung, hyung, guess what!” and his innocent eyes stare deep into his soul. he feels like he needs to be the responsible one, esp. in front of the younger ones. but he can’t ignore the dull throb in his trousers, can’t help messing up the rest of practice bc his mind is elsewhere. he sends you a text, “be ready for me when i’m home. you’re in big trouble, baby girl”

Originally posted by yogyurts

Jeonghan: smirks and laughs a little in disbelief. he never expected you would do this while he was at practice. “did (Y/N) text you something cute?” voices joshua, at his friends sudden change in demeanor.

“yeah, yeah, you can say that,” jeonghan replies, sending you a sneaky pic back of his collarbones and neck, dripping in sweat. two could play at that game

Originally posted by shownusgrl

Joshua: is completely horrified. not by what he sees, of course, but by the reaction it has on him. he turns entirely red, feels ashamed at how he’s immediately turned on, even while surrounded by his friends that felt more like family

Originally posted by vernon---baby

Jun: blushes a little but is also tremendously happy. it’s not a rare occurrence for you two to tease each other in public like that so he has no issue with focusing on practice again after seeing the pic, even though it’s imprinted on his mind

Originally posted by itseventeen-hasmoved

Hoshi: spaces out, just staring at the pic, taking in every detail he can. he doesn’t even realise he’s done this until there’s a firm hand on his shoulder and seungcheol’s voice whispers in his ear, “be more discreet, soonyoung. what if chan had been standing behind you instead of me? and we’ve still got more practice left, worry about that stuff later.”

now soonyoung’s embarrassed and can’t look s.coups in the eye, or any of the boys really, afraid that they had seen your nude on his phone too

Originally posted by mountean

Wonwoo: is able to mask his shock but can’t hide the blush forming. mingyu notices, asks him what’s wrong. wonwoo plays it off as being hot from practice, with a level tone. it’s convincing, so mingyu goes back to playing around on his phone. wonwoo only wishes he could convince his groin just as well, crossing his legs and hoping it goes away before they have to go back to practice

Originally posted by wonwomin

Woozi: wishes he’d never checked his damn phone. now, his break is ruined. instead of being able to relax; he’s tense and aggravated. why did you have to be so damn frustrating? tempting him while he’s with the guys? now he’s just thinking about sex, about making you pay when he gets home. he texts you a warning, telling you he’s going to fuck you into unconsciousness for being such a tease, meaning it 100%

Originally posted by hoshbun

DK: unintentionally gasps, nearly dropping his phone. “what, what?” some of the boys wonder, hurrying to his side in curiousity.

“n-nothing! i just remembered that i, uh, i didn’t ring my mom today” cue nervous laughter. annoyed that nothing interesting had happened, the boys wandered off and he’s left to stare at the picture, curled up in a corner of the practice room. his jaw is slack, breathing deepening.

seungcheol notices, comes over to press the back of his hand to dokyum’s forehead. “ah, you’re burning up, dongsaeng. why didn’t you tell me you were sick? maybe you should just go home early and get some rest?” and dk leaps at the opportunity, knowing he wouldn’t have been able to focus on practice anyway, not with something so good waiting for him at home. once outside, he runs the entire way home

Originally posted by faceofdistaste

Mingyu: without meaning to, his jaw drops and he looks around, to see if anyone had caught a glimpse of his phones screen. the others are either messing about, laying down or preoccupied on their own phones. except wonwoo, who’s blushing and not making eye contact. mingyu scoots over, saying quietly, “i know you saw, hyung. please cover me while i try to sneak past seungcheol, will you?” awkwardly, his friend swiftly nods his head while mingyu waits until s.coups is busy before sneaking out

Originally posted by littlemingyu

The8: nudges jun, whispers, “hey, guess what” but doesn’t wait for a reply, “i’m getting laid when i go home.” with a grin, his friend proudly thumps his back; “nice one, minghao. then i’ll do your chores when the rest of us get back to the dorm. but you’ll owe me for it!” minghao nods, really appreciating how jun always had his back #bromance

Originally posted by scoupstv

Seungkwan: soooo dramatic about it. with a gasp, he drops his phone and it clatters loudly, sliding across the dance floor. “what?” the other 12 chorus.

“n-nothing,” seungkwan stutters, trying to reach for his phone but they know it’s not “nothing” so hoshi, dk and dino race him for the phone, leading to the four grappling in the middle of the dance studio for it.

seungcheol intervenes, snatching the phone and holding it out of reach of the squabbling boys, in a pile on the floor. “yah, boys! no fight - ” he catches sight of the screen, goes completely silent. decides to lock it and hand the phone back to seungkwan. then walks away. seungkwan is shouting apologies after him, telling him it’s all you, not him. he’s a good boy, he swears, his mother raised him right. and now the rest are REALLY curious. this leads to lots of arguing and shouting and practice ends up finishing shortly after bc no one can focus when they’re too busy trying to figure out what happened

Originally posted by cosmic----latte

Vernon: chokes on his water, coughing violently. seungkwan beats his back, asking, “what’s wrong?” once he’s caught his breath, hansol replies, “ah, nothing, man. just mom telling me i have to babysit whenever i go back home.” but he’s hella shifty and can’t make eye contact so seungkwan knows what’s up. “ah, did (Y/N) say something dirty?”

the uncomfortable laugh and “hah! uh, no ??” tells him all he needs to know

Originally posted by americanhyung

Dino: no one is sending tHIS CHILD NUDES, YA HEAR? just look at that cute face instead

Originally posted by satanteen17

Sluts are a Social Construct

In which 2009 Dan feels like a slut for having sex with Phil the day after they met and doesn’t really understand why. He enjoyed it and loves the memories but why does it make him feel so… dirty? (and not in a good way). Then ya boi Phil saves the day.

Warnings: frottage, language, smut (not intense, more of a lead up), fluffity-fluff y’all, I wrote this at four a.m. so it probably sucks (but what’s new?).

Word count: 1.9k

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The Serpent and the Bulldog - Reggie x Reader

Reggie x Reader


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49

Word Count: 3780

Warnings: Slight language

I decided to do a small Reggie Mantle series. It will probably only be 3 parts. Hopefully you guys like it. FYI - I will be doing another part to both Battles and Hidden Rooms - some of you were asking. Thanks for reading!

You bit your lip while thinking about it. You were getting somewhere with him. He was more emotional than you had originally thought, but still scared that he wouldn’t understand - that instead he would just think you were crazy.

“Y/N…hello?”, Reggie waved his hand in front of you.

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EMT - Steve Harrington Imagine

Originally posted by ilovenarcisse

Request: Can you do an imagine where Steve falls for this high school drop out who became an EMT with the Hawkins police department and she protects the kids as fiercely as he does? And Eleven and Max both feel a strong connection with her and it’d be great if they were like in trouble and she sees Steve save them and she runs and wraps is arms around his waist and kisses him? What I’m saying is: BRING THE FLUFF BABES

“You should be more careful, Steve” Y/N scolded him, as she closed a wound on his arm with sutures.

“Hargrove had it coming. He laid his hands on Lucas” Steve told her.

“He did what?!” Y/N hissed, angrily.

“Don’t worry I got a few good punches in” Steve smirked, as Y/N grinned in response.

She was in deep concentration as she had almost finished stitching him up when some of her hair fell into her face, causing her to groan. With a soft smile, Steve pushed her long hair back behind her ear, his hand cupping her cheek as he did so. Y/N’s eyes flickered up to his, finding him gazing at her intensely, eyes locked on her lips.

“Wow, how do you do that?” Max queried, interrupting the interaction.

“Uh…just a lot of practice” Y/N answered, as Steve dropped his hand.

“Is it hard?” Eleven asked, confused at all the motions Y/N was having to make.

“Hard but do-able. Maybe I can show you guys sometime?” Y/N suggested, as both girls nodded enthusiastically.

Y/N then went to clear up her supplies, and walked into the kitchen to find something to clean Steve’s wound. However, a few seconds later there was a loud bang, and she heard the girls scream. When she rushed back into the room she saw one of the Demo-dogs on the floor, and the baseball bat in Steve’s hand still hung in the air.

“Are you guys okay?” Steve questioned the girls, who nodded, shakily.

Without a second’s thought, Y/N ran forward, wrapping her arms around Steve’s shoulders.

“Thank God” She sighed, as he dropped the bat on the floor.

He then moved to wrap his arms around her waist, as he pulled her closer to him.

“Y/N…” He trailed off, as they pulled away.

Before he could say anything else, Y/N had leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. In response, Steve kissed her back, his hands holding her waist, tightly.

“What was that for?” Steve smiled.

“For being a hero” Y/N grinned.

BTS Reactions

Requested by Anonymous: BTS reaction to them and their friend (who is a girl) playing around and then they accidentally kiss?

Scene 2: Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, J Hope

“Is this…legal?!” he asks, alarmed as they sneaked into the dorm’s kitchen. Without the hectic noise of the students during the day, it looked abandoned. They were too used to squeezing through the crowd, to get their meal.

“Um…no?” she answered sheepishly. “But whatever. The law doesn’t matter when my best friend is down in the dumps.”

He chuckled at her brazen words. Sometimes he wishes he could be like her. It was obvious that she lived her life a little reckless and carefree. He, however, was on the other side of the broad spectrum. Raised in an Asian household, he grew up more rigid than the other kids.

“Get the mixing bowls from that cupboard over there,” she instructed him while she hooked up her speaker.

By the time he had the bowls washed and ready on the table, music was already filling the kitchen. Without effort, their bodies swayed to the melody of soft jazz. When it came to their taste in music, they finally meet in the middle.

She rummaged the pantry and brought out a few ingredients. “Lemon vanilla cupcakes. You eat it with a glass of milk,” she says as she snaps her fingers, “Instant spirit lifter.”

His heart warmed at her efforts in trying to cheer him up. He had to admit that it has been a rough couple of months with the pressure of their final examinations.



“C’mon now, don’t just stand there!” she huffs with her hands on her hips. “You’re going to be the star chef of tonight’s cooking show!”

The duo merrily set to work with the music engulfing them into their own world. Jimin couldn’t help but steal glances of her. Ever since they got close, he has had a small crush on that slowly bloomed. Everything about her made him smile. From her bubbly personality to her impulsive behaviour.

“Here, I’ll show you how to use it,” she says as she hands him the mixer. His cheeks reddened when she placed her hand over his, guiding the mixer around the bowl.

They stayed silent as they got closer. His senses were dulled and all he could hear was the soft whispering of the music and the droning whirring of the mixer. She said something but the words that left her lips were empty. Those lips, he thought, were so…mesmerising. With the thumping of his heart guiding the momentum, his head leaned in, kissing her right on the lips.

He pulls away slowly, letting the feeling linger on his lips.

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Not Another Teen Cliché (That Ended Up Being Totally Not Cliché At All)

Based somewhat off this.
Title based somewhat off this

The whole thing was malicious.

Chloe had been sitting at her lunch table with her friends enjoying one of the last high school meals they would have at that specific picnic table in Barden High’s courtyard.

“Look,” Alice Peterson sneered, pointing to one of their classmates sitting alone under a tree.

“It’s that Beca Mitchell girl,” one of Alice’s lackeys said with a grin.

Chloe shifted uncomfortably on her wooden bench spot. She glanced across at Aubrey who was silent throughout the conversation, despite her obvious discontent with the conversation and the girl in it.

“Shame,” Alice shook her head rhetorically, “some girls just can’t be as attractive as we can.”

It was conversations like those that made Chloe question why she ate lunch with those girls three of her four years of high school. Why she was friends with them and why she even put up with them a little bit.

“Bet even you can’t make her pretty,” a lackey noted, nodding at the girl across the way.

Alice sat and contemplated for a moment. “No,” she scoffs for a moment, “but I bet I know who could.”

All eyes turned to the redhead.

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yearning. pt.5

pairing: kwon jiyong x you x dong youngbae
rating: m (language, mentions of sexual content)
genre: angst, fluff, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.4, pt.5

playlist - JIYONG
playlist - YOUNGBAE

Originally posted by ibgbang

Originally posted by selva3bd

His fingers hovered over the keyboard of his phonescreen for a moment, a wide, toothy grin pulling at the corners of his lips. To Jiyong’s dismay his friend seemed to be completely immersed in the conversation he was having with the oh so mysterious messenger. Truth be told if he wasn’t aware of the fact that it was you on the other end of the line - you, who so graciously told him everything between the two of you were a mistake and should be kept hidden - his annoyance would be kept to the minimum.

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Frostbite & Flurries

Pairing:  Jack Frost x Reader

Warnings:  None

Key:  (Y/E/C) is your eye color, and as always, (Y/N) is your name.  (Edelweiss - pronounced A-dill-vice)

Author’s note:  I know it has nothing to do with my theme but I wanted to write something for Christmas.  Also, just to help clarify, Jack can control snow, ice, and frost while she (you/the reader) is limited to frost.

Edelweiss - Song

Originally posted by coeurglace

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

Originally posted by thatfunnyweirdindiechick

Frostbite & Flurries

Winter.  Your favorite season.  Mainly due to the fact that your frost powers were more fun in the winter, but it was still a wonderful time of year.  Christmas, Snowball fights, and Jack Frost.  Well, whatever he left behind.  You knew better than to believe in such a thing as Jack Frost, at least for now.

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park jimin as your boyfriend

here is my fourth bts as your boyfriend for our lovely park jimin! i really hope you guys like this one, i was a bit iffy about it. but please enjoy and feel free to request for the groups i write for! 

Yoongi / Taehyung / Hoseok / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- honestly jimin is a huge cuddler like sometimes you’ll wake up as the big spoon or lying on top of him literally. you just never know when it comes to him

- surprisingly, you both get up around the same time everyday so whoever wakes up first usually just stays in bed and waits for the other because ya’ll are adorable like that

- like jimin hogs the bathroom because he takes way too long showers and literally uses all the hot water and you get so mad but he’ll just smile real big and squish your cheeks to make your anger practically dissolve. (or ya know, he always suggests you can shower with him, which you rarely agree to. other times you just whack him with a towel and tell him to quit being greasy)

- sometimes though he asks if he can do something random like try to paint your nails or braid your hair in the morning and you’re kinda just like ‘uh i guess?’ and tbh he doesnt do a terrible job like the nail polish stays on the nail and braid is even kinda nice, high five jimin

- you are always forcing chim to eat his breakfast because he tries to skip it all the time so you are nearly force feeding him a banana or toasts every morning and he acts like he’s annoyed by it but secretly when he’s in the middle of practice, he’s so thankful for the extra energy 

- and he does the same to you because you never even remember to eat breakfast for yourself so he’ll prepare something like a bagel and have you eat it on the way to work

- he always walks you to your job first like a proper gentleman and you always give him a kiss on  the cheek and a big hug before going to work and he blushes like a little boy, its super cute

- jimin will be so good to you omg like i really think he’ll do cute things like “anonymously” sending you chocolates to work or giving you piggy back rides when your feet hurt from wearing heels like ughh how cute

- dates with jimin are really different because he really likes doing the whole being fancy and dressing up deal (he even buys you new clothes to wear out like..) but other times he likes to order like three pizzas and sit on the couch in minimal clothing while watching cartoons and it’s really lazy but then there are times when he wants to be really active like 'omg lets go take a random salsa dance class!’ or he signs you up for couple’s yoga lol

- he also likes going to the trampoline park with you. he has the time of his life literally  flipping off the walls and when you say you wanna try doing one he is like 'no way, sorry babe’ and you pout and use your puppy eyes until he gives in and helps you do a front flip but i mean you’re on a trampoline so you could really do it by yourself if you actually tried but jimin is a protective little shit

- speaking of being a protective little sit, when he took you to get your ears pierced, he was a anxious mess because sometimes you couldnt handle pain like that well and omg you were doing it voluntarily!! so he literally held your hand so tight and kept rubbing your back when in reality all you did was wince and cringe up a bit when they actually pierced your ear lol 

- he’s just really protective in general though. like that dude was checking out your butt? oh hell no, sometimes has to be said. 

- okay but hear me out- his giggle

- you sometimes tease him by calling him chimchim and tickle him under the chin or something and he’ll do that beloved giggle and its so adorable. you even recorded it once and listen to it when you miss him

- CUDDLE BUG STRIKES AGAIN like anytime he can, he cuddles up with you. it could be anywhere- the couch, in bed, while making dinner, in the car. he loves holding you in his arms and knowing you’re safe and warm. (when you guys cuddle, you almost always fall asleep on each other and the other members have like 100 embarrassing pictures of you like drooling and jimin with his mouth wide open from snoring)

- you like to wear his boxers sometimes when you cant find pants and he gets SO embarrassed but he also thinks its super hot and bites his lip

- well since lips was mentioned- just imagine his lips against yours, so soft and slow, making you feel like really lucky because he’s so passionate and loving. plus he’s probably into neck kissing like he loves kissing your neck, sometimes leaving hickies, sometimes not. when he’s mad, he kisses you like he’s going to lose you. his kisses then are hard and frequent and slightly rushed but still holding that affect that makes you need to fan your face

- on another note, you get nightmares sometimes, which of course makes you wake up scared and shaking and it literally breaks jimin’s heart so he’ll draw you in and begin singing really softly in your ear and rub your back in hypnotic circles until you go to sleep completely calm and content

- when you cry is another time that jimin will sing to you. he absolutely hates seeing you cry so he’ll sing in a silly but still melodic voice and hold your hands and sometimes he’ll spin you around and slow dance with you or he’ll just hold you close and rock you back and forth

- honestly you can always hear his voice from somewhere. he likes to sing in the shower, in the kitchen, along to jingles on the commercials, and especially to the radio in the car. you two like to go on drives at night and just look at the night and sing to slow songs in the car

- another one of jimin’s talents is dancing. he likes to try and teach you to dance. even if you’re rubbish, he praises you and you cant tell if he genuinely thinks you’re doing okay or if he just doesnt want you to give up. but you always continue to learn the choreography to his songs and having really bad dance battles with him and the other members and honestly you’re on the level below even seokjin and namjoon but they all still cheer for you when you go against jimin or hoseok and its a lot of fun 

- jimin always takes the time to praise your talent too, even if its something silly like your ability to apply chapstick he’s like 'yasss, just look at you being fantastic’ and tbh its very uplifting

- you two are always uplifting each other actually. he’s quite insecure a lot of the time to you give him compliments all the time. you sometimes write him little post-it notes that say things like “how are you so handsome?” and slip them into his coat pockets for later or you leave him little videos on his phone reminding him to eat and smile. he personally likes to send you inspiring quotes that sometimes come with a picture of him blowing you a kiss or something silly. you both never let the other feel like they arent loved

- the first time you guys said i love you was because jimin couldnt find his shoes he had to wear that day for some promotion and he was searching everywhere for them and so were you and eventually you found them like under the couch and you gave them to him and he was like 'omg you found them, i love you!’ and you legit freeze and drop the shoes and he covers his mouth and his eyes are wide and his cheeks are a bright red and he’s scared but then you start tearing up because he finally said it and then you two hug and you whisper in his ear how much you love him and he hugs you tighter and keeps kissing the side of your head

- your relationship with jimin is overall playful and comfortable and neither of you would want to spend your life with anybody else

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8-9 with tig or chibs

You stared at your phone in confusion as you saw Tig’s name pop up. He hadn’t spoken to you in 3 weeks, the last time simply saying that he felt like maybe he wasn’t sure about his feelings for you. You weren’t together or anything, not yet, but you did have feelings for him and you had thought he had the same for you. You were embarrassed, wondering if maybe you had taken his friendliness as interest and read too much into things. Maybe he really never liked you, you only thought he did and he only spent time with you out of pity. So after him telling you he wasn’t sure he was after the same thing you were, you’d stayed home, not making any contact. He had done the same. But now here he was calling you.


There was silence for a couple seconds, you almost about to hang up when he finally spoke.


With a roll of your eyes, you impatiently waited for him to say something else.

“What do you want Tig?”

“I uh, I just wanted to talk to you. Hear your voice.”

“Well you have. Is that all?”

You could hear him huff on the other side and could practically see him rubbing is hand along his face.

“No, that’s not all. I actually wanted to apologize. I know I’ve been distant.”

“Distant? You’ve ignored me for 3 whole weeks Tig.”

“I know and I’m sorry doll,”

“Well then why did you do it?”

“I’m trying to fucking tell you if you’d just let me talk!”

You bit your lip as he lost his cool. You knew it was taking a lot for him to swallow his pride and apologize, you not letting him get his two cents in probably wasn’t making the reconciliation any easier. He huffed and you could tell he was trying hard to keep his cool.

“Sorry. Go ‘head.”

“I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring you. I started feeling like I was falling for you and I got scared. So I cut it off. I was scared that I was maybe falling in love with you and I haven’t been in love in so long. Last time I have it was ruined, and shit with Coleen was crazy. I just got scared. You meant too much to me.”

You were silent for a while, not having ever believed that that was the reason behind why he had completely written you off.

“You there?”

“Yeah I’m here. I was just thinking. I felt like you were just using me. I thought you were just throwing me away.”

“I wasn’t I swear. I mean I thought that if I pushed you away that maybe I’d stop thinking about you but that didn’t happen. I still care for you.”

His words brought a small smile to your face, finally understanding why he did what he did. It didn’t make you any less annoyed though.

“I’m still mad at you Tiggy.”

“I know, and I’ll make it up to you baby. I promise. I’ll make up for it. But I’m never letting you go.”

“Fine. Come prove it.”

You smiled softly as he agreed.

“Be there in 15 doll.”

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Your blog is amazing! Could you do the brothers (of whichever family you want) reaction to their S/O being a Wican witch. Like a modern day one who cast spells and curses. She stitches sigils into their clothing to protect them and uses herbs with meanings when she cooks. She reads tarot and practices lots of types of divination.

This is so interesting! I did the Sakamaki, but if you want the Mukami later just ask~ (♡´౪`♡)

♥Shu: …What is that circle on the floor? Uh? Are you trying to summon a familiar?… Well, as long as you don’t make too much noise, it’s okay. But try not to bring something dangerous into the house…

♥Reiji: You brewed all those potions by yourself? And poisons too? You’re quite skillful with herbs. I’ve heard about this potion! It requires a very deep knowledge of alchemy. Hm… Who taught you all this? You will be really useful for me. I could learn a thing or two from you…

♥Ayato: Hey, Chichinashi, since youre a witch, can you cast a spell upon me? Make me the greatest vampire ever! Uh? You already put a spell on me? What kind of spell?! You’re going to regret th-! Ah, strange… I don’t feel like drinking your blood today…

♥Kanato: What are you doing with my sweater?! Huh? Is that… A sigil? Why are you stitching a sigil on my sweater? For protection, you say? Hum… I dont know why would I need protection, But its okay I guess. Hey… Can you sew one on Teddy, too? A fire-proof sigil would be nice!

♥Laito: So, you’re a witch, Bitch-chan? Hmm, who would’ve thought! Those are a really interesting cards you’ve got there. Oh~ do you read the future with those? Good, good. I want to hear my future, then. I’m all ears~

♥Subaru: Since when you’re a witch?! Dammit, why have you been hiding this from me?! *punches wall* Huh? The wall pieces are coming together… Can you restore things to their original state?! Well, that means I can destroy as many things as I want when I’m angry, and it will be like nothing happened because you will be there to keep the secret…

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Lipstick + solangelo?

Omgs this is gonna be fun….. >:D

Lot’s of things happen at parties. Some good, some bad. Sometimes you can be tricked with a false sense of security, only to have the rug ripped out from underneath you.

That’s how it was for Nico di Angelo, five feet and four inches of lonely sadness, bundled up in your average fourteen year old.

The biggest problem with Nico was that everyone was scared to get close to him. He was one of those people born with a warning label on his head that screamed, “DANGER!! STAY AWAY!!” Of course that label only became louder when his mom died, then later his sister, leaving him with no one. But nobody even knew as they shrunk against the walls as Nico walked the halls of the old, rundown school. They left him in his dark scary place of a world…. except one.

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replied to your



dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about…

dark rc tell me how often viktor phones home to hasetsu like every time yuuri turns around he’s gossiping with toshiya or talking abt boy bands with mari or embarrassing childhood stories with hiroko

Victor’s in the middle of retying his skate when the sound of Yuuri’s boring, default ringtone fills the air. Yuuri refuses to change it to literally anything else–even a less annoying stock tone–because it’s the only one he can hear through his headphones.

He looks up without pausing with his laces, fingers knotting by memory, and watches Yuuri brighten at whoever’s on the display.

“Hi mom!”

Victor couldn’t stop the smile that breaks over his face even if he tried. There’s just something about Hiroko–even the very thought of her–that feels like sunshine. 

“I’m good,” Yuuri says, and he turns to beam at Victor, who mimes a wave. “We got to the rink about twenty minutes ago. We had a bit of a, uh, late start this morning.”

The smile twists into something a little wicked and he bares a hint of teeth at Yuuri, who blushes to the roots of his hair and whirls around, showing Victor his back. Which probably doesn’t have the intended effect, since all it does is make Victor think about how his come looked dripping down the line of Yuuri’s spine. 

“It’s good to hear from you. I can’t remem–” Yuuri pauses, listens for a moment, and then says flatly, “Oh.”

Victor blinks as he turns around and practically throws the phone at him.

“It’s for you.”

Even when he reaches the ice, Yuuri just keeps stomping away.

Victor glances down at the little image of Hiroko on the display, the call duration ticking, and he waits until it gets to 0:01:20 before bringing the phone to his ear. Even numbers make him feel better about the state of the world. “Hello?”

“Hello, sweetheart! I was just at Hironobu-san’s stand, buying squid, when I saw the most adorable little dog and immediately thought of you. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

He risks a glance at the ice. Yuuri manages to launch into a flawless triple axel and flip him off at the same time.

That’s when it hits him.

He’s now the favorite child.

Beaming, he waves at Yuuri and says, “For you, Hiroko-kaachan? I have an hour. Tell me everything!”