practice makes perfect


You know, I’ve been thinking about a small art challenge. If you want, tell me a number/letter to give me and a subject, that’s appropriate of course, it draw/doodle. I’ll let you know when and if I’ll try and work on yours. I’ll then post the pictures with your name tagged on it! Give me a challenge, but understand that I am not a great artist, but I’ll try my hardest. It’ll take me a little while to complete them, so please be patient. Thank you! (None of the images are or were mine.)

I’ll post when the challenge is over.

I did the apple tree and my profile pic, those are all I have for Tumblr right now, so those are what you have to base my skill off of.


my handwriting is pretty shitty (it’s the best I’ve ever had tho) but the difference between messy, rushed class notes and neatly written at home notes is crazy! also I love taking time to rewrite notes and practise my handwriting to make it neater, I think practice is the only good option if you wanna change the style of your handwriting.


“It may not be the best thing you ever drew, but it’s still yours.”

So I got this new sketchbook! (Because I have no self-control)
So I’m gonna do this, one drawing/sketch a day and share them with you! This is gonna be a journey for sure.