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Did BTS Lip sync?

Naw, they just know how to perform. They are the definition of true entertainment. They practice for 10 hours(maybe even more) for days on end. And not only for the AMAs. They’ve been doing this since way before they debuted in 2013. Just because it’s out of the norm to be able to sing and dance at the same time for some of people, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. BTS has proven that every time they step on the stage.

Don’t believe me? Check out the rest of their live performances. They got a bunch.

Tell the Truth: Alya confronts Adrien, trying to convince him to confess his big secret–because what’s the harm, especially when she’s already figured it out?

For @miraculousfluffmonth Day 14, although in all fairness, this post is probably a better submission for the day.

“Adrien, we’re friends, right?”

Adrien smiled at Alya uncertainly, not entirely comfortable with the fact that she’d cornered him after class like this. Usually, she and Marinette would stay to chat with him and Nino, but Marinette had needed to rush home to the bakery today, and at a look from Alya, Nino had fled. Adrien hadn’t been able to do more than pick up his bag before Alya had been there, sitting on his desk and blocking the quick exit to the aisle.

He was fairly confident that Nino wouldn’t just abandon him without good reason, but still. Alya was being…odd. “Of course we’re friends,” he answered.

“So we can tell each other anything,” Alya continued.

Adrien did tell Nino almost everything, and he had done so with Chloé when they’d been kids, so…. “Yes?” He hadn’t meant it to come out as a question, but he still didn’t know where she was going with this.

And he still felt like he’d gotten trapped somehow.

It was an unnerving feeling, especially with Alya.

The girl in question smiled at him and leaned closer. “Which means you don’t need to hide with me.”


“The truth.”

Something twisted inside his stomach. “What truth?”

“You know which one,” she said, which did absolutely nothing to calm his nerves. He knew she’d been looking into the identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir, but she’d been doing that for ages. He hadn’t realized she’d been this close. There hadn’t been any hint of it on the Ladyblog.

He supposed he should be grateful for that, but in retrospect, it wasn’t terribly surprising. Alya was tremendously curious, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t keep a secret once she’d uncovered it. He took a shaky breath and tried to relax, consciously unclenching his fingers. Plagg wouldn’t be happy with this. That was probably the reason he was still hiding, assuming it wasn’t just because he’d gorged himself on camembert again and was sleeping it off. Even if Alya had realized Chat Noir’s secret identity, it didn’t mean she knew anything about Plagg or the kwami’s importance in the transformation.

Adrien wasn’t sure how much he could tell her, though. He’d assumed keeping their identities a secret was to protect their friends and families from Hawk Moth or others like him and to a certain extent to protect himself if anyone close to him got akumatized again. What he didn’t know was if Plagg would be in any sort of danger if he was discovered. Not from Alya, surely, but Plagg had seemed pretty adamant that Adrien couldn’t tell anyone about him, and he wasn’t firm on a lot of things that didn’t involve cheese, so it must be for a good reason.


Even if Alya wasn’t going to tell the world who he was—something she must have reconsidered, given how publically she had been searching for their identities and how Lady WiFi had been ready to unmask Ladybug so everyone could see her—that didn’t mean the other problems with her knowing went away. He swallowed. “How…how long have you known?”

She smiled and straightened up. “Honestly, I wasn’t absolutely certain until right now, but your reaction definitely clinches it.”

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Interpreting, despite the fact that it is often taught at universities, is not an academic subject; it is far more akin to a craft or a sport. One cannot learn to interpret by going to a lecture (or reading a book) and understanding an explanation of how interpreting works. Interpreting is a skill or, to be more exact, a combination of skills that one can explain and understand quite quickly, but which take far longer to master in practice. In practice, and through practice!
—  Gillies, Andrew (2013) Conference Interpreting - A Student’s Practice Book. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. p.3.

stormflare2296  asked:

How do you get so skilled in anatomy. I'm having such trouble with it. Any tips?

Well, the main tip I’m going to give you here is this:


Of course, that’s not just it. It would help you greatly to try and reproduce some drawings or photographs from other artists for pose reference (if you do post them, please credit the original source!), and also watch lots of tutorials and speedpaint videos!

If you want some extra info, right now I’m watching @rossdraws‘ stuff! It’s nothing like my style but it’s still amazing to watch and I hope to learn a lot from his use of color and compositions ♥


You know, I’ve been thinking about a small art challenge. If you want, tell me a number/letter to give me and a subject, that’s appropriate of course, it draw/doodle. I’ll let you know when and if I’ll try and work on yours. I’ll then post the pictures with your name tagged on it! Give me a challenge, but understand that I am not a great artist, but I’ll try my hardest. It’ll take me a little while to complete them, so please be patient. Thank you! (None of the images are or were mine.)

I’ll post when the challenge is over.

I did the apple tree and my profile pic, those are all I have for Tumblr right now, so those are what you have to base my skill off of.