practice like a champion

I find it interesting the way we live in a world that champions the practical, like traits such as creativity are only wondered at when they can create lots of money for someone higher, rather than just being a pleasurable thing in itself. 

I think mega watery people especially, that function in this world a lot differently than how we have set up our values (Go to work everyday for eight hours, always be able to practically function, never have an emotional response that may hinder this) must find it difficult to live everyday without feeling wrong in someway. Like they are dysfunctional.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

- Krishnamurti

Thanksgiving prep tip #1

Build up stomach capacity by eating copious turkey & dressing dinners at Denny’s.

Look, Thanksgiving is like the big game. You can’t expect to just live your life like a normal shlub all year and then come the last Thursday of November expect to chow down like a champion. You gotta practice, buddy! Get that wimpy stomach of yours into the food gym, um, which really isn’t a gym at all, it’s just like, eating. I guess the restaurant could be the food gym? Like we’ve got all the stuff you need to “work out”? Look, this metaphor isn’t what’s important, alright bub? It’s you practicing so you don’t get a stomach cramp and miss out on dessert. 

Picture made me think:

Just Because, and Because I Feel Like it-

Unless you’ve been on that team, unless you’ve walked through that door, you will never know.

There are teams all across America who daily reaffirm a commitment to each other and their cause- to work, to play, to win and to stand on the field victorious with the knowledge that they have given their best and their last full measure.

One Team, One Fight.

How many of us have walked through doors like this in locker rooms, and stadiums? Slapping a hand on the wall or the door frame above our head in a way of saying “I’m All In!”, “Count On Me”— A message to ourselves as much as to others that we were there to do our best.

As a coach I still love stuff like this. As a former athlete, I miss it with every fiber of my being.

Sports is the last part of life where we are all equal, where we are all judged the same, where hard work means everything.

Where PRIDE still matters, and where COMMITMENT meant giving everything for your teammates.

What some of us wouldn’t give for one more time through the door with our team.  Every Player for Every Play.

Unless you’ve walked through that door, you wouldn’t get it. You wouldn’t understand.