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When TS visited the Great Wall of China, were they there for a figure skating event? Or just to visit?

They were there for a skating show called “Passion of Ice and Snow”, here are two clips from it (one from the show, one from practice:

(video: Ice Charm HD)


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)


“It’s not fun at all if it’s easy. If everything, including medaling, comes easily, it wouldn’t feel like anything was accomplished. Working hard at something, persisting through it all, and having the results show for it is the best feeling of all. I train every single day for those moments.” – Shoma Uno, 06/2016