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  • director: don't you think you should be wearing something more practical for flight?
  • harry: *wipes mud off of gucci boots, readjusts collar on gucci jacket* i don't know what you mean
Some “back then” Headcanons nobody really needs.

1) When Hunk just got into Garrison he was really shy and had a hard time socializing since most people were intimidated by his appearence.

-  One day he was at the cafeteria and some guy named Lance sat in front of him and said “Hey, can I pretend to be talking to you, that Foreman guy was being a dick so I stole his pudding. If anyone asks, I’ve been sitting here the whole time, ok?” so they shared the pudding and ended up talking for real for like an hour. 

 2)  During her early days at Garrison, Pidge used to get bullied for being short (and also for being kind of a little shit).

-  One day some boys cornered her at the corridor and started calling her names, but Lance showed up and told them to “leave his teammate alone”. The boys were all like “Yeah? You and who else?”, but when Hunk appeared from behind Lance with a super menacing look, they almost shit their pants and ran for it. Lance and Hunk started laughing their asses off and Lance was like “Nice acting, bro”. That was the first time Pidge actually smiled in front of them and thought: “Maybe spending time with these idiots once in a while won’t hurt”

- Also, Hunk started showing up at her dorm with homemade cookies, so it became really hard to refuse. They were peanut butter, how the hell did he know.

3) The first time Lance saw Keith was in a common flight practice, and he actually thought he was cool and a great pilot. 

- He approached him after practice and said “Hey, I’m Lance. That rolling maneuver you did back there was awesome. You think you can teach it to me some time?” But Keith blatantly ignored him and walked out of the room. Lance was so ofended he inmediately came to hate him. He set as a personal goal to become better than him and teach his rude ass a lesson. 

Common farewells by flight
  • Wind: Make many stories.
  • Plague: Stay strong,
  • Shadow: Psych!
  • Nature: Grow well.
  • Earth: Remember me.
  • Light: Do not stray.
  • Lightning: See you after work.
  • Fire: Keep the fire burning.
  • Water: May your future be clear.
  • Ice: We will be together again.
  • Arcane: Don't get lost out there.

prompt from @sanverspotsticker – “Clark meets Maggie kinda in the way he met Mon El tonight”

She’s not that excited to meet him.

He’s only Alex’s cousin.

He’s only Superman.

And Maggie Sawyer is not – will not be – Winn Schott.

Winn, who practically tumbled down a flight of stairs when Superman flew back in (Vasquez lost ten bucks to Maggie in the process).

She’s certainly not excited to meet him.

It’s not like she idolized him growing up.

No, she’s not excited to meet him at all. 

Because he’s only Alex’s cousin.

So she’s not excited.

She’s absolutely terrified.

It had gone well with Alex’s mom, and Kara was warming up to her.

It had gone well with J’onn, and with Alex’s brothers.

But Clark was the extended family; Clark was the part of the family that Maggie was shuttled out to at fourteen. The part of the family who hated her, perhaps, even more than the parents who didn’t have to deal with her anymore.

So, ordinarily, she’d be nearly tumbling down those stairs right alongside Winn.

But this isn’t just Superman.

This is Alex’s cousin.

Alex watches her with curious eyes and a soft grin. She knows what a big fan of Leslie Willis, Cat Grant, James Olsen, Batwoman – the list goes on – that Maggie is.

Superman’s sure to be on the list.

So Alex nudges her slightly right before Clark catches her eye, before he tilts his head, before he strides over to them with a midwestern gait and a small smile in the middle of a war, because his cousin’s never giggled about anyone before, but god, she giggles about Maggie.

So, war or no war – dire circumstances or not – Clark is eager to meet his cousin’s girlfriend.

He holds out a warm hand, slight wariness mixed with genuine welcome in his eyes.

“You must be the woman my cousin is absolutely crazy about,” he offers, and Alex tries not to preen.

“Maggie Sawyer,” Maggie nods and shakes firmly, her voice somewhat smaller than it usually is, her eyes somewhat shier. 

“You’re treating her right?” he asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“I try to every second of every day,” Maggie tells him, restraining herself from adding a “sir” to the end of her sentence. She reminds herself that Kara used to change this guy’s diapers.

Superman grins, and his smile is almost as bright as his cousins’. “And is she treating you right?” he asks while Alex pffts and shoves him.

But Maggie’s voice is solemn, serious, when she answers.

“No one’s ever treated me better.”

Alex’s giggle cuts off mid-breath, and Clark holds Maggie’s eyes with such intensity that they almost start up his heat vision.

She holds his gaze, her chin up, her eyes earnest, her palms somewhat clenched at her sides.

And then she’s being pulled into a long, warm, surprisingly gentle hug.

From Superman.

She tries not to squeal.

“You two should spend a weekend with Lois and I in Metropolis when this is all over. She’d love to meet the newest member of the Danvers family, Maggie.”

Before Maggie can stammer out a response, the radio buzzes with information about a fresh attack west of the DEO.

Superman points upwards, and Alex nods.

“Up, up, and away,” he winks at Maggie, taps his index finger underneath Alex’s chin, and soars toward danger.

“Superman hugged me!” Maggie’s voice is slightly strained.

“Thought it was no big deal, he’s only my cousin?” Alex grins and nudges her with her shoulder as they both head back to tactical command.

“But he hugged me,” Maggie repeats, and she sounds an awful lot like Winn.

This time, Vasquez owes Alex ten bucks.

Why do we dream?

In the 3rd millennium BCE, Mesopotamian kings recorded and interpreted their dreams on wax tablets. In the years since, we haven’t paused in our quest to understand why we dream. And while we still don’t have any definitive answers, we have some theories. Here are seven reasons we might dream.

1. In the early 1900’s, Sigmund Freud proposed that while all of our dreams, including our nightmares, are a collection of images from our daily conscious lives, they also have symbolic meanings which relate to the fulfillment of our subconscious wishes.  Freud theorized that everything we remember when we wake up from a dream is a symbolic representation of our unconscious, primitive thoughts, urges and desires. Freud believed that by analyzing those remembered elements, the unconscious content would be revealed to our conscious mind, and psychological issues stemming from its repression could be addressed and resolved.

2. To increase performance on certain mental tasks, sleep is good, but dreaming while sleeping is better.  In 2010, researchers found that subjects were much better at getting through a complex 3D maze if they had napped and dreamed of the maze prior to their second attempt. In fact, they were up to ten times better at it than those who only thought of the maze while awake between attempts, and those who napped but did not dream about the maze. Researchers theorize that certain memory processes can happen only when we are asleep, and our dreams are a signal that these processes are taking place.

3. There are about ten thousand trillion neural connections within the architecture of your brain. They are created by everything you think, and everything you do.  A 1983 neurobiological theory of dreaming, called “reverse learning,” holds that while sleeping, and mainly during REM sleep cycles, your neocortex reviews these neural connections and dumps the unnecessary ones. Without this unlearning process, which results in your dreams, your brain could be overrun by useless connections, and parasitic thoughts could disrupt the necessary thinking you need to do while you’re awake.    

4. The “Continual Activation Theory” proposes that your dreams result from your brain’s need to constantly consolidate and create long term memories in order to function properly. So when external input falls below a certain level, like when you’re asleep, your brain automatically triggers the generation of data from its memory storages, which appear to you in the form of the thoughts and feelings you experience in your dreams. In other words, your dreams might be a random screensaver your brain turns on so it doesn’t completely shut down.   

5. Dreams involving dangerous and threatening situations are very common, and the Primitive Instinct Rehearsal Theory holds that the content of a dream is significant to its purpose.  Whether it’s an anxiety filled night of being chased through the woods by a bear, or fighting off a ninja in a dark alley, these dreams allow you to practice your fight or flight instincts and keep them sharp and dependable, in case you’ll need them in real life. But it doesn’t always have to be unpleasant; for instance, dreams about your attractive neighbor could actually give your reproductive instinct some practice too.

6. Stress neurotransmitters in the brain are much less active during the REM stage of sleep, even during dreams of traumatic experiences, leading some researchers to theorize that one purpose of dreaming is to take the edge off painful experiences to allow for psychological healing. Reviewing traumatic events in your dreams with less mental stress may grant you a clearer perspective and an enhanced ability to process them in psychologically healthy ways. People with certain mood disorders and PTSD often have difficulty sleeping, leading some scientists to believe that lack of dreaming may be a contributing factor to their illnesses.   

7. Unconstrained by reality and the rules of conventional logic, in your dreams your mind can create limitless scenarios to help you grasp problems and formulate solutions that you may not consider while awake. John Steinbeck called it “the Committee of Sleep” and research has demonstrated the effectiveness of dreaming on problem solving. It’s also how renowned chemist August Kekule discovered the structure of the benzene molecule, and it’s the reason that sometimes the best solution for a problem is to “sleep on it”.

And those are just a few of the more prominent theories. As technology increases our capability for understanding the brain, it’s possible that one day we will discover the definitive reason for them; but until that time arrives, we’ll just have to keep on dreaming.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins

Animation by @clamanne

Nobody asked for... [Part 4]

Cuz @tsume-yuki continued her crossover, so I decided to follow up on mine~

You can find the links to the other parts here.

He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Another round of giggles echoed from the Moby Dick’s figurehead and Ace felt a tingle down his spine at the sound. Whipping around, he glowered at the pair of women sunning themselves, heads of red and white sitting opposite each other in stark contrast like a chess pieces.

Riskua was doing that talking-with-her-hands thing she does when she gets really into a topic. Ace longed to spend time with her…


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Actor, James Woods, once sat on a “practice flight” for the 9/11 attacks, one month before it happened. He immediately contacted the FBI when his LA bound flight landed, after he witnessed four men matching the terrorists’ descriptions hovering close to pilots cabin and acting suspiciously. Nobody believed him.

Frozen In Time (Part 4/?) (Stark/Rogers x reader)

Part 3

“Sir, you might wish to stop for a moment.  (Y/N) is approaching and she appears to be quite agitated.”

“Shiiiiit,” Tony whined to himself, scurrying around the lab as quickly as he could to put away his work. “How long do I have, J?  Can I make a run for it?”

“I don’t believe so, sir, but it may be wise to stow away the sharp instruments first.”

“She’s that mad?”

“Yes, I’m that mad!” you yelled from the doorway, grabbing a random tool from the table next to you and pitching it at him before he could duck away.  “What in the hell were you thinking?!”

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anonymous asked:

"Why is this even an option?"

“I have a dilemma,” You walked into a room where Clint, Tony, and Steve were.

“Do elaborate,” Steve encouraged, a little scared of what he just got himself into.

You sighed, not totally sure how to explain it. “I’m bored, so, do I fight someone, eat food, read a book, or jump off a cliff?” You asked.

Clint choked with laughter. “Why is this even an option?” He asked. “Obviously jump off a cliff.”

Tony shrugged. “I would go with that one, too. That’s how you practice flight. And with your powers, you’d be okay.”

“Exactly, just don’t fall into a pit of spikes. Make sure you can fly,” Clint added. “There, we just decided for you.”

Steve’s eyes were wide. “What the hell, guys?” He laughed. “Don’t encourage them!”

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