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Edwin D. Babbitt. The Principles of Light and Color. 1878-1896.


You guys see what I’m seeing from that sentence? XD I imagine it to be the same situation as this:

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Progress, not perfection.
—  Twelve-Step saying
Types Of Witches

This is a post on the many different types of witches. Due to the fact there are so many different types of them, I probably missed a couple, and this list isn’t complete. You do not have to be only one type of these witches, but can be a multitude of them, and you do not have to feel limited to fit in to any of these. In order for a type of witch to appear on this list someone must be identifying with it. If you are not represented here, or misrepresented here please tell me, and I will change it.

Witch: A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. There are no other requirements to be a witch besides the act of practicing witchcraft, because of this anyone can be a witch regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, or any other factor. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of magick primarily but not limited to the practice of thaumaturgy.

Male Witch: Are witches who happened to be males. Though this term is not necessary, because the word witch is already gender neutral.

Baby Witch / Newbie Witch / Witchling: Are witches who are new to the practice, or feel that they are not quite witches yet.

Elemental Witch: Are witches that work with all of the western classic elements. These elements being fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. Some elemental witches choose not to also incorporate the element of spirit.

Fire Witch: Are witches that work with the element of fire, and the energies that it possesses. They would work with things such as candle magick, fire elementals, bonfire rituals, and fire scrying among other things that are related to fire.

Water Witch: Are witches that work with the element of water, and the energies that it possesses. They would work with things such as different types of water, water elementals, and water scrying among other things that are related to water.

Earth Witch: Are witches that work with the element of earth, and the energies that it possesses. They would work with things such as crystal, herbs, rocks, earth elementals, the spirit of the land, and other earth-based things.

Air Witch: Are witches that work with the element of air, and the energies that it possesses. They would work with things such as air elementals, incense, and rhythmic breathing.

Crystal Witch: Are witches that use crystals in their practice. They will practice such things as crystal healing, communicating with crystal spirits, and crystal grids, among other things that has to do with crystals.

Herbal Witch: Are witches that use herbs in their practice. They will usually grow herbs, and will use these herbs in many different ways in order to produce magickal effects such as burning them, turning them into tea, or sprinkling them around places.

Tea Witch: Are witches that use tea in their practice in order to facilitate certain effects through the act of drinking certain teas.

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We are all well aware that Saturn is known as a “Malefic” planet that “weighs and restricts” down upon where it sits or aspects.  However in my opinion Saturn is the greatest teacher available to you if you open your mind to growth through time.  While restriction of the house it’s placed in occurs before the age of 30 Saturn opens doors to new paths in life in the second part of life.

After the age of 30 you will come to respect, become more attuned and have more integration of the matters of the house Saturn is placed in your Birth Horoscope.  

When you have :

Saturn in 1st House : More confident, Hard working, Dedicated and responsible overall. Well educated and wise risk taker.  Protects reputation and understands how to appear before others in public.  Becomes a strong authority somewhere in life where someone applies them-self.  Serious attitude and ambitious can be how others perceive someone with this position.

Saturn in 2nd House: Wisdom associated with responsibility with assets.  Great understanding of financial value.  Knowledge and ability to save money and make money work for them.  Can be structure minded and independent. Coming to understand comfort and stability comes with hard work.

Saturn in 3rd House: Becomes good at organizing thoughts to be communicated. Disciplined learning ability which helps boast retaining ability. Strives for mental excellence and learns the value of opinions and communication in general.  Becomes an authority on the local area and neighbors.

Saturn in 4th House: Becoming an authority on family.  Showing love with responsibility. A need to provide for the family, heritage or community. Honoring the birth culture or having pride in the birth country.  Understanding the value of emotional security.  Coming to terms with vulnerability.

Saturn in 5th House: Becoming a stronger authority and shining brighter. Disciplined in taking risks.  Mature love affairs that are long lasting.  Having children when they are more established and well off in life.  Being a more mature and responsible parent.  Understanding the practicality and purpose of fun and hobbies.

Saturn in 6th House: Becoming an authority over health.  Understanding the body and how to be healthy and more efficient.  Learning the value of working more practicality.  Becoming an authority on doing quality work.  Amassing wisdom and understanding of how to deal with anxiety and depression.  Realizing the importance of pets and small and animals in life.

Saturn in 7th House:  Marriage comes later in life to promote a longer lasting marriage based on understanding personal needs.  Ending up with a more fitting marriage and loyal partner.  Understanding the responsibility of marriage. Attaining business partners who are reliable, have integrity, down to earth and understand the importance of reputation.  Gaining more wisdom over contract signing and negotiation sessions.  Becoming and authority on dealing with open enemies.

Saturn in 8th House: Understanding the practicality of letting go and changing oneself to move forward.  Becoming an authority on how to properly utilize other people’s resources.  Coming to terms with sexuality, it’s place and dealing with intimacy. Becoming a serious researching and looking below the surface to understand what secrets or hidden information exist.  Become an authority on the occult and understand metaphysical matters.  Growing wisdom pertaining to psychology, it’s impact on one'e self and how it can be favorably used.

Saturn in 9th House: Learning the value of having an open mind.  Being religious but not close minded.  Growing an ambition to study and attain higher learning credentials.  Focus their education on a concentrated area so they can become a master of a subject.  Learn to become an authority on teaching. Gain wisdom and attain practical philosophies that have a place in life that promote growth and help their public image.  Becoming an authority on foreign culture and places and becoming widely known for being well traveled.  Being widely known as a published writer.  

Saturn in 10th House:  Learning the value of what time can do for one’s self. Establishing ambitions and working towards them to bring success in life. Overcoming fear of failure towards the path to success.  Not letting other people distract you from what you want.  Becoming successful by creating structure, routine and taking goals seriously.  Being an authority only comes through hard work and determination.  Not letting one’s self down because of excuses.  Becoming widely known as a success because of being responsible.

Saturn in 11th House:  Overcoming rejecting and seeing the worth of persistence in finding a place in society.  Valuing groups that are tailored towards your ambitions.  Not letting fear distract oneself from having friends. Building a structure in friendship with trust and time.  Becoming an authority of a group to bring it disciplined structure.  Learning that not everyone has to be well liked in life.  Merging ambitions with hopes and wishes and following personal goals.  The practicality of creating and inventing something useful.

Saturn in 12th House:  Coming to terms with pain and suffering.  Ease the pain and suffering of others but know one’s limits. Understand you can lead a horse to water but can’t force them to drink.  Facing reality and knowing you have to exist in life with no choice.  Accept responsibility and realize escaping life benefits no one.  The only way to change anything is put effort in one step at a time.  Understand there are greater things in the universe at work then just one’s self.  

To the people who say we should not punch Nazis in the face

Philosophizing and discussing principles are all well and good, in a vacuum, but all ethics must have a practical purpose.

When we built this country we made a decision that personal freedom was important. There was an ideological axiom in play, but axioms must be grounded and functional. That is what gave us the Supreme Court, the decision about harmful speech, the famous “shouting fire in a crowded theater.”

Speech that invites riot, that harms a person’s reputation with completely false statements, that pursues a person with threats, that causes injury by evoking panic…these have been determined to be the practical limits of the amorphous philosophical “freedom of speech”.

But the practicality of a thing is measured by the world around it, which is always changing . To remain relevant, the practical arm of philosophy must also evolve. Fifty years ago…hell, thirty years ago, a man’s capacity to cause harm with racist speech was very small. Only his family and friends caught the brunt of it, unless a man was lucky enough to catch the one in a million break of obtaining a television show or some small fame. However, the world has shifted. Now we have televisions, radio, and of course, the multi-headed hydra of the internet.

That tiny sphere of influence, that crowded theater, has gotten far more crowded.

Now a man’s terrible speech can reach millions around the world instantly. It can utterly destroy how our country is seen by the world and other powers that already have difficult relations with us. One man now has the microphone to a concert-sized stereo sound system and is yelling “fire!” To an audience 7 billion people strong.

This modern technology has meant that we must adapt our philosophy, just as we do in connection with cyber bullying, stalking, online victimization. We must alter our high ideals so that they become tenable in the real universe. So what is the solution?

How can we inhibit the bad behavior without the removal of the rights we all agree we should have?

The answer is consequences. Because the law is slow to move and most men these days have become lustfully entrenched in the notion of anonymity and protected obscurity, they fear no consequences. This never happened until now. In the past, if a man wanted to make an opinion known, he had to do it in the open, because there were no keyboards and monitors, no YouTube and camera phones. So…It falls to the people, the society around them, to hear the things they say and indicate that the words are not allowed, because of the detrimental effect one man can have.

That is simply how it must happen until our law can be interpreted to meet the new age.

But a mindful person who understands why the philosophy exists, who embraces the concept of freedom but can apply practicality to themselves, knows that murdering a man for what he believes is not their personal right. This mindful person comprehends that actions must have consequences and the consequences of murdering a Nazi are the same as murdering someone else. This well-minded and rightly angered citizen refuses to be responsible for a breech of the philosophy. So instead of simply ridding the world of a Nazi and demonstrating that the philosophy of freedom is an unsustainable paradox, this person punches a Nazi in the face to teach him a lesson.

Seems fair. It’s precisely what happened when men only had real soapboxes from which to shout hate speech.

TL;DR In the modern era the audience is far larger and the world uses social media as a metric of how to interpret the USA. Racism and hate speech are no longer hidden things but have been brought to the surface by men who have become too comfortable with the anonymity of the internet - a thing which did not exist in previous centuries. The law is slow to apply itself with the practical adaptation of philosophy. Therefore, consequences fall to those listening. And those listening choose to punch rather than to kill.

Because principles are important.

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is it possible to "become" buddhist? i haven't been buddhist all of my life because that isn't how i was raised

Dear One, Buddhism isn’t about becoming or converting, it’s more about practicing and being. You don’t have to “become” anything, you already are. No matter what faith or creed you belong to or follow, you still can practice buddhist teachings and philosophy. Just be open to it; start small, read some books, attend some teachings and meditate (if you can), try being kind and compassionate. Do try it. It’s really nice. Just find your peace and be happy. Peace and love to you Dear, take care. I’m not wise really, lol, just trying to help.