practice practice practice

I dont think it would be a very good idea to wake Matt’s boyfriend now that he finally fell asleep. you would probably never be safe ever again.

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Jhope’s Mission is to have one BTS member say “Let’s get married.”

SG: Is this a mission?
JH: No.. Hyung, if I clean up, cook for you and give you massage. Is there something you want to do with me?
SG: ?????????????? take a trip?
JH: *says same thing to Taehyung*
V: Hyung, I love you.
RM: (who overheard all these) HOSEOK-AH! HOSEOK-AH!!! Let’s get married!!


Traveling Jack

I’m re-watching Jack’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy play through and wanted to see some gifs from the Jack cam. So I’m scrolling through Jack’s archive–and daaaaaamn he’s traveled a lot since July!: 

The D23 Expo Level Up –California US

PAX West – Seattle US

Solo Tour – Midwest US

Ready Player 3 Tour – a Fuckton places in Europe

All that after moving house in May. Jesus dude, that’s a lot of running around! I hope he had fun with all the adventures! 

Also, for as much as I miss the constant videos, I do seriously hope he feels free to take a bit of time for himself after the tour to just relax.