So many people say they don’t want to try yoga as they are too scared or they can’t touch their toes.
I hear all the excuses ‘I’m not strong, I’m not flexible blah blah blah!’
Give yourself the chance to experience something new that can be so good for you! Don’t let fear hold you back.
Also don’t be intimidated by the crazy things I do in these videos. This is where I am up to in my practice after 12 years of practicing most days. This is my job it’s how I spend most my days, it’s not necessarily what will be happening in a beginners class!
Learning proper alignment and body cues to keep yourself free from injury is first and foremost.
Don’t miss out on something so good out of fear. Give yoga a try, you won’t regret it.
Get your ass to class!
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No other choice

Despite what they say
In spite of the lie
There is no way out
Unless I shed
Everything, just so
I may live unhindered
There are souls
I cannot leave
Without, behind
It’d be unfair, I mean
To them
As this is unfair
To me
And I can’t
Help but not care
If it means
They’re safe
But I’m not free.

While I’m waiting for a bunch of bead eyes to arrive (A blind mew is judging me with it’s eyeless face. Sorry mew, I don’t want to nail polish any more beads, you too have to wait.), I decided to make one plush without bead eyes. GF suggested trying some slimes from Slime Rancher as we both like the game very much.

Here is my first try of a Lucky slime. I don’t have grey yarn so it doesn’t have stripes. I used a smaller bulbasaur head as the slime body, and made the ears with mew pattern. The shape is not the best but I think it’s nice for a first slightly improvised one.

I’m planning a Tangle slime and basic Pink slime next.

Sorry for the bad colour correction on the photos, can’t properly differentiate hue differences at the moment and bright white is painful.