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Darcy Lewis - Practical Magic Crossover

Darcy Lewis wasn’t really who she said she was. She was the daughter of Sally Owens, sister of Kylie Owens, niece of Gillian Owens, grand-niece of Frances and Bridget Owens. The husbands’ names had never mattered. They were Owens women. And for the longest time that was all she’d wanted: making soaps and lotions for her mom to sell, casting to make the days go by quicker, and embracing the kitschy tokens the people around town happily associated with her. But the outside had called to her in ways it never had her mother.

In New Mexico she found the source of that call. Jane and her abuse of known science were a magic all their own. But Darcy found that hiding her unique talents became a lot harder once they reached New York. It was a lot more difficult to say a few soft words and help Jane finally get to sleep. A lot more noticeable that she always kept a few extra plants around with leaves and petals often missing. And while she quickly formed a new family, switching her soaps and brooms with notes and coffee, she wasn’t ready for just how observant some of her new acquaintances around the tower were. And how certain coy smiles turned into genuine interest after catching coincidences that involved more than just a spoon left stirring her cup on its own.

Can we start a petition for Normani to play the next Wonder Woman?

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I have no idea why this doesn’t have more hits than it does. If you have never watched this you should. It is a Mark focus but it is so much more than a Mark focus on If You Do, it is practically magical. The editting job is spectacular. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this with my jaw hanging open. 

Due to the choreo having Mark and Jinyoung together most of the time you can just appreciate how perfect they both are.

150929 MAD Showcase GOT7 - 니가 하면(If You Do) edit ver. (Mark Focus)


Jon/Sansa- Practical Magic Au

Amas Veritas

He will hear my call a mile away.
He will whistle my favorite song.
His best friend will be a wolf.
He can flip pancakes in the air.
He’ll be marvelously kind.
And his favorite shape will be a star.
And he’ll have grey eyes and black hair.

The guy I dreamed of doesn’t exist. And if he doesn’t exist, I’ll never die of a broken heart.

Based on @vixleonard‘s amazing Practical Magic Au! Made for the @jonxsansafanfiction October Fanwork Challenge.