pr: 4x08

Amy giving Jake a little kiss for luck when he goes Full Bull Pen??? Helping him with his helmet because safety first???? They are so precious just imagine Amy casually kissing Jake before all of his crazy shenanigans no matter how low the stakes are??? Like oh no Jake are you about to toss bagel pieces in Scully’s mouth while he’s napping??? That’s so dangerous I’d better kiss you just in case. Oh Jake are you about to play fire extinguisher roller chair derby??? Ur life must be in danger better get in one smooch for the road

what if we get another may vs may fight scene? what if we get something more epic than may fucking flipping off a coffee table and slamming a girl with the same face as her into said fucking coffee table? writers i know you probably will but do not deprive us of this please.

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seriously fucking look at this it’s magnificent.