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i started on this forever ago because zeny’s such a huge comfort character for me that i just wanted somethin to… show for it, i guess? so now i have this :’> 

((this is not ship art. zenyatta as a character just helps me w/ mental illness shit and i love and appreciate the shit out of this wonderful omnic boy))

Please watch Breakfast Club w/ super powers. I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! It had its fair share of flaws, but overall a very fun time and I would probably watch it 3 more times. The actors pulled through and made the relationship between the team very believable, which I think was the highlight of the film. The actual Power Rangers aspect was just icing on the cake for me.

i think they’d grow really close if they ever got the free time to spend with each other and they’d be the type of friends to just chill whenever they got a day off

i didn’t originally draw this as ship art, but am tagging it regardless and you’re free to tag it as ship art as well; i just want you to be happy, bud

this is technically a wip, but i don’t know if i have it in me to finish it, so i’ll just leave this here and say happy valentines. hope you all spend it with your so, friends, family, or by yourself, if that’s what you’re about rn! 


I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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skylar is known for writing encouraging and powerful songs about accepting and learning to love yourself how and the way you are, she’s a grammy nominated singer song writer she doesn’t just work with anyone who approaches her, she’s high in demand for many artists meaning she deliberately CHOOSE to work with louis?????? thats just…. wow…. i can already hear the power of their song without even listening to it yet

“Why would Cheryl have a need to participate in this stunt, she’s successful in her own right”

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Cheryl is 34, which in pop music is practically older then dust. 
  • Her last album she released in 2014 was a certifiable flop, selling just 60,000 copies worldwide.
  • The Sun, a publication that Cheryl 100% has on speed dial, has reported on several occasions that Cheryl is completely aware of her failing celebrity,  is spending a million pounds on a rebrand with motherhood as the focal point.
    So why would Cheryl, someone who has had two PR marriages prior, who lives and dies by how many tabloid weeklies she can get her name in, participate in a stunt that would net her a famous father’s name for her baby?