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  • Zack: So let me get this straight-
  • Kimberly: More like let me run this bi you
  • Jason: Let's just see how this pans out
  • Billy: We should ace-ess the situation
  • Trini: I'm gay

@NovaksMinion. (2017, Aug 12). Misha’s favorite version of Cas ever is the one he’s working on right now. #spnvan

@mishaleckis. (2017, Aug 12). Misha just said he’s working on a totally different iteration of Cas right now

@mishaleckis. (2017, Aug 12). AND THAT IT’S HIS MOST CHALLENGING

@mishaleckis. (2017, Aug 12). He said looks the same but totally different otherwise

@studjarpad. (2017, Aug 12). misha is working on a different version of cas, totally different and never been done before #spnvan

@Ultio_Cruenta. (2017, Aug 12). First spoilers! Misha is atm working with Castiel that looks the same but is totally different. #vancon #spnvan @WinFamBusiness


#like….okay. okay. this is one of my absolute favorite scenes out of the entire film #i’ve posted about this before but GOD zack taylor bravely confesses his love in this little moment between the four of them and it just. #it breaks my heart. because for starters it’s so in character? zack taylor is canonically impulsive and reckless and risk-taking. #he doesn’t always think things through. he acts first and thinks later. it’s part of the whole parkour persona he’s got going on. #so of course in this moment (when he’s feeling anguish/desperation about losing billy) he realizes and says aloud what he’s thinking #“billy probably did die for us. i would too if i could.” just…he just says it. you hear a little hesitation in ludi’s delivery (SO GOOD) #but he just flat out tells them he would trade his life for theirs after knowing them what. ten days? god. zack has fallen so hard. #jason mightve been the one to deliver the sad speech about wanting to trade places with him but it’s zack who steals the show imo #imagine loving someone so much that you’d trade your life for theirs? THEN MULTIPLY THAT BY FOUR #that’s what zack does. he drops the ‘i love you’ bomb. “there are a million different ways to say i love you. you just have to listen.” #I CANT GET OVER THIS LIKE I CANNOT EVER GET OVER THIS zack who had NO ONE BUT HIS MOM two weeks before #is now prepared to give up everything in order to keep these people he loves (l o v e s) safe.

Do you think they ever accidentally morph when they’re scared? Like as a protection method? Scary movies, heights, spiders, all just make their armor show up a little, just a finger or two. But then like one night, Zack’s mom is doing real bad and she has to go to the hospital and the rest of the gang find zack in the waiting room with his armor flickering around him

Hurricane Hotlines numbers for Puerto Rico to call and check on Family and Friends.

The Emergency Management antenna fell. If anyone knows of anyone who needs help they can call (787) 777-0940 WIPR Radio who are receiving emergency calls.

La antena de emergencia se callo en PR. Se alguien necesita ayuda por favor llaman al (787) 777-0940.

if you’re lookin for a fun time...

the Power Rangers movie, my guys.

Look, ok. It is hilarious character-driven action-packed fun times. all things I and most long time PR fans are 100% here for.

All in all, I adore my sons, 

Zack [“My mom’s the BEST”] Taylor,

Billy [actual heart and soul of the film] Cranston and 

Jason [will literally bitch slap idiots who mess with his team] Lee Scott,

 just as much as I full on love my daughters 

Kimberley [reformed queen bitch and baddest fucking ass] Hart and 

Trini [jumps an actual fuckin chasm to avoid the chit chat (tbh same)] Kwan/Gomez/what-is-her-surname-here-I-do-not-know.

seriously, go watch this film. I just know it’s gonna be underrated as hell, and I cannot watch it fail in the box office because the critics have never watched a single Power Rangers episode in their lives.

honestly the biggest injustice is the fact that tetsuji moriyama is still alive.. like this middle aged man allowed and took part in the systematic abuse of a bunch of children, allowed riko mcpsychopath to set up the whole drake/proust thing, AND he helped riko set up the butcher thing with neil like ichirou should have fired more than one bullet in that room