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RDJ: Social Media Mogul

One of the nice things about RDJ becoming his own social media mogul – now with highly popular Facebook, Twitter and (especially) his new Instagram, which apparently is now his very favorite thing – is that now he can control, to a certain extent, his branding and the messaging that goes out about him. He can turn down the media interviews he’s not interested in or that are not appropriately timed for his purposes, and he can still get his preferred messages and photos out to his ardent followers, promote his favorite charities, etc.

And make no mistake - “media mogul” is not hyperbole.  From a PR standpoint, his social media is now a huge media force in its own right.  His following on Facebook – the most popular social media outlet – is approaching 25 million (and will probably soar after A:AOU is released). His Twitter following is almost 4.5 million, and his Instagram - which he only launched two weeks ago - already has more than half a million followers. 

Compare that to the circulation of the U.S.’s most popular newspapers:

Wall Street Journal: 2.3 million

USA Today: 1.7 million 

The New York Times: 1.3 million 

Los Angeles Times: 653,000

Compare to the viewership of the currently most popular TV shows - the weekly series episodes (not special events like Super Bowls, etc.) at the top of the ratings generally pull in between 20 million to 22 million viewers.

And RDJ’s following is only increasing while other media outlets (newspapers, TV viewership) are mostly decreasing.  You go, RDJ.