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In celebration of Black History Month, Cameron Boyce discusses the heroic journey of his grandmother, Jo Ann Boyce, and her involvement in the Clinton 12.

onyxite  asked:

what are your favourite books/ what do you recommend i read?

favourite books

  • Donna Tartt, The Secret History: It’s pretty redundant at this stage to even rec this book on Tumblr as seemingly everyone and their grandmother had read it, however I like to think things are considered as cult classics for a reason. A rich, heavy world filtered through an biased protagonist’s lens; read it to feel like a participant in a bacchanal. 

  • Daniel Handler, The Basic Eight: More teenagers with far too much time on their hands. The ‘small town setting in suburbia LA’ is written in a way that unsettles you as the book goes on, as well as the narrator’s progressive mental disintegration. (+ bonus points: by Lemony Snicket!)
  • Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita: Read it for the prose, even if nothing else. Be prepared to have your heart torn out. (also: Pale Fire afterwards)
  • Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths: Possibly the most oddly fascinating collection of short stories you will ever have the pleasure of reading.  
    (favourites: Three Versions of Judas & The Garden of Forking Paths)
  • Marguerite Yourcenar, The Memoirs of Hadrian: A work of genius, the entirety quote worthy for its statements on politics and humanity; three hundred pages close to my heart. Flaubert’s statement ‘melancholy of the ancient world’ describes it aptly. (read it in its original French if possible)

  • David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas: Robert Frobisher’s chapter (starts crying)

YA recs

  • Phillip Pullman, His Dark Materials: quantum particles, parallel worlds, witches, catholic church; the good vs the good vs the good when they’re actually all not.

  • Diana Wynn Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle & subsequent books: terrifyingly witty cast of characters, strong and unexpected heroines; superb prose.

  • Alex Scarrow, Time Riders Series: Exactly what the title suggests, nothing more nothing less, but served in a satisfying way.

  • Stephanie Oaks, The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly: cults, prophets, southern gothic towns and a interracial relationship! satisfyingly sinister.
  • J.C. Carleson, Placebo Junkies: Literally Inception on drugs, no kidding.
  • Megan Abbot, Dare Me: I tagged it “teenage girls”, “ethically questionable” and “brilliant writing broke my heart” on Goodreads, which probably is the best coherent summary I would ever be able to give.
  • Rachel Allen, The Revenge Playbook: 4 girls that stand up against misogyny- against their school’s football team, no less. lots of sweet sisterly bonding and truly fun.
  • V.E. Schwab, A Darker Shade of Magic: glorious glorious prose, intricate steampunk, multiple parallel Londons; weird, colourful and unexpected.
  • Alice Pung, Laurinda: If you’re an Asian that has parents with very high expectations living in a country as a first or second generation immigrant, this novel will speak to you on a personal level. 

  • Holly Black, The Darkest Part of The Forest: sibling bonding, gay boys, a serial kisser, otherworldly creatures and perfectly sinister world building.

history recs (ancient rome trash alert)

  • Tom Hamilton, Rubicon - The Last Years of the Roman Republic
  • Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel
  • Karl Galinsky, The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus
  • Amanda Claridge, Rome - An Oxford Archaeological Guide
  • Martin Goodman, Rome & Jerusalem - The Clash of Ancient Civilizations
  • Anthony Everitt, Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome
  • Caroline Alexander, The War that Killed Achilles 
  • Thorsten Opper, Hadrian: Empire and Conflict
  • Noah Charney, The Art of Forgery

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question. I am still pretty new to this rabbit hole. Aside from the dagger, is there anything else that fans essentially "predicted" before it happened?

this post predicted the end of elounor down to like the week 

we also predicted tmz being a major player in babygate like a month in advance  (this post is from the end of january and the custody battle broke at the end of february)

most of the stunting (prior to babygate at least) has been fairly easy to predict because they usually follow the same patterns and stunting cycles. it’s been harder to predict since babygate but not impossible.

astroturfing anons will usually give us a heads up that something is coming down the pipe too (that happened with haige 2.0 - people got anons about her for weeks and then she popped up again in her weird mainly one sided stunt with harry). it happened again with babygate but none of us wanted to believe it.

we always knew when there would be a winter girlfriend coming, for example. we also suspected eleanor might be back after like months of nothing when louis tweeted oli (his PA/friend) out of the blue and then bam a couple of days later elounor ski trip with friends

people were also able to predict douis ahead of time based on usual stunting patterns (though a lot of people didn’t want it to be true and did the whole ‘la la la i can’t hear you’ thing [not that i blame them])

they usually use stunts to promo band things to so the general fandom consensus was that the ‘birth’ would be used to promo the history music video and … that’s exactly what happened.

this is sort of related but the bears (rbb and sbb) have also predicted fandom events or at least given us a heads up.

also we can usually tell something is coming based on press cycles. so, for example, every time we get an article from one of simon’s sources (the sun, billboard, etc) talking about 1d in a negative light there’s almost always positive pushback that comes from nt later.

the most recent example would be the shitty billboard articles last week followed by the latest syndicated articles in people and entertainment weekly about how the band is definitely coming back.

The story of Michigan state reps Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat is like something out of a Tea Party version of Romeo And Juliet. After falling madly in love (presumably over their shared love of tricorne hats), their star-crossed relationship was threatened by the lamestream media, which threatened to expose the fact that the two were banging each other while technically married to other people. Deciding that he couldn’t blame the whole thing on Obama, Courser did the next-best thing.

Courser’s plan was to paint himself as a Tea Party martyr by making it look like he was the target of a smear campaign, with the “rumors” of his affair being just the first salvo in the attack on his good name. Courser took aside one of his aides and told him to concoct an email that accused Courser of “male-on-male sex” and other unseemly acts.

When the aide (who began recording the bizarre conversation) refused to play Courser’s game, the state representative got angry and sent the email himself from an anonymous address.

The email was received by several GOP operatives who read all about how Courser was both a “gun-toting, Bible-thumping, cock-sucking freak” and a “bisexual porn-addicted sex deviant.” His logic was flawless: If he wasn’t in fact “fucking and screwing man-on-man” like the emails claimed, then surely his alleged trysts with Gamrat were equally a bunch of made-up nonsense.

6 Scandals ‘Managed’ By People That Sucked At Damage Control

holographicbutterfly-blog  asked:

This has probably been asked already but In all seriousness I just feel so lost at sea post S4. What were moftiss referring to as ground breaking history and pulling the rug? If it wasn't johnlock.. what was it? *eurus -sister (we knew about another one) *sherrinford is an uncool version of Azkaban *redbeard was a shock but The way they did it.. among *that episode* just fell flat. Groundbreaking television history? This makes me clutch onto the hope of more episodes. Thanks so much 🐘 xxxx

Hi Lovely!

*HUGS* I’m so sorry you’re feeling so lost… And you know what? The whole fandom is asking this very question, and it’s possibly why people think that there is a secret episode that they are keeping under wraps. Because nothing in the series was history-making except for going down as the worst sort of queerbaiting and PR in the history of television ever. 

It’s why I hold out a smidgen of hope for a secret episode, honestly. But I’m not going to hold my breath.  

You’re welcome! Sorry I’m not much help, but really, NONE OF US KNOW WHAT EXACTLY WAS GROUNDBREAKING.

Palestinian lying

Literally everything the Palestinians accuse Israel of doing is something they or the Arabs have done or are still doing themselves. It’s insane. Israel does not do them, but its accusers do.

Apartheid? No Jews allowed to live in many Arab-Muslim countries. Israelis, and Jews really, not allowed to step foot in many Arab-Muslim countries. The dhimma laws are institutionalized apartheid. Jews lived seperately in ghettos in MENA countries for centuries.

Ethnic cleansing? Nearly one million Jews cleansed from the MENA region, propelled by laws allowing them to confiscate the Jews’ property. While in Israel 20% of the country is Arab-Muslim, the amount of Jews living in MENA countries is de minimus.

Genocide? The Arabs openly call for Jewish genocide and have been for years. If they could have done it, they would have. The Turks committed the Armenian genocide. Upon the advent of Islam, the Arabs committed the second largest slaughter of Jews after the Holocaust at Khaibar, wiping out the Jews. Meanwhile, Arabs in Israel thrive.

Racism? Arab xenophobia is rampant. Dhimmi laws are codified racism. The Arabs refer to Jews as sons of pigs and apes. At least Palestinians have skin in the game though. Their Western supporters are often just simple Jew-haters and Marxists. Not to mention Palestinian nationalism’s Nazi roots, central to its anti-Semitic ideology along with the dhimmi codes.

Censorship? On campus, any time a Jewish, Israeli or pro-Israeli speaks, even if it’s a leftist message, anti-zionists violently shut the speech down, using intimidation and violence, pulling fire alarms, breaking windows, throwing chairs. In Israel, there is robust freedom of expression and speech. You can openly call for Israel’s destruction without worry. European leftist trash fly into Israel en masse to go on “Catch the Jew” tours and to throw rocks at soldiers. There is little to no freedom of press in Palestine.

Killing children? Palestinians have violently murdered infants in extremely cruel, personal fashion. They’ve been doing this for years, and Palestinians treat their baby-killers like heroes. The Itamar Attack, in which two Palestinians slit the throats of three babies, wasn’t unusual or unique. They do it all the time. Meanwhile, the one instance of the Arab baby dying was actually an arson attack gone wrong and the perps were arrested. Further, the Palestinians incite their youth to commit attacks on soldiers. The Arabs fully appreciate the PR value of a dead child. Israel never exploits its dead for PR purposes.

Using phosphorous? Israel only uses phosphorous in flares. Israel does not use weaponized white phosphorus. Hamas, however, uses weaponized white phosphorus in an RPG-type weapon. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing this.

Human shields? Hamas is infamous for their use of human shields. They fire mortars from dense, residential areas.

Hasbara? Palestine for years has operated one of the most effective, dishonest PR campaigns in history. They traveled to and studied Marxist nations’ methods in order to rebrand themselves as Oppressed Peoples. They frequently hire well-known PR firms. Israel used hasbara too, of course, but much more honestly. Even the dreaded Occupation is largely mischaracterized.

Ties to the Land? Only the Jews have a continuous 3,000+ year presence there. The Arabs are largely settlers and colonizers not only from the Arab conquest that accompanied the advent of Islam, but in wave after wave of immigration continuing up through about World War Two.