pr doodle

Okay so, it’s Sunday and i’m out of good paper to draw anything new and everything is closed on Sunday so I can’t get more. I still have not-so-good paper that I can use for linearts but that’s pretty much it, sooo

How about we do an ask game thing or an anon hour later tonight? Some of you have been asking for one and it’s been a loooong time, and I miss talking w/ you all. I can still answer with little doodles, I just can’t paint them. I’ll let ya know!

Hey guys, I’m thinking of opening Paypal commision  since I’m desperately need money right now ;; w ;;

I’ll be accepting NSFW too, the price will be around 20$ and above depends on details and number of characters you want me to draw

If I get enough attention for this post I’ll post full information about my commission, please support me thank you ;; w ;;