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♥ it’s time to spread your podcast pallet ♥

It’s the springtime, listeners! It is time for the flowers to grow, the grass to become green, and the birds to sing. As you’re downing allergy pills and picking new vibrant floral for picnic dates, be sure to set time aside to pick your favorites from my delicately arranged podcast garden.

Maybe your cold from winter has yet to waver or you’re more concerned about a possibly dropping population. Perhaps what’s really troubling you is if your new top clashes with your ultraviolet visor. All understandable concerns, everyone!

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love

1. The Strange Case of Starship Iris 

In 2189, Earth narrowly won a war against extraterrestrials. The Strange Case of Starship Iris is about what comes after. It’s a story of outer space, survival, espionage, resistance, identity, friendship, found family, romance, and secrets. (Also, there’s jokes.) 

In this sci-fi adventure story, The Strange Case of Starship Iris is sure to please anyone looking for comedy and chaos. Complete with a compelling cast of characters and space hi-jinks, you’re sure to enjoy whatever shenanigans are in store for Violet and her new crew.

Fans of Wolf 359 will love the adventure and dysfunction and fans of EOS 10 are sure to enjoy the lighthearted comedy and lovable cast. May new listeners become star-bound by this excellent pick.

2. The Tunnels 

The Tunnels is a serialized docudrama about the mysterious tunnels that can be found underneath a small town in Georgia. What are they? What is their history? What are those mysterious sounds heard within them? Find out what’s just below the surface of the town, because if you look underneath, there is so much more.

There’s more than meets the eye in this mysterious audio drama dabbling into the hidden tunnels in the southern state of Georgia. Deaf Spider Productions gives us cool and creepy docudrama following our investigators into the dangerous whereabouts of sacred tunnels.

Is what they’ll find be worth the risk? Tune in and dig in with Deaf Sprider’s first show sure to be part of a long line of future podcasts. But in the meantime, be sure to get lost on this new path.

3. Lesser Gods

Lesser Gods is a soundscaped, shifting perspective podcast. In a future where men and women are no longer able to reproduce, the five youngest people on Earth live a life of government subsidized excess. Rhea and the other Final Five only worry about drinking, sex, and partying as the object of everyone’s obsession… Until they become someone’s target.

With drama, and plenty of wit, Lesser Gods has at all but not many people to spare as we follow the exploits of the five last young people on Earth. If you’re seeking fresh blood, there’s nothing a good old murder mystery won’t solve.

Join Hera as she and her fellow youth must crack down on the case before they’re next on the kill list. In an audio drama featuring a fleeting population, there’s no better time to become part of its growing following. 

4.  Alba Salix, Royal Physician

The award-winning fairy-tale hospital sitcom, starring head witch Alba, her obnoxious apprentice Magnus, and her accident-prone fairy herbalist Holly.

Become spellbound by this fantasy medical adventure dabbling into the life of an overworked witch and her equally magical pals with a knack for getting into strange circumstances. For fans of fairy tales, this comedy will have you entranced in seconds. 

Get to know the House of Healing and a colorful world crafted by Eli McIlveen by tuning into the complete first season and the budding and beautiful season two. The physician will see you now.

5. Inkwyrm

Inkwyrm Magazine is an intergalactic fashion publication, bringing readers the newest looks from all over the universe. At the head of it all is Annie Inkwyrm, and directly behind her is Mella Sonder, AI caretaker and Annie’s PA. Along for the ride is an overzealous PR director, a perpetually unimpressed physician, a flamboyant costumer, and an AI that really needs to learn some ethics. Putting up with her boss is hard enough, but with the cutthroat fashion industry, and whatever is trying to kill everyone today, Mella and the gang have their hands full. One part sit-com, one part space opera, Inkwyrm is an audio drama for the truly fabulous.

In this quirky world of sci-fi audio drama, Inkwyrm is here to make a statement…a fashion statement to be specific. Caldera Studios gives us something energetic and eclectic for the spring.

Though early in development, Inkwyrm is a unique little piece of a podcast that should be in everyone’s catalog as it blossoms from its early episodes to a new and fresh adventure bound to please the fashion conscious of listeners. So get in on the newest trend and save this one in your downloads, stat.

6. Rabbits 

When Carly Parker’s friend Yumiko goes missing under very mysterious circumstances, Carly’s search for her friend leads her headfirst into a ancient mysterious game known only as Rabbits. Soon Carly begins to suspect that Rabbits is much more than just a game, and that the key to understanding Rabbits, might be the key to the survival of our species, and the Universe, as we know it. 

From the minds in Pacific Northwest Stories comes Rabbits, a fresh docudrama filled with all things twisted, terrible, and terrific for suspense and horror fanatics. 

Support Carly Parker’s search for her lost friend as she becomes entangled in a deadly game where she’s the prey. Get entangled in a rich story that’s a nice blend of sadism and strategy. RU playing?

now, get to listening.


the launch of Inkwyrm!!! 

a few of my friends and i have been working on a little audio drama for a bit now, and it’s finally up! itunes is still finalizing it, but in the mean time, you can find it on soundcloud here! the synopsis is this:

Inkwyrm Magazine is an intergalactic fashion publication, bringing readers the newest looks from all over the universe. At the head of it all is Annie Inkwyrm, and directly behind her is Mella Sonder, AI caretaker and Annie’s PA. Along for the ride is an overzealous PR director, a perpetually unimpressed physician, a flamboyant costumer, and an AI that really needs to learn some ethics. Putting up with her boss is hard enough, but with the cutthroat fashion industry, and whatever is trying to kill everyone today, Mella and the gang have their hands full. One part sit-com, one part space opera, Inkwyrm is an audio drama for the truly fabulous.

i’ve had this story in my brain for just about forever, and i’m so excited to share it with y’all! if you like shows like wolf 359, marscorp, eos 10, the penumbra podcast, wooden overcoats, or jim robbie and the wanderers (or really, anything about gays in space), this show is for you! you can find the official tumblr here

a massive thanks to @warren-kepler, @sadhipstercat, @diegojoserodriguezsanchezruiz, @indecisivefandomer and @1890th for helping out, and please give it a listen!!

The Red Dress Affair

Summary: Emma and Killian have been dating for a little while, and Emma is tired of waiting for Killian to make the next move so she plans a little sultry surprise. 

A/N: So, this is my first foray into actually publishing my CS FF’s, please let me know what you think. :) Emma is a bail-bonds woman, but Neal was never a thing in this verse. This is an ‘M’ rated adventure.

Special shout out to the absolutely lovely @ilovemesomekillianjones for volunteering for beta duties on this adventure. Also to @seriouslyhooked for being a fantastic friend and cheerleader through this process. Thank you ladies.

ao3    ffnet

Emma Swan chuckles to herself as she hears the final tumbler of the lock click into place allowing the door to swing open with a turn of the handle. Never once did she ever think she would break into Killian Jones’ house (mansion more like), the Killian Jones, World’s Sexiest Man (three years running), Forbes Playboy and Wonder Child, youngest self-made CEO, of the world’s largest shipping corporation.

“You’d think wonder boy would have better security …” she mutters to herself as she closes the kitchen access door behind her. Emma wends her way through the sprawling house, from the kitchen where she came in, to the opposite side where she knows his home office is located. She’s wearing her favorite skintight red ‘perp’ catching dress, and matching red four inch heels.

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Favorites on

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night as promised, but when I was about halfway through, the post disappeared. It literally disappeared. So I had to start over. At 10:30pm. So… that’s why its here now and wasn’t last night. Thanks for your patience!  As with the previous list for AO3, on a scale of 1-10, these all rate 11 or higher. Click on the titles to go directly to the fic. Authors are linked to their profile on ff. Most of the authors are on tumblr and their tumblr pages are tagged at the bottom of the post. All of the names written here are their names on ff, not necessarily the same as their tumblr names. All of these are complete unless otherwise noted. Hope you enjoy!

From So Much Tea, Kings and Queens is a modern AU where Killian and Emma are actors on the same tv show. WIP 25 ch so far. Rated T

From flslp87, The Beach House is a modern AU based on the movie The Lake House. Can Emma and Killian overcome their separation by time to find their happy ending? 19 ch, rated T

From A Whisper of Grace, Breathe Out (So I Can Breathe You In) is a canon-divergent where Killian is under a sleeping curse, but TLK has a twist. Rated M, 3 ch. 

From blowmiakisscolin, Your Case or Mine is a modern AU loosely based on Criminal Minds. WIP with 3 ch so far, rated M.

From Cynthia03, The Usual Story is a modern AU with a meet cute, Boss!Killian/Employee!Emma. Rated M, 23 ch.

From SpartanGuard, A Rose in the Deeps of My Heart is a CS AU where Killian is an imortal fae. 5 ch, rated T.

From PetiteCafe, A Friendly Wager is a canon-divergent in season 2 where Emma and Killian make a bet. 4 ch, rated M.

From Scheherezade06, Ten Hours is a canon-divergent 2 shot from season 2 where Emma owes Killian 10 hours. Rated M.

From Slimac, Gold Medal T-Shirt is an Olympics AU, 2 shot, rated K.

From SmeetheRat, Payback Has Its Rewards is a canon-divergent from season 3. Emma realizes that Hook has been keeping watch over her at night and she decides to give him a show. Rated M 1 shot.

From xerxesrises, Wrecked is a season 4 canon-divergence where Killian is the only one who can save Emma from the incubus invading her dreams. 20 ch, rated M.

From PoeticJustice96, Legend of the Phoenix is a soulmates AU WIP that will be completed this Monday. It will have 20 ch. Rated T.

From once-in-a-life-time1, The Swan and The Scribe is a modern AU in which Killian is a writer with writers block, until he starts to write the story of himself and his beautiful neighbor, Emma Swan. 24 ch, rated M.

From TheGladElf, An Open Heart is an Open Wound is a canon-divergent season 1 fic with Cursed!Killian. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated T.

From Dancing Doula, An Age Cannot Sate Love is a canon-divergent, time travel fic in which Emma is sent back and meets Killian before he becomes Captain Hook. Will she be able to preserve the timeline so that he can someday find her? Rated T, 39 ch.

From Kjb2609, Hold the Elevator is a Modern AU 5 ch 1 shot that had me grinning from beginning to end. Featuring a meet cute with Rock Star!Killian. Rated K+.

From Las-Botas, Treacherous is a historical fiction AU WIP set after WWII. Emma is undercover to bring down escaped Nazis. 14 ch so far, 2 more left. Rated M.

From Optimistic Girl, The Not So Neighborly Noise is a Modern AU neighbors 2 shot. Rated M.

From killians-dimples

 Hey Santa is a Christmas AU 1 shot in which Henry calls in to Killian’s radio station with his Christmas wish, a boyfriend for his mom. Rated K+. 

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play is a modern AU where playboy shortstop Killian Jones makes PR Director Emma Swan’s job harder. WIP with 5 ch so far, rated T.

From lenfaz

The Pirate Chef is a modern AU in which producer Emma is being forced to work with the networks rising star. 8 ch, rated M.

Of Thieves, Smugglers, and Reformed Hearts is a modern AU where Granny takes in reformed thieves and smugglers to help them get back on their feet. 6 ch, rated T.

From OnceUponSomeChaos

Leaving Neverland is a canon-divergent from 3x9 where Emma asks Hook to help her forget her nightmares. 7 ch, rated M. And its sequel Missing Pieces picks up immediately after Leaving Neverland. WIP with 15 ch so far, rated M.

From Alexandra Lyman

Between Heaven and Hell is an Angel!Emma/Demon!Killian fic. WIP 18 ch so far, rated M.

Liner Notes is a modern AU with Rock Star!Killian/Actress!Emma. 4 ch, rated T.

From Hooks-and-Happy-Endings

Her Master and Commander is a CS AU in which Hook buys himself a pleasure slave for his long voyage ahead. WIP with 11 ch so far, rated M.

Bless Me, Captain is a somewhat canon-divergent AU that utilizes Dr. Jekyll’s serum with elements of season 1. Priest!Killian WIP with 8 ch so far, rated M.

The Crooked Hook is a canon-divergent 1 shot in which Hook visits Emma for payback for leaving him at the top of the beanstalk. Rated M.

From PhiraLovesLoki

Rescue Me is a modern AU 1 shot featuring a fake dating app. Rated K+.

The Fix-It-Sisters is a Modern AU in which Emma and Mary Margaret help Killian remodel his home for their tv show. 3 ch, rated T.

Capture the Flag is a CS AU in which Emma is roped into a competitive match of capture the flag. Rated T 1 shot.

From Lizzyc807

Cafe Love is a modern AU where Killian has just moved to town to help his brother and sister-in-law open their new cafe, right across the street from Emma’s family’s cafe. WIP with 18 ch so far. Rated K.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire is a firefighters AU. 31 ch, rated M.

From Wordsmith-Storyweaver

His Dark Beauty is a CS AU in which Emma is brought to Killian’s manor to tutor his daughter. 28 ch, rated M.

Bean There (Brewed That) is a coffee shop AU. 5 ch, rated T.

I Die Anyway is a LieutenantDuckling AU in which Killian saves Emma from marrying Neal. 3 ch, rated M.

From Rhianna-Aurora

Come Unstuck is a modern 1 shot AU where Emma is set up on a blind date by David and M&M. Rated M.

Butterfly is a canon-divergent 1 shot. If small changes to the past can have devastating consequences, what if there’s a big change? Rated T.

Second Star to the Right is a CS AU based on the Tarot’s Major Arcana. 22 ch, rated M.

From shipping-goggles

Rude Awakening is a modern AU 1 shot. Neighbors AU with a twist. Rated T. And its sequel Some Sort of Neighborly is a WIP with 7 ch so far. Rated M.

The Laws of Attraction is a modern AU 1 shot, rated M that is a prequel for Guilty, Your Honor. Lawyers AU with 7 ch. Also rated M.

From Hookedonapirate

Toilet Paper, Tampons, and the Hot Guy in the Checkout Lane is a modern AU 1 shot. Rated T and is a prequel to Sweaters, Lingerie, and Sex in the Fitting Room. Also a 1 shot, rated M.

Sweet Salutations is a modern AU in which Killian is the new deputy in town and he is quite smitten with the sheriff’s daughter who owns a bakery across the street from the station. 20 ch, rated M.

Tangled Up in Blue is a Doctor/Patient modern AU. WIP with 13 ch so far. Rated M.

From Katrina

Just Tonight is a modern AU in which Emma and Killian don’t realize the depths of love they have for one another. 5 ch, rated T. And its sequel Just Forever, a rated K+ 1 shot.

Glimpses of Love and Affection is a canon-divergent fic with each chapter a different letter of the alphabet. Rated T, 26 ch. And its sequel No Quarter is a WIP with 6 ch so far. Rated T.

From amagicalship

Parley is a CS EF AU in which Deckhand!Killian is below deck when Captain Emma Swan commanders Blackbeard’s ship. 4 ch, rated M.

If You Can’t Take the Heat is a modern AU 1 shot where Michelin critic Killian Jones is impressed by restaurant owner Emma Swan. Rated T.

Once Upon a Dream (I Knew You) is a CaptainDuckling AU. What happens when the notorious Captain Hook crashes a royal ball? 7 ch, rated M.

Take My Breath Away is a Top Gun AU. 1 shot, rated M.

I Do, I Always Do is a canon-divergent set in Camelot. 1 shot, rated M.

These Paths Our Hearts Wander is a canon-divergence from 3x10. Her take on the Killian/Emma/Neal triangle. 5 ch, rated K+.

and finally, our last featured author,

From EmilyBea

Within Your Ocean Eyes is a historical AU set in the 1800′s. Pirate!Killian. 22 ch, rated M.

Wedded Bliss and Asterisks is a modern AU in which Emma is an up and coming wedding dress designer and Killian is a magazine editor. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated M.

Accidentally on Purpose is a modern AU married in Vegas fic. 15 ch, rated M.

To See You This Way is a modern AU where Emma is a physician and Killian is a best selling author. 12 ch, rated M.

Souvenirs is a modern AU where Killian tracks Emma down after 1 night with her. 14 ch, rated M.

Hope Springs is a modern AU where when Ruby comes home from vacation married to Liam Jones, Emma meets Killian. 20 ch, rated M.

Lifted By Love is a modern AU where the group of girls meet a group of guy on a ski vacation. 8 ch, rated M.

Sorry again for not getting this out yesterday. I finished typing it up a 2am with no links yet. I hope you enjoy all these as much as I have! Go follow these ladies on ff and/or tumblr! Come talk to me and flail with me!

Tagging all the authors mentioned who are on tumblr. @artandteaandstuff, @shipping-goggles, @hookedonapirate, @flslp87, @seriouslyhooked, @alexandralyman, @blowmiakisscolin, @hooks-and-happy-endings, @dancingdoula44, @killians-dimples, @killians-sex-hair, @lenfaz, @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan, @optomisticgirl, @phiralovesloki, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @legendofthephoenixcs, @xerxesrises, @amagicalship, @onceuponsomechaos, @thegladelf, @bromfieldhall, @spartanguard

anonymous asked:

LOVED your fic recs! You mentioned that you had runner-ups, what are they? I'm curious because we have similar fic tastes and I've read most on your list.

Thanks mate! I’m glad you appreciated that and yes, I was originally going to post 15 fics, but I cut it down to 10 because I’m a lazy bastard. The following are honorable mentions to my treasure trove (or part two, view it anyway you want.)

  • Make a Wish by AcrobatElle
    • Rated: E
    • Noted Features: Wish Realm!AU, Canon Divergence (Season 6), Wish Realm Fix It, Older!Killian, Porn with Feelings
    • Author’s Description: Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. 
    • Rose’s Review: If I were a bigger cunt than I already am, I would just download this fic and sent it to A&E and be like “See this? This is what you should have done you bloody fucking wankers instead of going for the laugh!” (I’m not bitter I promise.) This isn’t just amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut, it’s amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut that rips out your heart and makes you weep for Wish!Hook because he’s just so unhappy but so gracious and in love with Emma (all Killians are in love with all Emma’s, let’s just face it). He really could have been bitter but he’s just so accepting and encouraging of Emma and his main verse self that it makes you want to curl in a corner with a bottle of rosé and weep to “White Flag” by Dido. It doesn’t make you cry because it’s angsty, it makes you cry because they just fucking love each other so much and Wish!Hook kinda gets the raw deal because he has no Emma of his own. He arguably doesn’t really exist but you still feel bad because despite the fact he was unhappy that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good heart. Ugh. Just read it and have feels. 

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@patricelavoie_ 38, Montreal (Canada) Director of PR, ex Firefighter and ex TV Journalist. I started to grow a chevron mustache 5 years ago for @Movember. I liked it : that was different, a bit edgy, a bit old school, a bit cop from the 70s ;-) I got so many compliments (mostly from guys) that I started to shave it less and less often (even though my ex hated it).

Now I keep a mustache all year long. You have to be confident and own it, because you have people commenting on it all the time. Over the year, it has almost become a trademark and a sign of my engagement towards promoting men’s health as an volunteer ambassador for @movember.

Reagan also brought in the FBI to help enforce the drug laws. The agency had long resisted joining the drug war, particularly under J. Edgar Hoover. The legendary PR-savvy director knew the issue was a loser and tended to lure law enforcement into corruption. But by 1980 Hoover had been gone for seven years. It was time to bring the FBI into the fold.
The new administration also wanted to do away with the Exclusionary Rule, override Miranda, abolish bail and parole, douse pot farms with herbicides, put far more focus on enforcement and far less on treatment, and, perhaps most radically of all, enlist the military in the war on drugs.
The administration would focus most of these efforts on marijuana, on the theory that (1) marijuana is a “gateway” to harder drugs, and (2) people using cocaine and heroin are already too far gone to bother saving. There was also a strategic advantage to going after pot: successfully targeting and demonizing the least harmful illegal drug would push any talk of decriminalizing the others outside the realm of acceptable debate.
—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko

okay so this was just a joke post by @sleepybuckybarnes and it’s funny but as usual i take things Way Too Seriously^TM, and now I’m thinking about Patater, and just-

Imagine you’re Kent Parson, secretly dating this player on another team, and you’ve both got a game at the same time, or theres an overlap, or something- whatever times they’re playing at, they can’t watch the other’s game, and they aren’t playing each other.

So tater is big, but you know what they say: the bigger you are, the harder you fall. And so tater gets checked into the boards, and it’s not dirty- but something goes wrong, and as he’s falling, he knows he’s not going to be able to stand up from this fall. maybe it’s that the other player falls with him onto his leg, maybe something else, I’m not an expert in hockey injuries. But he doesn’t just have to be helped off the ice, he has to be carried off the ice. And all the while, kent is playing, and he’s healthy, and he’s thinking tater is having a great game, and he’s on cloud nine because tomorrow he flies to providence, and they’re going to see each other for the first time in two months.

But Says, one of the social media managers for the aces, (austin Simon, get it, simon says? aka the only one who knows kent is dating tater, because kent isn’t an idiot, he knows if this gets out the could have a serious PR problem,) he gets an ESPN update. “Mashkov carried off the ice, status unknown.” And at the next line change, he hands kent his phone. because it could cost them the game, and he knows it- but Kent needs to know. If it was one of the WaGs, he wouldn’t even think about it before letting the player know. And kent trusted him with this for a reason.

And kent reads that line over and over, his heart beating faster and faster. The phone falls out of his hands, and his stick clatters to the ground. The other guys on the bench are looking at him, and one of the announcers notices and draws attention to it, for a moment. Then Kent is ripping his glove off, he’s bending down, he’s picking up the phone and staring at the message again, and he looks up at says, and his voice cracks.

“I need my phone. Please, Says, I need my phone. I need to make sure he’s okay.”

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Inquisition modern business AU:

The company has been in the Pentaghast family for years. It used to be run by Anthony, but he died in a car crash and his uncle wrested control of the company. Unfortunately the uncle does almost nothing, so Cassandra does all the work of the CEO for him because she refuses to let her brother’s company go under.

Leiliana is the company attorney and is very sweet and approachable. Until you hit the courtroom floor and she turns into a legal beast. Everyone but Josephine is a little afraid of her.

Josie is always sweet and approachable, which works out well for her, considering how she’s the PR director. She is excellent at her job and it alarms people how very manipulative she can be. Yet she’s easily the most loved person on the head staff. She has impeccable taste in footwear.

Varric is always late and always has a ridiculous reason why. That said, he’s the best secretary the company has, taking incredibly detailed (if snarkily annotated) minutes of meetings, memorizing everyone’s coffee order, and keeping perfect timetables for meeting planning. He also books all business trips and somehow finds them ridiculous deals for super fancy places. He writes erotic fanfiction in his spare time.

Sera is the latest intern and she is also always late. Her reasons range from “I dunno,” to “yer mum’s arse, that’s why.” She’s super good at handling social media and viral marketing, though, so they just let her do her thing.

Bull has been Employee of the Year five years in a row. In his spare time, he runs a shelter for trans kids and is a huge figure in the local queer community (both literally and metaphorically.) He is always showing people pictures of the kids he’s sponsoring and holds the coolest Christmas party every year.

Blackwall is an ex-con who is really grateful to be working at such a good company. He’s really uncertain about his recent promotion to management, but is determined to do a good job.

Dorian is the IT guy whose every other sentence is a reminder that the company should really update its systems but he’ll do the best he can with what they’ve got. Massive tech junkie who always wants to talk about the latest gadgets. Ironically enough, his office is a huge mess of books because he “can’t stand” e-Books.

No one is sure how long Solas has worked with the company. He’s been there as long as anyone can remember, but he doesn’t look old. Rumors spread that he was the first employee hired to the company and that he’s immortal, but almost no one believes them. He’s very pleasant and he knows a shocking amount about business dealings.

Everyone knows that Vivienne is only there to get a read on her competition before she sets up her start-up company. But she works her ass off and the job gets done cleanly and efficiently every time, so the company takes advantage while they can.

Cullen is the head manger for the main branch and is a fairly simple guy who gets overwhelmed by all the politics of business. He’s the textbook definition of “firm but fair” and he’s known as the office heartthrob. He always wears office clothing that’s a bit too formal. Privately, he has too many bulky hoodies, blue jeans, and an embarrassingly large collection of cowboy boots.

Cole is a small white kitten that Varric and Solas found and are secretly keeping in the office. Varric figured that the best way to conceal him was to hide the cat in plain sight, so while no one ever seems to see the cat, it’s no secret that Varric has some sort of pet. Current theory is that there actually is no cat and Varric is just trying to pull a fast one on Cassandra.

When the mega-corporation Corypheus stages a hostile takeover of the company, they bring in lady!Trevelyan as a financial expert and business liaison to handle negotiations with the company in the hopes of saving it.

Wonho: The Fanboy (Part One)


Requested by anonymous:

a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: fluff + fanboy Wonho
Word Count: 1618
A/N: YAY! Wonho fluff! Putting the reader as a female (for the smut portion later down the line bwahaha) – (Yeah, that’s right, making this into a series). Okay, I swear I didn’t mean to make the ending ‘angsty’ at all. It just happened. Anyways, only good things happen from here on out!

Originally posted by shownubot

“Wonho! We’re heading out.”

“Okay, hyung!” Wonho shouted back from the living room.

Several quick clicks and keyboard taps later, Wonho dashed from his desktop and out to the designated black van Monsta X would be using for their schedule that day. As the van pulled out of the driveway, Wonho began playing the latest song his favorite YouTube singer, Y/N, released earlier that morning. A wide smile was already spread across his lips the moment he heard her voice and he would not deny how fast his heart was palpitating at the beautiful melody she sang to. His feet were tapping to the beat and his fingers were dancing across his thigh to the notes from the piano in the background. As usual, he fell in love with Y/N’s song and even more so with the singer herself.

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that-wandering-belle  asked:

Hi love! Sorry to bother you! I know you're a Captain Swan fan too and I remember seeing some of your pretty edits for some fanfics in the past and I was wondering if you might have any CS fanfic recs? I would really appreciate it! <3

Hello, there! You’re no bother at all, and thank you! I have tons of cs fic recs. Just a note: I tag all of the edits I make for fics with #fanfiction covers (though not all are cs), and I tag all the fics I reblog (which is pretty everything I read) with #cs fic rec.

Anyways, these are all multi chapters, some are WIP and some are complete, but pretty much all include at least some smut. Hope that’s okay? Since I’m not sure what you’re looking for, these are a few of my favourites. If you want to tell me what you’re favourite tropes etc are, I can always send you more specific ones.

so, first of all, i’m going to completely shamelessly promote my own fics here:
heroes and villains:
when he is put in the alternate universe, henry knows he must find his mother and he knows just who to enlist to help him; the captain she was so in love with but when he finds hook, he’s in for a big surprise. a set of drabbles on what would happen if liam was brought back to storybrooke with emma and killian.
make you feel my love: emma swan and killian jones have been roommates ever since their not so cute meeting. however, when killian gets back with his ex-girlfriend, it raises some feelings in emma, which she has pushed down deep for years. will she confront her own fears and him, or will killian beat her to the punch, and what will he have to say to his best friend?
kindred spirits: emma swan hates killian jones - he’s arrogant and self centered but she’s stuck with him for the foreseeable future with them running in the same circles. what happens when she agrees to go camping with her friends, killian included, and what will happen when she has to get in a car with him, alone?
the fairytale bureau: killian jones and emma swan have been rivals for as long as she can remember. they were too different: he was all neat when she was all messy, she was cautious when he was all danger. when one case makes them work together, can they put aside their differences? lawyers!au.
make some noise: emma doesn’t hate her neighbour per say, she barely knows him. killian jones is an irritating, insufferable ass who’s far too cocky and confident for his own good but seriously, would it hurt him to keep the shower to a normal time like an actual human being? before she kills him.
what is this pain you call love?:  the first time she met killian jones, she was five years old and in kindergarten. and that’s the day she decided they were best friends. he promised to never leave her and always stay by her side, but everybody goes back on their promises eventually, don’t they?

onto more fics that aren’t mine:

to make your heart race: killian “hook” jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. emma swan is the counselor at the local children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.
learning to love again:  in the wake of his crumbling marriage, Killian Jones turns to his best friend Emma Swan for help. Even though Emma had just ended a two year long relationship she is more than happy to welcome Killian and Nate, his eleven month old son, into her home. What neither of them expect is to learn how to love again through each other.
we own tonight:  the king and queen of arendelle are dead, lost at sea. princess emma of misthaven wishes to attend her friend elsa’s coronation. her parents agree on one condition: she accepts a bodyguard for the duration of her stay in the foreign kingdom. their choice? lieutenant killian jones, of the royal navy.
a one time thing (and other untruths): “she supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks.” pregnancy has a way of throwing a wrench in one’s plans.
bloodlust:  a series of one shots about vampire killian jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.
fragile design: david nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. he enlists the help of emma swan and killian jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of storybrooke, ME. two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.
6:  emma swan is not one to break the rules, but when she meets killian jones, all her beliefs about what she is capable of change. over the course of six conferences in six different cities, they give into their attraction, pretending that it’s just physical when the truth is very different. where will this infatuation lead and who will end up hurt in the end?
life unexpected:  after a tragic car accident took the lives of liam and elsa jones, killian found himself the heir to their family home, their business and their only child. despite two large holes in his heart, he thinks he finally has things under control after a year of struggle and grief. in walks emma swan gradually filling both holes in the most unexpected way.
put me in coach, i’m ready to play:  PR director emma swan moves to pittsburgh intent on restarting her life. but playboy shortstop killian jones is making her job a hell of a lot harder with his antics.
i see the light (now that i see you): emma was twenty-six when she could finally see colors, after she had lost faith in it ever happening to her. she just wasn’t quite expecting it to be him.
the new girl: heartbroken emma swan needs a place to live - fast. killian, robin and Ddve had a spare room. surely nothing could go wrong here? surely ladies man killian jones can resist her charms? and surely there is no chance of straight talking emma swan falling for the hot english guy across the hallway?
with this ring: this was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. marry a guy she barely knew? but sometimes desperate people do crazy things. and crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do…
sometimes it hurts:  after 8 years of marriage, killian and emma jones are in the middle of a very public divorce. clueless to why emma is ready to end their marriage, the truth is a greater hardship than killian could ever imagine.
the reformed scoundrel: emma’s dire situation calls for desperate measures, proposing marriage to a duke seems to be the only way to protect her son, and there is just one nobleman who might consider such an outrageous offer - killian jones, the duke of hillsborough, the most notorious rake the ton has ever seen.
the perfect roommate:  emma was in desperate need of a roommate, but wasn’t finding anyone who suited her. until her brother david presented her the perfect roommate. a man who had an obsession with tidiness, who was a great cook, and most importantly … he was gay.  
off limits: she had always been like a little sister to him. until the day she came back from college and everything changed.
the usual story!: what happens when the hot guy emma yelled at in starbucks for spilling her coffee, is her devilishly handsome and rich playboy new boss killian jones?
poem without words: looking to make some extra money, college senior emma swan takes a post as a model for professor killian jones’ art class. sparks fly on both sides. will they give into temptation?
heart by heart: emma nolan, rich, famous, heiress to nolan tech, frustrated by her life, unable to get anyone to take her seriously as a businesswoman, flees to her new york life for hawaii. a chance meeting with grad student-turned-mechanic killian jones might change her life forever. if she lets it.
only for one night: pirate!killian/princess emma au. captain hook is brought before snow and charming, and sentenced to death. finding herself on the verge of being married off to the son of the dark one, emma takes matters into her own hands… including a certain pirate in her scheme.
forbidden: she is an amazon. he is greek. she is a princess. he is captured in battle. an ancient amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. this is their story.
teenage dream: after being away from her hometown for the last nine years, emma swan returns for a visit which its sole purpose is to let go of her past once and for all. the past in the form of killian jones. but what happens when she realizes that while some things have changed, her feelings for the guy who broke her heart remained the same?
7 minutes:  "we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now I think I might actually be in love with you.“ expect a sexy spin on the best friends secretly in love with each other trope…

Laughing over the fact that the “Akatsuki Company” was a legitimate thing from Naruto merchandise. 

Nagato: (Too hard for my poor Japanese, but I think…) Something like a behind-the-scenes Company President or something.
Pein/Pain: Vice President of Company/Director of the 6 paths of Pain
Konan: Secretary of Company President 
Kakuzu: Chief Accountant/Paymaster
Hidan: PR manager
Deidara: Planning manager
Sasori: Director of Personnel Department
Kisame: Field Observer/Site Foreman
Itachi: Manager of the Uchiha Branch

Amnesic | Pt. 1

Originally posted by yoongichii

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Member: Kim Seokjin

Words: 3.4k

Kim Seokjin was a tall, handsome, and incredibly smart blonde guy who could have the girls swooning at his feet if he wanted to. But life is cruel, and it made of Seokjin just a tall, handsome and smart guy who lived with an unlucky charm. His unlucky charm goes so far to the point where he meets you, a sharp detective who only takes cases that can be solved in one day. This because you’re suffering from a rare amnesic disease, which makes your memory reset every single time you wake up the next morning. 

A/N: And here I am back with another mini-series! This time it involves our pretty princess Kim Seokjin, because I have been dying in them Seokjin feels lately and I actually realised that I didn’t write a fic about him yet. The storyline of this fic is based on the Japanese TV-drama/manga ‘The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami’, and will be seperated in 3 or 4 chapters. 

Kim Seokjin.

Kim Seokjin was a guy who had it all. With his tall height, handsome face and blonde hair, he could make every girl swoon at his feet if he wanted to. His looks were beyond perfect, let alone his character. Kim Seokjin would probably be the sweetest guy you’d ever meet. He was an excellent cook, and genuinely enjoyed doing the activity.

However, the tall, blonde and handsome guy lived with a curse that has haunted him since the day that he was born.

Kim Seokjin was unlucky.

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“I’m reading a classic piece of fantasy literature about a mercenary company in a sorcery world. I’m actually the treasurer of the Gay Geeks of New York club. Hey! Could you promote our trivia night? It’s tonight at Rock Bar at 7 PM. There’s all kinds of geek trivia: fantasy, gaming, anime, animation, sci-fi, stuff like that. Wait until I tell our PR Director about this. I’m gonna rub his nose in it. It’s gonna be awesome.”

star-anise  asked:

Can you talk a little bit about what kind of jobs there are for people to do for a hockey team other than playing hockey? In the comic the only non-players we see working for the team are Lardo and the coaches. I know there are a ton of other jobs, but not really what they DO. Expertise pls?

Yeah of course! (I can’t talk from a college hockey jobs view, I think that’s probably the manager/managers, probably a couple of students who are doing like sports med that shadow the team doc, the couple of students whose job it is to run the memorabilia kiosk, and the students who run concessions, but feel free to take stuff from this to use. Just be aware this is Major Juniors and not College!) 

So this is Hockey Jobs with Noorah (THIS GOT LONG):

So basically there’s two kinds of jobs when it comes to major juniors. Either you work directly for the team, like I did, or you don’t. We are gonna start with jobs you can have when you work for the team!

So first you’ve got your everyday staff: your Front Office people, so your GM and assistant GM, admin assistants, directors of sales and markets, director of PR and broadcasting, your game ops manager, your special events coordinator, your merch buyer, your team photographer and your account execs (who deal with like season ticket sales, group sales etc). These are the heart and soul of the non-player team. These are the men and women behind the scenes who make the day to day ops of the team possible, and drive ticket sales, create programs, coordinate events, create the merch, etc. These guys are great. You get on their good side and you stay there, and your life is complete. They know everything about the boys and the kids, and are the ones that problem solve when there are problems. They handle everything from team issues to development camps and youth hockey programs, not just the major juniors. These are also the radio personalities, the social media team, the outreach team, the graphic design team etc etc. Seriously yall. These people are freaking amazing.

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A case study of t100 and what can PR professionals learn from it

I’m getting my Master’s in mass media and communications and let me tell you: Lexa’s death is a fascinating case study. And when I say “fascinating”, I mean that they fucking suck at crisis communication.

Now, let me tell you something about crisis communication. There are several important points to keep in mind if you ever want to go into the field and be succesful:

- It’s stressful as hell and worse. You gotta deal with a lot of shit from a lot of people. Not all of that shit is justified, to be honest.

- Speed is everything. In our digital age, customers expect you to reply to them in seconds. Not hours, not minutes. Seconds. You always monitor the environment for possible feedback and react with a speed of light: that’s the reality of good crisis comm., I’m not shitting you. And, again digital world – which means social media. Socmed can turn from a useful tool into a weapon of mass destruction in seconds if you don’t react.

- The thing with feedback is, more often than not people just wanna be heard. That’s all. The majority isn’t going to socmed so the company miraculously solves the problem; they go there to vent and to reach out. So you don’t have to come up with a solution right away and post it everywhere. You just have to reply. Something along the lines of “we heard you, and we’re working on it, and will get back to you shortly.”

- Another very, very important thing – I cannot stress it enough, just how important it is – feedback don’t mean shit unless it’s from an official source. What do I mean by that? Well, if my chicken had bugs in it, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what waitress/cashier/cook has to say about it. It’s nice if the employees offer their condolences and I might like that particular waitress and I might come back to this restaurant because of her or she might be the only reason I even show up there in the first place, but she is not the spokesperson of the company. Their CEO/PR director/an affiliated public figure (like maybe the lead of a TV show, no?)/verified account is, and people expect a reply from them.

- Never, never, NEVER ignore negative feedback and/or combat it with forcing positive feedback on people. You have to acknowledge negative feedback. Even if it’s bullshit and you have a hunch that your competition paid some bloggers to attack your business (it happens more often than you’d think btw), always fucking reply anyway. You’ll have more chance to come out a winner if you do. If you don’t, your actual customers will notice and they will get angry, trust me.

- Another reason why it’s important to reply to your customers (from an official source!): if the company goes radio silence, people start speculating. They start building theories as to why you’re silent, and it’s almost never pretty. They immediately feel like you don’t care about them, and they. Will. Get. Angry. Btw, there is a huge portion of your customers that are bandwagon-jumpers. Meaning they are up for a riot just for the sake of a riot. That’s bad for you. Because as soon as the customers who were actually hurt by your actions start telling their story, a wild bandwagon-jumper WIL appear and spread the story and the longer you keep silent, the more it gets spread and the more negative feedback is given.

- In our day and age, keeping silent means that you know you fucked up but you’re not going to won up to it, which basically leads to your fuck up becoming a disaster. For your reputation, for your sales, and, in the end, for the existence of your company.

- Never underestimate the power of your customers because they are able to make you go bankrupt. Seriously. Customers bring you sales. Without customers, there are no sales, without sales, there are no money, without money, there is no company.

- We live in a world that is oversaturated by products. If your service/product quality declines, people WILL leave you and search for something else. If they THINK the quality of your service/product declines, they WILL leave you and search for something else. If you acknowledge that and start working on it, they just might stay. If you ignore it, they will leave for sure + some portion of the customers who still like you might condone your actions and leave with them.

- Another point for oversaturated market: you might be putting a rare product out there. Something no one has done before/done poorly/done scarcely. But, as I said: the market is usually oversaturated. Companies compete for the customers’ undivided attention. Your competition can easily copy your product with slight changes so it’s actually better – and your mistakes along the way will help them do so, because they will learn from it and will avoid them.

- NEVER, OH MY GOD, NEVER UPLOAD INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET AND THEN DELETE IT. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MISTAKES YOU CAN MAKE. Always be consistent. If you’re not consistent, you’re immediately perceived as a liar. Customers lose trust, and TRUST IS EVERYTHING IF YOU WANT YOUR COMPANY TO SURVIVE.

- Another VERY IMPORTANT THING: you need to always look out for a possible crisis your product/company might encounter. You should be looking for “prodromes” – signs of an upcoming crisis, and you need to be prepared beforehand. For example, you want to take your extra-fluffy pancakes off the menu. You know some customers love them, and there have been some other major fast-food chains who also took them off menu and you know how it was received. You might even not want to do that, but the market demands it. Also, customers have been speculating for a while now that extra-fluffy pancakes are about to go. Those are all your prodromes: previous bad history with the product, sensitive relationship customers have with the product, and speculation about your upcoming decision. It may evolve into a crisis, it may not: but a good crisis comm. Professional treats any issue as a potential crisis, and prepares accordingly. Develop your crisis comm story beforehand and stick to it. You should always be prepared for a possible backlash of any decision you make.

- Yes, the company spokespeople are, well, people. They have their own feelings and thoughts and they also can get upset, just like all of us. But it all really comes down to one thing: it’s their motherfucking job. If/when you go into the field or have your own business/product/a TV show, always keep this in mind: IT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB. If you want to make profit and make sales and keep your customers, be prepared for negative feedback and be prepared for it to be brutal. You’re not twelve and you’re not selling lemonade for a dollar. Your customers expect you to do your job, and yes, it’s harsh and it sounds awful and I already know I’ll probably get some negative feedback myself, lol, but it’s the truth. You’re supposed to do your job. My boss isn’t gonna let me go home because my client is stressing me out (I’m in corporate sales, and that’s a mindfuck and a half, let me tell you.) My client won’t suddenly be all sympathetic and brew me some tea and wrap me up in a blanket. They WILL demand results, and it doesn’t fucking matter that my cat died or whatever, and by real-world rules, THEY WILL BE RIGHT. It doesn’t matter what industry we’re talking about. You can be a nurse or a salesman or an actor or a TV show producer – it doesn’t matter. In the end, this is a job you’re getting paid for. (the unfairly low pay in some industries is another matter entirely, but p.s. tv producers get paid handsomely).

I didn’t mention t100 once, but I’m willing to bet many – if not all – of you are able to make a connection. I’m not talking about any personal things right now. I’m not talking about Lexa as a character or bad timing of her death or the impact it has on the community – we all know it, we all feel it. I just find it fascinating – how sometimes people fuck up so bad it’s funny. This is just an analysis of their PR, which is bad right now.

I’m sorry for ranting and nobody will probably read it anyway, but yeah. Here you go.