pr 5x16

After a whole season of taking things away from the Winchesters, from the Impala to Bobby, it seems almost too cruel for the writers to take Dean’s pie away, too, but producer Daniel Loflin is unrepentant. “That was the point of the scene!” he insists. “Yeah, of course, it’s cruel. You can’t kill off your lead characters, but you can definitely torture them.” Producer Andrew Dabb concurs. “Well, that’s the thing, this season was all about taking things away, so you have to take away the pie and all the road food. You take everything away and you just go for Dean’s heart. The funny thing is, Dan and I seem to always have these episodes that speak to Dean’s love of pie, like back in "Dark Side of the Moon,” where we showed where his love of pie had come from. It’s weird that my Supernatural career has been defined by pie-writing.
—  Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7.
Titan Books, 2012: 111.