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10k Report

I just had the BEST run :) I had not expected to set a PR, but I ended up setting 4!

  • Best 1 Mile - 15:49
  • Best 10K - 1Hr 48 min
  • 1st 10k with no cramping
  • 1st 10k ran nonstop!

I’m probably most excited about not cramping up. In my previous 4 10ks I cramped between 4-5 miles and limped in the rest of the way. This time I had no cramping, though I got some early warnings right at the end. 

I am feeling confident that I can keep beating this time. I am shooting for 90 min… 

For the first time ever… I can really see myself doing a ½. It seems realistic now. 182 Days until my first scheduled one. I am going to nail it!

Also - see the nice recovery snack Josi made for me. She is too cute :) 


I moved my long run to today before work because we are doing the color run as a family tomorrow. 

I was tempted to just do 3 more miles and get my first ½ done but I didn’t for two reasons. 1) I had to get to work 2.) I am trying to stick with the training schedule and I know I have a tendency to overdo things and cause injury. 

So, I “settled” for a distance PR for now :) The best part was when I passed the 10k mark feeling strong. What seemed imposable - is now my warm-up. :)

56 / 100 June miles
391 / 1000 Annual miles

PR Protip #2:

Any PR spin that requires a nuanced understanding of the ways Hitler used gas to commit unspeakable mass murder is PR spin that is certain to fail.


6.21/6.22 The Final Battle promo (x)

this idea was on my to-do list since forever. did anyone else already did this? ffxv/pacific rim? O_o  cause it’s a crossover that kinda screamed at me.

I’m too lame to come up with a cool name for their Jaeger, so I just called it “Insomnia Comet” after their home n the most vital things that literally keep the lights on in Eos. N since they’re probs also stationed in Insomnia, their whole Jaeger crew would be dubbed “Kingsglaive” since they protect the crown city etc n the whole idea comes full circle  :)  

Originally I wanted them to wear Chucks n Hercs suits cause the Hansens are my favs n I’m still salty about Chucks death (n have little silly hopes they might pick up on the many “Chuck is still alive” ff’s for PR 2). but then I thought, if anyone wears the Hansen suit it might be probably Gladio n Iris or Gladio n Ignis. Maybe the story is there too that Gladio used to pilot with his old man, but then dad retired to be the kings bodyguard n Gladios new partner became either Iris or Ignis. N then there’s the most badass team (aka team “Russia”) which will be Aranea/Nyx ovo   soooo many idea, soooo little patience to draw it all :’‘‘‘D


Hey it’s my gallssss-

OK, So the first one is Sugar, who i’ve had as my persona/coresona (which I really need to draw her as more h) and the second one came from a concept I had for a Honey core, which I eventually scrapped and decided it was gonna be a Caramel core (sweet, but can be salty as well he-)

so ye

Prince On Every Tour: 1999

It’s Friday night Tumblr, it’s 8:30, and part of me wants to hightail it to bed again like I did last night. Is it just me or has it been THE LONGEST WEEK?! A lot going on, but I’m using the scraps of energy I have left to get into the next Prince on every tour. Shall we begin? Tonight’s show is a real treat for me and is easily one of my favorites:


Overview:  Okay. OKAY. I just want you all to understand that this post was almost certainly about to look like this:

BUT, I’m trying to do better in life. So I stopped, collected myself, and decided to try to give some semblance of a readable post. This my attempt. 

We find Prince in the same arena a year later, yet he’s of course hit another level up. At least he gave us more than 6 months to cope with the greatness of the Controversy tour we attended. We’ve decided that the last concert was him definitely coming more into his own, but maybe with still a bit of an unrefined touch to it. By this show, it’s ALL refined. And I say that not just because he is my fave here ya’ll. I mean it sincerely.

Let’s start with the dancing. He was so full of energy before that some of it came off awkward, but completely endearing. Here though, we see that Prince swag that some may know from Purple Rain onwards. But I promise ya’ll it’s here in 1999. We’re seeing his signature splits become more prominent, and the overall James Brown influence has fully emerged in his movements. We also are seeing that dual femininity/masculinity element to his movements become more evident. They’re elegant and graceful, but you don’t doubt for a second that he would also be able to… handle you. Or me. I will speak for myself. Actually, yeah, none of you think about that. Keep moving. Bye.

Sorry. Focused again. Promise. Basically, P just seems to be so much more comfortable on the stage overall by this point, therefore more playful than before. Take, for example, one of the most glorious 14 minute portions of a concert I’ve ever witnessed - How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore. He starts with just a piano jam sesh ( “ ‘Scuse me, I’m just jammin’ “) that turns extremely funky and EXCEEDINGLY rude. He sings, quite soulfully, that he really wants your *insert kitty emoji here* this evening. One would think that as many times as I’ve watched JUST THAT PART, it wouldn’t affect me, but no. I’ve had no growth as far as that’s concerned. I’m fine with it. As the sesh turns into How Come, he gets increasingly extra, until the breakdown (MAD FUNKY) in which he then graces us with the most of that liquid velvet (what I refer to his voice as) we’ve heard thus far on a tour as he accuses us of having another man…or woman, how we’re to blame for him screaming out our name while tryna make love to his other woman, and pleading with us to call him some time, all culminating in asking us if we wanna play with his tootsie roll. To which I answer a resounding YES. I know this was purposeful. I know it was intentional. I know. But do I care? I SURE DONT. To quote boyfriend “now if you think that I’mma fool who’ll go for any line, honey put down all your money, you’d win every time.” I ghost wrote that. It’s who I am. *kanye shrug* 

His bandleader skills are also a 10 here. Not only can you see his growth on stage, but you can see everyone else’s. Dez is jamming and making his way across the stage with no shirt and that haircut I hate so much, Brownmark is having a ball on the bass, also shirtless. Fink continues to amaze on his solos. The sound is airtight, but if anything did go wrong, they knew how to make sure we couldn’t tell. More than anything, you can tell how much they’re all enjoying themselves. It’s infectious to watch. 

Production has stepped up. Not a whole lot going on besides the International Lover bed prop and my personal fave, the pole he refuses to stop sliding down for 3 tours in a row. But you can tell by the lighting, transitions between songs, etc. that he has honed every aspect  of the experience. At this point, we’re just waiting on funds (which are well on their way)  as the final part to having the type of production a performer like P needs. 

This entire concert (and tour in my opinion from all the shows I’ve seen) was executed with a confidence and swagger we had not yet seen from him before, but one we will continue to see blossom into a dangerous flower of swag and life ruining. It is, and forgive me (or don’t, this is what’s in my soul ya’ll) the emergence of daddy. Point. Blank. Period.

Favorite Number:
You can try to tell me there was a bad number in this show, but you’d be a double drag fool. Despite the fact that this era produced some of my absolute favorite music from him, these were all still stellar performances. I can’t imagine a single person in attendance not being on their feet for the duration of this show. 

Pretty much, I am stuck here. I would typically go with Lady Cab Driver, but nothing beats the Detroit 82 soundboard version. DMSR is always a jam, and I love the coordinated two step between him, Dez, and Brownmark. Let’s Work is always a hard jam too, and I LIVE for his dance on that song as well. So swaggy. Vocally, Do Me Baby and International Lover are standouts. His range on the recorded version of International Lover is INCREDIBLE, so hearing that live…just let me ascend please. How Come, for obvious reasons and also another vocally amazing performance. 

As I sit here in an internal battle with myself, I feel like I’m going International Lover. It’s a favorite from the album, he’s extra, he’s rude, and he’s sangin’. A combination of all the things I love. 

Favorite Outfit:
There weren’t many outfit changes here. He started out with the iconic purple trench, open-chested opera blouse, and the fitted, buttons-down-the-sides pants we’re used to now. It’s an outfit we’ve come to know and love. However, I’m thinking that I’m loving the moto jacket that matches his pants (perfectly cropped to not deprive us any portion of his booty, bless) fit the best. He just looks so doggone good in that all black getup. LORDT. Honorable mention to the purple moto jacket and headband he wore during International Lover though. It almost won simply because of my love of Prince in a headband/headwrap. Especially with those perfect 1999 curls cascading over it. 

Still Would Rating: Clearly.

Overall Rating: So I know several will think that this rating is based simply on the fact that this is my favorite iteration in one of my favorite shows. That is partially true. I mean, it’s a favorite for a reason, right? However, take all that away, and it was still an AMAZING show. He is on the precipice of his superstardom, so getting to see that before the clamor of Purple Rain (and trust me, I love PR) is thrilling to me. It’s like being privy to a secret a lot of people might not have really known yet. Like “ya’ll have no idea how he’s about to slay you for the next 30 years.” Plus, this era spawned some of my favorite music, not just from him, but from The Time (What Time Is It is their BEST album; let’s argue) and Vanity 6 (I am the obnoxious person who does all THREE sides of the conversation in If A Girl Answers), so being able to see those sets too was great. But even without those factors, if I knew nothing of Prince, I’d walk away from  having watched this feeling exhilarated, wanting more, and thinking “this dude is gonna be a legend.” 


day two of @stardew-valley‘s 30 day stardew valley prompt challenge- unlikely friendship! explanation for why this image is what it is ‘n all below the cut so i don’t bore the shit out of you

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So I tend to get a lot of asks asking me if I think certain things are real or fake (PR stunts). To be honest I can’t be bothered to get into these details. And the fact of the matter is that we simply don’t know what’s real and whats fake. So I don’t want to sit here saying ‘this is true’ or ‘this is false’ when I don’t actually know anything about the girls’ private lives. I also don’t want to feed the drama machine that I am trying to ignore. 

The short of it is that I assume that a lot of the ‘info’ that we as fans are fed about the girls’ private lives is probably fake or staged, and that if they feed us stuff that is actually true, then they are putting this info out for a reason. If some new info about the girls pops up on your phone screen, logically, there are 3 different possibilities for why you are seeing it.

1) it is fake and being used for PR 

2) it is real and being purposefully used for PR

3) It is private info that wasn’t supposed to get out.

My feeling is that option 3 is very rare. If it is a photo someone accidentally caught or something like that, then perhaps. But in general if they want something to remain private, it will remain private. Remember even phone hacks can be faked - be wary of any kind of ‘leak’.

I think its fair to assume that if you are seeing something, its usually because the girls’ team want you to see it. If it gets media attention then this adds evidence to it being constructed by the team. Just as a general rule, if you want to try and work out if things are PR or not, there are a few of questions to ask yourself:

- How did it happen?

- Is it being paraded in front of your face?

- Is the media reporting on it? Are the media sources ones that usually report on 5H stuff? (i.e. are they sources that have a relationship with their team?)

- What’s the timeline? How quickly did events develop?

- Were the events accompanied by rumours that mysteriously emerged out of know-where?

- Are there any releases coming out soon that they may be trying to promote?

- Are the girls having to co-operate?

Again, I really can’t be fucked to get into the details of nit-picking what might be real and what might be fake, but the above questions are usually what run through my head when I see some kind of ‘drama’. My advice: In general I would say trust your instincts and don’t get caught up in the drama. Just approach everything like you don’t really know whats going on and support the girls in spite of any negative publicity that may have been built around them.

- Meg xx

anonymous asked:

Hi! Question, if you are privy to the inside workings of a "fo-mance" the likes we're seeing played out. 1. Who'd be behind this; studio/network, agents, PR firms, actors? 2. Could the actors say no without putting thier jobs in jeporardy? 3. If the actors play along, can they choose to keep thier mouths shut and let others play it out with innuendo? 4. Do you know of any actors who do this 100% willingly? I appreciate any insite you (or others) could share.

1. All of the above. 

2. I’m sure some do.

3. Innuendo is the best course. Going hard almost always backfires when the truth comes out because although the public has short attention spans, they have long memories. They don’t like being manipulated or misled. It’s always better to let the masses fill in the blanks.

4. Tom Hiddleston is a very recent example of how a showmance can backfire. He started being associated with every actor’s favorite four-letter word (Bond). Although he has a strong, loyal fanbase, his career overall hasn’t reached the levels I’m sure his team originally thought given how he was the breakout actor following The Avengers. So he and Taylor Swift were suddenly doing awkward “candid” photo shoots on the shore. The gossip/entertainment community had a field day because a) she has a terrible public dating reputation whether it’s fair or not and b) it was SO obvious it was set up. Mmmhmm. He flew to Nashville to meet her parents. She flew to the U.K. to meet his. They went to Rome. She went with him to Australia while he shot the new Thor film. He attended her annual 4th of July party with that bunkassed I Heart T.S. tee shirt. Super public, super in your face. And they broke up after three months. Nobody was surprised and everybody got a good laugh at both of their expenses. (Spoiler alert: he ain’t Bond.)

Another fauxmance that crashed and burned was Kaley Cuoco’s weeks-long tour of grocery store parking lots with Henry Cavill when his team was trying to push his star up a little more when Man of Steel was coming out. Keep in mind that Kaley and co-star Johnny Galecki were together for nearly two and a half years on the down low and nobody outside their inner circle knew. 

I have to get a loaner kiddo to preschool, so I’m off like a prom dress. Take it easy, keep it sleazy. xoxo