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In my opinion, when One Direction (usually Liam) have spoken about control, they aren’t talking about public actions, promotional strategies, and publicity. They are speaking about artistic control and the creative process—songwriting, production—their sound. Did they have more and more writing and involvement with each of their albums? Yes. And it’s extremely important to them. They didn’t get to choose their singles, though. (Consider, too, did they choose their merch? Were they eager to release yet anotherwas it the fourth??—perfume? Or a 1D make-up line? No.)

30 October 2012

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At this point, if you believe that Cheryl and Liam are actually together, that they are happy and have a child together, then you have to believe every other piece of garbage the sun spills. Meaning you have to believe that Harry is a disgusting womanizer who throws women aside like they’re nothing. It means you have to believe that Louis is a deadbeat dad who cheated on his girlfriend and knocked up another girl because he wasn’t responsible enough to wrap it up. You also have to believe that One Direction hate each other and that Simon is their lovable golden father figure. You can’t just take a couple stories that fit your narrative and what you believe to be true, and toss the others aside. Every single piece of information that we have received about Cheryl and Liam’s relationship for the last 18 months has come directly from the sun, directly from Simon’s mouthpiece. If you still believe it - I don’t know what to say.

It’s amazing how deceptive a photo can be. There are a couple of pics from the Met Gala where it looked like Gigi was laughing at something Zayn said. But I was looking at videos from them on the red carpet that the DailyFail posted, and was trying to read Zayn’s lips because he said something to Gigi twice during their time on the carpet. In one video it looks like he’s saying “I think they want us to move” (he was talking about the people responsible for shuffling the celebs around on the red carpet). Gigi was too busy taking pics, so I don’t think she heard him, she just smiled at him awkwardly. In the second video, Zayn looked confused by the woman responsible for telling them where to stand. Then Gigi, who was hamming it up for the cameras, whispered something to him and he said “What?” and then smiled awkwardly at something she said. After that, she touched him on his chest, and in his confusion he said “are we finished?” (he thought she was trying to signal to him that they were done, but she was actually just hamming it up for the cameras unbeknownst to Zayn). And before Zayn even finished his sentence, she touched his face. And that’s how the now infamous picture was captured lol. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, but actually video is.

Yep. That’s why I ONLY trust LIVE VIDEO. Again, ZIGI IS ZERRIE 2.0 (on crack) ™ . 

This is how media manipulation works. They do it in all facets of media, including all the PR fakelationships. 

Here are clear examples that people somehow still deny. SMDH.

1. Zerrie at the TIU premiere being “affectionate”:

When in reality, you see the LM PR person directing Zayn to kiss her (watch the hand and where Zayn and Perrie are looking prior to the staged kiss):

2. Liard 1.0 clubbing. This “romantic” pic: 

Was taken from this moment thanks to the numerous paps and their fast shutter speeds:

3. And here’s a clear example of media manipulation by The Sun (the HJPR mouthpiece) using a headline to imply false garbage during the “Zerrie breakup” (can’t break up something that never existed..):

When in reality, Perrie was LAUGHING

Heed Malcolm X’s words:

anonymous asked:

Losing ALL your baby weight if you're breastfeeding is v improbable, and it's even more impossible if you're able to do it in just two months. I'm 23 and my daughter is ten months old, I was a gymnast for more than 15 year and even if I have strong muscles and a fast metabolism, I wasn't able to lost ALL my pregnancy gain until 4/5 months after the birth (had c-section too). Also, my boyfriend's help was everything, because having a new born is an emotional rodeo as well. Very poor narrative 🙄

I know! It’s infuriating on every level. This entire narrative only helps to push the idea that pregnancy and child rearing should be this effortless. It’s completely unrealistic and damaging to promote the idea that a woman should just bounce back and emerge looking like you never gave birth at all when we all know there’s no way in hell she’s doing any of it without the kind of help that only money can buy!

It also reinforces the idea that it’s completely acceptable and noble for the woman to just stay home with the newborn, with a smile on her face, while the man is off pursuing his professional ambitions with her blessing. I mean, it’s just horrible all around. 

Solo Liam has been nothing but:

The fandom’s reaction OTOH:

It’s all so messy and disappointing.

May 27, 2016. Few photos from a nondescript parking lot and some tweets to “prove” Darren was at bottlerock. No video that included Darren.

May 28, 2016. Full day of festival and bearding as documented by Darren, beardy, fans, etc. PR show complete with photos, tweets, and video.

May 27, 2017. A photo w/ the team beard at what appears to be bottlerock. And I’ll give them, improvement over last year, 2 fan photos that makes the sighting more credible. No video with Darren. Tweets from Darren.

May 28, 2017. Full day of festival and bearding as documented by Darren, beardy, fans, etc. PR show complete with photos, tweets, and video.

Hmmm…I’m sensing a pattern. Looks like they can only provide a minimum on the 27th as that is all Darren will give or allow. ( not saying he wasn’t there. But if so, for a minimum amount of time to do the needful).

Followed by them going into overdrive on the 28th to make sure we know he’s in Napa.

I wonder why that is? Oh wait I know exactly why they struggle to document his presence on the 27th.

I wasn’t kidding when I said. I could have written the script for this weekend.

Hello. So I was looking at the most recent pap video of Zayn and Gigi (because clearly I like to torture myself). They were accompanied by Gigi’s brother Anwar (the guy in the pink hoodie) and there is a portion of the video at the end when Zayn & Gigi are being filmed in the car. I think they were instructed beforehand by Zayn’s team to put on a little show because it looks like they were pretending to kiss as Gigi’s brother held up a magazine pretending to shield them from the cameras. If you look closely, Zayn looks at Anwar as if he were waiting for his cue before Anwar lifts up the magazine to shield their “intimate moment” The video is embedded in this website:

Hello my Anon and thank you for the info; I hadn’t seen this article (I’m not at home or at work and I’m having serious internet trouble…). I checked on youtube and the video of  Mirror article has not been uploaded there, so if someone wants to see it, they’ll have to follow the link…

I have a confession: I love watching fake couples going ho strolling, trying to convince everyone how much in loooove they are! they are so obvious and they try so hard, it becomes hilarious! it’s comedy at its finest! They take their romance/affair/ love on the road, like a touring company that performs in various festivals but always with the same play! And what is it with “couples” that remember that they have to kiss and make out whenever they see cameras? is this pavlovian conditioning? I cannot remember where I read this (it’s not mine), but why are ZiGi always papped leaving Gigi’s flat building but are never papped arriving at their destination? It it because they get in a car and start driving around for a few minutes until the paps disperse and then they return and each one goes home???

 So my Nonnie, I love watching videos of Zayn and Gigi, it’s no hardship at all!!!  In this video (14/7/16), for example, I see Gigi who changed her hairstyle from the previous day (13/7/16), she put on fake nails (because if you notice, her nails were not painted and were considerably shorter the previous day), and matched the colours with her lipstick (which screams product promo), her shades, because duh! everybody wears shade during night time, and it was “another day, another show”!

Zayn, on the other hand, had his ‘show must go on” smirk on!. I will refrain from commenting on Anwar, as his whole outfit is an insult to the good taste everywhere! Is he by any chance related to the Pink Panther???

Seriously now, this isn’t something new, it’s another recycled stunt. Remember when Perrie’s brother was tagging along? let’s bring back a few gems!   Zayn with Jonnie and Perrie.

And here is Zayn with Jonnie from 1DDay:

I am posting this last photo (from the 1DDay) on purpose because either people are new and do not know, or they have forgotten how 1DHQ (and all its branches…. yep I’m referring to Zayn’s “NT”)  used all the family members to reinforce the stunt. And do you know that back in the automn of 2012 “Zayn” had said in an interview in the Sun that he had to meet Perrie’s brother to get his approval and he was scared of this meeting??? 

And let’s pass now to PDAs with Perrie. Except THOSE one, where their stunt coordinator was filmed giving them instructions (Disneyland and TIU premiere), there have been other occasions, where Zayn had improvised, with very funny results! Remember that time in N. Orleans (september 2014), the only time that Perrie had joined him on tour for a couple of days, that they paraded them around, holding hands, of course!

They went to the Hard Rock cafe, and the other day (I think) went to a store (which happened to be the “Urban Outfitters”). They were inside the store when Zayn noticed that there were fans gathered outside, so he grabbed perrie, took her closer to the windows and started to “kiss” her, or what the fans thought kissing her; mission accomlished! The “loved up” couple was very happy! And here is the photogaphic evidence of New orleans.

Zayn noticed the fans looking through the windows:

Alerted Perrie:

and put his plan into motion:

The photos are from  this tweet here.

As you can see, it’s like having a script and following it; cameras mean PDAs. And if they are inside a car, where there is the illusion of privacy, they put on a bigger show! And here is the photo showing them trying to follow the script, right before Anwar -it’s the big pink panther- hadid, raises a magazine to protect their privacy and their modesty…. Nah! this is not an Oscar award winning performance, it’s more like the Golden rasberry variety of awards!

lzdirection90  asked:

U know what's amazing? That zigis know their relationship is fake(who wouldn't at this point) like when z tweeted the versusxbella like EVERY zigi was "fuck yes" "zella" "being hot together" im like what happened to your "queen gigi?" They literally don't care of z is in a fake relationship and is being used as long as its a FEMALE. p.s this explains why z been angry (flipping off camaras) another hadid ripping him off

This is disturbing and shows these people don’t care about Zayn.

importantfacts  asked:

The Sun published today Liam Payne hints he may NEVER marry Cheryl as he says 'weddings aren't for him' . He even said that "Wedding is kinda weird". What a man, hah. If I was his "girlfriend" and we have a "baby" together I will be so upset and kinda angry if my bf said that to all world.


Sure, Liam. That weird ass explanation is not suspicious at all. (We know the real reason is because you’ve already married your soul mate.)

Then of course it goes on to talk about her, her marriages, and linking her to his music of course, because the only important thing about Liam’s solo career is her.

At least this will lay the groundwork on why they never get hitched for as long as this nightmare lasts….let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

anonymous asked:

Liam's and Louis' respective Babygates are so so so so SO SO VERY STUPIDLY SIMILAR I can't believe ANYONE has actually fallen for them. I mean they're laughable at this point?? Even if you don't believe that Ziam and Larry exist fine. Just look at the baby mama "relationships" that surround them and the narratives and the photos and the articles and please THINK and QUESTION

I’m right there with you, nonnie. The fakeness of the both stunts stand on their own, regardless of Ziam & Larry.

I mean, just from the very basic premise that both of these super young dudes at the top of their game, came out of long-term relationships and IMMEDIATELY forgot how to use contraception with the next heifer that rolled up on them and knocked them up ??? 


Both are so blatantly phony and yet people totally buy it. I’m guessing because it’s easier just to go along with the official story than to question and admit that there are tons of discrepancies in how both of these stunts came to be.

To each their own but I’ll never understand that mentality.

anonymous asked:

did u notice whenever someone with a poc name asked a question liam was like 'oh beautiful name':))) and people still believe he would let his own kid be named bear lol... we all know zayn and liam's kids are gonna have beautiful urdu names :'))

I did and right?? Come onnnn….who would say yes to that! LOL

Anyway, that’s the dream, nonnie. But regardless of what we believe, as long as he was genuinely happy and in an actual, real relationship, I’d support him (goes for Zayn too obvs). 

But Chiam is just so ridiculously fake and super transparent that every time it comes up I’m just over here going:

anonymous asked:

Liam said that Bear singing! SO in 5 months he can walking, singing and even has teeth. My God, it's like baby of Superman.

LOL - I know Liam fancies himself Superman but come on! I heard that little slip up in that interview and couldn’t help but snicker, nonnie.

Conchobear can walk, talk, is nearly as tall as his granny, slept soundly through the night instantly, and now loves to sing….I mean, wow! That baby is a virtuoso! 

What’s also quite telling about how fake this is how Liam sticks to the same talking points over & over. The bath time story, the white noise apps, etc.

To the untrained ear it sounds fine and dandy but the fact that he never expands on his experience as a father on a more profound level says a lot.

He gives the same generic platitudes we’ve all heard everywhere about parenting: how life-changing it is, how you see things differently and how amazing it is.

No shit. Anyone can come up with non-answers like that. Nothing about how scary it is being in charge of another person’s well-being and how they turn out, the extremes you experience emotionally from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Know what I mean? Something with a little more substance would go a long way.

It’s all rainbows and sunshine and superhuman babies in the Payne household apparently.

I mean, I feel bad for my boy having to lie through his teeth like this while trying not to mess up. And he honestly does really try.  Like I’ve said before, his team should’ve had an actual parent dispense the info or at least read a book or two on the subject matter.

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Anyway Jimmy Fallon remains the best late night talk show host. Talks about their music while also having fun.. corden does nothing but promo the official narrative with all of them. I'm disgusted. This is someone that's suppose to be their "friend"

Even James focused on Liams fatherhood. Why they all like that? On every interview typical questions about his personal life. I really hate this.


Yeah, well, that’s why some people have reservations about Cordo in the first place. Let’s not forget that Ben Winston is his partner. The line back to 1DHQ couldn’t be clearer so yeah, they’re gonna go there unfortunately. 

But did you notice though how tense Liam got as soon as James brought it up and how the story of Conchobear’s name has changed?

Now it’s because the baby was making bear sounds right after it was born and a team of 10 concerned specialists were running around in a tizzy trying to determine why?  And they all concurred he was fine but was just noisy and therefore should be named Bear….obviously. 

I honestly laughed so hard (though I feel bad for Liam having to sell this story) when he said that. It keeps getting harder for him to keep all the lies straight. (It reminds me of how neither Zayn or Jelena can get the story of how their epic romance began or even where lol.)

OTOH, the whole tone of that Conchobear segment felt a bit mocking to me, don’t you think? It was hard to take any of it seriously. I mean, Cordo and the other two James’ all took turns teasing the name. They also teased him about being “humongous” (talking point) and how he wouldn’t fare well in school because of that name, etc. 

Like we’ve all said before, this stuff isn’t meant for us. It’s meant to promo Cheryl off of Liam’s solo career to the GP who don’t know any better. 

I had a feeling that was gonna happen but in spite of that, Liam did great on the show. He was charming, cute and his performance was fantastic.

anonymous asked:

Wait how do we know Ch*ryl lost the baby weight? Has she finally emerged? Or are these more of Liam's kid fics?

Oh it’s purely all from Liam’s Wattpad kid fic. The stories get more ridiculous by the second. He obviously hasn’t spent any time with an actual infant ffs. He needs to stop cuz it’s all so unbelievable and just embarrassing.

No fooking way Cheryl managed to shed her baby weight without the help of a trainer, a nanny and a chef. Liam is really trying to set her up as this badass mom who needs zero help (or sleep apparently) to achieve such amazing parenting heights, I swear.

What’s worse is that Liam is getting dragged left and right for this nightmarish PR tour and she’s gonna emerge smelling like a rose. 

PSA to Team Liam:

Watch on

New ILYSM video:The Story of Ziam, Part 6C - The Girlfriend Situation

(credit to @thezaynandliam for the find!)

Liam’s (new) “friends” are also friends of the Hadids - what a small world

As Denise (@1ddenisels) points out in tags, Chass Bryan is a basketball player, friend of Jordan Payton (not even followed by Liam or Paddy on twitter):

 And like Jordan, linked to the Hadids. He’s apparently a friend of Anwar Hadid (notice the adidas promo):

And we already know Jordan Payton, NFL player (who isn’t doing so well) is a friend of the Hadids: 

What a small world…

lightupthedarkness  asked:

Hi....Jasmine. I was just reading a sophiam is fake tag and saw the comparisons with elounor. But louis has never been comfortable around eleanor. But in the case of sophia and liam I could see a lot of chemistry and compatibility. I believe this is one reason why people believe in sophiam. Eg: the pictures from france with sophia in bikini. Why do think they are so comfy? And I almost believed sophiam is real due to this reason. So far I never so any explanations in any tags.

Hi love. You’re the second person asking me about this. Is there are a reason this is such a hot topic today?

I think Liam handles things better, he is “daddy direction” after all, and that’s the reason that Liam is the one who has to answer shady questions and follows the official narrative when the others don’t. Also, the push for no homo promo is real. And after Zouis rebelled, Liard 2.0 had a contract renewal and then it went into overdrive.

However, you can see the difference between early Liard and current Liard if you scroll my tag “liard 2.0 is still fake”. And what’s most relevant to me is how Liard are in pap pics (which the entire France boat trip was)

And why would he do this to the girl he loved. Her ass was on the front page and in many rags. Does he seem like the type to be disrespectful?

versus not (Orlando where he walked far away from her and essentially threw the phone at her after taking the pic).

Even with the new pap pics, he looks DONE. 

And you’ll notice he’s ALWAYS got a third wheel if not an entire entourage. How UNROMANTIC. Additionally, he has thrown shade at his “girlfriend”

But I think he just sells it better. And people completely forget that Elounope was actually believable at the beginning. I took these from a post Sasha did. Look how similar these outings are.

As time went on, it was bad, but there are enough moments that if looked at in isolation, they too seemed legit. 

Scroll the following tags:

PR Fakelationships

Liard 2.0 is still fake


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Weed Video Repercussions

So I was browsing through Gigi’s little brother Anwar’s Instagram page, and I noticed him post multiple pictures of himself wearing the same type of ring Gigi supposedly bought Zayn for Christmas but in different colors. It seems like he promotes the brand or something. What a coincidence….not. It’s funny that Zayn only wore that ring during the month of January and never wore it again. He was pictured three times wearing it while stunting with Gigi, he even wore it during his interview with Zane Lowe, and I remember a video of fans randomly bumping into Zayn at some sort of liquor store in LA, it looked like he was wearing the ring then too (I pay way too much attention to detail lol). All during the month of January. This was VERY contrived. 

Sorry I keep submitting things, but I don’t own a tumblr account so I don’t know how else to do it. Hope you don’t mind too much. 

———- It’s fine. And that’s unsurprising. Can someone verify and add pics please. I’m still mobile but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the older sister’s fashion line.

I’m excited that solo Zaynie’s PR team is actually releasing the album after the preview of “It’s You” on Fallon to capitalize on the interest. I’m UNIMPRESSED with the use of the same video female. What kind of negotiating power does Gigi’s team have to allow her to capitalize on solo Zayn’s success for two videos. We already saw what happened with Pillow Talk and the linkage highlighting HER rather than his music. I’ll be buying Mind of Mine and It’s You, but I’ll only watch the video once. 

The focus should be on HIM. On his SOLO MUSIC. Pushing the music via a PR fakelationship (or a real one if you think that) is no different than Zerrie. SMDH